tagBDSMLuncheon Confessions Ch. 05

Luncheon Confessions Ch. 05


Kathy shuddered bucking wildly as her orgasm drove her into bliss again and again. Kathy's loins depleting themselves of tension, while her blood-engorged clitoris slowly returned to its normal state. She dropped, powerless. For a moment there were no sounds no one spoke. Robert leaned forward to kiss her deeply, wrapping his powerful arms around her body, running his hands down her back then up her breasts. Robert delayed his touch with her still turgid nipples. He murmured intimately against her lips.

Robert said; "Finish him off, how? What did you do to him?"

A sudden thought occurred to Kathy as was about to speak; "Robert, wouldn't it be a better idea. If I showed you instead"

She saw his grin widen as Robert said: "Well, yes I will un-tie you, and then you can demonstrate for me."

Robert indicated his cock remained hard and throbbing, still unsatisfied. Twisting his body, Robert obediently unknotted her scarf. Kathy removed her hands from bedpost restraint. Wringing them free she smoothed her numbness by rubbing her wrist to get her circulation moving. Kathy had gripped bedpost so hard imprints of its length's edge had cut deep into her palm.

Robert kissed her palms then wrists, rubbing his lips softly before she pulled him back.

Kathy arose gracefully standing before him but her eyes remained on his cock shaft, still erect and hard. It was a monument to her pleasure. Her legs gleamed with her wetness. Kathy needed no further invitation.

Kathy commanded Robert; "Sit on our bed, so that I may kneel."

He made no answer but indulged her wishes waiting, sitting on their bed and breathing heavily. He watched her walking to him, her breasts full and proud, sinuous waist and hips undulating, her thighs still wet from excesses of their passion.

She dropped to her knees and pushed her way in between his thighs. At first, she was just content to rub her cheek against his inner thighs, occasionally kissing them. He leant back on his elbow, succumbing to her soft sensual pleasure.

Kathy turned her head, pressing her face between thigh and genitals, and then sucked on his sensitive flesh softly. On purpose she avoided his cock shaft, leaving him wanting to be touched with her lips there.

He tensed and moaned softly as she transferred her attention to rimming base of his cock with her tongue. Kathy moved her tongue move in circles in ever decreasing circles before flicking it quickly lengthwise along his cock shaft, while massaging his cock vein with her fingers under his cock. Robert shuddered as she pinched his flesh while with her lips she very carefully applied a slightest suction near his cock head.

She refused to meet his up thrusting hips; with a strength that surprised him she pushed them down pinning them to their bed. Images of her sucking off an unknown, faceless man, her first submissive, singed his mind. He groaned loudly as she pulled back her lips and showed him her lethal white teeth. Using smallest amount of pressure, very slowly she started at base of his undershaft drawing her mouth upward, dragging her teeth along with it.

Shaking Robert lost control again trying to move upwards. She gripped his hips and dug her nails in so hard that he was sure that a tiny twinge of pain was a sure sign that she broke skin. Forced against his will, he threw his body backwards on their bed and groaned again while she scraped her teeth over his erection. Her tongue tapped itself on his cock tip playfully. Kathy licked off his precum pearl drops of semen as her hands massaged his balls.

Robert cried out "Kathy"

Kathy's mouth closed into his cock head with her tongue slashing savagely over his naked cock flesh. She knew he was going to come, she felt him stirring, her fingers swiftly rubbing his sensitive fragile sac. Kathy rapidly plunged her head down swallowing him sucking with a ferocious hunger. Her tongue danced in fury along his cock length. She retracted her hands. He thrusted deep into her mouth, over and over again, not caring if he hurt her as his creamy, sensuous semen came flowing into her mouth freely. As Robert orgasmed, he twisted and bucked until completely spent.

Both lay there for a while resting. Robert pulled her atop him. Both stared fondly at each other. He smiled at her. She smiled back, gently kissing his cheek. He ran his hand lazily down her back feeling her soft skin.

Robert spoke asking Kathy; "Did you have a good time at redhead's place?

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