Lust in La Jolla Ch. 04


"Mmmmm" she hummed into their kiss as she stroked it through the fabric of his shorts. She was on fire, and she wanted ... she needed ... she MUST have that big hard cock inside her NOW. She frantically clawed to unbutton and unzip his shorts, and seconds later, she had her hand inside his boxers and was wrapping her fingers around the shaft of his rockhard cock. Shocked at the how huge it felt in her grip, she broke the kiss to gasp "Omigod, you're so big!"

Stymied for a second by the fact that she couldn't pull his shorts down because she was sitting between his legs, she realized she had to pull his cock through the front opening of his boxers to achieve her goal. Soon she had reached through the opening from the front and pulled the huge hard member through. She ran her hand lightly all the way down the shaft and then back up to the swollen head, squeezing a bit as she neared the top. She was rewarded with a good amount of precum oozing from the opening -- she eagerly smeared it over the head and then on the sensitive underside of his cock. His cock was fantastic -- hot and hard yet velvety smooth and slick from his precum. She began a slow stroke and Jake moaned a low growl. He was still fingerfucking her, and her juices were covering his hand and dripping down her ass. She couldn't wait any longer. She broke the kiss and said "hold still a sec" and pulled his hand away. She straightened her legs and quickly pulled off her thong. She then grabbed Jake's shoulders with both her hands to get leverage, and twisted to face him while she swung her right leg under her left and then over his right leg.

"Bring your legs together now," she added. As he did, she pulled her skirt up around her waist and straddled his legs, now facing him with her hands still on his shoulders.

"Now scoot down in the seat a bit.". Now she was straddling his hips with her knees on the seat on either side of him. She lowered herself, and felt her cunt lips against his cock shaft pinned between them. She thrust her hips back and forth a few inches, moaning loudly as the pleasure of his cock sliding along her swollen pussy lips coursed through her.

"What about Maria?" asked Jake in a worried tone.

"She's busy driving -- she'll just have to wait her turn!" Kari replied with a giggle. Jake was too flabbergasted at this unexpected response to reply, and the sensations of Kari's slippery wetness gliding up and down his cock fogged his mind with intense pleasure.

She bent her head down so she could lift higher without bumping into the low ceiling, and then reached down and positioned his cock under her impatient pussy.

"Wait," Jake said breathlessly, "what about birth control?"

"I'm on the pill, " Kari replied, "which is good, 'cause there's no way I could stop now." Kari finished, and she guided his cockhead between her labia, and then lowered herself on his massive rod. For Jake, all this brought up memories of the past -- Jake's sexual history was limited, but several of those times were total disasters as his partner was unable to handle his size. Moment of truth, thought Jake, will she be able to take me or not?

"Oh shiiiittt ....OOHHHH FUCK!" Kari burst out as she impaled herself with about 2/3 of Jake's cock. She then paused, coming to a stop, her mind reeling from the intense sensations of pleasure radiating from her pussy -- she had never felt anything like this before. Jake was similarly transfixed -- he nearly came immediately from the fantastic feeling of sliding deeply into her tight warm wetness, and was grateful for the pause.

"Are you OK?" Maria asked frantically, suspecting what was happening and suddenly worried about her friend. Several seconds passed with no reply, and Maria became really concerned.

"Kari -- are you hurt? Tell me what's going on!" she shouted. Maria's strident voice finally cut through to Kari's awareness, and she answered breathlessly, "I'm good ... oh yeah, it's sooooo fuckin' good."

After a few more seconds, Kari began a very slow rising and lowering motion, just an inch or two at first but slowly increasing the stroke length. Because of the low ceiling, she bent forward more and put her head beside his, her face close to his left ear -- on every downstroke, she exhaled forcefully with a low wordless groan of pleasure. Jake had remained motionless under her, letting her determine how much she could handle, but now, he was nearly our of his mind with the intensity of pleasure, and, almost involuntarily, began to thrust his hips up a little to meet her on the downstroke. Kari's wordless moans now became louder and more verbal in time with the strokes "Oh yeahhh ... uggghh gawwddd ...ohhhhh .... oh fuck yes good ... yeah fuck me ... oh yeahhh ... so big ..."

