Luscious Lactating Lady

byTawny T©

"Remember, the nipple plays a big part in sex foreplay. I have a nurse friend who says she can hardly stand to have her nipple sucked till she is almost ready to climax. It really sets her off. Are your nipples very sensitive?" I asked.

She grinned sheepishly, "Yes, I think I'm like your friend. They are so sensitive sometimes I can hardly stand my husband kissing or sucking on them." She looked down at the baby's little mouth sucking away. "Very sensitive."

"I guessed that the other day when I watched you. I could tell it made you hot, sexually hot. I could see the signs, they weren't that apparent, but I noticed." I said.

"I was trying to hide it, not show you that it got me hot." She paused for a long time. "Watching me, it, it -", she stumbled over her words, "did it get you hot watching me?"

I thought she knew the answer and I wasn't going to sidestep it. It might be the opening I was looking for. "Yes, it did. Watching the baby suck your nipple got me thinking about it, and it did make me hot. You have beautiful breasts, very sexy and very lovely." I said smiling at her, holding eye contact.

Her eyes dropped. "I thought so, I thought you had a climax. I saw you squeezing your thighs together, like I was. Your face gave you away." She stopped and there was a long silence, I didn't interrupt. "When I saw you climax, I did too. I knew you were making yourself cum, and I did too. I squeezed my thighs together and had a wonderful climax. The baby's mouth made me so hot, and watching you, knowing it was getting you hot too, got me even hotter." She said raising her eyes to meet mine.

"Thank you." She continued after a long pause. "I have never talked this way to another person about sex, even my husband. I have always been so shy and a little afraid to talk about it. My parents were very strict, and sex was a taboo subject around our house. I was a virgin when we got married and if the girls hadn't told me what to expect, I would have been lost. Can you imagine a virgin at 18?" She laughed nervously.

We sat and talked for a few minutes. I watched the baby suck gently, knowing she knew I liked watching her, I moved a little closer. She smiled at me. A few minutes later she took the baby from her breast. She opened her blouse wide, pulled the bra aside, exposing her other breast and placed the baby on it. On an impulse I reached out and took her hot breast and guided the nipple to her small mouth. She shivered when I touched her, but didn't draw away. The baby's little mouth found the nipple and she began sucking on it.

"You - you can look at my other breast if you want to. Does it excite you to see it?" She asked a little mischievous gleam in her eye. Talking about it had given her new courage.

"Yes it does, I won't deny it. It is beautiful, so full and rounded, the nipple erect and hard. Your areolas look like a delicious chocolate treat. I love the white alabaster skin, with the light blue veins just underneath the skin. Beautiful." I said with true admiration in my voice. I meant every word.

She let the baby suck for a few minutes before she replied. "No one has ever told me my breasts were beautiful. Not even my husband. Thank you for that Jan." Another long pause. "Do you like girls - women? You seem so interested in me. Tell me if I'm out of line. I don't want to be nosey." She hurried to add.

"Yes, I have a wonderful lady friend. We are very close." I left it there seeing if she would follow up on it.

"Are you, uh, you know, intimate? Oh damn, I shouldn't have asked that. I'm so sorry. That is none of my business. I'm sorry, but with the baby sucking, you watching me, - our talking about it, it has gotten me hot again. I'm way out of line. Please forgive me?" She said in an anguished tone.

I reached over and stroked her cheek. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I wanted to kiss her lips but thought better of it at this stage. She smiled up at me, her blue eyes bright.

"That's OK. I don't mind. Yes, we are intimate. I have liked girls since I was small. I had a good friend and we experimented, and found we liked to make love to each other. I have liked girls and women ever since. That is why it got me so excited to watch you nursing. I could think of nothing but the baby sucking on your nipple. I almost climaxed just seeing it after she had finished it. A drop of your milk was on the end of the nipple and I wanted to lick it off. I thought I would go crazy."

"Is that why you washed my breasts so carefully, put the lotion on my breasts and nipples for such a very long time? You almost drove me crazy doing that." She said catching my hand and squeezing it.

"Yes, I wanted to keep caressing your breasts. I rushed home and masturbated the minute I was in the house. I had a fantastic climax while I thought about you and your sweet breasts. I exploded." I admitted unashamedly.

