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Lunchtime Therapy


Stephanie looked at her watch. It was eleven o'clock and her visitor was due at noon so she had better not waste time. She had completed most of her housework, the place was looking reasonably respectable because she knew he was a stickler for tidiness, so all she had to do now was get herself ready. There was time for a shower, to select the appropriate costume and lingerie, get the massage table out, do her make-up and select the implements she would be needing. It gave her a subtle thrill to go methodically through all the steps needed to be fully ready to meet her visitor's requirements, as though she was compiling a shopping list but with the objective in this case of making sure her guest was fully accommodated in his needs and left fully satisfied.

She stripped off and stepped into the shower, soaping herself luxuriously and allowing her fingers to play with her nipples while she thought of the session to come. He was definitely her favourite client and she wondered how it was that she could have this much fun and be paid for it too. Her nipples stiffened as she thought about the last session and what she had in mind for this one. Her right hand strayed down to her pussy and fingered her clit slowly while her left continued to play with her breasts. Perhaps she had been a little too lenient last time, naughty boys really did need a good firm dose of discipline to teach them the errors of their ways. She had obtained a new toy since his last visit and he would be the first to enjoy (if that was the right word) its sting.

Stephanie stepped out of the shower and pulled a large towel round herself, briskly rubbing herself dry. No time to wash her hair today, but it was in reasonable nick and anyway she would be wearing it up. After finishing her drying, Stephanie allowed the towel to drop to the floor and examined herself critically in the full length mirror in the bathroom. Not too bad for 37 she thought, although there were some stretch marks as the result of giving birth to her two girls and her bottom was a bit too big for her liking. Whenever she mentioned this to her husband Nick, his inevitable reaction was to say "Too big is just perfect in my book," which of course he thought was very funny. Quite curvy and firm, as a result of cycling and a fairly vigorous exercise regime, but definitely too big she thought. Boobs pretty good and not yet beginning to sag, a generous 36C, she wouldn't have minded them a bit bigger but again that wit Nick would comment that "Anything bigger than a decent handful is a waste."

She went to her underwear drawer and found her favourite black lacy suspender belt, attached it round her waist and found a new packet of sheer black stockings that she rolled up each leg in turn before clipping the tops of each to the suspender clasps. There was no doubt about it, stockings and suspenders were sexy and she could fully understand the male preference for these outmoded garments. They might take longer to put on than tights, and you couldn't wear them with tight dresses without the nobbles made by the clasps being visible to a beady male (or female) eye, but they just looked and felt sexy, as well as allowing for the free passage of air around one's privates which had to be more healthy.

She found a matching set of black bra and knickers that went with the suspender belt and stood back to admire the combination. Yes, that would do nicely she thought. Now to get out the massage table from under the bed in the spare room; she would finished getting dressed once she had that all set up, she thought. She set up the table and got the fitted sheet from the laundry cupboard, with the hole that matched the cut-out for the patient's face. Next she went to her bathroom cupboard and found the bottle of massage oil, the medical lubricant and two pairs of latex gloves. Finally she picked up the ebony Mason & Pearson hairbrush from her dressing table, and then went to her secret place in a top cupboard and pulled out her trusty wooden paddle and her newest acquisition, a sturdy black leather oval paddle that was yet to be used in anger. That should be enough to teach him the lesson he deserved she thought, with a smile. She laid the implements, the gloves, the massage oil and the lubricant in a neat row on the dressing table next to the massage couch, turned on two sidelights and drew the curtains. Finally she lit two scented candles. The atmosphere was now soft, quiet and fragrant.

Time to get ready herself, she thought. She sat at the dressing table in her own bedroom and quickly and efficiently applied her make-up, concentrating on the eyes with a subtle application of mascara and eye shadow. She knew she was attractive to men and sometimes less was more. Her blue eyes offset her dark hair that carried just a hint of auburn and once she had finished her make-up she piled her hair on top of her head and held it in place with a large hair-clasp. Nurses should always have their hair off the collar at work she reminded herself and a nurse was exactly what Stephanie was. Her job as matron at Wellborough School occupied her for three days a week, her daughters were at school themselves, Nick was at work and so she had developed an interesting sideline that earned her some pocket money on the other two days.

