tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLust for Louise

Lust for Louise


There we were, perfectly average people in a perfectly average neighbourhood. Me, a middle aged lecher with some twisted sexual desires. Her, late 20's, dark hair about shoulder length, a naturally sexy figure with a wiggle to die for! It was worth waiting for her to go past in order to follow her to the shops just to watch those cheeks in motion. It was one of those things that some women seem to be blessed with. She was a cashier in the local branch of my bank in the village and I was her neighbour.

Her name was Louise and she was married with no kids yet. Her husband, Adam, was a regular guy who worked in the computer industry and dealt antiques on the side. Not an E-bay millionaire, but trying. He worked from home a lot, as did I, but he needed to attend various conferences throughout the year when he would be away for several days and nights. We would be in and out of each other's houses on occasions, and were pretty good neighbours.

Having gone through three failed relationships, I now chose to live on my own, satisfying my sexual needs by frequent visits to the darker side of the internet, which suited me well as my desires had always been voyeuristic/exhibitionist and there was plenty there to satisfy my lust. I must admit, however, to missing the touch and feel of a real woman at times. I needed that intimacy. The smell of perfume and pussy, the softness of the skin on breasts, feeling a nipple bloom under my hand, running hands through hair and cupping those buttocks whilst tongues intertwined. I missed the thrill that comes when a woman surrenders herself to be explored for the first time. I missed all that and more.

I started watching her almost accidentally. I had always liked to start my day by opening my curtains and looking out over the garden to see what kind of morning it was and that particular day I had woken earlier than usual because I had a load to do before meeting a friend for lunch. I looked to the side where her house was, to see her quite clearly in her kitchen. I turned my light out immediately in case she should look up and continued watching, mesmerised as she went about her morning routine. She wasn't wearing anything particularly exciting, a white toweling dressing gown that covered her from neck to knee, and her hair was tied back in a pony tail, but I quickly found myself with a hard on bigger than any I had had for years. The thrill of spying on her made my blood pump and my breath came in gasps. I suppose I got to watch her for about ten minutes before her husband came into view. He walked up behind her and, putting his arms around her waist, kissed her on the neck. How I wished that was me. Shortly after, they took coffee mugs and left the kitchen, and very shortly after that, in fact, about five strokes of my cock after that, I came like a fountain.

I couldn't get the image of Louise out of my head all day and when I went to bed that night I set my alarm early in the hope of a repeat performance. I was not disappointed. Opening my curtains in the morning, the lights were on in what I knew to be her bathroom. I imagined her going about her toilette, and within a few minutes she appeared in the kitchen with her hair up in a towel and the same bathrobe on. I stroked myself watching her do her morning chores, and then she did something that in turn frustrated me and made me cum on the spot.

With her back to me, she undid her robe to retighten it. Doing it up again as she turned back facing my window I caught a momentary glimpse of her bra as she pulled the robe around her. For the voyeur that I was, it was a wonderful moment, and I shot my load there and then. I continued to watch her on a daily basis from then on, but it was weeks before anything else of note occurred, but when it did.....

She was standing there as usual, washing up some supper things from the previous night when Adam, her husband, walked up behind her and put his arms around her, cupping her breasts from behind. I watched as she playfully tried to push him away with her backside. He gave it a tap and put his hands up her robe, stroking her legs and then pulled at the knot of her dressing gown, loosening it enough for me to get a good look at her bra and knickers underneath. As she arched her back and twisted her head round to kiss him he pulled the robe off her shoulders leaving her standing in front of their kitchen sink in just her bra and panties. Adam kept on stroking her and pretty soon reached up behind her to undo her bra. As he tugged at it, her breasts slipped free and he cupped them both, twisting each nipple between his fingers. Even from my distant viewpoint, the excitement on her face was evident. Annoyingly, every time Adam's hands went below her waist, my view was obscured no matter what I tried. It was clear when he started to slide off her knickers, and, by his movements, even clearer when he entered her from behind and gave her the fucking she wanted.

I was engrossed in the whole spectacle being enacted out in front of me even after I had sprayed my window with my cum. I found that the thrill was greater if I stood so that, had Louise looked up, she might just have seen me wanking over her. There were a few close calls, but she never did. Adam finished and they embraced like the lovers they were. I masturbated again as they disappeared from view.

