tagBDSMLuncheon Confessions Ch. 03

Luncheon Confessions Ch. 03


Kathy continued her narrative speaking to Robert; "Redhead slave didn't seem scornful or surprised. She just grinned, lightly kissing my cheek. We'll see how well you do, Mistress. To my pleasure she already called me by title, which was acknowledgement of my command. Her lips lingered, and I shivered at her intimate touch. I was torn between desire to flog this prostrate Prophet before me and curiosity to discover this redhead slave's mystery, I made a quick decision. Redhead would stay. So I turned to face Prophet, while stroking and examining my beautiful braided natural leather whip. Searching my mind, I told Prophet to just listen, Prophet you are kneeling, with your wrists, pinned to chair arms. I am going to cane you. I'm particularly experienced and talented in this field. You will be holding chair for support. There is one stipulation your chair must never move from this present position, not a fraction of an inch. Walking around him I circled him like a hungry shark. He looked down, refusing to meet my eyes. I told him I was anticipating that his chair will move, which would greatly annoy me. If it moves I will set it straight and then be obliged to punish further for negligence."

"Prophet nodded, a visible shudder ran through that body. He started groaning. I raised a foot and kicked him lightly in the ass. `Have a little self-control,' I chided and continued my explanation. `I am great with whips,' I admitted. `I don't know much about controlling intensity of whips. But I DO know that I handle my whip only one way hard. If that chair moves I will personally see to it that you get a tapestry of red slash marks across that bronzed skin, I said to myself silently. This thought pleased me infinitely. Prophet understood. He gave me a look that was enough."

"So I walked up behind him and kneeled to caress him, pressing my breasts behind his back, lightly nudging his ass with my pelvis. I nibbled on his ear, and then bit his shoulder softly all over. He loved every bit of it. Prophet loved it even more when I reached around and stroked his cock into hardness, his desire was still there."

"Prophet's cock was a throbbing shaft of heat. With my fingernails, I dragged them lightly under his cock shaft, feeling his large vein. He tightened his hold on chair arms and biting his lip. I saw he was restraining himself from shivering, crying out, and losing control. I saw that he was about to give way to our mutual desire. So I stopped, and pulled myself away."

"Prophet jerked suddenly, betraying his surprise at my unexpected movement. His chair skipped up a fraction of an inch. He was horrified with himself when he discovered what he did. He took this oncoming punishment well. I picked up my whip from the floor, holding its handle, testing its weight in my hands. Walking backwards, I measured out an acceptable distance between us. He didn't know but I'd swear his ass was quivering. Previous couple had moved aside to watch. Our audience was silent as I took a deep breath, and raised the leather, waiting for it to crack against bare flesh."

Kathy suddenly stopped her narrative breathless. Kathy was distracted by Robert, playing with her. He was enjoying every bit of her story while causally poked her soft, smooth buttocks with head of his hard cock. Kathy instinctively clamped shut and tensed.

Robert whispered in Kathy's ear; "I have a hotel room upstairs."

Robert never knew I would or could change his power balance. I dug my fingers into his inner thigh, arousing him further.

Robert said; "let us to go up to my room take our time with each other, so you can do whatever I wish."

Kathy responded; "I cannot resist your offer."

Robert responded whispered in my ear softly; "well said,"

I felt delightful arousing shock waves reverberating through my body at his words and touch. He paid the bill, leaving a hefty tip. He led me out of the seaport restaurant with his hand. The quaint period (1890s) Hotel was adjacent to the restaurant but operated separately. Rooms had an ocean view. Seagulls swooped overhead making their ever present hungry sounds for food. Fishermen coming in to the pier would throw fish to them which always brought a throng of gulls.

Our walk from restaurant to hotel lobby and elevator was excruciating for me. Our elevator rose up to the fourth floor. We walked down the beautifully restored corridor as floors beneath our feet creaked beneath us. Standing before our room number 404, my knees went weak. He almost had to carry me up to his large, empty room. Once our hotel room door was closed, he flung me into a large, four-poster bed.

Robert liked my raven dark hair wild, framing my face. My eyes were glinting with challenge. My lips were swollen with passion. Robert tried to sound flippant while he shrugged off his coat.

Robert said; "Kathy I hope you are going to like my recapitulation."

Rising up and sitting on our large soft bed, I told him; "Promises, promises."

I pulled up my knee so he had a glimpse of what lay beneath my dress as he removed his clothes. Robert bit his lip twitching his face while looking at me as he swiftly made short work of his zipped pants.