She got up and found her newly washed and ironed uniform in the wardrobe. It was the genuine article from her days working at the hospital, although she had judiciously shortened it to sit three inches above the knee. She fished out a pair of black peephole toe shoes - with a modest three inch heel which nonetheless accentuated the curve of her calves - and was now just about ready to receive her guest. The final addition was a pair of spectacles that she didn't really need to wear but which made her look more authoritative, which was exactly the look she wanted to convey for the session she was about to conduct. Stephanie checked her watch. Good, still twenty minutes to go, which would leave her enough time for a cup of coffee and a pleasant contemplation of the hour and a half to come. After all, there was no rule about not enjoying your work, was there?

Precisely at noon the doorbell rang and her heels click-clacked on the tile floor as she went to answer the door.

"Ah, Mr Smith, right on time I see," she said with a wide smile.

"I wouldn't want to be late for this," her visitor replied with an equally broad smile, "I might get into trouble."

"Would you like a cup of coffee before we start?" enquired Stephanie.

"That would be very nice," her visitor replied. He followed her into the kitchen, noting the beguiling sway of her hips and the slight swishing of her stockings as she walked.

Stephanie poured a fresh cup from the cafetiere and sat down opposite her visitor, scrutinising him surreptitiously but carefully. It looked as though he was still keeping in shape (she would get a better view on that very shortly when he had his clothes off) and his brown slightly curly hair, amused eyes and sensuous lips were as attractive as ever. Most of all he was good at making her laugh.

"Now, how long is it since you last visited me, Mr Smith?" she asked.

"I think it must be about six months," he replied.

"Too long a gap, you really need to come and see me more frequently than that," said Stephanie with mock sternness. "Now finish off that coffee and come upstairs, we have some catching up to do."

"I should settle the paperwork first," he said, pulling out an envelope and laying it on the kitchen work-top.

"Ah, thanks very much," she said, "Good to get that out of the way."

He followed her up the stairs, trying to work out whether he could glimpse the tops of her stockings as she preceded him.

"Now then, would you like to take a shower first and then please lie face down on the massage couch and I will join you shortly," instructed Stephanie.

He did as he was told and a few minutes later was lying obediently face down on the couch with his towel around his waist. Stephanie entered the room and tutted:

"I don't think you need that," she said, removing the towel from around his waist and leaving him naked on the couch. She slapped him hard once on the bottom with her open palm.

"Now then, let's begin with some relaxation massage," she announced in a brisk tone, undoing the top of the massage oil and pouring a generous measure into her cupped palm. She warmed it up between her hands and then began long sweeping strokes up his back.

"Hmm, you feel quite tense, are you under a lot of stress at work?"

"Well, we are quite busy at present, but I'm coping."

"Your muscles don't lie and I can definitely feel some bunching. I will have to be quite firm with you."

With that Stephanie began to apply more pressure in shorter strokes, her fingers digging into his shoulder blades and the back of his neck. He exhaled involuntarily as she hit a particularly tender spot.

"Oouff, steady on," he gasped.

"No pain, no gain," she replied with a hint of humour in her voice.

After steadily working on his shoulders and neck, Stephanie felt him start to relax and moved down to his waist, noting the modest love handles at his hips. Nonetheless, he was in pretty good shape she concluded, not bad at all for a chap in his forties. She warmed up some more oil and applied it to his bottom, kneading and pulling like a particularly firm pastry. Little mutters of satisfaction were now escaping from his lips. Good, he's starting to unwind, she thought.

