tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLust in La Jolla Ch. 08

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 08


Chapter 8. Trial by the Teasers

As they were walking out to the driveway, Kari tossed Jake the keys and said, "I think you should drive now, so you get used to my car and so you remember the way back. You know, just in case I have too much to drink."

They drove over to pick up Maria, and Kari deliberately moved to the back seat so that Maria sat in front with Jake. As Kari had predicted, she wasn't wearing her bikini, but a spaghetti strap top with no bra and short shorts. Kari noticed that Maria was already turned on – her nipples were protruding visibly through her top, and she barely remembered to say hi to Kari. Kari almost laughed out loud as they drove the last few blocks to Nicky's, as Maria kept glancing over at Jake while trying not to be obvious about it. No question about it, she was lusting for Jake in a big way.

They were the first to arrive at Nicky's, besides her boyfriend Rick who had helped her set up. Nicky's mother and her younger brother Theo were both out with friends that day and wouldn't be back till late. Already in her white bikini, Nicky was even more beautiful than Jake remembered from her photo earlier – her body was tan and perfectly proportioned, and the thong bottoms did little to cover her smooth tight butt. Even though she was "already taken", Jake couldn't help but look her over, but she just gave him a sexy smile when he finally met her eyes.

"It's great to have you here, Jake," Nicky said warmly as she shook his hand, "I'm so glad Kari thought to invite you." Kari explained to Nicky that Jake had the music, and Nicky showed them over to the sound system, and then left them to help Rick with something. Maria ran off to put on her bikini.

While Jake plugged in, Kari spoke quietly, "OK, when she comes back, remember to say something – she'll be looking for a reaction. Plus, I'm going to take it another step. I'm going to innocently ask to take a picture of the two of you, and I want you to put your arm around her. Put your hand as close to her breast as you can manage without being obvious. Oh, and quick, take off your shirt now, before she comes back." Picking a mix that started mellow but built up to some irresistible dance music, Jake started the music at low volume. "Great! Now, let's go back by the pool to wait for her."

They didn't have long to wait. Maria came out of the house, spotted them and walked slowly over. Jake was grateful both for Kari's advance notice and for his mirrored shades that let him stare at Maria's body without her knowing. She was wearing a bright blue bikini: the bra had very small cups that highlighted her firm tits and the thin material did little to hide her nipples which were once again hard and protruding. It had very long tie straps that Maria had wrapped around her midsection in a criss-cross, evoking a "tied-up" look that was very sexy. Finally, the bikini bottoms were not quite a thong, as a little material still covered her ass, but had a very noticeable V-dip in the center of the front, as if to draw one's attention to her pussy. And then he realized it would be more provocative if he let her see him look at her body – after all, that was exactly what she was after.

When Maria came to a stop in front of them, Kari offered, "Wow, nice suit Maria. Don't you think so, Jake?"

"Yeah, very nice," Jake said smiling, "although nice isn't the first word that pops into my mind. Is it just me, or did it suddenly get about 10 degrees hotter?"

Maria actually blushed and said nothing. That's a first, thought Kari, you've got her, Jake, come on, don't stop now.

As if Jake could hear her thoughts, Jake pulled his sunglasses down his nose and peered over them, pointedly examining Maria from head to toe as he walked around her. She was starting to squirm under his gaze, and Kari thought she was close to bolting when he stopped in front of her once more, and slid his glasses back up.

"You know, Maria, you look so good in that bikini that you make it hard for me ..." Jake said, deliberately emphasizing the last words and pausing so that Maria might think about what was getting hard for Jake, "to decide whether I'd rather see you in the bikini ..." another pause, "or out of it."

Oh Chris, that was perfect!, Kari thought, looking at Maria's face, she might just strip right now to show him.

Maria was on fire: her heart was pounding, her clit was throbbing, and she knew she would explode with just one touch. She struggled to regain some composure, "Mmmm, just let me know when you decide. And I'll let you know when I've decided the same about you, although I already have a pretty good idea."

"Hey, I want to get a photo of you two, before everyone arrives. Stay here, I'll get my camera."

"Wait Kari! Ummm ... I'll come with you," Maria said suddenly, "I need a drink."

As he watched Kari and Maria walk away, Jake wondered whether he'd handled it OK. Suddenly, he noticed Kari putting her hand behind her back and giving him a big "thumbs up" signal.

