tagGroup SexLust Brigade Ch. 02

Lust Brigade Ch. 02


Seven o'clock came, and when I got off the elevator on the 14th floor, Ashley was standing there waiting for me, wearing a gossamer white coverall through which I spied the tiniest of sky-blue bikinis. She walked with me into the elevator, embraced and kissed me like we were old lovers, and whispered into my ear "I wasn't sure for a moment that you were coming, but I'm so glad you did. I know my friends will be happy too.

"I just want to let you know about something. I love my friends, but they are absolutely TERRIBLE cock-teases. If they decide they like you, they're going to try to fuck with your head. Maybe more. Do you think you can deal with that?"

"I don't know. I haven't had to deal with a situation like that since... well, forever. Dawn didn't play that way. I'll try."

"Are you ready?" I nodded, as she inserted her room key into the card slot and pressed the 15th-floor button.

The suite was huge. An enormous living-room area with two huge sectional sofas that opened onto a private porch, on which was a swimming pool and a hot tub. A kitchenette and four bedrooms, each of which were about the same size as my 18x14-foot cabin and featured its own full bathroom. None of which, though, is what immediately caught my eye.

The most gripping feature of the suite was, beyond doubt, its occupants. They each introduced themselves to me. There was Jenna, with flowing blonde hair, the most arresting green eyes and a model-perfect figure despite being 6 feet 4 inches tall. There was slim Carly, only a couple of inches shorter, with her long blonde curls, perky B-cup breasts and legs almost disproportionately long compared to the rest of her. Then there was Nicole, she and Carly almost the same height, with her long straight light-brown hair, sizable tits and bubble ass like Ashley's, and steel-blue eyes that seemed to gaze right through me. All, like Ashley, were wearing the skimpiest of bikinis.

I felt like I'd landed on the planet of the Amazons.

Jenna finally broke the silence. "Cute, just like you said, Ash. Good-looking. Nice bod. You like rum punch, big guy?"

I actually didn't, but before I had a chance to say no, Nicole thrust a full glass into my hands. I toasted the ladies, then took a sip. It was quite good.

We sat down on the sofas, and began getting to know one another. I didn't have to make any introductions; Ashley had taken care of that for me. They all knew that I was a widower and was on this cruise pretty much against my will. Ashley joked, "We're going to have to try to break through that crusty exterior of his!"

Of the four, only Nicole would admit to having been in a "serious" relationship before, and thought he was about to ask her to marry him when she discovered he'd been cheating on her. Since then, she had drifted in and out of relationships, and was quite content with her life at the moment. Carly had run the New York City Marathon the year before, finishing in less than 3 ½ hours, which was pretty amazing for her first time out. As phys-ed teachers, obviously, all of these girls were in fantastic shape, worked out almost daily and ate healthy. They only really cut loose on this annual jaunt together.

Jenna said that she felt her choices were somewhat limited, as men were usually intimidated by a woman taller than them.

"To me," I opined, "if a guy doesn't want to be with a woman because she's taller than him, or makes more money than him, or whatever reason, he's got some DREADFUL insecurity issues. Look at you four. Except for Ashley, every one of you is taller than me, and there isn't a one of you I wouldn't ask out... if I were interested in that."

The four looked at each other and smiled. I was a bit surprised by my own candor.

I was nursing my drink, but for the ladies, the rum punch was flowing rather freely.

After a couple of hours of loud, friendly conversation, Ashley announced, "I feel like getting into the hot tub. What do you think, gals and guy?" All of us nodded and headed out towards the balcony.

What I was not prepared for was that just before they entered the hot tub, all four girls stripped off their bikinis and laid them in a neat little pile. It was as if they were completely oblivious to my presence.

I tried to avert my eyes.

"Aw, COME ON, Mike, you're acting like you've never seen a naked woman before!" Jenna teased.

"Why don't you show us what YOU'VE got?", Carly wheedled.

I was growing hard at the sight -- as I said before, I've got a bigger-than-normal cock and it's hard to disguise -- but I resolved to keep my bathing suit on as I climbed into the hot tub.

Ashley grabbed a hold of my left arm, Carly my right, and the three of us sat down together as the jets splashed our bodies with hot water. Carly licked her lips and said "What an amazing amount of self-control you have. I wonder what would happen if I did THIS?" as she plunged her tongue deeply into my mouth. At the same time, I felt Ashley massaging my leg, with each stroke moving her hand further up my thigh. At this point, Jenna and Nicole were just looking on, but it seemed like the wheels were turning in their heads as well. As I turned away from Carly's kiss, it was Ashley's turn to shove her tongue into my mouth. I looked up for a moment, and saw Nicole coming towards me as Carly and Jenna twined their arms around each other and locked in a long, deep kiss.