Stephanie now turned her attention to his feet and ankles, rubbing the oil slowly and sensually in between his toes, an unusually erogenous zone before running her finger tips up the soles. Slowly she worked her way up his legs, stopping frequently to apply more oil, until she had reached a point a couple of inches from his groin. Now she switched to featherlight tracing with her fingertips from his feet, in a zigzag pattern up the backs of his legs and reaching a point just on the inside of his thighs, a tantalising few centimetres short of his crotch. She then repeated the fingertip tracing from his neck and down his back, across his buttocks and allowing her fingers to stray just inside the crack of his bottom. She was rewarded by an imperceptible widening of his legs and a slight lifting of his hips from the table. If her guess was right, he should be having trouble accommodating his cock between his stomach and the table and was trying to allow it a bit more room to expand. So far so good, she thought.

She spread some more oil on her fingers and reapplied them to massage the insides of his thighs, working up slowly and deliberately until her fingertips just brushed lightly, almost accidentally, against his perineum. A small gasp escaped his lips and his hips rotated slightly. Stephanie's fingers crept quietly up one side of his groin and then the other. He should be ready now, she thought.

"Mr Smith, have you had your testicles checked recently?" she enquired in a detached manner. "It's very important you know."

"Err, no," he whispered, "I haven't."

"Right, let's deal with that," said Stephanie briskly, gently cupping his balls in her hand.

She slowly and methodically kneaded his balls, noting the involuntary jerking of his hips as she did so. She took her time before announcing,

"Good, everything seems to be in order, now have you had a prostate check recently?"

"No," he gasped.

"I think we should deal with that too then," said Stephanie, snapping on first one latex glove and then the other. She applied a small amount of the medical lubricant to the fingers of her right hand and very gently massaged the middle finger around his anus, ensuring everything was well greased, before slowly easing her finger inside him. His breath was coming in ragged gasps as she slowly and deliberately crooked her finger to feel his prostate. As with his testicles, she was in no hurry to get the procedure over quickly and she withdrew her finger halfway and reinserted it half a dozen times, just to be absolutely sure. He was starting to buck and writhe as the delicious torment continued.

Stephanie slowly withdrew her finger and discarded the gloves.

"Now Mr Smith, you say it's been six months since you last came to see me. You know that naughty boys need correction more frequently than that, don't you?" she enquired. "You haven't been getting chastised anywhere else have you?"

"No, it's just been you."

"Well then, I think we have some rectification to carry out. I am going to warm you up with a hand spanking first and then we will move on to some firmer measures," announced Stephanie with satisfaction.

Pulling on a fresh pair of latex gloves she began a slow and rhythmic spanking of each cheek in turn, until a faint pinkness could be seen. The latex gloves made a satisfying smack as she struck and seemed to concentrate the blow as compared to her bare hand.

"Now, you are warming up nicely, time to increase the pressure," she said as she brought her hand down with more power. "Six months really is far too long to go without a good spanking," she declared with relish.

She knew she wasn't really hurting him but his bottom was jiggling up and down the couch with each strike and it didn't take a genius to work out the friction that must be being created between the surface of the massage table and his penis. There would be time to deal with that in due course.

When she was satisfied that the initial treatment had reached a satisfactory conclusion, Stephanie stopped to admire her handiwork, her right hand returning to his balls as she spoke.

"Quite rosy, Mr Smith, I think it's time to move onto the next part of your therapy. I am going to reacquaint you with the wooden paddle that I know you have 'enjoyed' before."

The paddle was broad and covered almost an entire bottom cheek, making a very satisfactory crack as it was applied and which Stephanie now began to apply with vigour. This implement produced a good all-over reddening and should cement the effects of the hand spanking, she thought.

After a dozen or so strokes, Stephanie stopped to ask:

"How are we doing Mr Smith? Hard enough?"

The reply was a muffled groan. "You know exactly how hard to do it, Stephanie, anything I say isn't going to make any difference."

Sniggering, Stephanie re-commenced the spanking, increasing the pressure subtly as she did. After five minutes she had his bottom glowing a deep and uniform pink. She laid down the paddle and allowed her hand to creep up under his balls and find the root of his penis, which was as rigid as she had expected.