Her face lit up and she giggled. "I did too! The minute you were out the door, I pulled my panties off, lay on the sofa and masturbated too. It only took a moment of time till I exploded. It was the most fantastic climax I have had in a long time." She giggled. "I have never done this with anyone else. I have never told anyone intimate things about me like this, not even my husband. He wouldn't understand. He's somewhat of a prude." She giggled again. "I was too, till we started this conversation. I've opened up to you like I have never done to anyone else in my life! "

I held her hand, stroked it softly then kissed it. She looked at me and shook her head slowly. "I'm glad though, I don't have many friends. None I can talk to, not intimately like this. I appreciate this."

I sat looking at her naked breast. A small droplet of milk formed on the nipple. My eyes were riveted to it. She saw me staring at her nipple raptly. She reached over and touched her finger to it, lifting the drop. It hung gleaming on the tip of her finger, a white droplet - her milk!

Then she did something I had hoped for, longed for, she moved it to my lips and as I opened my mouth her finger touched my tongue. The milk transferred to my tongue and I tasted her milk. I closed my lips around her finger, wrapped my hand around hers, and held her finger trapped inside my mouth. The single drop seemed to flow over my taste buds, rich and sweet. So unlike a cow's milk, unique, a woman's milk, a mother's milk, Kris's milk. Fantastic! I ran my tongue around, over her finger, tasting her finger, sucking it softly. She moaned.

I looked down and her thighs were moving as she tightened her thigh muscles together. I pulled her finger in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth with her finger, my tongue flicking her finger. She cried out and her hand went to her pussy and she rubbed it through her thin dress. I reached out and took her breast and squeezed it gently pulling upward. The baby hadn't emptied it and several jets of milk shot out of her nipple and flew up into the air. I took her finger from my mouth, stood up, and without a pause leaned over and took her hard, erect, elongated nipple between my lips and sucked.

I moaned out loud as her delicious milk spewed into my mouth, rich, wonderful, hot, fantastic tasting milk - Kris's milk - slid over my tongue. I didn't care; I spread my legs apart, my hand shot under my dress, under my panties and found my clit, hard and swollen. I rubbed it while her milk flowed into my mouth. I ran my tongue over and over her swollen nipple, sucking all the time.

I heard her gasp softly as she came. Her body went rigid, and she cried out as she came. My climax seemed to go on and on as my fingers flew over my clit. My body seemed to turn inside out as I came over and over. I kept sucking her nipple, twirling my tongue around and around her hard, long, erect tip while it gave up its hot milk to me. I had never known it could be so fantastic, so erotic to suck another woman's breast and have it flow milk into my mouth. Finally my climax ended and I stood weak-kneed beside her. I fell back into the chair and sat panting. She was flushed too. There was a wet spot on the front of her dress where she had pressed the cloth against her pussy, and her juices had wet her panties and the cloth too.

The baby seemed unaffected by all this and nursed on, eyes closed. I chuckled softly and she joined me after a moment. She saw the humor of it. When I had regained my strength I stood up and leaned over and softly kissed her sweet lips. She didn't respond for a moment then her lips opened slightly as I slid my tongue along her wet lips. Her hand came up and went behind my head and pulled me down against her a little harder and her tongue joined mine, dancing with it, playing over it.

We kissed for a long while till I had to pull back and catch my breath. I reached over and stroked her hot breast gently, just running my hand lightly over it, feeling its warmth. Heavenly! I took the nipple gently between my fingers and just felt it, it's wonderful firmness. I pulled gently on it. She thrust her chest up just a little letting me know she enjoyed it.

"I never knew having a woman's lips on my breast, my nipple, could feel so wonderful. God, that was fantastic. I had no idea." She said shaking her head, a beautiful smile on her face.

The baby lay still and quiet, asleep. I put a towel over my shoulder. I bent, took the baby gently and put her on my shoulder patting her little back till she burped softly. Kris led the way into the baby's room and I laid her down gently. She snuffled and lay still, breathing softly, eyes closed, a satisfied grin on her cherubic face.

I led Kris by the hand to the bathroom and took her blouse and bra off. I washed her breasts gently, this time using my hands. My soapy fingers played over her rounded mounds. I caressed the beautiful mounds as much as I washed them. She stood still, smiling.

"I like this better than the washcloth. It feels so much nicer." She admitted.

