tagBDSMLuncheon Confessions Ch. 02

Luncheon Confessions Ch. 02


With a blush, Kathy remembered her obligation, in order to continue her enjoyment of his casual exploration.

Kathy continued relating her night of Blue Note club experience; "Yes, sight of that redhead getting spanked sensuously made my blood jump. I wanted to be in there with her, in middle of that floor with both of them, writhing on my hands and knees, with others watching three of us. I imagined him simultaneously disciplining both of us. Isn't that strange? I did not know their names. Everything was eclipsed except for this arousing sight of them. I barely detected a man standing next to me. I turned and saw a handsome tall man with silver hair."

"He had been watching me then commented; 'They make a good couple,' Being so near to him, I sensed his animalism, so blatantly. It was a powerful element he possessed and exuded. It came across as light flashing before your eyes. I was overwhelmed. I managed only a muffled reply in the affirmative."

"Immediately, I wondered where his sexual tendencies lay. I was determined to act cautious being on my defensive guard. He introduced himself as 'Prophet'. We started talking about private group play parties. This place had combined noise levels of crowd talking, laughing, and cheering on the couple before us. We had to stand close to talk listening to each other."

"Robert, he was bold. I held myself back, determined not to be outright brazen. It was difficult for me not to become engaged in his conversation. Suddenly, I felt his palm rubbing in a slow circular motion, pressing firmly on my rump. I jerked back a little trying to curb juices flowing in my vagina. I hardly knew this man. I chose to react by taking his chin between my thumb and fingers, glaring straight at him. He stopped his palm rubbing me, and then smiled lightly brushing off my hold on him."

Prophet said "I'm a top. Remember that."

Kathy continued relating her experience; "Robert, 'I'm a top', that was what you said to me when we got to know each other. While you are serious, you have a toying way of bottoming others for you. For you it was just fun and games then, not a lifestyle."

Robert said; "Kathy how did that make you feel when he said he was a top?"

Kathy continued on with her narrative; "Maybe it was a flood of memories, maybe this is was my so-called habit of never resisting a challenge. Prophet was and remains a liberal sensual erotic sexual person in a true sense. He readily accepts and enjoying what he gets. Prophet asked if I was submissive. I wondered what makes him think I am submissive. What do they say about still waters? Mr. Prophet, Just for that cocky delivery of information, I will personally feed you humble pie. I now have an attitude. Prophet countered me with let me see you try. Prophet stood before me laughing with his hands pulling up my skirt, as he tugged down my stocking garters at my inner thigh. I wasted no time in nudging his hand aside me feeling me up. He was wearing a vest on top. His naked chest was smooth and well muscled under my fingers. I reached out with my left hand, knowing silver on my rings were cold to touch, locating his nipple. I rubbed it with cold silver on it making it hard and erect. Turning my wrist, I caught it between two fingers rolling it sensuously before pulling it."

"Prophet jerked suddenly seemingly to melt at my touch. He liked my touch. With my free hand, I brushed other side of his vest off his shoulder, exposing his other nipple. I bent my head to rub it against my lips, then opening my mouth; I bit down hard on it. I felt his hand running up my back, to caress my hair. I pulled on his nipples, with my hand on one and my mouth on the other sucking it slowly. Robert my left hand was twisting while I curved my fingers dragged my nails to his stomach. I went past his navel, resting momentarily at his jeans top before going lower. I felt Prophet's cock aroused, stiff and hard. I sought to arouse him further by raking my nails over denim where his cock hid. Our breathing got heavier. He rested back helplessly against leather bar ledge. He submitted his body to my control. We both enjoyed this slow foreplay."

