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Lunch Hour


It's the way your lips feel as they engulf my semi hard member, taking it into your mouth and releasing it bit by bit, three and four times larger and growing. Watching your lips slip back toward the head, leaving the base slick with your saliva, veins bulging and turning color. As the head shows out of your mouth, purple and engorged, I can feel every touch of your tongue as it licks the underside. As your lips slide back down, your tongue licking at the underside of my cock, I can see your breasts heaving.

You've only just unzipped my pants in your eagerness and now you start to push them open and fumble at my underwear, trying to slip it over my hardness without removing your lips. Not only do you find that impossible, but you also have to stretch the waistband to the end of the elastic, grabbing my cock and yanking it out into the open.

As you hungrily gobble at my hard and straining penis, I watch your lips grabbing at it and feel the delicious shivers as your tongue licks the underside. Your eyes glance up at me and they're huge and full of desire. The longing that burns from them sends a wave of heat and electricity the length of my cock and up my spine. Oh, the delights of your mouth!

My hands move, one to the back of your head, one to my waistband. Your hands are already moving toward my pants waist, working to push them further down, but I get there first and stop you, seizing the buckle of my belt and ripping it from out the loops in one tug. The sound makes you shiver and as it translates through your mouth, into my length and up to my neck where it tingles my brain and makes me moan all at once. I watch your lips push once more onto me and your hips lift off your heels, opening your precious ass to me and I gaze longingly down your back to the swell.

Your mouth moves away from my body, exposing the base of my cock, glistening with your ministrations and I watch with a growing feeling of urgency. To relieve this, I bring the belt down with a snap onto your delicate mounds, first the right side, then the left. Two very satisfying snaps, as the leather bites into flesh, not on the down swing but as it whips back, leaving only the sting behind. Each one punctuated with your mouth shoving down onto me, taking me right to the back of your throat, giving a bump as it hits the harder part. Four, then six more, all with a crack and your responding gasp, and I know your ass is red and hot the way I love it. With still a couple inches left, my hand massages the back of your scalp and presses just another bit in. It makes me moan again.

I lean over you and grab your skirt, bunching it above your waist exposing your bottom to the air (you're wearing no panties). Already there are red marks and as I tuck your skirt so it will stay, you shove against me harder, taking me in your mouth all the more. My fingers trail along your back and massage your scalp as I make my way back to standing before you.

You are sucking and slurping at me greedily now and, as always, it surprises me how much you want me and how hungrily you take me. Your hands have reached up and are pulling at my ass, your nails digging at it. My cock is tingling from the tip to the root and making my entire body quiver and wrench. I find my fingers clutching at your shoulders as your mouth slides slowly in and back with your tongue licking light and quick along the underneath of me. I can feel pressure building at the base and I tell you how I'm going to fuck you after I cum. You're sucking on me so greedily that I can't help but moan and groan and before I can reach for the belt again, you pull against my ass, taking me all the way in your throat. I can feel it clench and close around me and it turns me inside out.

You take me even deeper as I unload in spasms, one, two, three and an even harder fourth. My hands have found your head and are squeezing and feeling of their own accord. My spasms have lightened to spurts and my head begins to clear. My penis is now so sensitive I can barely take the pressure you are putting on it as you suck it dry, seeking anything more it will give you. It stays nearly hard and feels as though it will become completely so if you begin to move up and back on me again.

My legs are trembling and I move you forward enough to be able to reach any of you I desire - and I desire all of you. I unbutton your shirt halfway and my fingers tremble as they close around your nipple. It stiffens and delights in my touch as much as I delight in touching it. You're on all fours and your breasts are so large they nearly touch the carpet. The heft in my palms feels so nice it's indescribable and I tell you how I enjoy it. My other hand is tracing the red marks on your ass and I can feel them by the heat they are giving off. I tell you how exciting I find it, how alluring, and I see juices dripping from between your legs.

I'm getting harder and harder as I tell you how I'm going to fuck you, all the while outlining the red marks on your globes with my fingers, tracing the patterns with my palms. I tell you how it makes me excited watching you build up to orgasm. How I love to interrupt that build up and make you start again by backing away. I let you know how I'm going to push just the head of my cock at your entrance and feel your body reach for it as I touch you everywhere I can reach.

You're moaning now and your ass is making circles in the air, pushing out for something to fill it. Something not there yet. I trace a finger down your back and as it reaches your crack, it slows and lightens its touch until you can barely feel it. You tense, reaching out for it with your nerves, searching to know its really there and as it reaches your anus I press just harder. Another moan and more dripping and I circle your pucker with a feather's tip.