As they walked into the house, Maria exclaimed breathlessly, "Jeezus fuckin' christ, Kari. What am I going to do? I almost ...ummm ... melted down there, when he said that last part. He's like a, well, like a PS 10 or something."

At this, Kari laughed out loud. "A PS 10? I thought the scale only went to 5." They hadn't used the PS scale since high school – PS was code for "panty soaker". Guys were rated from 1 to 5, based on how wet their panties were after making out with the guy.

"Yeah, well, Jake wasn't around when we made up the scale, was he?"

"No, he wasn't, that's true. And I guess I'd agree that he's the first 10 I've ever met. And you haven't even seen the best parts yet!"

"Oh God, Kari. Don't do that to me. Shit, I've gotta to go ... to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute."

Kari giggled, "Have fun in there!"

Maria shot her a murderous look, and turned away to go to the bathroom. As soon as she had gone in, Kari hustled to get her cell phone and then returned silently to wait by the bathroom door, listening.

After locking the door behind her, Maria had pulled down her bottoms and grabbed a handful of tissue, intending to dry herself as best she could so she didn't soak through and embarrass herself in front of her friends. She squatted in front of the wall mirror, so that her legs were spread open. Her clit and her labia were both swollen, and her juices were now oozing from her opening. She dabbed at herself with the tissue, and she gave a little gasp at the shock of pleasure that hit her when the tissue brushed her clit. Dammit, I've got to get some relief or I'm not gonna make it out there. She took a deep breath, closed to eyes and pictured Jake, and slowly slid her middle finger into her wet slit.

"Ahhhhh" she moaned loudly. Outside the door, Kari smiled, knowing she had guessed correctly, and feeling her own arousal build as she visualized her friend beyond the door. She hit "voice record" on her phone and held it close to the door, watching down the hallway carefully for anyone approaching.

Maria slowly withdrew her finger, now very wet, and gently spread the wetness on and around her clit, breathing in sharply as waves of pleasure swept over her. God, I'm so close. She spread her two fingers on either side of her swollen clit, and slid them back and forth, dipping a little between her pussy lips on the downstroke, and pulling the hood back on the upstroke, but not directly touching the supersensitive flesh. In less than a minute she felt the climax building, and she moved to her clit, rubbing it furiously, imagining Jake fucking her with a giant cock.

"Ohhhh god JAKE! UHHHHNNN" she cried out as the orgasm hit her hard. Kari had no trouble hearing Maria's cry, and knew exactly what it meant, the idea making her own pussy tingle deliciously. She quickly moved away from the door, grateful that no one had seen her standing there. She quickly peeled off her outer clothes and stuffed them in her bag, and then returned to Jake wearing her white one-piece suit and with the cell phone in her hand.

"Congratulations, that was perfect!" Kari told him, "Just so you realize how good you were – I just listened to Maria in the bathroom. You got her so hot and bothered she had to get herself off, and she was fantasizing about you."

Jake stared at her, dumbfounded. "B-b-but, how do you know that?"

Kari's grin got even wider, "Well, she wasn't too quiet when she moaned your name as she came. Here, you can listen for yourself."

She hit the replay on the voice record, then gave it to Jake to listen to. For 30 seconds or so, he didn't hear much besides the music in the background, then could very clearly hear Maria's passionately cry out his name as she climaxed. He handed the phone back to Kari, wordlessly. He was stunned.

Kari continued, "It'll take her a couple of minutes to get herself together after that. And I know her, she gets hot quickly, and she cools off quickly too. So, we'll use the photo taking as an opportunity to keep her going, OK? I don't know about you, but I am LOVIN' this arrangement of ours! I'd like to see if we can get some of the other girls so hot that they will do the same – what do you think, I can help you if you want to try?"

Jake was dazed and felt he was on another planet, but said, "Sure. Whatever you say Kari."

Kari looked thoughtfully at him, "Hey – I realize this is happening awfully fast for you. What can I do to help you?"

Jake remembered Jerry Zhong's advice at the party: it was what ... less than a week ago although it seemed a lifetime. "Thanks Kari – you reminded me of a friend who recently helped me when I was really nervous. I'm going to do a breathing technique that helps me get centered – it only takes a few seconds." Jake sat down in a nearby chair, closed his eyes, and cleared his mind as he breathed slowly and deeply.

Nicky looked at the window at Kari and Jake and wondered if she had done the right thing. This was definitely turning out to be a different kind of party than she had expected – she had been looking forward to hanging out with her girlfriends, just chillin' and talkin'. Rick didn't affect that, he was cool with her friends, and none of the others were bringing dates this year. Right after she had left Kari and Jake, though, she had called the others, first Becca, then Maddy, then Beth, and finally Amber.