For the next few weeks it was impossible for me to walk past her or say hello or go into her house without thinking of that morning and getting a thunderous great hard on. She fuelled my every fantasy and the next time Adam was away, I used every excuse in the book to be in her company. She had never shown the slightest interest in me other than that of the good neighbour and, given the difference in our ages, there was no real reason why she should. I had coffee with her on several occasions in her house always hoping that something might spark between us, but I always came away disappointed. During the summer months, my early morning viewing had to cease because she could see into my room as easily as I could see her, but this was compensated to some extent by the sight of her bikini clad figure in the garden.

I don't recall at what period my voyeuristic lust for her turned into an obsession, but by the time next winter came round, I had started to plan how I could see all I wanted of her. Getting into her house was easy as the poor cow trusted me. Getting her to strip for me and then submitting to the dirty, lustful, catalogue of sexual activities I had in mind for her was another.

Part Two

I had practically decided to throw my life away for the chance of having my way with Louise. I knew the only way I would get what I wanted was by force, and I was well aware of the consequences, but the lure was too great for me to resist. My opportunity came sooner than I thought.

I rarely had callers at home, so the sound of the doorbell one evening came as a surprise. It was Adam. He had come to tell me that he was going to be away for at least three weeks in the Middle East working on a new contract, and would I look in on Louise from time to time as she was feeling a bit nervous about him being away for that length of time. Talk about being handed my chance on a plate. Of course, I agreed readily, and we shared a couple of beers while he told me about his forthcoming trip. When he left, I knew his entire itinerary and it wasn't very long before I had got things all planned out.

Waking up early and spying on Louise (and Adam) had become routine, but as I watched her the next morning, there was an added piquancy. I knew that within a few days I would see everything I ever wanted to of Louise.

The day came when Adam went off leaving Louise alone. I watched out for her the following morning and she spent longer than usual in the kitchen and instead of wearing her robe, she had an oversized T shirt on, which just covered her bum and showed her legs off nicely. I knew she was mine when I wanted her, and the sense of anticipation heightened my senses, but made me impatient. I decided to strike the next day, a Sunday, as she would not be missed at work and passed the rest of Saturday with my heart feeling like it would explode.

I watched her as usual on the Sunday morning, but didn't masturbate. I waited till around 10.00am and went around to her house and knocked on the door. When she answered the door she seemed pleased to see me and invited me in saying that she would be glad of the company. I followed her into the kitchen and she started to make coffee. While her back was towards me I studied her in detail.

Her auburn hair was tied back in a pony tail showing off her slender neck and small ears. She was around 5'2" with a slim figure and as I said before, when she walked her bum took on a life of its own. When she turned round, her lightly tanned face smiled out from underneath her fringe and her pert breasts jutted invitingly through her pink T shirt top. Her denim skirt finished just above her knees showing a shapely pair of legs. How I managed to keep anything like a normal conversation going whilst I was taking all this in is beyond me, but I knew I couldn't wait much longer, so getting between her and the door I told her I had been watching her for months now. I told her how I had seen her and Adam and I told her that I was going to have her. Here and now.

She made a break for the door, but my size and strength were too much for her and I caught her and pushed her to the floor. Before she got up I had reached across the counter top to a knife block and grabbed the largest one there. I didn't have to threaten her for long before her compliance was assured and to test her, I told her to strip to her bra and panties in front of the kitchen window where I had watched her all those times before. She got to her feet shakily and unzipped her skirt before pushing it down those small, but well formed legs. She pulled her top off quite quickly as if wanting to get it over with and stood there looking anywhere but at me with one arm across her tits and the other one hovering in front of her crotch in a defensive pose.

Having waited for months for this opportunity, I wasn't about to rush things. I just stood there drinking in the sight of this semi nude woman in front of me. Inevitably the tears started to flow, and I let her cry herself out before moving on. I wanted to see her breasts now and told her so. Stabbing the knife down into a chopping block reinforced my request and she reached up behind her to unclasp her bra. It slid down her arms and fell to the floor and I had her stand there with her hands behind her back. Despite her fear and loathing, her nipples came to attention as if to shame her further. They were a pair of dark pink nipples which just turned upwards slightly. Perfect to suck on...later. I had her give me a twirl and studied her tight body as she moved. Her tits moved slightly and when she turned round her backside moved like a dream.