"My teeth on to his nipples clamped harder until he began to groan with biting pain. His cock was being pleasured by my hand. What drove me wild, slowly and surely, was his reluctant but finally ecstatic surrender. But as I was new to this I had to think of how to dominate this self-professed top. Who said domination was easy? Robert I stopped caressing his cock looking up saying; 'Prophet I know you like this dual teasing, do you not?' He nodded wordlessly. I stretched upwards whispering in his ear; 'Would you like me to do more?' Prophet nodded again, speaking in a low voice; 'I'm yours.' You can imagine my surge of pleasure when I heard those words. I kissed him for a first time, savoring a harsh, sensitized taste of his mouth with my tongue, while I ground my pelvis flagrantly against his cock. Then, a noise from floor caught our attention and we turned once again to see the couple on center floor."

"That Redhead remained in her former position, and was getting thoroughly fucked by her Master. He was thrusting in and out of her vagina with a frantic speed and strength. One hand held her hips while the other was smacking her rear end every so often. It was like he was riding a horse. Their sounds were greedy and delicious. Her ass was turning to a warm blush of color. She kept moaning while thrusting herself back against him. Both their faces were twisted by animal pleasure, into something almost inhuman. Robert, I looked at them distantly for a moment, and then took Prophet's hand, made him unzip my skirt as I shrugged off my blouse. I had tight black leather bra beneath; black gartered stockings and spike heeled red boots. He started to squeeze my ass. I liked this sensation, but stopped him, leading him out onto that floor to join that coupling pair. As we walked out on the floor others surrounding us room cheered."

"Prophet smiled at me after we reached edge of center floor then we stopped. His finger entered my vaginal slit up a notch. He lightly touched my clit with his thumb. My reaction was simply glorious. I gasped lurching forward in position arching my back. He pushed his long finger in another notch."

Kathy continued on with her narrative; "Prophet asked me slyly, Is that a wonderful sensation your vagina is receiving, darling? I could only gasp at his torrent of disjointed words. I told him, yes, yes, please, please, I want more. I loved his intrusion. I could not conceal my desire any longer. All reservations about our former relations were long chased away by his calm directness. I immediately obeyed. We stood for a while at edge of center before someone, sensing our eagerness, pushed us in. I bless that anonymous pair of hands."

"For a while, we stood there, unable to do anything but watch. Her DOM was enthusiastic using a piston move in and out of his redhead slave. We watched them closely. He had an average cock proving any size is perfect if you know how to use it, as he evidently knew how to put it to use. She was screaming and shaking. She came in relentless waves of orgasm squirting her fluids while he rode her a little longer to reach his own orgasm, quickly he orgasmed, leaking out of her in thick gobs of semen. We watched, transfixed by sight, my hand was moving backwards to toy with his belt. Dom pulled his cock out of redhead slave then shot out more semen on her back. He continued to use his hand rubbing his cock back and forth repeatedly. They were finished. Panting heavily, he collapsed on center floor pulling his slave down."

"We looked down on them smiling at their lesson given; both of us were novices at this display. Maybe it was the exhibitionist in me, mentally I reached deep into myself, and I reached in and pulled out, cruelty. I think a cruelty along with a majority of our world, had been suppressed for so long. Every desire I ever felt had to inflict pain and punishment, was shoved aside in my life; now resurfaced, refreshed, and potent. I let those inner desires rule me."

"We were all a part of a performance. I was self-conscious for about ten seconds when it all came to me in a revelation. I thought the only way to subject this arrogant, good-looking man into submission depended on one element. I turned to him quickly and asked him if he ever topped another female in a public club like this? He shook his head no. Then I honed in for his kill. Most people don't like being on display in limelight while others watched, because their fear of failure. When you're a child being in limelight is fun. I was dominated so much in public I became used to domination. I was trained for it; I enjoyed it, loved it, and craved it."

"Robert my move was a calculated one, as not many embrace public domination. Here was his point of weakness. Like a deer looking onto oncoming headlights, he was overcome by so many eyes on him. It had a hypnotizing effect on the 'arrogant' him. He complied without a word pulling on his belt. I took hold of his buckle unclasped it pulling quickly, relishing brass and black belt leather in my hands. I grabbed both front parts of his vest, pulling it wide open dropping it to center floor. As I had his scent in my nostrils I sensed that something raw in me was now unleashed. Scraping my teeth on his nipple my touch produced a gasp from him."

