tagGroup SexLust Brigade Ch. 05

Lust Brigade Ch. 05


I spent a lot of the time while I was resting reflecting on the past few days.

I know it sounds odd to moralize after what I'd been doing over the past few days, but my emotions were very conflicted even before I had set foot on this ship. I obviously hadn't come here intending to meet anybody, but fate just kind of dumped that in my lap.

It wasn't that I didn't enjoy my various romps with Jenna, Carly and Nicole. There can be very little wrong with having sex with one hot woman after another.

The problem was, at least on my end, it felt mechanical. Empty. Devoid of feeling or emotion. It was merely a task or chore that needed to be completed. I knew I wasn't going home with any of those girls. I felt like I was little more than a (rather large) penis to them.

With Ashley, on the other hand, the conversation we'd had felt real. We'd seemed to connect on every kind of level -- emotional, romantic, intellectual -- even though I'd made it clear from the outset that the physical connection was the last one I was remotely interested in. I know I'd rejected her our first night together, but I'd thought she'd understood why.

When her friends started seducing me, it was made clear to me from the outset that Ashley had been involved in the planning and execution of each sexual escapade. She had chosen not to be an eyewitness or participant for her own reasons. It seemed like she was okay with it all.

Yet at our last parting early in the morning, she'd given me no indication of when or where we would be seeing each other tonight. Her manner had even seemed a little cold. It gave me cause for concern.

It wouldn't be much of a stretch to say I desired her. To say I loved her... well, I wasn't willing to go that far. Not yet.

As I fretted away the day, I went up on the ship's pool deck -- a first for me since we'd sailed five days earlier. While I was tanning and swimming, I was also occasionally looking around, hoping to spy one or more of the girls and ask them what was going on. Several times during the afternoon, I called their room and left voicemails.

Heading back to my own cabin at about 4:30, I'd hoped to find at least one voicemail on my room phone. No such luck.

I showered, put on a pair of undershorts and took an hour's nap. Awakening, I called one more time, then ordered a light room service dinner and resolved that if I hadn't heard from Ashley by 7, I was going to plant myself on the 14th floor, wait for her or one of friends to come out of the elevator and demand that they take me up to the suite.

At five of 7, I had just put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts when there was a knock on my cabin door. I heard a muffled voice call out "Cabin steward." I figured they were there to remake and turn down the bed and to collect the dinner dishes.

I opened the door part way and was suddenly knocked backward onto my bed by what seemed like a white and black tornado.

I recovered quickly to find Ashley, all nearly six feet of beauty and desire and covered by a white terrycloth robe, lying full length on top of me and grinding herself against me. She was moaning and grunting along with her thrusts. Her arms tightly around my neck, her curly black hair flying every which way, she lifted her head for a moment so that I could see the unmistakable flushed mask of passion on her face. She then dived down and impaled my mouth with her sensuous tongue. We remained locked in that position for long minutes.

In her mad desire to maul me, the robe slipped enough so that I could see -- and feel -- that she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

As she lifted her head away again, I gasped out "Ashley, I..."

She put her finger to my lips. Breathing heavily, she whispered "Everything you want to say can be said later. We only have one thing to do right now... and that is, to finish what we started on the first night of the cruise.

"Yes, I kind of sicced my friends on you. I admit it. We wanted to find out what kind of man you really are. And what my friends told me was that you were caring, compassionate, sympathetic and the most amazing lover ever. Now I get to find out all of this for myself. What they don't know -- and what I got a feel for in our first night of conversation -- is the emotionally complex person underneath. That is the person I believe I'm falling in love with."

It hit me like a bolt out of the blue. She was falling in love with me!!!

"I don't care if you've fucked your way through half of this ship. I didn't want to watch you having sex with my friends, even though I'd encouraged them to pursue you, because that just would've been too much for me to bear. Now, I want to have you all for myself.

"Mike, please get your clothes off, and... well, I don't want you to fuck me the way you did my friends. I want you to make love to me. Do you know the difference? I'm sure that someone who's been in the kind of relationship you've been in absolutely does. Make love to me, Mike!!! PLEASE, make love to me!!!"

