Lust on the High Seas Day 05


By the time I arrived at the Las Angles department store, I had butterflies in my tummy. I couldn't remember feeling like this since my first date with Barbara over four months ago. I was early; almost half an hour early. There was no way Seiko would be there yet. I knew the ship's crew only had limited free time, and she had said 2pm.

I decided to sus the place out. First stop would have to be the cafeteria. I wandered around, not really knowing where I was going and not being able to read the signs. 'This could be a lot harder than I had expected' I thought to myself.

Just then I heard a low, sensual voice behind me. "Hola, senorita?" I turned to see a smartly dressed, attractive black haired woman standing over me.

"Hola," I replied, smiling, but within only a few seconds I was regretting it. With my smattering of Spanish I managed to pick up a few words, but she spoke so quickly that I couldn't really make sense of anything she was saying.

"Can you tell me where the cafeteria is?" I asked. She laughed, then quickly composing herself, she explained in perfect English that it was two floors up, near to the children's clothes and the toy departments. I smiled at her sweetly, and she asked if I would like her to show me the way. I said that would be very kind, and she led me to the lift. We stepped inside and as she pressed the button for floor three, I 'accidentally' stumbled and fell against her, but she quickly caught me.

The scent of her perfume was unlike anything I had ever experienced; rich, yet subtly fragrant, with hints of sweet meadow flowers - quite exotic and intensely arousing.

I looked up for a moment to see her looking down as she held me there for just a few seconds, and I detected an unmistakable look of pleasant surprise in her eyes. I remember thinking, 'If Seiko doesn't show, maybe this kind lady might like to show me around some of the store rooms?'

We got out on the third floor and with a graceful wave of her arm, she gestured the way to the cafeteria, adjacent to the lift. "If there is anything else you need... anything at all," she breathed softly, "you be sure to let me know, she said," smiling kindly.

I began to get the feeling that same sex relationships were far more acceptable in European countries than they were in England; certainly the ladies all seemed to be very 'into' each other. 'This might be a nice place to settle after I graduate,' I thought, not that I'd had much trouble finding willing partners so far.

I smiled and thanked her, then went off to have a quick look around the cafeteria. It looked quite busy with most of the 30 or so tables occupied with people eating lunch, but all I wanted right then was to see where it was.

I decided to have a look around the children's clothes, as I can often fit into the larger sizes, and I had a few minutes to kill. The clothing in Spain was so much more stylish than most of the stuff you can get in the UK - even in kids sizes, and I found myself picking out far more than I could afford.

I settled for one gorgeous little cream top that was almost completely sheer and left my midriff bare. It was 'en oferata' at only €6.90 so I bought it. I asked the assistant for a large bag as 'there were some things in other departments that I liked' I explained, and 'I didn't want to carry lots of bags around.' They were most accommodating, and it wasn't really a lie - there were other things that I liked - but I didn't intend buying any of them.

I got back to the cafeteria at about 1:50pm to find it was a bit less busy, so I sat down on a bench seat at the back of the room giving me a clear view of the entrance. I wanted to be able to see Seiko as she arrived.

As I looked around, I spotted a man who seemed to be watching me from the entrance. I thought I'd seen him before, but then I thought 'That would be stupid. I don't know anyone here,' but it quickly dawned on me - it was the waiter from the Champagne Bar on the ship. I wondered if it was coincidence that he had come here, but I quickly ruled that out. He wasn't coming into the cafe, he was just waiting there by the entrance. Suddenly I realised we had a problem. If he spotted me with Seiko, it could be very embarrassing; not for me, but for her.

I decided to get up and leave. Better to stand her up, I thought, than to compromise her.

I got up and made my way to the exit, completely ignoring him as I walked past, but he called to me.

"I'm sorry? Do I know you?"

"It is me... Carlos... from the bar on the ship."

"Oh. Hello."

"Hello. Do you still want to find somewhere cooler?" he asked, looking at me lewdly.

"Err... No. Sorry. I'm quite busy today."

"Oh, don't rush off. I have something nice for you," he leered.

"No thank you," I told him. I feel sure I must have been frowning.

"Am I not good enough for you?"

"I'm sorry. I told you. I'm busy today."

He reached for my arm and I pulled away, but he grabbed my wrist, so I pushed him to make him let go. "Come on now. Don't play hard to get. You were all for it on the ship."

"I'm not interested," I told him. "Now please leave me alone."

I walked away and he started to follow me so I turned and confronted him. "Look. I don't want to speak to you. If you don't leave me alone I'll report you to the Purser when I get back on board."

I turned to leave again and, as if from nowhere, the tall Spanish woman was there. I realised afterwards, she must have been watching from somewhere nearby, on security cameras.

"Is everything alright Miss?"

"She doesn't like to be called 'Miss'," he interrupted.

"Yes. Thank you," I told her." I was just explaining to this... 'gentleman' that I don't need any help with my shopping."