Nicole began rolling her tongue around my ear, her arm around my waist as Ashley continued kissing me. My erection was now in full bloom, straining against my swimsuit, and was now painful. I then sensed Jenna towering over me, Carly hovering behind her. Jenna softly commanded, "Stand up, Mike."

As I did so, I felt my bathing suit being yanked off me. I stood, my cock pointing straight out, as the girls examined me.

Jenna: "Wow, what a HUGE cock he's got. How long do you think he could fuck you, Ashley?"

Ashley: "Mmmm, with THAT thing, as long as he wants to!"

Carly: "Wrap my legs around him and NEVER let him go!"

Nicole: "Oooh, I would LOVE to make him come... with my mouth... with my pussy... as much as he wants!"

All four girls stood up and began embracing, kissing me, and pawing me all over my body.

If this was cock-teasing, this was on a completely different level.

Ashley then said, "Let's show Mike how we really feel about him. Group hug, girls!" With that, all four of them wrapped their arms around me and moved into a tight embrace. My arms were pinned to my sides. Each girl was kissing me, squirming against me, rubbing my cock with their hands or thighs. I heard soft moaning and whimpering. Everywhere I could look or feel, there were puckered lips, manicured nails softly raking my arms or body, pointed nipples and flopping tits.

I didn't know if it was the conflicting emotions I was feeling, the strength of the rum punch, the heat of the hot tub and the tropical air or the body heat of the girls, but I began to feel woozy and soon blacked out.

When I came to, I was in a darkened bedroom. I felt a soft, lithe female body draped over me, and a hand lightly stroking my penis, and I remembered where I was and why I was there. I reached up to turn on the light -- and instead of Ashley as I was expecting, I saw blonde, smoldering Jenna. Her face was alight with desire.

"Omigod, Ashley's going to think I'm some kind of freak!"

"Relax, stud, Ashley's on board with this."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's just say that after she told us about why you were on this cruise and how hard you fought not to screw her in your cabin last night, we've kind of made it our mission to bring you back to the land of the living."

"And what if I don't want to have sex with you, either?"

"That's your right, but I think you're going to want to." She wrapped her arms around me, gave me a long, sensual tongue kiss, and climbed on top of me so that my penis was just inside her vaginal entrance.

"You weren't drugged, I promise you -- but SOMETHING came over you. You weren't completely out to lunch in the hot tub, just most of the way for about 15 minutes or so -- long enough for us to each draw from a deck of cards. We each told Ashley that since she found you, she should have you first, but she took her turn drawing a card like the rest of us. We agreed that the first of us to draw a heart card would get you tonight. I won. The girls helped me get you dried off, and in here... and now... what happens next is entirely up to you.

"When was the last time you had four hot babes, all of whom wanted you to fuck them? I'm going to guess... ummm... NEVER?" Her tongue snaked around my ear. "Look, Mike, we're all on this cruise to have a good time, right? Why shouldn't you?"

I could feel the heat emanating from her. With just the barest contact between my penis and her vagina, I could feel the warm wetness. I knew what I wanted to do.

But there was the other side of me that felt that having sex with any other woman would be betraying my vows to Dawn. Even though she was gone, I still felt that nearly-unbreakable bond with her. Jenna sensed my hesitation.

"Please don't get the idea that I'm saying this to try to get you to go further, but I think your late wife would want you to live your life even though she's no longer here. You're always going to have a place in your heart for her, and nobody expects you to say 'Okay, she's gone, I'm going to supplant her.' That's not fair, either to you or to her. I -- we -- are going to respect any decision you make. I'm just letting you know -- I'm here, I'm not letting go, and we can spend the whole night like this, but I want..."

I never let her finish the sentence, as I rather impulsively made my choice. I bucked my hips upward and jammed my nine inches into her as far as it would go. I felt her shudder as I did so.

"AHHHHH, FILL me up, baby!!!", she exclaimed.

I felt her hips rolling as she ground her pelvis against mine. She reached over and turned off the light.