Her bathrobe balled up on the floor, my clothes quickly shed, I lay down on the bed next to a quivering, desperately desirous woman. She lifted her head slightly, and we kissed deeply. She lay down on my right arm. Taking her left nipple gently into my mouth, I slowly caressed her pelvic area, getting just the briefest feel of her dripping hot vulva.

"UUUHHHHH, that feels so GOOD!!!" she moaned as she tilted her head backwards and wrapped her arms again around my shoulders.

Without any sense of urgency, I sucked on her nipple, feeling it harden against my lips and tongue. I found her pussy and felt her gasp as I inserted my middle finger into it. She lifted her long, muscular left leg and placed it across my midsection, and I rubbed her clit, first slowly, teasingly, then with more and more speed as she twisted and moaned.

"Ohhhhh, MIKE, that's fanTAStic!!! Don't stop, baby!!! Make me COOOOOME!!!!"

I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and plunged a second finger in. She began bucking against my hand. All the while, I continued sucking on her nipple.

"Forget my tits, baby. Kiss ME!!!! I want to feel your tongue in my mouth!!! Kiss ME!!!!"

Our mouths engulfed each other as I continued finger-fucking her.

I suddenly heard a deep whine and felt her tremble all over. "AAAHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! Oh, GOD, you're making me COOOOME!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

I was certain the entire ship heard that last, piercing shriek.

All the while, my cock was hardening. I always got turned on watching a woman writhe while I'm sucking on her or getting her off with my hand, but now that it was Ashley... well, it made me just that much hornier, knowing it was her.

She looked at me with her smoldering brown eyes. "The other girls have told me about that huge, tasty cock of yours. I've only had a couple of brief feels of it. Is it mine now, Mike? Can I do with it whatever I want?"

I lay down, waiting for whatever she planned to do.

The next thing I knew, I saw clouds of curly black hair bobbing up and down on my pelvic area. I felt her hot mouth and lively tongue on the top part of my cock and her hand wrapped around the base and pumping away, but no part of my cock or her face was visible. I guessed that she had taken 4 to 5 inches -- a good half to 2/3 of my cock -- into her mouth.

Slowly, methodically, Ashley slurped on my cock, occasionally gliding her hand up and down on it as if not believing how big it actually was. Of course, it was all I could do to stop myself from blowing into her mouth. I wanted to save it. Believe me, I wanted to save it.

As if she sensed how turned on I was, she would occasionally stop and just carefully lick the end or the underside of the cap. Then she would dive down onto me again and suck away as if her only aim was to get me to blow the biggest load of all time. A couple of times, she tickled my balls while sucking on me.

Finally, she lay down, legs spread wide, and said "You know how jealous the other girls are... but at the same time happy for me... for US. Are you ready to stick that yummy cock into me now? Do you think I can take that big slab of meat in me? Let me have it, baby. Shove it ALL the way in!!! I've GOT to have it... NOW!!!!"

I knelt between her legs and carefully worked my manhood, an inch at a time, into her until I was all the way in. Ashley arched her back and sighed "OOOOOHHHHHH!!!" as I worked my way in.

Then I slowly began pumping. As I said, I didn't in any way want to rush this.

Ashley began bucking in time to my rhythm, holding me around my shoulders with a look of utter bliss and contentment on her face. I leaned in and gave her a deep tongue-kiss. I felt a slight shudder and then felt her pussy tighten around my length.

"Oooohhh, I love your cock, Mike. I LOVE how you make love to me!!! Just keep pumping like that, baby! OOOHHH, that feels GREAT!!!!" She pulled her legs up higher, so that she practically had her knees at ear level.

I increased my tempo, her cries rising in pitch and fury.

"Oh, God, YEAH, fuck me with that huge cock!!! Stuff it in there, baby!!! Fuck me, oh, God, yes, FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT MONSTER COCK!!!!" She stiffened, bellowed loudly, and squirted a small amount of liquid onto my pistoning cock.

I felt a boiling surge within me, cried out, "Oh, GOD, Ashley, I'm COOOMING!!! Oh, my God, I'm COOOOOOMMMMMMIIIIIING!!!!!" I slammed hard against her pussy and felt the hard pulses as my cock spit long strands of hot semen into her.

"OOOOHHHH, baby, yes, I FEEEEEEEL it!!!" Ashley screamed as she pulled me close to her and wrapped her legs around my midsection. I continued for a few more plunges, then slowed and lay down on her shoulder, my heart pounding like a jackhammer.

