Lust in La Jolla Ch. 06


Twenty minutes later, Kari finished dressing and called Jake up to her room. It was almost 10 am now, and Kari was thinking about all she wanted to do before Nicky's party at 2 pm, assuming Jake would agree to go with her.

"Please, sit on the bed and we'll talk," she told him as she sat in her chair by the desk, and swiveled it to face him.

"OK. Remember last night when I said you were going to be my educational project?" Jake nodded. "Well, before I explain what I meant by that, I need to ask you ... ummm, what is it that you want to do, as far as relationships and sex are concerned, now that you're back in civilization? Do you want to have some fun with a lot of girls without getting too serious, or are you looking to settle down with one woman as soon as you find someone you want to be with?"

Jake looked at her warily, thinking Oh no, here it comes. She's going to ask for a commitment from me. "Ummm ... well, I came back to go to school, and I certainly haven't been thinking about a serious relationship, although I have been seriously ... make that painfully ... missing female company for the last couple of years! I'm wondering, why are you asking?"

Kari caught the look on Jake's face and realized he was misinterpreting where she was going with this. She explained, "It's not because I'm suggesting that ... you know, you and me could be a couple, as much as I'd wish it was possible. I really like you a lot, and sex with you is so amazing I feel like I'm getting addicted to it already. But it can't work. First of all, even if we're not blood relatives, Mom and Jim would freak out, and it would scandalize the whole family, at least at first. But even more than that, I'm in school too, and we're heading in different directions. I'm still on the rebound from my last relationship, and ... well, here it is – I feel afraid I would fall for you in a big way if we go down that path, and I have a strong feeling that lots of very interesting and attractive women are going to be trying to get to know you. It's just not reasonable for me to expect you to say no to all the others, but I'd still get hurt if I got into the mindset that you and I were in a committed relationship. Do you see?" Jake nodded again.

"I'm asking because, if you want to "play the field", so to speak – I'd like to help you. It's clear you don't yet realize how easy it can be for you to get girls to sleep with you – you're like a sheep in wolf's clothing. I can be ... sort of a coach for you, helping you understand what is really going on with the girls you meet, and how to respond. Just so you know, I don't want to turn you into some kind of heartless "predator" or anything – I'll be helping you tell which ones are interested in sex without commitments, and steer away from those you could hurt. Take it from me, you can have a lot of fun, and the girls won't be complaining. Of course, this isn't, like, forever. If, at any time, you find you want to get serious with one woman, I'll back off immediately and let you be."

Jake was dumbfounded at Kari's proposal. Here he was expecting her to ask for commitment, and she was offering to help him, well, to be a playboy. But why?

"I'm sorry, Kari, I'm confused here. I mean, why are you offering to do this?"

"Ahhh ... you wondering, what is in it for me? Yeah, I figured I would need it explain that." She paused, then took a deep breath and continued, "OK, I'm going to have to trust you. I know we're already going to be sharing a pretty big secret about what we've done so far," she smiled, "so no reason to hold back, I guess. Here's the thing – ummm, the idea of, well, participating in your coming exploits is a huge turn-on for me. Over the past few years, I've been indulging in sex on the internet, and what excites me more than anything is being a voyeur, especially, to be watching after I set up the scene to happen. Actually, watching isn't even critical once I know what the others look like, and can imagine them. So, while you're in San Diego scoring with a beautiful girl I helped you seduce, I'll be in my room in Santa Barbara, having multiple orgasms playing with myself as I visualize the two of you. I know this may not make sense, but that's the way it is for me. "

Jake thought back to listening to Sara and Gina – what, just two days ago – and then replied to Kari, "It does make sense to me. I've had my own experiences with watching in the past, and it was ... exciting to me too. It's funny ... never in a million years would I have imagined a sexy, beautiful woman getting off watching me, although the reverse situation is a given."

Kari was grinning broadly, "You cut that out – you're getting me all hot and bothered again, and I'm too sore to do it right now. You know, women have kinky sex fantasies too – we just don't let men know about them, we let them think it's always their idea!"