Jake's hands were free to roam, and they had been exploring Kari's back and her firm ass. Now, he became aware of her breasts brushing his chest on each downstroke, and he slid his hands under her shirt and brought them to her firm tits. A gentle squeeze through her bra brought a louder moan from Kari on the next downstroke, but he wasn't satisfied and quickly found the front clasp and unhooked it. Her tits were firm but so soft in his hands, her nipples rock hard. He fondled and squeezed, and she groaned in response and pressed her chest against his hands to increase the intensity while at the same time bucking up and down on his cock more frantically. He instinctively understood she liked a rougher touch, and pinched and twisted both her nipples hard at the same time. This sent a shock wave through Kari, and she exploded over the edge into a second, more intense orgasm. "ooooooOOOOOHHHH YESSSS!" she cried, and Jake exploded with a loud groan at the same time, pumping his hot cum again and again deep into her clenching cunt. She collapsed against him, his cock buried to the hilt and still pulsing in her supersensitive pussy.

In the relative quiet, Jake and Kari were suddenly aware of Maria's voice from the front seat, repeating over and over "Oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck ..." and then "ooohhhh FUCK!". They both looked to see Maria turned partially in her seat, with her head back and twitching convulsively in the final throes of her own climax.

"Omigod, I can't believe ...we did this!" Kari whispered. They noticed then that the car was parked along a residential street -- thankfully, not directly in front of a house. She squirmed a little on Jake's still hard cock -- "but it was really fantastic!". She kissed him again, enjoying the gentle euphoric feelings that still flowed through her body. Finally, she broke the kiss and lifted off him, and re-positioned to something like her original state. She looked back to Maria, who was now facing adamantly forward, her hands firmly on the steering wheel.

"Maria, what's happening, girl?" Kari said lightly.

"Ummmm ... nothin' ... happening with me" she managed, sounding uncertain.

"Hey there, sweetie ... it's OK, don't worry. It just happened, and it's OK." Kari responded with real affection.

Maria shuddered then and said "Omigod Kari ... I'm sorry for watching ... it was just so hot ... I couldn't stop ... I thought I was going to explode!"

Kari couldn't help it, she thought about how she was "exploded" by Jake's big cock, and she started giggling and then laughing ... which broke the tension for all of them, and soon tears were streaking down the faces as they laughed on and on. Finally, they calmed down, and Kari asked "Maria, where are we anyway?" That started them giggling again, until Maria finally could say "I just pulled off of Poinsettia close to the 5 ... as soon as we got off the freeway, I had to stop somewhere before I crashed the car!"

"Oh good ... we're almost home then. Let's get going ... before someone calls the cops on us!"

Five minutes later, they pulled into the driveway of Kari's home, a beautiful stucco Spanish-style home which was very much like the other homes in this classic SoCal housing development. Kari had straightened herself out on the short drive, re-fastening her bra and slipping her panties back on, and she had helped Jake --a little reluctantly - get zipped back in as well. They all climbed out of the car, looked at each other sheepishly, and then broke into laughter again.

"Okay, okay ... let's get this stuff in the house" Kari said when she finally could catch her breath.

The unloading went much faster than the loading, and they unceremoniously dumped Jake's bags and boxes inside the garage for retrieval at a later time. Once they were done, Maria figured she was probably unwelcome company, especially since she couldn't stop thinking about Jake's big cock. Even though she and Kari had earlier talked about doing something together after the trip to the airport, she said to the two of them "Ummm ... hey, I should be going now.". Kari sensed something was amiss with her best friend, and said "Jake -- there's beer and soda in the fridge if you're thirsty. I'll be back in just a sec" and to Maria in a lower voice, "Come one, I'll walk out with you."

When they were at the car, Kari gave Maria a big hug and said "You're really the best friend I could ever imagine. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"It's not really ... embarrassment." Maria said slowly, "Jesus, Kari -- that was un-fucking-believably hot!" She paused. "Ummm ... I know you realize how I am ... you see ... the thing is, I can't stop obsessing about ... well, about doing it with Jake!"

"Ohhh, I see now ... you think I will ... like, want him to myself, like a boyfriend thing. Oh no, honey ... I don't even know him. I tell you one thing, though ... you know those erotic stories I read on the internet?" Maria nodded. "Well, I think I understand now what they mean about being a "cock slave"! Jake has just the most amazing dick you can possibly imagine." Kari saw the look of lust in Maria's eyes, "OK, that's not helping. Look, I'm not going to monopolize him. Think about it, he is still my cousin in a way, at least as far as my family would be concerned. I promise you -- you'll get a chance with him too."

"OK, I believe you," Maria said, "I'll just have to wait. Me and my trusty right hand."

"Yeah, you two did OK up there in the front seat." Kari laughed. "That was really hot too, you know -- seeing you get off so hard by watching us. Shit, what an experience!"

They hugged again and then said goodbye. Kari walked back to the house as Maria pulled away. Before walking in the front door, she took a deep breath, wondering how to have a get-to-know-you conversation with a guy she'd already had wild sex with. He must think I'm a total slut, she thought dismally, Well, here goes.

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