This time when a droplet of milk flowed out of the nipple I bent forward and licked it off with my tongue. I felt her shiver.

I bathed her breasts and then took the cream and put it all over her breasts. I played with her nipples more this time and she was now able to show her enjoyment of my caresses. When I was through I took her hand and led her into her bedroom. She questioned me with her eyes but I leaned over and kissed her sweet lips and put my finger against her lips. I bent forward, slid her skirt downward leaving her in her plain cotton panties. I grinned for the crotch was sodden.

I bent forward and kissed her stomach as I pulled them down too. I let them slide down her legs. She stepped out of them and stood naked before me. I admired her body. She had slimmed down after the baby, but still needed a few more pounds off of her waist and hips. Her pubic hair was growing back. Soft reddish tendrils adorned her pubic mound. Her pussy groove was a darker indention. Her outer lips pouted petulantly. Delicious looking!

I stood up, quickly slipped out of my clothes and stood naked before her, letting her see me nude. Her eyes went up and down my body.

"Jan, you are beautiful. You have a beautiful body. I - I don't know what to do. I have never been with a woman before. I have no idea what they do together." She said softly, her eyes taking in my slender body.

I keep in shape and my body is tall and trim. I keep my pussy hair cropped close and shaved at the bottom so my pussy lips are bare. Her eyes dwelled at the juncture of my thighs. I spread my legs a little wider so she could see my pussy better. I knew she could see my inner pussy lips peeping out just a little, and the grove of my pussy. I took her hand and placed it on my mound, and rubbed it up and down slowly. I knew her fingers could feel the slick wetness of my excited pussy.

"Pretend it's your pussy. Stroke it the way you do yours. It's that simple." I said standing still.

She hesitated then began to gently, slowly move her fingers up and down. I watched her face go from a frown of concentration to one of shy discovery, to a wide-eyed grin of pleasure.

"Yes, it is like rubbing my own pussy. It feels so weird to be doing it to you though. I never thought I would be rubbing another woman's pussy. I like it, I think!" She said with a shy grin. I reached out and stroked her body, gently encouraging her. I ran my hands over her soft warm body. I felt her sweet full breasts, sculpting them in my hands, then over her chest and down her slender waist to her hips and around to her pert ass. I pulled her to me, gently trapping her hand against my pussy. Her fingers continued to explore. I kissed her softly, slipping my tongue into her mouth to explore its hot depths. We both moaned at the same time.

I gasped into her mouth as her fingers found my hard clit and she rubbed it gently in circles. This young lady was either a quick study, or she was stroking my clit the way she enjoyed rubbing her own. I caressed her smooth ass, and slid a finger down between the rounded mounds to find her tiny rosebud. She jumped slightly at the touch. I imagined I was the first person ever to touch her there. I would explore it further later, more intimately. I didn't want to scare the poor girl. I just gently ran my finger over her nether hole and felt it pucker slightly under my touch. She enjoyed it.

I pulled back a little. "Does your husband kiss your pussy?" I asked almost guessing the answer. She just shook her head, her lovely reddish hair dancing in the light. "It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to have your pussy kissed and tongued." I kissed her softly. "Would you like me to kiss you there? Lick your sweet pussy, suck your clit and make you cum like you have never dreamed of cumming?"

I felt her hand actually tremble against my pussy. No one had ever kissed or probably even touched her there till her wedding night. I slid my tongue against her lips and licked from side to side, lightly caressing her lips. Her fingers moved over my clit again, a little firmer this time. I felt heavenly. She was certainly stoking my passion with her fingers. My mind raced, thinking ahead to making love to this fantastic body, and the most erotic thought of all for me, sucking the hot milk from her swollen breasts!

"Think how that tongue would feel running up and down your sweet slit instead of these delicious lips." I said pulling back a moment then kissing her lips again just as sensuously. Her lips tasted so sweet. I could feel the tension in her body as the thought went through her lovely head. I stroked her long reddish hair, then moved my hand slowly down her body to cup her pert ass again.

"God, you are killing me. No one has ever gotten me this hot before. My husband doesn't really know how to make love to me. No one has ever made me feel this way. The sexy way you talk about my body, you are tearing me up inside! I was always taught that sex is bad, wicked, nasty. How can anything this wonderful be bad? To hell with them all!" She gasped and thrust her body against mine, her tongue probing my mouth, her fingers rubbing harder against my clit, around and around.

