tagBDSMLured into Domination Pt. 07

Lured into Domination Pt. 07


And just like that I turn into MomDomme's toy mere minutes after the LilDomme had her fill of me. It was nearing Dawn now, I had been tied up for more than 6 hours and had cum more times than I can remember. I love a good cock torture and would like to think I can last all day but the truth is, a whole different feeling overwhelms u after cumming, sexual drive is at a low, your over whatever sexual fantasy u had been having until then. But I was in the throes of sexual torture, I wanted an end to it but I wasn't quite there just yet. I vowed to be obedient and just satisfy Domme one last time, then I'd be free of the games, to let my cock have a rest for at least a week before I even touch it again.

With that I felt her hand trace down my stomach, to my pelvic bone, tickling the sides of me and inching closer to my aching dick. LilDomme had screwed me so hard my penis actually hurt, I attempted to 'play through the pain', it getting only half-heartedly stiff at her touch. Domme then arose for the first time in hours, I had almost forgotten her amazing outfit from the night before. Her incredible legs were just as appealing now as they were when I was sexually eager. I found myself staring at them again, Domme noticed the attention and proceeded to slowly strip-tease undress until she too was naked, sharing my 'shame'. She danced around the room, delighting my dick, I was almost fully hard now watching her legs carry her about. Even without the hose she had spectacular legs, short but oh-so-shapely.

She knelt in her closet for a second rummaging about, out of sight, I heard shuffling sounds then she exclaimed, "Ah ha!" And returned to the bed holding a device. It was a foot massager, but she removed the attachments and pushed the unit under the small of my back and butt, forcing my groin higher into the air. "Perfect" she said, satisfied with the angle it put me in. She reattached the cock ring to the base of the shaft, trapping me in a perpetually eternal erection, then used extra string/rope to pull my dick towards the foot of the bed, again making it stand at attention for her.

Oh my gawd the pressure!! Then I felt a bussing below me and my midsection began to gyrate. The foot spa massager thing she positioned below me was making my cock sway about like a flagpole under the effect of several combative hurricane winds. This agitated the pain that reminded me I would not enjoy cumming anymore and actually helped me stay in between orgasms, it was perfect for Domme tho. She abandoned me, made herself a coffee and returned to me swaying, wagging member. She pulled an end table up to the foot of the bed, climbed up between my legs, laid her coffee on said table, and back-on to me kneeled between my spread legs.

She arched her back and lifted her pussy up into the air, meeting my cock. My dick thrashed about, up and down a little but mostly side to side. She maneuvered herself until her pussy was just kissing the tip of my staff. She sipped her coffee and teased herself a little, making my dick tickle her nether-region. She was reading a magazine while having a little liquid breakfast, all while using my dick to get her off. Repeatedly. She made herself cum just by letting my bellhead tickle her clit. Then for a second helping, she let her cunt swallow up my dick, but held herself rigid so my dick was just stirring around insides...bringing up on her walls...extra pressure when she would let her weight lean on me, forcing my dick to enter her completely. If she didn't stop soon I was surely going to cum, despite her rigging and the ever-tightening ring.

She came a second time, and almost immediately a third, her breath so short now, moaning almost incessantly. She was expending no energy at all, had me trapped inside her, all she did was perch herself there, my dick and her massager doing all the work. I begged her to stop, I was already feeling the next wave of warmth indicating my orgasm was not far behind. She told me to hold it, like I had a choice in it!! She was not finished. But I obeyed as much as I could. I was weak from no sleep, no food, and so spent from cumming so often. It was the only thing that allowed me to fend off the last orgasm I was to have. I was on the verge of cumming for an extended period, the feeling of pleasure but not the feeling of release. Maybe it was the too-tight cock ring trapping my fluids where they were. But she allowed my penis to plow her into a fourth orgasm which seemingly was enough.

As she came the 4th time she peeked over her shoulder at me, biting her lip and commending me on a job well done. Thrusting hard on me and advising me to tell her when I was gonna cum, time for my reward. She fucked me hard now, bouncing down hard on my rod, making me bring up against her back inside her. The added pressure set me off. I said "it's time!" she continued pummeling it...I stressed, "Im going to cum!" she continued. I warned "Here it comes!!" and she relieved herself off me with seconds to spare. She sure loved making me sweat! She milked the remaining cum, only a few drops now but my cock heaved dry, rubbed raw and sore from abuse.

She lavished me with accolades, praising my body, my stamina, and my tastiness. Domme released me finally, my extremities were so cold. I rubbed my hands and feet together, warming them, wondering if the rope imprints on my ankles and wrists would ever disappear. I curled into a ball for maximum warmth and she covered me for the first time in 8 hours. "Rest up my boy. U deserve it. But not too long, u have to be out by 8. I have things to do."

And just like that I was seemingly tossed aside. She had her fun and was done with me. I can't say I was disappointed, I was very eager to get my freedom again, anticipating the feel of the open road ahead of me as I travelled back to my hometown, to gauge how I felt about the whole ordeal. As I took my leave and approached my car, I felt for my keys...and was reminded about the note lilDomme left me. I The note read: 'Hello, my manly toy. Don't venture too far. I want u again, very soon. Cum visit me tonight after mom goes to sleep, ur spending the night in MY bed this time, and this time ur gonna tie ME up. Oh yeah, also, I made a copy of mom's tape so its best if u obey me, k cockslave? Love, the lil girl that owns ur cock'

Jack Tripper had nothing on my preDICKaments! FUCK...

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