Jake stared at her a few moments in silence, and then said, "OK, I'm still baffled by all this – I mean, I can't make any sense of the last few days at all. But what you're offering me is, like, beyond my wildest fantasy, and I'd be a complete fool to say no." He paused, then "So, how do we do this? I mean, what's next?"

"Mmmm – first we seal the deal," she quickly came to him, pushing him backwards onto the bed and falling on top of him, giggling, "with a kiss".

She kissed him passionately, her tongue seeking out his, her hands exploring his hard body. She felt his erection grow beneath her, and she felt her own need rise in response. For a moment, she felt powerless to resist the powerful pull of desire, and then with an inner sigh, broke the kiss.

"God, Jake, I want to make love with you again so bad, I can't seem to get enough - but I'm just too sore right now. And, we have things to do today, now that we have a deal." She sat up, straddling his hips and placing her hands on his chest, strategically centering her crotch on his hardness. "These is one thing I forgot to mention, I hope it won't be a problem for you: you'll probably need to spend some money to set up for this, I imagine you don't have everything you need and were expecting to spend some money to get settled anyway."

"Yeah, I didn't bring much with me, I was expecting to spend a good amount, like you said, to get set up. Between some inheritance from my grandmother and savings from work, I've got about $50,000 in the bank. Of course, I plan on stretching that out over my time in grad school, so mostly I'll be living on my stipend."

"Well, what I had in mind was smaller scale – a new computer, a good cell phone, some new clothes, a car of some sort, and, very important" she smiled wickedly, "a nice large bed!"

"I need all of that anyway. Will you help me with the clothes? I'm completely out of style."

"I've love to – finding sexy clothes for you is going to be great fun. Maybe we'll even have some fun with the salesgirls! I'll also help you with a laptop and a cell phone – I'm a little bit of a computer geek, in fact. What kind of car were you thinking about?"

"Actually, seeing Jim's Vulcan in the garage has got me thinking about getting a cycle rather than a car – what do you think?"

"Ohhh yeahhh! You'll be irresistible on a hot bike. Hey, if you like the Vulcan, I bet you could get it from Jim for a good deal. You see, he and Mom don't ride like they use to, after a good friend of theirs was killed in an accident last year."

Just then, Kari's cell phone rang on her dresser. She hustled to get it, saw that it was Maria, and answered the call, "Hey, Maria, whazzup?" She listened for a few seconds, and then said, "Listen, can I call you back in five minutes? I promise I will, this time." Pause "OK, ciao babe!"

She turned to Jake, "So, about your plans for today ... how would you like to go to a party with me this afternoon? It's a bit of a tradition for a group of my friends, dating back to high school, to have a pool party and barbecue on Labor Day. This year, it's at Nicky's house, not far away. Oh, and usually there's only a couple or three guys along with six or seven girls, so I think you'll find it ... interesting."

"Sure, if you think it's OK with your friends."

She grinned back at him, "Actually, I think I'd be in big trouble if I didn't bring you. You see, Maria is already after me to bring you – don't tell her I told you that! – and she'll tell the rest of them about you if I don't bring you with me."

Jake paled, "She'll tell them about me – about what happened in the car last night? Omigod!"

"No, no, silly. Not that – she tell them I have a super-hot cousin and imply that I didn't want to bring you for some reason. Maria is too ... well, I just can't see her ever talking about the car episode. " She paused and then giggled, "Although, if they did hear about the car, it certainly wouldn't harm your reputation. What I didn't say before is that ... you see, most of my friends are pretty wild chicks, and I'm considered to be the tame one. Well, you already met Maria – she loves to tease and flirt, but doesn't go further very often. Some of the others ... wait, I've got an idea. I've got lots of photos – I can show you what they look like while I give you the lowdown. First, let me call Maria back, and I should call Nicky too, but that can wait until after we look at the photos "

Kari called Maria and told her that she and Jake would be at the party. As soon as she heard that, Maria was in a hurry to go: she was going shopping for a new swimsuit before the party. Kari wasn't surprised, as she understood that Maria wanted to get an upper hand by having a sexier bikini than the other girls.

To be continued ...

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