Lust in La Jolla Ch. 12


After having secured a local mailing address, Jake asked Maria to take him to a local branch of the Chase Bank. It turned out to be straightforward to transfer his account from Europe and open a new checking account. Best of all, his debit card would still work, allowing him to easily make the purchases he had planned for the day. By then, it was a little after noon, and he treated Maria to lunch at a cozy Italian restaurant in La Jolla Shores. While waiting for their order, Maria asked Jake about his experiences on his expedition, and was amazed at how committed Jake must be to endure such isolation. At a lull in the conversation, they found themselves simply looking into each other eyes.

Jake finally broke the silence, saying softly, "You have the most amazing eyes, Maria -- they are so deep and dark that I feel I could just fall into them forever."

Maria blushed and looked down, feeling a little embarrassed as the heat in her face spread through her body. Her nipples were once again stiff under the thin silk and that now familiar ache of pure need throbbed in her groin. Jake reached across and took her hand in his, adding, "I guess I must sound so corny, I'm just embarrassing you ..."

"Oh, no! It's beautiful, what you said, and so romantic! I'm ...well, I guess I got a little embarrassed because, just then, I was thinking about how your eyes are so incredibly sexy, and I was remembering looking in your eyes earlier, when I was ... well, you know, before we left the house, and about how it will be to be look up into those eyes when you are ... umm ..." she dropped her voice to a husky whisper, "on top of me, y'know, and I am wide open to you, waiting for you to slide inside me. So I'm embarrassed because I was just getting totally sexed up from just looking in your eyes, but you're so sweet and romantic."

Jake softly traced his fingertips over her palm, sending shivers of pleasures up her arm, "Oh, believe me, Maria, my thoughts are not so far from yours. I am keeping my promise and I haven't forgotten what you whispered in my ear this morning."

She closed her eyes and let the arousal overtake her, the brush of his touch against her palm a sensual reminder of the way his tongue stroked her clit a few hours before. She could feel the wetness seeping from her pussy again as she groaned in frustration "Omigod, I don't know if I can wait, I need you, right now, so bad!"

Jake was speechless for a long moment and was just about to reply when their waitress appeared with their meals. "Here you go," she chirped, watching with amusement as Maria's eyes snapped open and she jerked her hand back to her lap, as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Despite her long experience observing both subtle and not-so-subtle sexual behavior by couples at her tables, the waitress was more than a little turned on by the heat that this very attractive couple was generating. "Careful, the plates are really hot," she said dutifully as she positioned the meals, and then could not help continuing, "but then, so are you two." She just smiled when they both looked at her in surprise, smoothly finishing, "Let me know if you need anything." Then remembering what she had overheard Maria say as she walked up, she could not help but add as she met Maria's eyes, "as far as the meal is concerned, of course."

In the silence accompanying the departure of the waitress, Jake's thoughts drifted again to the imponderable events of the last few days, and the way women now behaved towards him that just seemed outside the realm of possibility: Maria, here with him now ... Kari ... Maddy and Beth and Becca yesterday ... Jenny on the plane ... even Tanya this morning. Little did Jake know that even as he thought about these women, he was on the minds of every single one of them as well. Maria was looking at him across the table, conscious of the wet heat between her legs and wondering if Jake had a hard-on from what they had been doing before the food arrived.

Many miles away, Kari was on her lunch break in her semi-private corner, watching the video of Jake putting lotion on Maddy and Beth for the second time. Every so often, making sure no one was looking her way, she would sniff Jake's shirt that she had stuffed in her purse, his scent sending a hot thrill through her every time. Her left hand was up her skirt under the desk, rubbing her pussy slowly, simmering with a slow pleasure but at the same time, frustrated she couldn't frig herself to a big -- and way too obvious -- climax. As the clip ended, she thought again about her theory that Theresa had secretly taped her tryst with Jake, and how delicious it would be to watch it.

