tagGroup SexLust Brigade Ch. 03

Lust Brigade Ch. 03


Yes, I was exhausted, but it was a good kind of exhausted. Needless to say, Ashley and her friends were a whole lot of fun, but I had no idea what was coming next. It was starting to feel good to be around people again.

After a lengthy sleep and a shower and shave, I walked into the club a little before 8 dressed in a black polo and jeans. Looking to the front row of couches near the stage, I saw the girls -- all mini-skirted and dolled up to the nines. I know that every guy in the club would've been jealous to see me with any one of them -- but all four? And especially knowing what Jenna and I had spent the previous night doing?

Ashley beckoned me over and sat me in the middle. The girls assembled themselves around me.

"All rested up from last night?" Jenna queried.

"Sure. Ready and raring to go."

Ashley explained, "What's happening here tonight is something called 'band-aoke.' It's basically karaoke with a live band. The band has a list of about 200 songs they can play, and we selected one for you to sing and play with them. We told them you were a musician, and the bass player is cool with you using his guitar."

"What's the song?"

Nicole's brow furrowed. She looked almost deadly serious. "You told us last night what Dawn's favorite song was. Do you think you can handle the Eagles' 'Take It To The Limit'?"

My heart fell. I wished they hadn't picked that song. Not just because of the memory it would bring back, but even under the best of circumstances, it was a very hard song to sing.

"I'll give it my best shot," I said, not exactly believing it.

After a few other singers tried and (mostly) failed to sing their songs, I was called up.

"All alone at the end of the evening... when the bright lights have faded to blue... I was thinking about a woman who might have loved me... and I never knew..."

The words of Glenn Frey, Don Henley and (the song's original vocalist) Randy Meisner spilled out of me in a clear, high tenor I hadn't used for a long while, but which still sounded true and melodious. It felt good to be singing and playing again.

"So put me on a highway... and show me a sign... and take it - to the limit - one more time..."

Even though out of the corner of my eye I could see the intent, adoring gazes of my new lady friends, in my mind's eye all I could see was my beautiful Dawn. It was a struggle not only to stay in tune, but to keep my emotions in check.

If you're familiar with the song, you know that at the coda (end), Meisner did an almost-inimitable series of falsetto gymnastics that would never fail to bring the house down. My vocal control was still good enough that I could pretty much ape the recording. For the climactic falsetto note, I simply relaxed my diaphragm, drew breath and let it out for as long as I could hold it.

A cell phone video I saw later shows I held the note, perfectly in tune, for 10 full seconds. Meisner's best was eight. It sounded like a cry directly from my soul.

All I could hear during the final chorus of the song was what sounded like a collective, orgasmic screech from the audience -- especially from the area of the couch where I'd been sitting. As we finished, even the band members were looking at me in awe.

Thanking them each individually, I walked back to our couch. All of the girls had rivers of tears pouring from their eyes. As I approached, Carly -- wearing a pale green knit halter top and a black leather micro-mini that displayed her lengthy, gorgeous legs -- rose up and, for all intents and purposes, threw herself on me.

Unashamedly, she grabbed my rear with both hands and ground her pelvis against mine. She leaned her head against mine and whispered, "I want to go back to the suite and have you stick that gorgeous cock into me right now!!" She maneuvered the two of us so that I was forced to sit down on the couch, and Carly landed on top of me, straddling me and continuing to grind herself against me as she embraced and kissed me. The other girls also leaned in, kissing me where they could.

It was pretty obvious that Carly was to be my companion tonight, and that she wanted our tryst to begin as soon as possible.

As the applause died down, and with Carly clinging to me closer than my own shadow, I saw the other three girls nod to each other, and Ashley said, "If you two want to go back to the room, don't worry about us. We've had our entertainment for the night... plus we'll have plenty of time for discussion about what you two are, or will be, doing."

Carly, her smoldering brown eyes wildly alight, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me off the sofa. She clutched my arm, and as we marched out of the club gave the stink-eye to any girl who even looked in my direction. I was trying VERY hard to disguise the growing erection tenting my pants.

As we exited the club, Carly spotted a man walking out of a unisex bathroom. She looked at me lustfully, looked around quickly to make sure nobody saw what was about to happen, pushed me into the bathroom and quickly followed.