"I grilled deeper. Knowing I punctured flesh, continuing until I had warm salty taste of blood. His desire was in my mouth. Tasting him drove us both wilder and wilder. My hands were frantic as I tugged at his jeans zipper. I wanted him naked before me. I wanted his cock available to my hands and mouth. Quickly he stood before me unclothed, erect, his throbbing cock head glistened with reflections of precum pearl drops. I softly traced my fingers around circumference of his cock head, sending waves of pleasure through my own body while he shivered with anticipated delight. He bent his head down. I offered my mouth allowing him to nibble on my lips for a brief moment. I then harshly pushed him away, without a hint of a warning. Shock was written all over his face with a need for continuation of my touch. I laughed loudly in front of him. It was intended to bestow contempt and ridicule mocking him."

Kathy went into more details of her experience; "Kneel, I said to him clearly. He fell to his knees automatically. I turned, and saw Dom and slave couple watching us intently. Dom had an approving smile while his eyes went over my scantily clad body. Redhead slave gave me a similar look. She centered her gaze on my pubis then looked straight into my eyes, licked her lips conveying that she wanted to suck my vaginal lips. Yes I was wet. She could see that. Her own hands were locked around her Master's cock rubbing him up and down in slow masturbation with an occasional sucking of him. I turned back to Prophet, now on his knees, with his own hand wrapped around his cock stroking himself. I asked Prophet did I say he could masturbate. No, and I was annoyed. He must have sensed danger. At my command he stopped immediately, with his hands dropping to his side. In a weak voice he told me no, Mistress, you didn't tell me I had permission go masturbate. Prophet backed away as I approached. He fell down before me. I took liberty of sending one stiletto foot into his thigh. He winced my sharp heel was like a knifepoint driven into skin. He had a twisted look of half-pain with more pleasure, such stimulation it gave me pleasure. I ground my foot into his thigh more to let him have a taste of my authority. It was MY authority."

"Did you think a trifle like that would be overlooked by me? I gave him no chance to reply. It is for shame, my male pet, for shame. I took a handful of his hair jerking his head upward so that he would again look at me. I saw excitement and fear in his eyes. I shook it aside and subjected Prophet to the undiluted attention of his audience. He was conscious, oh, ever so conscious of it and tensed up. But he would comply. He wouldn't back down, he had gone that far. I told him, it seemed to me he had a lesson to learn. He did not know I was new to domination. He, in fact, as I found out later, had no clue I was pondering every move. As I adjusted my position into an entirely new domination role, It became easier and easier."

Kathy continued her narrative; "This moral is well grounded in always ask for permission before you do something or anything. I asked pointedly as I ran my hands over his neck. He nodded as laughed, short and sharp, it had a grim side. I told him I was going to have to drill it into him. He didn't reply. I requested a chair and it was promptly presented by one from our audience. There were no wrist restraints available, so I took his belt ordering him to place his arms on the chair and gripping it. When he obeyed, I tied his wrists to this chair restraining him. To reassure him that I had HIS pleasure in mind, I reached down a stroked his cock head while standing up directly behind him, near enough for him to smell my sensual scent of excitement."

"I made an announcement to our audience 'ladies and gentlemen' I would love the temporary use of a cane, and a whip. Ripples of murmurs passed through the crowd, with a quiet chuckling from voyeurs, coupled with sounds of discussion through more serious audience members. A simple, thin rattan cane appeared from darkness. A whip was presented to me by Dom's redhead slave herself. As I took it from her hand, we looked at each other with mutual admiration. One look at me and she could feel that maybe I wasn't going to be able to carry off dominating Prophet. I looked at her leaning forwards blushing thinking it is my first time. I will bring this off."

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