tagGroup SexLust Brigade Ch. 04

Lust Brigade Ch. 04


I arrived at the restaurant at 6:20, ordered a drink from the bar and waited. At precisely 6:29 Nicole and Jenna arrived. Nicole was wearing a black t-shirt, a tiny denim mini and wedges that accented her muscular legs. Jenna was dressed in a pink and white patterned off-the-shoulder top, a white mini and sneakers. I could see their breasts bouncing under the thin fabric of their tops. They greeted me warmly, and we sat down at our table and ordered. Nicole was sitting to my right; Jenna was across from me.

Nicole got right to the point. "Ever since I found out that Marc had been cheating on me, I've been a bit gun-shy about relationships. I've dated a few guys, but none that I really want to be with long-term.

"It's just that the more and more I think about Marc, the angrier I get. I could never do anything right sexually as far as he was concerned. I was never passionate enough, I never stimulated him enough, it was always 'wham-bam, thank you ma'am' where he was concerned. My needs never mattered. He always called me a cold fish and frigid. When we DID have sex, he couldn't seem to wait to be finished with me."

"You've certainly done your share of teasing where I've been concerned, Nicole," I interjected.

"Ashley certainly likes you and can't wait for tomorrow when it's finally her turn. Jenna and Carly can surely attest to your skills. (I looked across at Jenna, who smiled, sighed and nodded) I don't doubt that with your sheer size, you always bring out the best in your lovers.

"Here's what I want to do. I've always been accused of being reserved and quiet and I want Marc to finally see my wild side. I want you to record me and Jenna on my cell phone doing some heavy making out. It's also going to be a way to get you all hot and ready. Then, Jenna will film us having some no-shit sex. Jenna, do your best to not get Mike's face on the recording, just his cock. I'm going to be taunting Marc while all this is going on. After we're done, I'm going to text the video to him and his girlfriend. Would you believe that the bitch was a friend of mine? I'll let you erase the video from the phone after we send it. Jenna will leave when this is over, and then it's just you and me for the rest of the night."

"A revenge-fuck tape, huh? And if I say no?"

"You and I are going to have some fun tonight regardless. I still want to... ummm... sample you. I promise, your face will not appear on this."

I thought about it during dinner. The thought was certainly intriguing. Nicole herself was even more so. For the most part, I had always seen the ice in her demeanor. This time, there was no doubt in my mind that there was an equal -- perhaps even greater -- amount of fire that I'd had yet to see.

As we ate dessert -- and I don't know if it was intentional that both Nicole and Jenna ordered vanilla ice cream, or that they spent a good part of their time slowly licking it off their spoons while staring raptly at me -- I gave them my answer.

"As long as you can guarantee that my face won't appear in it, and that I can review the recording before it goes out, yes, I'll do it."

Nicole grabbed my head and gave me the first really passionate kiss I'd received from her. She whispered to me, "I promise you I'll make it worth your while."

We headed up to the suite. As we entered, neither Ashley nor Carly were anywhere in sight. Jenna explained, "We'd told them about this, and said that we might use parts of the suite other than our rooms for the filming. They're staying out til late, to give us whatever time we need."

Jenna handed me her cell phone, and I held it on Nicole as she and Jenna sat together on one of the sofas. I started the recording, and Nicole directly addressed the camera.

"Hey, Marc, it's Nic. The girls and I are on a cruise. We're having a high old time, and I'd kind of like you to see what you and Ruthie the whore are missing out on. You know Jenna, here, right? Well, Jenna and I have discovered some rather interesting things about each other. Here, let us show you!"

Nicole then reached under Jenna's blouse and began massaging one of her tits. Jenna breathed deeply, lay back on the sofa and drew her legs up to show the camera her already-dampening pussy. "OOOOH, Nic, that feels NICE!!! Play with my tits, honey!" she sighed as she began kneading her pussy. Nicole leaned in, and she and Jenna gave each other a deep, long kiss, playing with each other's tongues.

Nicole then cooed "Ooooh, let ME feel that!" as she reached down and helped Jenna play with herself. A few times as they were kissing, they looked right at me. Of course, the effect of this was getting me hard, but I didn't dare touch myself or even make a sound, as I didn't want to ruin either the recording or the moment.

Jenna stripped off her top, and Nicole began sucking on her pointed nipples, switching from one to the other rapidly. Jenna picked up her pace with her masturbating, then suddenly bucked her hips upward and screamed loudly as she reached her peak.