Locking the door behind us, she quickly sat herself on the long marble vanity. She turned and opened her legs wide, to show me her glistening, yawning -- and panty-less -- pussy. Her pubic hair was shaved in the shape of an arrow, pointing directly at her warm, pink paradise.

Breathing deeply, she growled, "You may have heard all the screaming and yelling after you finished your song, but the loudest was probably me -- because you brought me to the most amazing, intense orgasm! I don't want to wait til we get to the room. RAM me, baby... RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! DON'T HOLD BACK ON ME!!! AS FAST AND AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!!"

Who needed Viagra when you had girls like this? I moved in close, dropped my pants and shoved my spasming cock into her.

"OOOOOHHHH, so big!!!" she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around me and leaned her head back. I kissed her on her neck as she tightened her grip.

As I moved my face towards hers, she opened her mouth and licked her lips with long strokes of her tongue. I plunged my tongue deeply into her mouth, feeling her suck on my tongue desperately. Her blonde curls shook on her head as I rhythmically pounded at her hot pussy.


I whispered to her "SSHHHHH!!!! People outside might hear us!!"

Carly twisted and writhed, crying out "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHO KNOWS I'M GETTING FUCKED IN HERE!!!!"

Ohhhh-kay, I thought to myself as I continued my pulsating rhythm.

"Gimme that cock HARD!! HARD!! Oh, YEAH! PLEASE!! PLEASE fuck me!!"

I stood on tiptoe, and leaned over Carly as she lay back with her legs wrapped around my midsection and my hips slamming at her wide-open love hole.

"GAAAAHHHHD!!!!" she cried out as she shook all over.

She pulled me down towards her, grabbing my head with both hands and ramming her tongue deeply into my mouth. I began breathing deeply and rhythmically, increasing the tempo of my thrusts as I realized that I was building to a rather monstrous orgasm myself. I pushed deeply several more times, then groaned into her sucking mouth as I felt my cock shooting long hot strands into her. She held me close as we both gasped for breath.

"Oooh, baby, that was FAN-TAS-TIC" Carly moaned, squeezing my hips with her thighs to emphasize each syllable of the last word. "I can't wait to get you back to the suite now!"

We both stiffened as we heard a knock on the door, then laughed as Nicole's voice sternly warned, "Hey, assholes, there are other people who have to use this bathroom too!!"

We both cleaned up and straightened ourselves out as best we could. I came out of the bathroom first, straight into Nicole's arms as she kissed me gently on the lips. She, Jenna and Ashley had been standing guard the whole time.

"You heard all that?!?" I laughed.

"Most of it," Ashley answered. "We didn't want you to be disturbed. Nobody came by, though. The way Carly was acting most of the day, we figured she wouldn't last until you got to the suite, and that she'd look for the nearest private place." Carly's friends looked at her as she, too, exited the bathroom. "Now, back to the suite and play nice, you two. We won't be back til late."

Carly smiled, licked her lips again and nibbled on my ear. She took me by the arm and led me to the elevator (where we spent almost the entire ride in a tight clinch and a long, deep kiss), then to the suite entrance.

"Now, Mike, where would you like to fuck next? My room? The hot tub? The pool up here? God, I wish the whole ship could watch us make love!!!"

"I dunno, sweetie. You kind of wore me out with that business in the bathroom. Why don't we take it a little bit slower this time around? We've got a good long night ahead of us."

I thought for a second. "Which room is yours? Lead me there."

She took me by the hand and walked me for a few steps. Her room had already been made up by the cabin steward. She had already entered the room, but I stopped at the entrance.

"Let me do something, okay?"

Carly stood ramrod straight and perfectly still, with her back to me. In her black spike heels, she stood several inches taller than me. I regarded her slim, perfect figure and the round of her ass encased in her tiny black leather skirt.

I walked up behind her, encircled her waist with my arms, and lightly kissed her on the neck. I heard a soft moan escape from her as she slowly rolled her head.

I kissed her again on her neck. She turned, enough so that I could kiss her on her soft, open lips. She gave me a bit of tongue as I did so.

I slowly began to rotate my hands so that I was feeling the bit of space between her top and her skirt. Her belly was flat and perfect. As I pulled her closer to me, she could feel the beginnings of my erection poking through my pants against her ass. She grinned, moaned again and gave me a bit more tongue with the next kiss.