Jenna drew her legs up so that she was now more in a kneeling position, placed her hands on my shoulders, and slowly bounced up and down on my cock. Her pussy was wet and tight, and I felt her contracting around my cock as she rode me. I put my hands on her round, soft ass and kneaded her flesh. "Mmmm, I haven't had too many guys do that, baby. I like it. Please keep doing that!", she moaned as she sped up her pace slightly. "Do you like how I work your hot cock? I've NEVER had one this big in me. FUCK me with that hot cock, baby! I want to feel EVERY INCH of that hard meat in me!!!" She leaned in, opened her mouth and speared mine with her soft, wet, probing tongue. I suddenly heard a slight yip from her, felt a shudder and a tightening around my cock, and then a deep, soft moan. Her lips threatened to suck the air from my lungs as she continued her deep, passionate kissing. I barely moved, as she seemed content to be doing all the work.

She lifted away from my mouth, and began long, slow licks of the right side of my face from my neck all the way up to my ear. As she reached my ear, I would hear a soft growling sound. I heard her moan, "One guy I was with once nicknamed me Tigress. Call me Tigress, baby, and I'll show you why."

I gasped, "Ride my cock, Tigress."

As if a switch had been thrown, Jenna suddenly quickened her pace. The bedsprings squeaked as she pounded away at me. Her growls increased, both in intensity and loudness. I truly felt like I was being fucked by a veritable untamed animal as her assault on me only swelled in fury as one wave of orgasmic bliss after another overtook her. Her eyes shone in the semi-darkness as she squealed, "Oh, YES, baby, oh, YES, I LOVE that hard dick!!!! FUCK me with that hard dick, baby!!! Make me COME, baby!!! MAKE ME COOOOOOME!!!!" She shuddered, emitted a wordless animal shriek, and seemingly redoubled her efforts as I begin gasping and writhing, my own orgasm imminent. I held tightly to her madly bucking hips, roared out my own animal cry, and felt my cock twitching as one huge squirt after another exploded into her.

She saw me convulsing beneath her, smiled, and slowed down. I encircled her waist with my arms, she wrapped her long arms around my neck, and we kissed deeply.

"Did you enjoy that, Mike?"

Aside from the fact that I was still having trouble getting my breath after her deep kiss, I thought the question was rhetorical. I didn't answer.

She smiled again and licked the end of my nose. "Oh, I promise you, there's more to come. The SECOND I feel that your cock is hard again, I want you right back in my pussy, understand?" She licked the end of my nose again and lay down, her head on my shoulder.

I softly massaged Jenna's back as she lay on top of me. I heard a purr of satisfaction as she allowed my cock to fall out of her, followed by a slight stream of cum. I was exhausted, as I often am after hard sex. I find I'm more tired when I'm on the bottom, for some reason. I drifted off to sleep, knowing that I had a gorgeous, horny woman in my arms and could have her again at a moment's notice.

It felt good. It was something I hadn't experienced for awhile.

I don't have any idea how long I'd been dozing, but I awoke to another sensation I hadn't felt in a long time -- the feeling of lips and hand around my cock, and the warm wetness of a mouth and tongue as they explored my manhood. I heard Jenna's muffled mmmphs and uhhhhs close by as she serviced my cock. What I wasn't expecting was additional soft voices of encouragement.

"Yeah, Jen, suck his cock! Make him shoot! I want to see him shoot all over your face!"

"Was he really that good, baby? We heard you squealing all over the suite!"

"My God, his cock is so big! I can't wait til it's my turn to have him!"

"Suck him, Jen! He'll know he's been sucked by the time you're done with him!"

Believe me, I wasn't used to sex as a spectator sport, but I wasn't in much of a position to argue.

I opened my eyes. I could see Carly's and Nicole's silhouettes as they shifted back and forth in the darkness. I heard the sounds of friction and guessed that both of them were sitting on the bed and masturbating while Jenna was sucking me off. All the additional grunting and moaning couldn't possibly be coming from Jenna, whose mouth was full of my cock. Carly leaned over and quietly entreated Jenna, "Could I have a little taste of him, too?"

Nicole sternly intoned, "Wait your fucking turn! We're all going to get to have him eventually!"

Carly mock-whined, "I know, but that cock is just driving me wild!!!"

Meanwhile, what Jenna was doing to me was driving me equally as wild. She used my cock like she would an ice-cream cone, first gently licking the tip and sides, then diving down and taking as much of me into her mouth as she could. All the while she was pumping the lower part with her hand, and occasionally rolling my balls around. I could smell natural lubrication, but from which girl(s) I couldn't even guess.

I saw Nicole put her head back, breathe heavily and rhythmically for a minute or so, and then loudly exhale.