I had a wonderful feeling come over me as Ashley held me in our afterglow. I felt warm and safe. I felt comfortable. I felt... home. Something I hadn't felt since the last time I'd been with Dawn.

I slipped out of her, lay down on the bed next to her. She continued holding me, and after a few minutes, I heard Ashley singing softly, in a clear high alto:

"Try not to get worried, try not to turn on to problems that upset you, oh. Don't you know everything's alright, yes, everything's fine, and I want you to sleep well tonight." She nuzzled my ear as she sang.

I looked at her. "Jesus Christ Superstar. One of my favorite shows."

Ashley smiled. "I played Mary Magdalene in the show when I was in high school. Don't ask me why, but the song just popped into my head."

"You're a good singer. We should do a duet sometime."

"We seem to work well together, Mike ... in many ways."

She looked at me with moist eyes. "You know I bawled like a baby when you sang 'Take It To The Limit' the other night. We all did. It showed me the depth of feeling you still have for Dawn. I can imagine that you're the type of person who dives all into a relationship."

She stopped for a moment. "Do you think you could ever fall in love like that again?"

It felt like my heart dropped straight through my stomach to my feet.

The tidal wave I had been repressing for so long came flooding out. I began sobbing, my body wracked with spasms as all the grief I'd been holding in for so long poured out of me. I sat up, howled, screamed out my heartbreak to the world, declared every shred of love I'd ever had for my late wife.


I have to say, Ashley was wonderful. She held me, comforted me, stroked my hair and simply let me do what I had to. She softly, soothingly said "Let it all out, Mike. Don't be afraid. Say whatever comes into your head. It's time you let down the brave face you've been maintaining. Let it out. I'm here. Say whatever you have to say."

Where minutes before I'd been a confident lover, I was now a blubbering mess. I trembled as I cried, wanting for all the world to get up and smash anything in the room I could get my hands on. Ashley talked to me softly, caressed me, kissed me, and started singing "Everything's Alright" to me again. Through my tears, I started singing with her. The effect was calming.

Through tear-blurred eyes, I looked at Ashley. I expected her to be terrified. Instead, the look on her face was placid and reassuring.

"I'm sorry, Ashley. I must've scared the crap out of you."

"Hardly. Remember what I do for a living. I've played out scenes like this a million times with my students. I've never seen a grown man do this, though... but in your case, it makes you that much more endearing and lovable to me. There aren't a whole lot of men who are that in touch with their emotions. And, as I said before, it shows me how much you loved Dawn.

"You're right. It isn't fair. In a perfect world -- which you know it isn't -- you and she would've been together forever. But look at it this way -- there had to be some sort of plan. Otherwise, you and I wouldn't have found each other."

I sat up and hugged her tightly to me. I cried a bit more, and she rubbed my back and embraced me the entire time.

We spent the next hour lying in bed next to each other, just holding each other.

After a lengthy silence, Ashley said, "Each of the girls told me the same thing -- that you've got lots of stamina and you can go all night if needs be. Is that true?"

I smiled. "Well, every guy has his limits, but I don't quite think I've hit my wall yet."

"I can tell. Look at you. Locked and loaded again, it seems." She reached down and shook my cock a couple of times. A twinge shook me.

"I can take it if you can," Ashley purred as she reached between her legs and stuck a finger into her pussy. I heard the squishy sound that told me that she, too, was ready to receive me if I so desired.

"Our first time together was tender and loving, as it should have been," Ashley said, "but this time I want you to pound me like you did to the other girls -- Carly especially. She told me that you were very aggressive with her, as she had been with you."

"So this time, you want a good fucking, huh?" I snarled as I knelt between her legs and forcefully jabbed at her pussy with my cock.

"UUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!" was all Ashley could manage as I sank deeply into her love-hole.

There was no finesse this time. Ashley kept insistently crying "Fuck me HARD, Mike!! Oh, YES, give me that hard cock!!!" as I pushed against her. She moaned and twisted her head side to side as my cock slid in and out of her. She held me around my waist as my pelvis ground against hers. Her tongue slid in and out of her mouth, wetting her plump lips, and her round eyes stared at me with a look of passion and hunger.