Amazingly enough, at that very moment halfway around the world, it was near midnight in a hotel room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The very video Kari had been contemplating was playing for an audience of two. Dr. Connor Adams, the respected marine biologist, was sitting naked in a straight-backed chair in front of the screen, his ankles tied to the chair legs and his hands cuffed behind his back. He also had a ball gag in his mouth. Theresa was wearing stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, and a black leather corset that lifted her large breasts in a most arousing way and she stood behind him, leaning over to whisper in his ear. At the same time, she was slowly pumping a big black dildo in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

"Watch closely, honey, this is where I got to suck his beautiful cock. It was so big it stretched my mouth, so hot and hard, and already oozing his sweet pre-cum. It felt so good to slide it in and out of my mouth ... so much bigger than your little dick ... and his body was so hard and muscular. And here is where he started losing control, he was fucking my mouth so hard I could hardly breath, and then he got all tense and ... oh it felt so good when his cock swelled and he shot all that lovely cum into my mouth. Does little Connor need to cum, too? Later, you still have to wait till later, because first I'm going to get myself off on the bed while we watch Jake eat my pussy."

Connor's cock was throbbing, aching to be touched, his arousal painful in its intensity. This was going to be their favorite video for years to come, he was sure of it. Watching the huge-dicked stud taking his wife, while he could do nothing but watch, and to hear her describe exactly how it felt - this was the ultimate turn-on for him. He didn't know why, but it had always been this way, and he was grateful beyond words that he had found a woman who was more than happy to indulge his sexual appetites. He knew that the long night would end when his aching balls would finally get their release, emptying their load into Theresa's tight ass. Before that moment came, however, she would have at least half a dozen orgasms by that time, teasing and ridiculing him relentlessly while they watched her fuck Jake over and over on the screen in front of them.

In yet another corner of the globe, Sara shifted restlessly in her chair behind the receptionist's desk, eyeing the clock, counting down the minutes till she could leave for the day. She had never had such a difficult time keeping focused on her work as today, her mind drifting repeatedly back to the long weekend. After Jake had departed on Sunday morning, she and Gina had stayed in their apartment the rest of the weekend, making love over and over. Sara's fire had been fueled by her fantasies of Jake, and, amazingly enough, that seemed to turn Gina on as well. The strap-on that Gina had pulled out on Saturday night got a lot of use, as did tongues and fingers and a variety of other toys. Sara had lost count of the orgasms, but it was well into the double digits for both of them. At first, returning to work this morning seemed a relief, a respite from the fiery intensity of sexual experience of the last 72 hours. As the day wore on, however, the embers flared again as she recalled the feel of Jake's hard body against hers, the masculine assertivcness of his kiss, and, most of all, the memory of his huge erection the moment she first saw him lying asleep in her living room. She didn't know how Gina would feel tonight, but, glancing up at the clock yet again, she hoped she was ready for more.

Back in California, Maddy added a bit more hot water to her bath, and soaped up her small breasts enthusiastically while the faucet ran. She was still buzzing from an intense orgasm furnished by her shower massager while she imagined sitting on Jake's face while watching Beth deep throat him. Part of her knew she should get up and get started on her plans for the day before her shift at the bar started at 5 pm, but more compelling was the notion that she could just stay in the tub and play while she fantasized some more about Jake. Meanwhile, Amber was driving back from taking her younger brother to a local waterpark for the day, scheming about different scenarios for the next session with Jake and her girlfriends. All alone in her big house for the day, Nicky was dressed in just a long t-shirt at her desk. She had been journaling in her electronic diary for the last hour, describing in detail the fantasy threesome that had filled her thoughts since the party. She hadn't yet decided whether she would submit this piece to the erotica website that she was an occasional contributor to. A corner of her mind was very much aware that the same toy that she had loaned to Beth and Becca was on the bed behind her, and she knew it wouldn't be long before she gave into the obsession that had been steadily building: to be penetrated, to be filled, to be taken pussy and ass at the same time, by long hard spears of throbbing man-flesh, using her body for their pleasure as she took her own.

At the UTC mall in La Jolla, Jenny was having lunch with her roommate Kathy, who was prying more details out of her about Jake.

"Oh, come on, Jen! I saw the way you kissed him, that couldn't have been just from talking to him."

"Well, like I said, it got really bumpy and I was scared. Petrified actually. And he comforted me." Seeing Kathy's questioning look, she continued, "I mean, he put his arms around me, and held me and reassured me. And he felt so strong. And, omigod, he smelled soooo good!"

"You and your smells," Kathy teased. "Then what happened?"

"Nothing really." Raised eyebrows was Kathy's unspoken reply. "I mean, OK, when it calmed down, we were still, y'know, snuggling, and he was kinda softly touching me, my arm is all, but it was feeling really, really good. It's been so long since I've been with a guy, y'know."