Robert came over to me, removed my dress, lifting it high above my shoulders. My dress rustled as he placed my silk dress carefully on a bedside chair. I savagely tore off his shirt. He easily caught both my wrists in one hand forcing them behind me. His other hand cupped my defiant chin.

With deliberation, his hand trailed down my throat, and then still lower, curving over and around my full, breasts, as I sighed softly, he bent his head. I pulled him up to my mouth to kiss him. My tongue delicately tracing an outline of his lips, sucking my tongue into his mouth, sliding it in and out sensually, teasing him.

Robert trapped it, hungrily sucking on it, playing with my tongue while his hand was over my breast rubbing with circular motions over my nippled aureoles. My soft sandalwood nipples tightened, hardened, and now protruded from my sensitive breast. Robert reproached himself for forgetting to bring nipple clamps.

Suddenly Robert pulled from me moving off our bed then walking away toward a window. I gasped at his sudden revoking, sitting on edge of bed, bewildered. I reached down to pull off my stilettos but he came over and stopped me.

Robert said; "keep your shoes and jewelry on."

I agreed, he grinned with an evil smile and commanding me to be down on the carpeted floor on my hands and kneel before him. I jammed my heel into my half removed stiletto, quickly dropping down with grace to the soft floor. I stretched out in a prone position waiting breathlessly.

Robert reached down stroking folds of my aroused vaginal lips, causing me to shudder at his touch. He pushed his fingers in a leisurely pace upward to my erect clitoris rolling his fingers over it, circling it, teasing. Pleasure which coursed through me was tremendous.

Arching my neck I throatily said; "Robert you're touch is wonderful you know me so well."

His reply to my utterances was simply to pull his finger away."

Robert's withdrawal drove me from a state of lust to a state of shock. My eyes opened and I bit my lip to prevent from crying out in protest. Robert smiled and chuckling to himself. He wanted me that way on purpose. Robert was playing his typical role.

Robert said; "It was such a pity my taking away fingers from your hunger.

My response was a surprise to him. I told him; "it's your finger, not mine."

With his wicked dancing eyes Robert said; "You are stubborn, a bullheaded enchantress, you are my slave."

While insisting I was his slave. I responded to him saying; "I am not your slave."

With my words in his face, Robert reeled then recollected himself, silently censuring himself for loss of control.

Robert said; "it was my mistake, not yours Kathy, you certainly have changed."

Robert graciously admitting it was his mistake, for me was a turn of power. He moved behind me, buried his large hands in my hair and tugging it to bring my head upward so he could look at me.

Robert spoke; "I shall satisfy you and promise not leave you unstated."

Robert's hands slid over her back then reached towards a bedside drawer.

Being much bigger than she was, he gently took her hands with just one of his hands to the nearest bedpost ordered her to hold on. She obeyed instantly, changing to a half-kneeling, half-crawling position. It put pressure on her bent back and arm muscles, but she didn't care.

With his free hand, he draped a delicate silk scarf, belonging to his present slave-across her wrists and over the post, binding her. He knotted silk's fine fabric a few times securely.

Kathy knew the value of this scarf when she saw and touched it. She correctly guessed to whom this fabric belonged.

Kathy said "Does she mind, Robert"

Robert murmured, "You, or the scarf?"

He pinching her nipples and gradually moving down to graze her distended clit with his fingers.

Kathy answered; "Both."

Robert retorted; "Both? Well she designed then tie dyed this scarf. She has plenty of them to spare. It is a hobby of hers. She won't mind. As for you, I don't think she has any say in it, and you, Kathy? What of your new submissive Prophet?"

Kathy answered; "He takes what he can get and thanks his lucky stars. I'm his mistress, after all."

Squirming as if she was a gyrating dancer under his expert touch Kathy continued; "Anyway, he has made no objections."

Robert commented; "Ambiguous."

From behind doggie style, Robert slipped his cock head easily into her vaginal slit.

Kathy said; "He'll be alright. Ohhh, you feel so good, so very, VERY good, you do love teasing, Robert."

Robert answered softly; "As I recall correctly, you enjoy teasing as much as I do."

Robert pulled out and tracing his cock up and down her vaginal lips, while saying; "Mmmmmm, I've always loved being extremely promiscuous with you."

Kathy groaned huskily, trying to push back hard against him.

Robert's right hand left her body, reached out, pulled out a drawer reaching into it. He picked up a leather slapper. With a quick sudden stinging smack over her ass caught the feel of his slapper caught Kathy by surprise.

Tingles were forced upon her skin were greatly multiplied with her desire. She jumped slightly turning her head to look, catching a glimpse of leather again being flung mercilessly on her skin. This was punishment and pleasure.

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