"Did you come, Nic?", Carly asked softly.

"Mmmmm," Nicole sighed. "Felt great... but it'll be so much better when his cock does it to me!"

"Amen to that," Carly agreed. She, too, started breathing quickly, then exhaled an explosive "AAAahhhhhh!" as she also came.

Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer. I felt the surge begin in my lower torso, and bucked my hips towards Jenna to let her know my explosion was imminent. Nicole turned on the light. Their three faces were masks of unbridled covetousness. I cried out "UGGGHHHHH!!!! UGGGGGGHHHH!!!" as I felt the spurting rush out of my cock. Jenna held me around my hips as she drank my shooting semen. When it seemed I was done, she motioned to her two friends, who came in close. Carly tilted her head backwards and opened her mouth wide, and Jenna spit some of my semen into her gaping mouth. She did the same to Nicole. All three of them swished my cum around in their mouths a bit, then on a signal swallowed simultaneously. All three then loudly smacked their lips.

I lay back on the bed, breathing heavily. Jenna resumed her earlier position, wrapped around me with her arms around my neck. Carly pulled the blanket over us, and Nicole turned off the light, gaily intoning, "Enjoy the rest of your night, lovebirds! Don't do anything I wouldn't do... but that doesn't leave you a whole lot!" The two girls quickly left Jenna and I to ourselves.

I was curious. "Ashley didn't witness the 'festivities'."

Jenna sighed. "She didn't want to. What she's eventually going to do with you is something intensely private and personal to her. She doesn't want to share this part of you with us."

I merely wanted to confirm something. "She's okay with you and the others screwing me? She and I have only known each other the one day."

"Hell, it was HER idea. She feels she knows you well enough. She wants you to sow some wild oats, like you didn't do in your youth. You said that you and Dawn were only ever with each other. I find it a bit hard to believe, considering what a hot-looking guy you are."

"It's true. Yeah, there were opportunities. I'm sure Dawn had them, too. But to the best of my knowledge, she and I were only ever with each other."

Jenna smiled. "That's sweet. Not something I'm ever going to be able to say. But it was a choice, and I admire it."

She got up and went to the bathroom. I heard her gargle, apparently using mouthwash to get the taste of my semen out of her mouth. Finished, she crawled back into bed with me, and, as before, wrapped herself around me and kissed my cheek. It didn't take long before we were both asleep.

When I next awoke, I could see daylight filtering through the curtains of the large bay window in Jenna's room. I went to the bathroom, used the facilities, washed my hands and face, and myself used the mouthwash to get rid of the sticky "morning breath" taste I had.

Good thing, too, because the second I opened the door of the bathroom, there was Jenna. She grabbed me in what seemed like a death-grip embrace, rammed her tongue into my mouth and slightly opened her legs so that I could feel her warm wetness against my pelvis. I was almost limp at her sudden, impulsive attack. She maneuvered me back over to the bed, fell onto it backwards with me still locked in her embrace, and wrapped her long, strong legs around my midsection. "You got one more in you, stud? Jenna needs to get fucked, and fucked hard, one more time. Think you're up for it?" She growled lustfully into my ear, licked my face, and commanded again, "FUCK me, stud!!!"

She reached down with one hand and began pulling desperately on my cock. In almost no time, I was locked and loaded. She hissed, "I'm already wet. SHOVE that big dick into me, NOW!!!!"

Slowly, drawing the moment out for all it was worth, I slid myself into her, and began fucking her with long, slow strokes.

"Ahhhh!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Fuck me HARD, baby!!!"

I felt her pussy sucking on me as I drew in and out.

"I can't BELIEVE how hard you are! Shove that cock into me!! FUCK me, oh, GOD, FUCK ME!!!"

I heard the door open behind me, and there were Carly and Nicole standing in the doorway, both wearing open bathrobes. Nicole was naked under her robe; Carly was wearing panties.

"Give her a good hard fuck for ALL of us, Mike!!" Carly exhorted.

"What a huge, hard cock he's got. I think you can see how well he uses it, Carly!" teased Nicole. I turned to regard Carly, who, with a look of intense lust, had her left hand down her panties and was fingering herself furiously.

"Oh, my GOD, I'm COOOOOOMIIIIIIIING!!!!" Jenna squealed out as her pussy tightened around my cock. "AHHHHHHH!!!! FUCK ME HARDER, BABY!!! POUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT HARD COCK!!!" She tightened her arms around my neck, and bucked against me as I continued slamming at her.

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