"So, I get it, you both got all hot and bothered."

"Well, yeah, if you want to be crude about it, which naturally you do." Kathy just grinned back at her. Jenny fell silent as she remembered the end of the story, the huge bulge in his shorts, and then her uncontrollable arousal -- touching herself right there on the plane - while he was in the lavatory. And then the final kiss, the one that melted her insides like butter on a hot stove.

Waiting silently for Jenny to continue, Kathy first noticed the flush on Jenny's face, and then she couldn't help but observe that Jenny's nipples were visibly erect through her blouse. Kathy was surprised to the point of speechlessness, not knowing what to say. The Jen she had come to know attracted men like moths to a flame but reacted to them in turn like a cool autumn breeze. Clearly, this man Jake had really rung her bell. It wasn't that she was jealous of the attention that Jenny received. Her fresh "country girl" looks and her D-cup breasts, along with a down-home manner that suggested that she liked a good roll in the hay, insured that she got plenty of attention as well. No, she was jealous of the artful way in which Jenny handled the attentions of the male sex, always in control of the situation. She was still puzzled about how Jenny had got into the unhealthy relationship with Brad, but it was characteristic of Jenny that she had walked away the moment it crossed the line into abusive. I just hope he doesn't turn out to be a total prick like Brad, she thought as she considered the glazed look in Jenny's eyes.

"Earth to Jen, come in!" Kathy teased, "Be careful not to overheat on re-entry, you're running hot already."

Jen giggled self-consciously, knowing that Kathy had caught on. "Hey, it's not that obvious, is it?"

"Oh no, not at all," Kathy lied with a grin. "Come on, let's go get an ice cream to cool you off before you go back to work."

A few miles to the west, Isabella pulled up a chair to join Veronica in the small lunchroom. Still in an irritable mood, she almost spat the question at her friend, "So, who was he? And what was he doing here? I saw his slutty girl out in the hall. Fuck, it just pisses me off sometimes."

Veronica knew her volatile friend well enough to know not to even bother asking exactly what it was that made her so angry. In reality, the anger was self-directed, an overwhelming frustration over the powerlessness Isabella felt whenever she encountered a really good-looking man. Even now, she was desperately trying, with mixed success, to get herself out of her most recent sexual obsession with Scott, a lifeguard on the local beach. She desperately wanted to be professional and aloof, completely focused on her graduate work in order to achieve her career goals. Her libido, however, woke up with a vengeance whenever she encountered a certain type of man. Jake had been a roomful of alarm clocks, and she could not get him out of her head.

"He's an incoming grad student," Veronica replied, watching her friend's face closely. Sure enough, a quick flash of excitement shown in Isabella's eyes before her face clouded over. "His name is Jake Schwann, he's coming from the Connor Expedition in the Red Sea."

Isabella groaned, "Oh, that's just fuckin' great. Just what we need, a fuckin' primadonna." She paused as another thought hit her, "Oh shit! You don't think he's going to try to join the Baker group, do you?" Isabella was in Jessica Baker's research team, and their research was in the same field of marine ecology that encompassed the work of the Connor Expedition.

"I really have no idea. And you shouldn't judge him so quickly. He seemed like a reasonable guy, kind of quiet even. He just came by to get a mailing address to use, he's still looking for a place to live. His "slutty girl", as you put it, is just a friend who is driving him around today."

"Hmmppph. Yeah, right, and I'm Angelina Jolie!"

This struck Veronica as funny, because people were often saying that Isabella looked a lot like Angelina Jolie. Veronica actually thought she looked a bit better than the famous actress, but that was just personal taste, she supposed. She could tell, however, that Isabella was mulling over her words, considering the possibilities, imagining what might be able to happen.

"All I'm saying is, give the guy a chance. Book by its cover, and all that, y'know."

"Sure, sure." Isabella was now smiling, the anger gone for the moment. "Look, I've got to run, I'm signed up on the spec for 1:00. Ciao!"

Twenty-five miles to the north, Becca and Beth had arranged to meet during their lunch hours at the Sin Sations Adult Novelty shop in Oceanside. A fresh-faced young salesgirl introduced herself as Melissa and helped them get over their initial embarrassment, showing them over to the double-headed dildos.

