tagInterracial LoveLunch: The Ride

Lunch: The Ride


I'm rushing to the hotel. We only have an hour for lunch and I am squirming with excitement while I drive. When I get to the room, you are already undressed and lying on the bed, waiting for me. The way you look always takes my breath away, whether you are dressed or not.

God, you are such a gorgeous man. You always look so inviting, and I always want to touch you. Seeing you lying there, smiling that amazing smile just for me, so relaxed and comfortable with those long, muscular legs stretched out across the bed and that monster of a cock still soft and just waiting for my tongue makes me crazy needing to touch you.

I never will understand why everything about you makes me insane with lust - your dark skin and eyes; your deep, sexy voice; the confident way you move. I have wanted you from the first moment I met you.

I start unbuttoning my blouse as I bend over to kiss you. Your lips are so soft against mine, and your moustache tickles me a little. You play with my hard nipple through the fabric as your tongue teases mine. Your kisses make me wet.

I can't resist. I climb between your legs before I'm undressed and take all of your sweet cock in my warm mouth. I love it when you aren't quite hard yet, and I can feel you getting bigger and harder on my tongue. I sigh with pleasure just being so close to you and finally tasting you again. I wrap my hand tightly around your growing shaft, and glance up at you as I flick the tip of my tongue across the tip of your cock. Don't you love seeing my sexy lips pressing against that sensitive spot just under the head of your cock? Sometimes, at the office, do you look at my lips and remember how they look and feel wrapped around your throbbing cock?

My long hair is brushing against your skin, and I am pressing my hard nipple, still trapped in my clothes, against your thigh, rubbing it a little against you. You make me so very hot and wet. I am always more than ready for you, way before you ever touch me. I reluctantly let your thick, hard cock slide from my lips, lean up and take off my blouse and bra. You reach up and pinch my pink nipples, making me groan a little with pleasure.

I love to see your dark hands on my pale skin. We are so different in lots of ways, aren't we? You with that wonderful smooth, brown skin and black hair with just a touch a grey. You are tall and all hard muscle, not an ounce of spare flesh anywhere and so perfectly proportioned. Exotic and sensual, you remind me of a panther. And me - soft skin, soft curves, natural blonde, dark blue eyes, light skin that never tans. The contrast of your skin against mine, and the steel hardness of your muscles pressing into my softness is intoxicating and addictive.

Still wearing my skirt, I pull it up around my hips, not wanting to take the time to take it off. I slide up and press that the big cock head, still glistening from my tongue, against my smooth, wet pussy... not letting you inside yet... just pressing against you. I almost never wear panties when I think I might get to be with you. I like being bare and knowing you could touch me anytime, if you wanted to.

The silky nylons on my thighs are rubbing against your skin, and my slick pussy lips tease your cock... not inside... not yet. I wiggle my hips a little on top of you, getting you wet... pressing my hard clit on the underside of your cock... mmmm, I love that. Maybe I'll just rub against you until I cum. I run my hands up along your chest and across your sensitive little nipples, teasing them with my fingernails... pinching just a little. I lean down to lick them. My pussy pulls away from your cock and we both feel the cool air on our hottest spots, as my tongue circles and flicks your tender nipple.

Now I'm throbbing everywhere, wanting you. My face and neck and chest are flushed. You know how bad I need you, and you smile that wicked little smile. I'm panting a bit now with excitement as I press back down against you, this time sliding the huge tip of your cock between my swollen, drenched pussy lips. Slowly, slowly I slide my tight pussy down... I'm so very wet, my juices covering your cock as, inch-by-inch, I take you deep inside my belly. The size of you always surprises me, every time.

You feel my tight pussy clenching around your cock. |Sensitive pussy lips clinging to your thick shaft, stretched around you. All the way down... until I have all of you inside me... mmmmm. I sit still for a second and lean my head back, enjoying the full feeling of having you where I need you. My pussy lips are nestled at the base of your cock. I start to squeeze your cock with my pussy, squirming a little and rubbing my clit on that sexy dark hair around your shaft. If I had the willpower, I'd love to just sit still and milk your cock with my pussy muscles and wiggle a little on you until you spurt your hot cum deep inside me. But I can't sit still! I have to slide up... ah... very slowly. I can feel the ridge of your cockhead scraping against the tight walls of my pussy as I pull up. Dang, I'm close to cumming. I pull up faster and plunge back down... and again. Riding you.

Your cock is so big it tugs on my sensitive, throbbing clit, almost pulling it inside when you fuck me. I'm losing control... and when you pinch my nipples I start to cum. Feel my hot pussy spasm and squeeze and tremble around you.

You grab my hips roughly and push deeper inside me, making me gasp with surprise and pleasure. Ah, I can feel your cock get even bigger just before you moan and explode, pumping all that sweet cum so deep inside me...

What a delicious ride...

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