The message to each was the same: Kari had brought her cousin Jake to the party, and he was really hot. She also mentioned that Maria had a new bikini, apparently for Jake's benefit, and it was really skanky. No one questioned why Maria might know about Jake when they didn't – everyone knew how close Maria and Kari were. Furthermore, none of them thought to question Nicky's opinion – she was really picky, and if she made a point of calling them to say that Jake was hot, then he was smokin'. With this information, every one of them changed their minds about the suit they had decided to wear, and went with the sexiest bikini that they owned.

Nicky turned away from the window and wondered how Jake was going to handle the attentions of five sexy cockteasers. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw how sexy she looked with her now erect nipples visibly poking through her bikini top. Hmmm ... maybe I'll play too, at least when Rick wasn't around, she thought.

When Jake opened his eyes after finishing his breathing, he saw Maria walking across the deck towards them, carrying a margarita. Her face looked a little flushed, and she gave Kari a funny look as she walked up.

"Good, you're back." Kari said, "Let's take the picture. Stand over there, so the hills are behind you."

Maria and Jake obediently positioned themselves as requested, and Maria seemed hesitant to stand too close to Jake.

"OK, you two, that just won't do, you look like you're scared of each other. Jake – put your arm around her, like she's an old friend." Kari said boldly, ignoring the startled look on Maria's face.

Jake moved close and put his right arm around her, and she automatically put her left arm around his waist and leaned a little into him. His hand was there on her upper arm, his fingers warm on her skin, and she became suddenly aware that his thumb was casually, perhaps accidentally, touching the outside of her right breast where it bulged free of the skimpy bikini top, barely grazing it whenever she breathed in.

"OK, smile" Kari called out, and then took the picture. Seeing that Jake had done exactly what she asked and wanting to prolong it, she added, "Good, I want a few more."

Maria could hardly hear her, her entire attention was on Jake's hand and that light touch on her breast. Her nipples were rock-hard again, aching for his touch. She felt his hard muscular body against hers, and he smelled really good, a very masculine musky smell. Her pulse raced wildly, and, without being able to stop herself, she shifted slightly so that the contact increased. Jake did not pull his hand back – his thumb was now against the fabric of the cup, and his forefinger rested against her skin at the base of her breast. He slowly curled the finger, drawing the tip of it lightly across her skin. He could feel her tremble ever so slightly as he did so, and she was breathing fast. Kari took more photos, not giving any indication that she had zoomed in to get close-ups of Jake's hand on her breast.

Just after the photo session started, Jake had noticed that someone had turned the music up – apparently, someone who liked Johnny Clegg's music. The song was "Dela", one of his favorite songs, and it occurred suddenly to him he could be playful with the upcoming lyrics. He had to time it just right ... now. He pulled away and dropped to one knee in front of Maria, holding one of her hands in his as if proposing..

"Keep shooting," he called out to Kari.

With perfect timing, he looked up into Maria's eyes and began to sing along with Johnny Clegg -

I've been waiting for you all my life, hoping for a miracle,

I've been waiting day and night, day and night,

I've been waiting for you all my life, waiting for redemption

I've been waiting day and night, I burn for you.

When he was finished, he kissed Maria's hand before rising, and said, "Thank you. I always wanted to sing those lines to a beautiful girl."

"Sh-sh-sure. Y-you're welcome." She was completely rattled by Jake's actions, and didn't know what to say.

Kari walked up laughing and punched Jake playfully in the arm, "Hey, you're not playing fair! You keep this up, and my homie is going to go into a love swoon over you."

Maria's face turned bright red, and she told Kari heatedly, "Oh, stop it already! I am not about to .. to swoon!"

This only made Kari giggle harder, and Maria muttered something in Spanish under her breath and stormed off.

"Oh shit, that was priceless. Now I'm going to have to beg forgiveness from her, but I couldn't resist. Jeez, Jake, you had the poor girl quivering with desire. If I hadn't teased her, she probably would be making another trip to that bathroom about now! Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"No, never anything like this. I'm just trying to do what you tell me."

"Well, either I'm the world's best sex coach, or you're a natural. You see, the thing is, usually it is Maria who is flirting with some poor guy till he's completely under her spell. I've seen her do it dozens of times. But I've never seen it done to her, not once, in all the years we've been friends. I'll say it again – I am really loving this arrangement of ours. If we weren't in public right now, I'd give you a kiss! But, instead, I better go talk to Maria. Feel free to walk around, or get a drink or whatever."