She shuddered as I lightly fluttered my hands across her small, but firm, breasts. I lifted her cascade of golden curls from her back, undid the neck button of her halter, then the two hooks on her back. The halter fell to the floor. I reached up and began massaging her pointed nipples.

Breathily, Carly begged, "SUCK on them, Mike!"

She turned, wrapped her long arms around me and tilted her head back as I latched onto her pink left nipple. Gasping, she pleaded "Use your tongue, Mike! Make my nipples HARD! As HARD as that yummy cock of yours!" I complied, and she squirmed in my grasp as I switched from one nipple to the other. I felt her lift her right leg and wrap it around my ass, and with my left arm firmly around her waist, I reached down with my right hand and shoved two fingers into her sopping pussy. She cried out "Oh my GOD, play with my pussy!! AAAHHHH, you're making me SO FUCKING HORNY!!!!"

After a few minutes, I stopped massaging her pussy long enough to reach around her back and unzip her skirt, which also fell to the floor. Carly kicked it aside, looked at me with a long, loving gaze, and said "I've wanted to do this to you since yesterday." With that, she undid my belt, unzipped my pants and dropped both my pants and underwear in one swift motion. She then dropped to her knees, wrapped one hand firmly around my cock, then took about half of it into her mouth.

Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked me quickly. I put my hand on top of her head, massaging her curly locks as she pleasured me. She looked up at me, smiling both with her mouth and with her huge, loving brown eyes. She took me out of her mouth for a moment, licked from the base to the very tip, spit on the end and then plunged back down. She moaned almost continuously. I could see, for the moment that she had taken my cock out, that it was purple and spasming. My breathing was becoming hoarser and deeper.

"In a few seconds, I'm going to blow one HUGE load," I gasped.

Carly stopped blowing me, looked up and smiled. "Well, then, you'd better be inside me when that happens... not that I wouldn't mind a little protein snack from you!"

In a matter of seconds, Carly and I shed what remained of our clothes, and soon the air was filled with the sound of her repeatedly shrieking "Oh, YES!! PLEASE!!! HARD!! Oh, FUCK!!!" as I mindlessly pummeled her with my battering-ram of a cock. Our arms and legs secured around each other, our lips locked and our tongues dancing around each other, we thrashed as one.

I wanted to try to hold out, as I must admit I really enjoy making a woman come, but this time it wasn't to be. I let out a mighty roar and felt what seemed to be one long, creamy shot issue from my spasming cock.

Carly held me close as I gasped for breath. We were both flushed and pouring sweat.

Carly whispered "Oh, WOW, Mike, that was aMAZing. You are some kind of lover, baby. Stay here. Stay here on me, in me... oh, God, just stay here until you're ready to fuck me again."

I was tired, and instead rolled off her onto my back. Carly followed, her arms wrapped around me and her legs twining around mine. Her head lay on my shoulder, and as I fitfully dozed she kept whispering in my ear "Fuck me again. I want you to fuck me again. I want that huge hard cock ramming away at my soft pussy. I'm gonna take you the second you're hard again. Oooh, fuck me, hot stud! Fuck my wet, soft, hot pussy! You know you want to!!" I felt her hand grasp my cock a couple of times to see if I was hardening. I nodded off as she satisfied herself by masturbating to orgasm several times, moaning her pleasure into my ear and exhorting me that while her finger felt fine, she would prefer it was my cock.

I came awake in almost pitch darkness. Carly's arms and leg were wrapped firmly around me, so I couldn't even turn to see the clock and had no idea what time it was. I stroked Carly's soft curls and lightly massaged her back for a few moments. I heard her exhale "Mmmmmm" and tighten her grip on me for a second. Then her left hand slid slowly down my side, found what it was looking for and began slowly stroking my hardening cock.

"Damn, Carly, I didn't mean to wake you up."

She rose slightly and kissed me wetly on my mouth. "I don't mind waking up for this."

Even in the dark, I could see the burning desire in her eyes. She put her head on my chest and stared directly at me.

"I'm supposed to be the 'good girl' in our group. The others tease me sometimes that I'm not a go-getter, that I don't go out of my way to try to seduce guys, even though everyone agrees that I'm supposedly smoking hot. Do you think so?"