Stopping for a moment, Nicole also removed her tee-shirt, lay back on the couch and began kneading her own ample breasts. Jenna, breathing deeply and still recovering from her orgasm, knelt on the floor beside the couch, waited as Nicole lifted her skirt over her hips, and then plunged into Nicole's bald pussy with her lips and tongue.

As I moved in to get a close-up of this, Nicole moaned "Why wouldn't you ever do this with me, Marc? Why wouldn't you ever eat me out? Or play with my tits or my pussy? AAAAHHHHH, I LOVE it when someone plays with my body!! OOOHHHH, GAAAAAHHHHD, Jenna, your tongue is driving me WILD!!!!" Nicole's head bobbed from side to side as Jenna furiously ate her out. Nicole tried to play with herself, but Jenna slapped her hand away, apparently intent on bringing Nicole off herself. After a couple of more minutes, Nicole herself bucked her hips upward, screaming out "Oh, YESSSSS, oh, YESSSSSS, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUCK!!!!" as she had her own violent climax.

Meanwhile, I wasn't sure if it mattered to the girls that I was standing there, my cock painfully hard and straining against my pants.

Nicole leered at the camera, licked her lips slowly and said, "We have a special surprise guest tonight. A very sweet guy we met on the cruise, who we've been kind of sharing. Point the phone down at yourself, sweetie." As I complied, both Nicole and Jenna undid my belt, then pulled down my pants and underwear. They struggled a bit to get my underwear over my bulging cock, which was pointing straight out.

Nicole took hold of the base of my penis, Jenna the top part. Nicole continued narrating. "THIS is what a PENIS looks like, not that little finger-frank you've got on you. This guy REALLY knows how to satisfy a woman." For a moment, both of them pulled on my cock. A string of pre-cum drooled from the end, and Nicole said "Oh, no, baby, not yet. I want you to show this shit of a cheater how a man SHOULD treat a woman. Hand Jenna the phone, and scoot yourself over here."

After giving Jenna the phone, I got rid of the rest of my clothes as Nicole pulled off her skirt and arranged herself on the couch. "I know you don't really like eating pussy, so I won't make you. Otherwise, I want you to do whatever you can to bring me off." I lay down next to her, began kissing her and stuck my middle finger into her frothing cave. "Oh, YEAH, baby, DO it!!! PLAY with my clit!!" she breathed as I found the tiny button and began fingering it for all I was worth. I switched between her mouth and her two sensitive nipples as she bucked and heaved beneath my ministrations. All the while she was gasping and crying. Suddenly she shuddered, and I felt a pool of warm liquid covering my hand.

"Is your cock still hard, baby? I want to show this SOB what I can do with a nice, big cock like yours!!"

I lay down on my end of the couch, and Nicole, facing away from me but straddling my body, lowered herself onto my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. "OooooooooHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she exclaimed as she took more and more of my length into her.

Riding me slowly at first, she exclaimed "THIS is what getting FUCKED is like!!! None of this 'ten pumps and we're done' bullshit!! THIS is a fucking COCK I'm bouncing on!!! Hey, whore, don't you WISH you had a cock like THIS inside you!!!" She began bouncing faster and faster. As she did so, I reached around and put both my hands on her flopping tits. "Oh, YEAH, baby, play with my tits!! You KNOW that makes me want to fuck you even harder!!! Ohhhhhh!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!!"

I felt her pussy gush as she came yet again. I pushed upward, wanting to stuff as much of my cock into her as I could.

"Are you getting all this, Jen? It's like he's shoving a sword into me!"

"Got it all, Nic. We should name his cock 'Excalibur'. He certainly WIELDS it like a weapon!"

I spent several more minutes pushing and straining, while Nicole feverishly bounced up and down on me, sucking on my empurpled manhood with her tight, muscular pussy. Finally I felt the almighty surge within me, pushed hard several more times and exclaimed "YAAAAGGGHHH!!! YAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!" as I felt multiple explosions from my cock. I lay back on the couch, breathless, as Jenna moved the phone in for a close-up of my still-spasming member and the various fluids dripping out of Nicole.

"Now, THAT is how a woman SHOULD be treated, shit-head!!!" Nicole told the camera.

After a few minutes of recovery, Jenna informed us that the camera was now off. Nicole turned, lay down on top of me, and spent several minutes kissing me all over my face and mouth. We then watched the recording -- it lasted about 20 minutes in total -- and, with my approval, Jenna sent it out. After we received acknowledgment that the texts had been sent, I was allowed to erase the recording as promised -- although both of them said "Maybe we should send it to ourselves and Carly, who I'm SURE would like a souvenir!"