We stood kissing and her fingers playing with my clit till I exploded. I don't ever remember having someone bring me to a climax quite like that. Her fingers on my clit stroking, her hot body against me, breasts pressing against mine. I reached up and took one in my hand and squeezed it as my climax started. I didn't squeeze hard, but when I did, her breast shot out several small streams of her hot milk against my skin. It sent my passion soaring. I tilted my head back and cried out as I came. Her milk ran in a rivulet down my body, feeling so hot it felt as if it were scalding. Her fingers rubbed and stroked my clit harder and faster as this seemingly innocent young woman drove me to an earth-shattering climax. My universe turned inside out and my body dissolved into a pool of ecstasy. I literally saw stars.

Finally, when I came down to earth again, my knees were weak and I was shaking I was so spent. I felt a warm wetness run down my thigh from my pussy juices. Something I didn't ever remember happening before, but I don't ever remember having such a fantastic climax while standing. She held me steady till I regained a little of my strength, and kissed my face gently.

I hugged her to me and kissed her back. She was straddling one of my thighs and her pussy was pressing rhythmically against my leg. She had to be hot after bringing me off and my kissing and feeling her up too. I slipped my tongue into her hot mouth, caressed her body and soon had her panting with desire.

Stepping back, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. This put her beautiful breasts level with my lips, my intention! I kissed her breasts softly all over, working my way to the puffy tips. God, they were magnificent. The long erect nipples were so erotic looking.

"God, Kris, you have the most beautiful, desirable breasts I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few. They are so full and rounded; I love the chocolate 'puffy' areola, and those long nipples. No wonder the baby loves to suck on them. I want to really taste them. Magnificent!" I sighed as I kissed her nipple and ran my tongue around and around the swollen areola. I tasted a little of her milk that had run down earlier when I squeezed it.

I teased her, and myself, sucking softly, not enough to draw milk, but just so it would tantalize her. I licked and kissed her breast while I stroked the hot, velvet soft smoothness. I ran my fingers back and forth across her hard nipple, making it harder yet as it bounced against my fingers.

"Ohhhh, God, don't tease me, Jan. Please suck me, suck my nipples. I'm dying to have you make love to my breasts. Make love to me, please!" She sobbed out.

I obliged her, as I was almost crazy too, wanting to drink from her sweet hard nipples. I put my lips around her nipple and gently sucked. At first nothing came out, so I sucked a little harder. I moaned around her nipple as her hot milk spurted into my mouth. It flowed over my taste buds and it was the most wonderfully delicious thing to taste her milk straight from her full firm breasts. I slid one hand up to stroke her breast, the other I moved downward to run up and down her inner thigh.

She spread them apart for me, giving me room. I cupped her mound and kneaded it gently then slid my finger along her groove to find her hot wetness. She cried out as my finger slipped easily between her very wet lips and found the entrance to her body. I sucked harder, my senses on fire as I fingered her wet sex while my mouth drank from her body.

It was totally unlike any experience I had ever had with a woman. I had only dreamed, fantasized, about this - in my wildest sex fantasy. Now I finally, actually, had this beautiful young woman before me, my hand on her breast, my lips sucking her hot mother's milk out, and my finger slipping up and down her drenched pussy. It was a fantasy come true for me; perhaps for her too, I would have to ask her – later – much later!

My finger slid up into her hot sex cave. Her pussy felt fantastic around my finger. Her hips pressed forward wanting more. I let my finger move as far inside her as possible, my hand was wet with her sweet juices. I used my thumb to find and gently rub her firm clit. She gasped and thrust her hips forward, wanting my finger deeper still.

My lips pulled and sucked, and her milk flowed onto my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around her hard nipple making it even harder and longer. I began to pull back sucking slightly harder on her nipple, elongating it, pulling on it, making it swell even more. I nipped it gently with my teeth and she cried out, not in pain, but from the unexpected wonderful slight hurt of it. I knew her nipples would be sensitive and just a touch of pain seemed to go directly to her pussy. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my finger. I slid my finger out and she moaned her disapproval, but it turned to a soft sigh of delight when a second finger joined the first.

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