After Kari left, Jake sat and did his breathing practice again. When he was finished, his head was clear – I've just got to go with the flow here, there's nothing to fear because whatever happens can happen and I'll be fine. It was a hot dry day, and he was getting thirsty, so he went inside to get a drink. He had just pulled a diet coke out of the ice chest in the kitchen after rummaging around for a while, when he heard a girl's voice behind him say, "Did you find what you were looking for?"

He spun around, to find a very pretty brunette – this was Beth, he recalled – looking at him intently.

"I'm sorry it took me awhile - I admit I was looking for something else. Ummm, can I get you something?"

"No thanks, I need to look first, before I decide what I want." She replied, and then pointedly looked him over, pausing when her eyes were at crotch level. Jake took the opportunity to check her out too: she was wearing a skimpy bikini with a blue and white pattern, and the nice chest he had noticed in the photo earlier was even nicer in the revealing bikini top. Her body was slightly turned to one side, and he saw a firm full ass cheek with no sign of fabric covering it – either it was a thong bottom, or very close to it."

Finally, she looked him in the eyes again and said, "Hi, I'm Beth. And you must be Kari's cousin Jake. It's really a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too, Beth. Did you just arrive?"

"Yes, I came with Maddy ... oh, there she is now."

Maddy had come around the corner into the kitchen, and then stopped dead a few feet behind Beth. She was wearing an even skimpier bikini on her petite frame, a black and white affair that nicely contrasted with her shoulder length platinum blond hair and fair skin.

"Well, hello there Jake. Where have you been all my life, lover?"

Beth chuckled a little and said to Jake, "I hope you've been warned – Maddy can be a bit ... well, over the top at times. But, we have been wondering why we never heard of you before now. We've known Kari since grade school."

"Well, that's a bit of a story. Can I get you anything, Maddy?"

"Yeah sure, thanks Jake. I'd like a Foster's and get Beth one of those, what are they called, Fat Rod ... or Fat Tire or something like that. I'm sure she'll like it."

Upon hearing Maddy say "Fat Rod", which was a term in their group that was used to refer to Beth's near obsession with thick dicks, Beth began to snort with suppressed laughter, holding her belly as she tried to get control. Jake felt awkward with the innuendo around 'fat rod", so he turned back to the chest and quickly pulled out a Foster's for Maddy, and a Fat Tire for Beth. He popped the tops, then handed them to the girls. Jake could see that Maddy was watching Beth carefully, as if waiting.

As soon as Beth took the first sip, Maddy said quietly in a solicitous tone, just loud enough so Jake could hear, "Hey, hon, does that Fat Rod taste good?" Beer spurted from Beth's mouth as she convulsively laughed, but it missed Jake. Then she inhaled some down the wrong pipe, and it took a couple a minutes before she could speak again. Both Maddy and Jake couldn't help it, they were laughing uncontrollably as Beth kept trying to talk but couldn't get it out.

"I swear, Maddy, I'm going to get you back for that one," she finally managed, "and for your information, I do like the beer, but it's called FAT TIRE!"

"OK, thanks, I got it now Beth." Maddy answered with mock sincerity.

"Good. Fine. Now, you clean up the mess on the floor, and then we can hear Jake's story."

Just then, Rick came in, and asked Jake for a hand carrying the ice chest outside. They made their way back outside, where they joined the rest around the outdoor bar. In addition to Kari, Maria and Nicky, Jake also recognized Becca and Amber, who were swaying to the music, Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier.

Kari did the introductions. Amber's body was all that Kari had promised earlier, full high tits and an hourglass figure. She was wearing a bright orange bikini that left little to the imagination, and Jake's cock twitched as he remembered Kari saying that Amber would definitely fuck him today if he wanted it. It was Becca, however, that actually caused his cock to swell: she was extremely beautiful with her curly long dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes, perfect nose, high cheekbones, and full pouty lips. She had on a tiny gold thong bikini that rivaled Maddy's, but she had larger breasts – a perfect handful - and a fuller rounder ass. Becca's blue eyes met his for a long moment, then her eyes roved over his body, and she ran her tongue over her lips in a sensual manner that said, "I want you." What Jake didn't know was whether this was for real or just another tease; he'd need to talk to Kari about it.

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