After dressing herself, Jenna said her goodbyes. "It's now about 9. You guys can have the suite to yourselves til midnight. Don't wreck it, okay?" She then left, shaking her ass a bit at me and blowing me a kiss as she walked out the door.

Nicole was still lying on top of me. She flicked a strand of her long hair out of her face, looked me in the eye and asked "Why didn't you talk to me so much as the other girls?"

"I can't say. I liked you, of course, but there was just a vibe you gave off that disturbed me a little bit. I don't really know. Maybe it's your piercing blue eyes. Maybe they scared me a little bit. Maybe it's the way you carry yourself -- all self-assured and confident. Just remember, for a guy like me who hasn't been with too many women, suddenly having four absolutely gorgeous girls crawling all over you is kind of a new experience. You... well, it seems to me like you may have a bit of a dark side to you. I saw a bit of it while we were doing that video."

"What did I look like to you?"

"I don't know. Maybe you have a bit of domme in you."

Nicole licked her full lips, smiled slightly and said "Mmmm... domme. I never really thought about that. But I WAS pretty good at being insulting and demanding during the video, huh?"

I could see the wheels turning in her mind. She kept looking me up and down, and I could see a plan formulating.

"Go use the hot tub for a bit, Mike. I have some things I need to get. No peeking while I'm getting ready, okay?"

As I relaxed in the soothing, bubbling tub, I heard some activity -- doors opening and closing, rustling through drawers and closets. I had no idea what Nicole might be up to.

After about half an hour, I heard a plop nearby and Nicole calling, "Hey Mike, here's a towel. Dry yourself off. Our next phase is about to begin. Once again, no peeking."

I spent a couple of minutes drying myself off, then heard clicking heels coming up behind me. I felt one of my arms being twisted behind me, and something -- I guessed it was a belt -- being tied around my wrist. After that, my other arm was jerked behind my back and my other wrist secured. I was then turned around.

The Nicole I saw in front of me bore no resemblance to the cool, composed girl I had eaten dinner with just a couple of hours earlier. Her cheeks were heavily rouged, and she sported thick, dark blue eye shadow and a heavy coat of severe red lipstick. She wore a strapless leather corset that pushed up her tits, Carly's black leather mini-skirt (which was even tighter on Nicole because of her somewhat fuller hips), and black leather boots that extended over her knees. Her long hair was tied back in a pony-tail.

She carried a bathrobe sash in her hand. I had no idea if it was to be used as a gag or to tie my feet. She also had a hair brush.

She walked behind me and lightly brushed my butt with the hair brush. She took the knotted belt and pulled my arms back tightly. She leaned into my ear and in a harsh tone said "I am now Mistress Nicole. You will do everything I tell you to. You will not address me as anything but Mistress. Do you understand?" She swatted me on the ass with the brush for emphasis.

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are my sexual slave for the night. You will follow my orders to the letter. Is that clear, Slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I grunted.

"Walk over to the couch and lie down." As I did so, she took the sash and bound my ankles together.

"Roll over onto your stomach, Slave."

As I did so, she began brushing my ass with the brush. Sometimes she would spank me lightly with it. "Slave has been a BAD boy. He's been enjoying getting fucked by my friends a little too much. This one, he needs to work for. Isn't that right, Slave?"

I gasped, "Yes, Mistress." My hardening cock was crushed between my body and the sofa cushions, and I didn't dare turn over for fear of what Nicole might do to me.

She sat on my back, straddling me, and stuck a rather large black dildo in front of my face. "I'm debating whether I'm going to use this on myself, or if I should stick this up your ass. What should I do with it, Slave?"

The idea of getting reamed with a dildo almost as big as my own cock didn't exactly thrill me, so I gave the only answer I could: "Whatever you think is best, Mistress."

"Mmmm, good answer, Slave. I like that!" I then heard a low, lustful MMMmmmm behind me, and felt gyrations, as Nicole began shoving the dildo in and out of herself.

"Don't you wish this was your huge cock in my pussy instead of this dildo, Slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Don't worry, after I play a couple of games with you, you'll get your chance." Like flicking a switch, the harsh, commanding Nicole was then replaced by the gentle, calm Nicole of before. "I'm just role-playing a little bit. You're not going to get hurt. This dildo is going nowhere near your ass, I promise. Just relax and go with it."

She then resumed ferociously masturbating while sitting on my back. My cock, buried underneath me, was growing painfully hard. I heard Nicole cry out several times in the next ten minutes or so, then felt her climb off me and turn me over onto my back. My cock was sticking straight up in the air and jerking.