"What exactly are you looking for?" Melissa asked helpfully.

"A really thick one!" they both answered in unison, causing all three to crack up. Once they finally stopped giggling, Becca explained, "We want it to match this guy that we ... umm ... happened to get to know, y'know. And he's, like, well ... you wouldn't believe how thick he is."

"And long too!" Beth chimed in.

"Wow ... you guys, like, share him?!"

"Well, we were at this party yesterday, and ... we got kinda carried away," Becca replied.

"Not just us, it was everyone." Beth added.

"Everyone?" Melissa looked at the two "normal-looking" girls in growing fascination. "How many is everyone?"

"Ummm ... there was one couple, they just watched, y'know, and then there was the guy we told you about and, ummm, six girls." Beth answered, blushing as she realized how it sounded.

"Holy shit. You two are blowing my mind. OK, now I've gotta stay and see what matches up to this wonder boy of yours." Melissa pointed to the largest double dildo that sold at an appreciable rate, "This one is 18" long, and about 6" in circumference. If that's too big ..."

"No, not too big," Becca said immediately, "Beth, what do you think?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure that's the same size as Ni- ..." she stopped before she said "Nicky's," out loud, " the other one."

"Yeah, I thought so too." Becca turned to Melissa, "Do you have any that are thicker?"

Melissa just stared at them for a second, thinking they were pulling her leg, but they seemed serious. "Ummm ... we just have one. Don't sell many, generally as gag gifts." She led them to the other side of the rack, and pointed, "Here it is. 30" long, almost 8" in circumference."

Beth picked up the package and examined it carefully before handing it to Becca, "Yeah, pretty close, I think."

Melissa just gaped open-mouthed, before exclaiming, "You're just fuckin' with me, right? Did Jackie put you up to this?"

"We don't know Jackie, and, no, we're not kidding," Becca replied. "Like we said, this guy was amazing."

"Shit! Is he, like, a freak or something? I mean, does he look normal?"

"No, not normal," Beth said with a sigh. "He's drop-dead gorgeous. And he's actually a nice guy, as far as we can tell."

"I'm sorry, I just can't believe you. Men like that just aren't out there, God knows I've looked hard enough."

"Yeah, that's what I would have said before yesterday," Becca agreed. "And, actually, he wasn't out there, he just came into town from another country." After a thoughtful pause, she went on, "I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that lots of women are going to just throw themselves at him, kinda like what we did yesterday, which has got to mess with his head, right?"

Melissa was staring at the huge dong in Becca's hands. She cleared her throat, "Hhrrmmgg ... if you need any volunteers for that, I'm available." Fanning her face with her hand, she added, "Jeez, is it hot in here or what?"

Beth giggled, "Wow, that's too funny. You haven't even seen him and you're hot to trot. What do you think, Becca, should we try to bring Jake by here so Melissa can meet him?"

"Oh God, not here!" Melissa exclaimed. "Couldn't I, like, come along with you two? I mean," she smiled shyly, "I'm cool with a group scene, y'know."

Despite her girl-next-door looks, Melissa was basically a nympho: guys, girls, groups, solo with her toy collection, she needed to get off at least a couple of times a day. It was no accident she was working at Sin Sations -- she was a steady customer before she took the job. The idea of a foursome with these two hotties and their super-stud had her pussy on fire. And if they couldn't get the guy, well, the three of them plus the toy in Becca's hands would definitely do the trick for her.

"I think," Becca replied slowly to Beth, "that I like the way this girl thinks. And she looks pretty damn fine too!" She looked Melissa straight in the eye and asked, "Do you want to get together with Beth and I? I don't think Jake is available tonight, but I think I can get some photos from the party yesterday so you can see him for yourself, and we can check out if this baby" -- she held up the dildo -- "is the right size."

"Oh yeah, that sounds so good to me. Just tell me when and where!"

The question of where was eventually settled with a decision to meet at Melissa's apartment, since neither Becca nor Beth could ensure they would have their houses to themselves. This suited Melissa fine, not only because she felt a little safer at home but also because she thought her toy collection might come in handy. They parted at the front door of the store, Beth and Becca to their separate cars while Melissa went back in with a bounce to her step. All three of them were literally dripping in anticipation of the new sexual adventure awaiting them a few hours ahead.

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