I couldn't restrain myself any longer, and went over to where she stood. I leant towards her and slowly breathed in. She had the smells of shampoo and shower gel with a hint of a regularly used scent all overlaid on top of that scent of woman. I wanted to watch her moving some more, so I got her to walk up and down her hall watching the jiggle of her tits as she approached me and the rise and fall of her arse as she walked away. I decided the time had come to move upstairs to her bedroom, but before we went up the stairs, I wanted her naked.

I think she knew it would come, but when I told her to give me her panties, her face crumpled up and more tears came, but she knew when she was beaten and within a minute or two, she stood in front of me and slid her panties down her legs and gave them to me. I held them to my face, drinking in her woman's scent. I had to tell her to stand with her arms by her side so I could see her pussy. She obviously shaved, and there was just a hint of downy hair there. Her lips just showed through and the little fold of skin that hooded her clit was pale and enticing. I was about a foot away from her backside as we walked up the stairs, her in front, and went into her bedroom.

Locking the door behind me, I felt completely overdressed in the presence of this gorgeous, naked woman and stripped off without ceremony. My cock had been hard since the start, and as I pulled off my pants, a string of precum landed on my thigh. I used her knickers to wipe it off and threw them on her bed. I searched around until I found her knicker draw and pulled a few of the sexier items out and made her give me a fashion show. Aware that my going through her intimate possessions was as bad as raping her, I continued emptying draws out onto the floor, toying with her clothes, making her wear stockings, getting her to tell me the last time she wore them and what happened that night. Then I hit the jackpot. Bottom draw, her side of the bed, a small shiny vibrator and a set of love-balls.

She knew what was coming and I sat on the end of the end of the bed and stood her right in front of me before getting her to insert the love-balls. I was quite surprised with the ease with which she slipped them in. I made her walk around the room and when I found their digital video, I filmed her as she spread her legs and pulled them out. If she faked it, she faked it well, because after a few minutes with the vibrator, she came like a steam train. I let her calm down for a while before starting to explore every inch of her body.

Her hair was fine to the touch and her face trembled as I ran my hands over her. That area between neck and breast was firm and her breasts fitted into your hand perfectly. I felt her nipples rise as I cupped them and her belly shivered as I brushed it lightly. I parted her legs and her pussy was open. I pulled the hood of her clitty back and let my fingers enter her juicy slit. Having toyed with her like this for sometime, I let my hands travel down her inner thighs which were smooth as silk. Turning her round, I slapped her buttocks which turned pink. Pulling them apart I saw her little pink bullet hole and her pussy. I had her bend forward so that I could cup her tits with one hand while playing with her pussy and arse with the other.

Needless to say, after a while, I felt like sticking my cock in to something, and I chose her mouth. With her kneeling before me, it only took a few thrusts before I shot my load all over her face. The amount of cum even surprised me as it hit her lips, eyes, hair, cheeks and forehead. I watched it slide over her face as I made her suck me clean.

When she had licked as much off of her as she could I let her wipe her face on a pair of her panties. I told her to stay naked as I looked in all the draws and wardrobes to see if I could find anything for round two, when I came across something that would save my life.

Of course I knew that if I committed the crimes I had done, my life was to all intents and purposes finished. I would spend many years in prison and be under constant surveillance upon my release. But the lure was too great and I succumbed. In the last wardrobe I looked in was a large metal box hidden behind a pile of Louise's clothes. I broke the lid open and inside I found all the evidence to show that sweet Louise had been skimming a considerable amount of money from her dear husband's business and had it invested in a local brothel!

We agreed that she would keep quiet and so would I. We also agreed that she would stop wearing any underwear in the mornings, and be a great deal friendlier with Adam across the breakfast bar.

So there we were, a perfectly normal blackmailing pervert with his perfectly normal brothel owning victim in their perfectly normal neighbourhood.

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