"Time for a little breather - for me - I think. It's quite tiring work doing all this whacking! Now, you will be interested to hear that I have acquired a new toy since your last visit and you will be the first to experience it. I have a nice new black leather paddle to use on your bottom. The head is a bit smaller than the wooden paddle so the effect will be a bit more concentrated. I am dying to try it out," she announced with relish. "In fact you can see it first," she said as he turned his head to one side and she held it twelve inches from his face. She held her left palm open and thwacked the paddle down on it with her right. "Yes, this should provide a very nice sting."

She thought she detected him wince slightly as she smoothed the leather in circles over his glowing cheeks. She teased him for a little while before lifting the paddle from his bottom and raising it ready for the first blow. She could see his muscles tense but she held back to increase his anticipation.

"You will be the first to experience this particular implement, so I want a full report afterwards," she declared.

"Just get on with it, you heartless woman," he breathed into the couch top.

Stephanie cracked the leather paddle down sharply on his already rosy bottom, one cheek and then the other in swift succession.

"Mmm, a very satisfactory effect," she murmured, "both the noise and the imprint. I think you need some more of that!"

She continued slowly and methodically, covering every square inch of his now scarlet buttocks with a liberal application of the paddle. She was certainly doing it hard enough to cause quite a sting and she was rewarded with a series of intakes of breath and involuntary gasps.

"Yes, I think this is exactly the medicine that is prescribed for naughty boys that have gone a full six months without the necessary discipline," she announced as she administered a rapid series of spanks to each cheek.

The exertion was causing her to breathe more heavily and she felt her forehead and cheeks glowing. She placed the paddle on the couch and slipped her hand in between his legs to caress his balls gently.

"Now, how was that?" she enquired sweetly.

"Quite painful, if you must know," he replied.

"Well, there's no good having a spanking that doesn't hurt a bit, what would be the point?" she surmised in an innocent voice. "Now, if you would like to get up off the couch you can inspect the state of your bottom in the mirror. I am going to take my uniform off as this has all been rather hot work and I am going to hop up on the couch. Then I want you to lay across my lap for the final part of your therapy, a sound over the knee spanking with my trusty Mason & Pearson and as you have taken your punishment well so far, you have earned yourself a reward."

While he inspected his backside in the mirror, Stephanie drew the nurse's uniform over her head and sat on the couch in her stockings and suspenders and black lace underwear, making sure the hairbrush was within easy reach. He turned back to the couch, admiring the view of Stephanie's semi-naked charms. His excitement was obvious to behold.

"Now then, up on the couch and over my knee please," commanded Stephanie. As he complied she guided his penis so that the head lay just against the clasp of her suspenders, holding it gently in place with her left hand. She picked up the hairbrush and rotated its smooth back over his bottom cheeks. She felt his penis jerking against her thigh as he sought the friction of the suspenders.

"Now then, not too eager Mr Smith, I am sure you want to make this last," she admonished. "A sound bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush will complete your therapy. While the hairbrush is definitely the stingiest of the implements you have enjoyed so far, your bottom is nicely warmed up and the rush of endorphins will cause you to feel more heat than pain. And as I said, you have earned yourself a treat which will take your mind off your bottom".

With these words, Stephanie brought the hairbrush down sharply at the same time as she stroked his penis back and forth across the clasp of her suspenders. He was beginning to mouth incomprehensible sounds as his body shuddered and jerked involuntarily. Stephanie spanked slowly but hard as she continued to massage his cock, stopping occasionally to lightly caress his perineum and scrotum. She stretched out the delightful torment as long as she thought he could bear, before whispering, "Are you ready to come yet?"

"Oh God, yes, please," he implored in a hoarse croak.

"Very well, then," she replied as she grasped his cock more firmly underneath his stomach in her left hand and pumped it slowly and deliberately, while applying a series of hard blows with the hairbrush to his defenceless and well reddened bottom. With an almighty gasp his body bucked and writhed as he drove his rock hard cock into her stocking top and she felt the warm stickiness of his ejaculation across her thighs. He continued to twitch and jerk for a full thirty seconds as his orgasm slowly subsided and then lay there completely spent as slowly his breathing returned to something approaching normality.

"Was that nice darling?" giggled Stephanie as Nick slowly clambered off her lap.

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