tagBDSMLured into Domination Pt. 01

Lured into Domination Pt. 01


So I met this girl on a popular dating app. Girl? Woman, she was almost 10 years older than me, which wasn't a big deal when I was 30. I signed up out of curiosity, to see what's around, never thinking I could find anything meaningful on there. I couldn't have been more wrong. I would experience an event so mind-numbingly hot I still can barely believe it.

This one girl in particular I was messaging was totally into the domination and submission games. We explored our fantasies in the safety of the app. It was actually really fun. I had never admitted the things I told her. Never had I met someone with a similar interest in the games I liked, especially the one where the guy gets dominated.

After a few weeks of playful banter, sharing stories and some racy photos, I told her I was heading into her city that weekend, would enjoy seeing her while I was there. She said that would be perfect and amazing. That's it, the plan was set. It was a sort of lie, though, I was driving that distance just to see her, to explore further her and my sexual fantasies. I didn't tell a sole I was going, for fear of being laughed at or judged by peers.

As promised I texted her when I was in town, and we arranged to meet at her place, watch a movie and maybe fool around a bit. I was so excited!! She turned me on so much I could barely wait!! But I had to ... And for longer than I expected. I had a suspicion she was all talk and any moment I would get a text apologizing and that she would have to cancel the date. It was now a half hour past when we were supposed to meet. I was literally around the corner waiting in my car in a busy parking lot.

45 minutes late now and I was fuming. Both because she was late for our first date and hadn't called to let me know. Then my phone buzzed. It was her and she did apologize but said she was home and to come over when I was ready! I had never been more ready, I thought! I waited another 10 minutes then pulled up into her driveway.

She was renting the basement apartment of this house, I made my way around the side to the entrance and knocked, I could see through the slats in the window of the door, just the floor. Then saw her boots and legs approaching the door. My heart raced! She was wearing the most perfect sheer black tights, with the knee-high boots that I adore. As she opened the door and smiled at me I tried my best not to gasp at the rest of her outfit. A thin white blouse with a white tank under it, if not for the tank I would easily have been able to see her nipples showing through, as it was they were standing a little perky, displaying that she was NOT wearing a bra.

If I could have picked out her outfit this was what it would be. I bet she had taken cues from my messages on the app, wearing what I think is one of the sexiest outfits. She showed me around a bit, one thing that caught my eye was a large pic collage of her and her daughter. She was blonde, but her daughter had that shiny grey-ish dyed hair. Its incredibly hot when you're young to have that silver hair look. I tried not to stare, in particular at the one of her daughter at the beach. I already knew her daughter just turned 18 so I never probed into any further info about her, thinking it would be creepy.

She was never married but had been shacked up with a guy for a while when she was really young. They were no longer together, and she was your standard single mother. She said her daughter was out with friends for the night and luckily the landlord upstairs was out of town she we could make turn the tv up as loud as we wanted, make as much noise as we liked.

We never even made it through the film, neither of us was paying attention to it. I was smitten with her legs as she stretched them out to the coffee table. Oddly she had kept her boots on, which got me wondering... but before too long I would find out. She turned to me shortly after my musing and asked if I wanted to get the best blow job I have ever had. I got super-nervous but without delay she stood up, knowing what my answer would be. She led me to her bedroom and instructed me to lay out on the bed. I had to obey her orders for it to be the best I ever felt. Hadn't been bossed around before but I knew I would like it from the feeling I got when watching femdom video clips.

She explained I had to be restrained for it to feel the best I ever had. I was reluctant. I asked if I could have just one arm free, but she could bind my other arm and legs. AT least I'd feel like I had a little control. After all, this was our first meeting, how could I fully submit to someone I knew very little about except for what she admitted online.

And true to her word, she had a few techniques that made me feel very good, I failed to see what set this BJ apart from others I've had. Then as I felt my orgasm building inside I fervently wondered if she was going to swallow. I figured she HAD to for it to be "the best ever". But she didn't swallow, as soon as she felt the first spurt, she leapt across me, pinning my arm and sliding a little noose around my wrist. And boom, I was completely incapacitated ... and scared. I remember horror stories of guys getting seduced and robbed my less-than-savory girls, in particular George from Seinfeld when he was duped on the subway by a vixen and then robbed as he lay helplessly tied to the mistress's hotel bed.

But I was not going to get robbed. She reminded me what I wrote to her about being dominated. That I was curious what it would be like to be dominated, to be totally helpless at the mercy of a sexaholic. She had spent a few days when we were flirting online, in fact, coercing me to write an informal contract that permitted her to "control me in every way, to have my cock used over and over without end". I knew I was literally screwed. I hadn't told anyone I was leaving town so no one really knew where I was. She could literally lock me up and use me forever, I would never be found! Before I could protest she stuffed her panties into my mouth and used some sex tape to cover my mouth and force me to taste her undies while she had her way with me.

She wasn't evil, but she was insatiable. She told me the fun was only just starting, it was going to be a long night. I begged in muffled pleas to be set free but she feigned ignorance at comprehending my attempts. At least I figured I had a while before I was ready to go again after just gushing...the cum now trickling down my sides tickling me. I writhed a little trying to escape my bindings, but she expertly used nooses tied to the bedposts, struggling only made them tighter.

I lay there naked, while she stood over me, my slumping dick starting to retreat. It was incredibly sexy actually being so helpless under her, looking up at her sexy sneer. But I never let on. I was more scared than turned on! I still feared for my safety. Before I got too limp she took my sensitive penis in hand and pinched the head, it made me twitch and forced a little more blood into the bellhead, making it swell temporarily. She did it again, then started flicking it, repeatedly my dick flinched. I tried to roll to the side to pull my rod from her hands but she simply grabbed the shaft tightly while continuing to molest the head. Being in such a sensitive state it was a feeling so good it was unbearable. But I had to take it. Swaying side to side, moaning for her to stop, only egged her on. She managed to get me fully erect after a couple mins and once there, she slid a cockring down over my shaft. It was tight and trapped the bellhead in a state of perpetual erectness. It was then I knew she had the know-how to take advantage of me in ways I never knew possible. She stood back and admired my junk. Rubbing her hands together and smirking at my distressed, helpless eyes.

"Let's begin"...

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