You had grabbed at me as I came in so suddenly and ferociously that I did little more than drop my backpack and I reach for it now, taking my hand from your nipple to do so. Your groan tells me how you feel about that and I thrill at the note of anguish. I press just slightly at your opening and slip my thumb down to your wetness. It easily slides onto your pouting lips as they are so completely sopping that I feel the dripping tracking the length of my thumb and off my hand. I'm rock hard now and I tell you how I want to shove my cock in you and pound you until I empty into you all over again.

Instead, out of the backpack comes items to make you tremble. You don't see the butt plug and don't know of it (I'm whispering in your ear and telling you how I want to fuck you) until it rams into your rectum. Just a stroke with my hand already soaked with your fluids and it slips in as easily as my dick will bury into your pussy. I can feel how it makes you feel and my rod jumps and jolts with the delight it gives me.

Now the balls glide into your pussy and you gasp and pant. My hand moves back to your breast and you ask me in a shaking but intentionally seductive voice how I will fuck you if all your holes are filled. Rather than answer I slurp my tongue across your clit and pull it between my lips. As the tip laps down onto your pussy lips, you arch and tense and I have to pull away before you cum. You are so incredibly hot!

"You don't get to cum so easy," I say and pull your breast to my mouth where I engulf your nipple.

You are panting and gasp at me "you think this is easy?" You are winding your hips and working to make yourself cum when I pull your shirt over your head, down your arms and secure them to the dresser. This leaves you stretched just beyond where you can easily move and wriggle. Though it hasn't stopped your attempts and the wriggling makes me harder still. I'm beginning to ache and a groan escapes me, making me shiver. I touch your clit with my tongue again, intending to lick and suck you to the edge, but you are already so close it nearly makes you cum again and I have to pull away abruptly. This time I wield the belt acrossways on your ass and your moans sound frenzied and wild.

I stop everything, take your head in my hands and place my dick to your lips. It's so sensitive when you lick it that I pull away before you can take it in your mouth and you growl with frustration. That just turns me on all the more and I press the tip to your lips without moving close enough to let you do more than open for it and lick at it. It's so hard that every touch and tickle from you makes it jolt and I feel it in my balls.

The belt whips down along the crack of your ass and over the butt plug. It takes me several tries to flick the tip onto your pussy lips and the anguished cry from you is so rewarding I could cum just from the sound. Another and another and each time a whimpering scream mingled with a moan and I ask if you want me to fuck you.

"God yes," you say with another "unhhh" as your pussy clenches all on its own and juices flood your legs around the balls. They are weighted so that each time they are jostled, they have a reciprocal shock. It makes you whimper a second time for every first one. The belt shoves the butt plug with a snap and a sting on the pussy jolts the balls inside you again. Again, two moaning, groaning whimpering cries and my cock leaps with a need so demanding that it's everything I am to hold it back.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard. Would you like that?" I say. "Do you want me to pound your wet little pussy? Do you want to cum all over my cock?"

Your voice is hoarse and it takes your lips several tries to mouth "please". You know I love to see and hear you beg so you say it over and over: "please", though some of the times you say it don't actually leave your mouth, they are just formed by your lips and without the push to expel them. I take your nipples in my mouth one at a time and suck as much of your tit in as I can. As I move my way down your stomach you become increasingly frantic, your wriggling becoming writhing and struggling.

As much as you know this delights me you still can no more help it than I can help the ache and need my cock feels for you when you do. Even if you tried, you couldn't stop or even stem your need and desperation. When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, you cry out and struggle so hard that I fear for the dresser. I take my tongue away and you cry out even louder. I tongue your pussy lips to your cries and groans and in one deft movement pull the balls from you. You nearly cum then and I have to keep still and distant until I feel your tremors subside enough for me to place the tip of my cock at your entrance, letting the juices flow over it and trickle to my balls.

My hands play over your ass and I can still feel where the belt struck. Tracing the patterns with one hand I reach for the last toy. My cock slips just inside you and you cry out again, nearly orgasming and I have to pull away one more time. I tell you how much I enjoy watching you lick your juices from me as you slurp at my cock and lick me clean to my balls. Moving back around you I shove my cock in and groan myself from the agony and ecstasy. I feel you clench and begin to spasm inside and pull out swiftly.

Wiping from my cock, I soak the slender vibrator, pull out the butt plug and replace it, turning the base to on. As you begin to cry out, I ram inside you so hard my balls are slammed against you with a bang that would hurt if I already didn't ache so very badly. I can feel you cum around me and I grab your ass, pulling it into me as I plunge in again and again. When you collapse, I turn you over and lick your clit until you cum with another wrenching cry. As I pull away and you are panting and moaning, I release your hands and pull you up onto me. We cum together as you impale yourself on me and we both collapse in a heap with very little work.

A glance at the clock makes us both realize we've run over on our lunch hour and we'll have to make up the time later. With each other as well. I know for me, a little of you isn't nearly enough.

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