"Oooh, I'll BET you'd like to shove that hard meat into me, wouldn't you, Slave? Well, I've got some plans for that first!"

She took off the elastic tie that held her pony-tail in place and shook out her hair. She then took the tie and looped it twice around my cock, about halfway down its length. She knelt next to the couch, pulled on my cock a few times, then leaned down and began sucking me rather roughly. I twisted a couple of times on the couch.

"What's the matter, doesn't Slave LIKE getting his cock sucked?" Nicole taunted, smiling evilly at me the whole time. "Well, maybe I should just suck HARDER, to let him know who's in charge!" She redoubled her efforts, pulling on the base with her hand while lapping away at the top.

I began bucking my hips and breathing deeply, as I felt my climax growing within me.

Nicole stopped. "Oh, no, we can't have that. Mistress still has some more games she wants to play with her Slave." She kept lightly stroking my cock with her hand.

She removed her skirt and corset, and lay down full length on me, keeping my rigid cock between her legs.

"Suck on my tits, Slave. Suck them til my nipples get nice and hard." I latched onto her right nipple, using both my tongue and lips. I also occasionally lightly bit on it, which elicited an excited yelp from Nicole.

"Now the other one."

As I sucked her left nipple hard, she began rolling my cock lightly between her thighs. I shuddered as this new stimulation caused jolts of sexual electricity to surge through me. I didn't know how long I could keep control.

Teasingly, Nicole raised her pelvis up, then lowered herself onto my cock a couple of inches. Her pussy was soaked and burning like a kiln.

"Do you like my hot pussy, Slave? Would you like to fuck my hot pussy?"

I grunted, "Mmm-hmmm" as I continued sucking on her left nipple.

She suddenly got up, took the hair tie off my cock, and deep-throated me until she almost gagged. She came up for air, then took me into her mouth again.

She lifted her head, stared hard at me and said "You won't come until I say I want you to!!! Do you understand me, Slave?" For emphasis, she took the hair brush, massaged my cock with the bristles, then lightly swatted it with the flat end.

I cried out. I thought I was going to faint from the pain.

"Awww, what's the matter? Did I hit Slave a little too hard with the brush?"

My whimpering, gasping and reddened face must have given her the answer.

"Can Mistress kiss it and make it better?" Almost blinded, I nodded my head.

Softly, lovingly, Nicole took my cock back in her mouth and spend several minutes massaging it with her soft lips, occasionally licking it with a soft tongue. By the time she was done, I didn't know how much of the reddening on my cock was from her lipstick and how much of it was me.

Standing up and pulling me to my knees, Nicole looked down on me and said, "I think that Slave has worked hard enough for his reward. I'm going to lie down on the couch. I want you to lie down on top of me, shove your cock in and ream the shit out of me until I scream. I want you to blow a river of your fucking cum into me, so that I feel it splashing out of my cunt as you come."

She certainly presented a wide enough target, with her left leg draped over the top of the sofa and her right heel on the table next to it. She fairly pulled me on top of her as I worked my cock into her. Licking my right ear, she hissed into it, "RAM the FUCK out of me, Slave!!"

It was difficult work, as my hands and feet were still tied. With Nicole exhorting me and bucking against me, I could feel my struggles having the desired effect. My cock pounded in and out of her, she wailed her lust and pounded on my back as she pushed me to even greater efforts.

I felt her swat me lightly a couple of times on my rear with the hair brush, and she threatened me a couple of times. "If you don't fuck me hard enough, I'll take the dildo..." -- she showed it to me again -- "... and shove it so hard up your ass that you'll blow enough cum for two lifetimes. Pound me HARDER, Slave!!! POUND YOUR MISTRESS HARDER!!!" I felt her pussy contract, and she screamed "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" almost directly into my ear.

I felt myself building up again, waited for Nicole to stop or slow me down. But when I heard again "Pound the SHIT out of me, Slave!!!!", I pushed and twisted even faster with my pelvis, cried out "AAAHHHH!!! AAAHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and felt my cock explode multiple times inside her frothing hole. Exhausted, I buried my head in Nicole's shoulder as she wrapped her long legs around my pelvis and twisted, trying to milk as much cum as she could out of me. I breathed heavily as she stroked my hair and cooed "THAT'S a good Slave!! THAT'S the kind of fucking you give your Mistress when she asks for it!!! OOOOHH, what a good Slave I have!!!"

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