Inhaling deeply as my erection grew, I said, "There isn't a one of you that isn't an absolute knockout, but between you, me and the four walls, you and Ashley are the prettiest from my point of view. And as far as whatever people may think of you -- the 'good girl', or whatever -- you don't have to prove anything as far as I'm concerned."

"I know you're not just saying that because I'm jerking you off right now. It's nice to hear. The fact is, like Ashley and I'm pretty sure the other two, I was attracted not just to your handsome face and your hot body, but of course by your story. You had the relationship everyone dreams of having... and will again, I'm sure, whether it's you and Ashley, you and me, or with someone you haven't met yet.

"Having said that, that cock of yours is amazing. It never seems to quit. Jenna told us that you wore her out. I don't know about you, but I'm certainly ready again!" As she said this, she climbed up on top of me, and lowered herself slowly and let my manhood fill her up.

"OH, God, how I love feeling that inside me," she moaned as she began twisting herself on my cock. She lay herself down on me, her head on my shoulder, and I stroked her hair as she rode me.

"Jenna told us you like this. Do you?"

"There is no better feeling than a woman riding you. I love the closeness," I told her. Her response was to jam her tongue in my mouth and quicken her pace with her hips. I could feel the friction of her clit against my cock, and in short order she began shuddering and moaning. I took hold of her ass and pushed myself even deeper. She gasped and sped up even more.

"FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!" she squealed in time with her lunges.

In a few minutes I felt her tense up, and then lay on my shoulder again. Her pussy was somewhat wetter, so I guessed she had come again. Although wheezing slightly, she began licking and sucking my neck. I continued stroking her hair.

We stayed in that position for a spell, but then suddenly Carly got up off me. She repositioned herself with her face on her pillow, kneeling, with her ass up in the air. She hissed to me, "You know what I want you to do."

I knelt behind her, put both hands on her hips and slowly pushed my length into her. She squealed loudly as I entered her again.

"FUCK me hard, Mike!!! FUCK me til you COME!!!"

We both grunted rhythmically as I repeatedly pushed in and out of her. Her hand was massaging her clit while I was ramming away at her with my cock. When, at a couple of points, I shoved all the way in just to give myself a bit of a rest, I could feel her vaginal muscles massaging my cock. She screamed loudly as another orgasmic tidal wave struck her. I could feel some of her natural juices running out of her.

She implored me, "You seem to have an unlimited supply of cum in those hot balls of yours. SHOOT into me!! I want to feel you shooting DEEP into me!! GIVE me some of that hot cum of yours, baby!! I want to FEEL it!!! I want you to DROWN my pussy with your hot cum!!!"

I felt the burning build up in my loins, and thrust hard and quickly at her pussy. "Oh, GOD, Carly, I'm gonna fucking BLOW!!!!" I cried out as I felt the first rush out of my cock head. Spasm after spasm engulfed me as I blew several huge, long shots of cum into her hole. She turned over, onto her back, and I quickly re-entered her, even though I felt some leakage already. In the darkness, I could see her shining eyes and her wide smile as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Omigod, Carly, that was UNBELIEVABLE. I didn't think I could come that much, or that hard, the third time in an evening."

"I guess you must like fucking me. Maybe we'll try for one more in the morning. Just stay here for now. If you fall asleep on me... well, you're not that heavy. I can manage you. I just want you close."

I lay on her, breathing deeply as she stroked my hair and shoulders -- exactly as I'd been doing with her. In almost no time, I was asleep again.

Morning came, and with it another lazy breakfast with the girls. This time it was Carly who fed me my fruit. My cock was semi-hard as I thought she might like "one more for the road", as it were, but there was only small talk and light kisses goodbye from each of the girls as I left for my own room.

After another day of quiet leisure, sleeping and a shower, I woke up to the sound of the room phone buzzing. I picked it up, and heard Jenna's voice say "You, Nicole and I have a dinner reservation in the steak restaurant at 6:30. That's an hour from now. Nicole has something very important she wants to talk with you about. Please be on time."

Nicole. The one of the four girls I had barely even talked to. It wasn't that I didn't like her -- I absolutely did -- but there was something in her manner that was a bit stand-offish and suggested to me that it might be best if I didn't inquire further.

It's always the quiet ones you need to concern yourself with the most. So, I would discover, it would be in Nicole's case.


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