She pushed me off her, then commanded "Lay down. I want to sit on your cock and ride it. Do you want me to ride your cock, baby?"

My answer was to lie down as ordered. Her pussy felt warm, snug and wonderful as it took in my beefy cock.

"Oh, my GOD, I've never been stuffed like this!!! Oh, GOD, I love your cock!!! Do you like how I ride you, baby?" she yelled as she lay back against my bent knees and let me watch as she slid up and down on my cock while massaging her clit. I could see her shiny wetness coating my manhood, and she suddenly tightened up and squealed "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" as she came.

She then leaned over towards me, gathered me in her arms and growled into my ear, "Let me fuck you, baby. Let me hold you close and just FUCK you until we both scream. Can you take it, baby? Can you take being ridden by me? Do you want to get GOOD and FUCKED?"

I caressed her back as she lunged back and forth on my cock. I heard her cry "UHHHH!!! UHHHHH!!!" in time with her lunges, then another squeal as she came again.

"FUCK my pussy, baby!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!!" I sat up, held her tightly around the waist, and pushed for all I was worth.

"COME HARD FOR ME, BABY!!!! SHOVE THAT COCK INTO ME!!!" she squealed as she heard my breath deepen and felt my tempo increase.

My shattering roar of "UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" and the several hard shoves against her pelvis told her I was unloading a massive wad of cum into her.

"Oh, YES, baby, you fucking DID it!!! I can feel your cum blasting into me!!!" Ashley gleefully yelled as she hugged me tighter to her. We were both dripping in perspiration. I fell backwards onto the pillow, Ashley following and landing on my mouth with a deep, soft kiss. Once again, I had the warm feeling of safety and security I had felt with her.

We held each other close, our bodies and tongues entwined. We breathed as one as our bodies recovered from our latest passionate round of sex.

After about 20 minutes, Ashley said, "Let's take a shower together, then I'd like you to come back up to the suite with me."

"Will the girls be there?"

"Yes. And we've talked about something special once we get up there... that is, if you think you can handle it and want to participate. The girls want to kind of give you a 'goodbye' gift before they leave you to me."

"Uhhh... okay. I thought you didn't want to watch them doing whatever with me."

"I'm going to be directing the scene. They're not going to do anything with you that I don't want them to."

Ashley leaned over me, giving me a good close-up look at her massive tits, picked up the phone and said into it "Operation Calypso is a go. Repeat, Operation Calypso is a go. We'll be up in about half an hour."

Now I was intrigued, but I knew better at this point than to ask questions. I knew that Ashley liked surprises.

We showered and dried ourselves quickly. Ashley told me to wear a bathing suit, and to pack a backpack with clothes for the next day or so. As we walked from my room to the elevator, she kept pulling her robe tight so that she wouldn't be exposed. When we got to the elevator, Ashley was pleased that there was nobody else in it. As soon as the door closed, she pushed me against the wall and sank her probing tongue into my mouth. We remained in that position until we got up to the suite.

When we arrived, there was soft, soothing music playing over the stereo. The lights in the living room area were dim. I saw a large blanket spread out in the middle of the floor, and could make out the figures of Jenna, Carly and Nicole, moving slowly and almost floating in their sylph-like sheer white coveralls. They came to me and guided me towards the blanket and, as the now-naked Ashley knelt on it, bade me lie down with my head on her naked lap.

Ashley stroked my hair, face and chest as her three friends danced slowly, swaying in time to the music. Their coveralls were so diaphanous that I could see their nakedness.

"Do you remember your mythology, Mike? Particularly Homer's Odyssey?" Ashley softly inquired.

"Most of it. Where are we going with this?"

She stroked my hair. "If you remember when Odysseus was shipwrecked, he was washed up on the shore of Ogygia, the island of the sea-nymph Calypso. She hadn't been with a man for centuries, and her handmaidens had never even seen a man in their entire lives. Calypso decided that she wanted Odysseus for herself, and that she and her maidens were going to do whatever they had to in order to keep him on the island.

"Did you enjoy my maidens, my Odysseus? Because you know that they were just warming you up for me... just like they're going to do now!"

The light bulb went on in my head... and in my pelvic area, as my penis suddenly sprang to attention.

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