tagNonHumanLupine Mountain Ch. 04

Lupine Mountain Ch. 04


Darla could hardly believe how easily she accepted the fact that werewolves existed, let alone how well she was adjusting to the fact that she was to become one of them. She learned many things in the last two hours about the pack and the leader of the pack himself. The Alpha's name was Conall and she felt so connected to him that it felt like she had known him forever and more. *Gods, that is a typical cliché. I can't believe that I feel this way. It is amazing and terrifying all at the same time.* Darla thought to herself. Just looking into his eyes made her so wet she was worried about dripping onto the ground. She kept imagining all the things she wanted to do to him and the things she wanted him to do to her.

She was kneeling at his feet and sucking on his cock. His hips moved, pumping his hardness into her mouth as she took all of him. She savored the feeling of her mouth and throat being penetrated. Her lips stretched around his shaft and her teeth lightly scraped him. Darla ran her nails up his muscular thighs until she reached his sack. She gently cupped them and lightly massaged them. She could feel him getting harder and longer. She wasn't able to get all of him into her mouth anymore. So she wrapped her other hand around the base of his cock and pumped up and down in rhythm with her head. She sucked harder and pumped faster as she felt him get close to cumming. He moved his hips faster and faster getting so close. As he tensed up, Darla squeezed his cock and his scrotum while sucking harder. She wanted to feel him cum deep in her throat. She wanted to taste him.

"The connection you feel is the reason that you will be turned, if you so chose too," Conall said, shaking her out of her thoughts and fantasies. "Every lycan in this world has a mate. There is only one for every lycan. We cannot have children with anyone else, only our mate. From birth the connection is made; it is there as they grow and become adults. If one is born centuries before the other, he knows, because he doesn't feel the bond and will wait for her, as I have with you. As soon as his mate is born he knows it. The connection is immediately established and they will always have each other in their minds," he informed her as he pulled her tight up against his body. "And if you don't get those images out of your mind I am going to rip your clothes off and take you right here. I can smell your arousal and I can see the images in your mind and feel how they affect you," he growled into her ear.

Darla jumped and couldn't help the gush of wetness that surged from her center. The idea that he would take her here, in front of the whole pack just made her squirm with desire. His nostrils flared and his eyes shifted colors, turning a little purple and widening. Conall grabbed her arm and pulled her quickly up the steps to the caves.

"I am going to lay you on my furs and strip you. I am going to taste every inch of you. I want to know your body inside and out. Then I am going to fuck you. Just think of it.....my hands running up and down your thighs getting closer and closer to your center, but never quite touching you where you need it most. My nails scratching your back and legs, working up to your inner thighs and the outer lips of your pussy, before traveling up your stomach to your breasts. I will circle your breasts with my nails, the circles getting smaller and smaller until I reach your nipples. Then because I won't be able to resist I will lightly pinch your nipples. I want to hear your pleasure and see it. Can you see what is in my mind now Darla?" he asked her.

She nodded and spoke with a shaky voice, "I will let you do these things to me as long as I get to do something to you."

"And what do you want to do to me little one?" he asked a little breathless.

"I want to explore your body. I want to run my tongue over your stomach and thighs. I want to discover every spot that makes you shudder with my hands, my tongue... my body. But what I really want to do is taste you. I want you to cum deep inside my throat. I want to feel your hot cum gushing into my mouth and dripping down my throat. I want to hear you moan and see the exquisite pain of pleasure on your face. Can you see those images in my mind now?" she asked tremulously.

"Yes, yes I can. Come with me little one. We are going to bed," he said with force.

Conall picked her up in his arms and started to carry her into his chambers. Aideen steped in front of him before he could make it to the bedchamber. He growled at her menacingly, warning her to get out of the way or he will rip her throat out, friend or not.

"Conall, you cannot take her to bed yet. You are not mated to her and she is a virgin and not yet one of us. If you take her now you will kill her. She is your mate; you will lose control and shift and then not care about how much you hurt her. You must wait. You know it is the truth. Now stop growling at me and act like the calm Alpha that you are," she said.

Conall felt anything but the calm Alpha he was supposed to be, but he realized that what Aideen said was truth. He slowly calmed down and slowly lowered Darla down. He couldn't stop growling. His wolf was too close to the surface to like being denied what he wanted, what he has been waiting for.

"Take her away from me before I do lose control and take her. Go with Aideen, little one, you will be safe. In two nights time we will be together. We will be mated on the full moon and no one will dare to separate us from then on," he growled.

Darla was still dazed from the mental images he was still sending her, but she sensed the danger she was in. She left quietly when Aideen put an arm around her. They walk out of the caves quickly. Aideen wanted to get her as far away from Conall as possible. She didn't think he was dangerous to her. He couldn't hurt his mate. It was impossible for lycans to hurt their mates. *Their true mates that is* she thought with pain.

"Aideen, I think you need to explain to me the mating ceremony and the transformation to me. I want to know what I am getting myself into," Darla said with more force than Aideen thought possible from her at the moment.

"Okay, Darla, but first let's take a walk to the lake. It will be easier to explain it all there," Aideen said.

As they walk along the well used forest path to the lake, Darla couldn't stop thinking about Conall and how he made her feel. She has never felt that attracted to anyone, even her ex. *I can't believe that I am ready and willing to jump into bed with a man I met less than a day ago,* she thought. It was very uncharacteristic for her. She waited six months to get to third base with Charles, for godsakes. She was thinking so hard she didn't hear what Aideen was saying and tripped over something sticking out of the ground and fell into a huge hole in the ground. Her head hit something hard with a sickening crunch and she knew no more.

The hole was at least fifeteen feet deep and about six feet wide. There were spikes sticking out of the ground. Darla woke up groggily to the screams of Aideen. *Why is she screaming? I am fine. I just tripped* Darla thought. It was then she realized she wasn't fine, not at all. It was the pain that woke her up in a hurry and made her sit up quickly, which was a very bad idea. The pain in her head was secondary to the pain in her stomach now.

Darla looked down at her stomach to see one of those sharp spikes had pierced her through the stomach about two inches to the right of her belly button. She went to grab the spike when she realized what exactly the spike was... they were bones. And they were serrated and very sharp. The one that had gone through her was about five feet long and three inches in diameter. Her blood looked black in the moonlight. *Wait, moonlight? How long have I been down here?* Darla thought.

She looked up expecting to see Aideen trying to help her out of this grave. But what she saw made her scream in terror.

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