"Perhaps I could show you where the men's department is sir?" she offered.

"I don't need the men's department," he told her, curtly.

"Perhaps I could help you to find the exit then sir?" she suggested.

"Why? I haven't done anything!"

"No? Would you like me to play back the security tape for you?" He was silent. "But I should warn you," she went on, "that we are only permitted to do that in the presence of the police."

He knew he was beaten. He glared at me and turned to leave.

"I'm so sorry for the... inconvenience," the Spanish lady apologised, after he had left. "If there's anything I can do to help put you at ease, please know that nothing would be too much trouble."

She gave me a provocative smile, and I remember thinking, if I hadn't made plans to meet Seiko, I would have been only too happy to let her put me at ease. I thanked her for her trouble, adding, "If I ever find myself in Cadiz again, I'll be sure to visit this store again."

"Please do," she smiled.

I walked back toward the lift and as I neared the entrance I spotted Seiko walking toward me.

"Don't look at me," I said, looking straight past her as I walked slowly by. "Walk past. Meet me in the perfumery in five minutes." I assumed that she must have spotted him too (probably on his way out), because she didn't even look surprised. She went off straight to the toy department.

I made my way to the perfumery and looked all around, but I could see no sign of him, so I assumed we were all-clear. When Seiko arrived beside me she slipped an arm around my waist.

"Did you see him?" I asked.

"Carlos? Yes. He a pain, she said in her delightful Asian accent." "He always make a nuisance of himself."

"What was he doing here?"

"I thought he was following me," she told me, "but he can't have been. He was coming away."

"I think he must have followed me here," I told her, "but there was a lovely Spanish store detective who got rid of him for me."

"That would be Luciana. Tall with dark hair, and beautiful dark eyes?"

"Yes that's her. You know her?"

"We've met a couple of times," she smiled, looking bashful.

"Well, you're a dark horse, aren't you," I smiled.

Seiko laughed. "So is she. You are lucky to get away with your pants on," she told me. "She would have you in the store cupboard if you're not careful."

"Why would I want to be careful?" I giggled. "That's what I came here for."

"Well I'm glad I got here in time then," she smiled, and kissed me on the cheek. "I've been wanting to do that for days," she told me.

"Is that all?"

"That's all in public," she said, blushing a little.

"Don't I look too young though?" I asked, puzzled.

"Not here," she smiled. "I know you're old enough, but the legal age for consent is only thirteen here. This lot would all fuck you as soon as look at you," she laughed.

I gasped. "You're shocking me," I told her.

"Why? I'm only telling the truth."

"No. What I meant was... on the ship you were so... polite and proper, almost prudish?"

"Well, on the ship my job would be at stake. When I'm ashore, I can be myself," she smiled.

"And... what is 'yourself'?" I asked.

She didn't answer. She just grabbed me by the face and planted a big, sloppy kiss on my mouth.

"Oh! Well I didn't expect that," I told her. "Aren't you a bundle of surprises! I think I like 'yourself'," I added, grinning and waiting for another.

"So... Shall we have that coffee?" she asked.

"Yes, OK, but I'm not sure if we should stay here," I mused. "I don't trust him. If he spots us together he may blab. Let's go somewhere else, I suggested."

We wandered along, hand in hand until we came to a little cafe facing out onto a pedestrian walkway. "This looks nice," I said. "Would you like that coffee now?"

"I'll get them," she offered.

"No," I insisted. "I invited you... and besides, I've hardly spent anything this holiday. I want to treat you," I smiled.

"Well... I won't argue then. We don't get paid much," she laughed.

We peered inside to see two couples who I assumed to be locals, sitting at tables sharing coffees together, and a lone guy eating pizza while reading his paper.

"Let's sit outside," I suggested.

"It's a bit cool," she replied, "and it's more private inside," she added.

"I know," I said, looking up at her with a mischievous smile. "Let's sit outside," I giggled.

"I'm not sure I trust that look you're giving me," she said, smiling, but she went along.

We sat at one of the dozen or so empty tables on the pavement, facing the footpath and the passing pedestrians, and the waiter came out to take our order. We asked for two large cappuccino coffees and I asked Seiko if she would like something to eat. She replied, "Yes, but I'm not hungry," and we both laughed.

Our table was close to the cafe door and as we sat waiting for our coffee I took her hand and held it tightly, in full view of the passing shoppers.

"Are you some sort of exhibitionist?" she asked.

"I don't know," I smiled. "I've never thought about it. Shall we try?" I asked. She shrugged, as if to say 'OK'.

Every now and then, a couple or a group would walk past and give us inquisitive looks, and most times I would smile and give them a wide-eyed, inviting stare, raising my brows provocatively.

A few guys walking along spotted us and one slowed as he came near. He caught my eye and decided to sit facing us, watching as I caressed Seiko's hand, so I smiled at him, dropping my hand to her lap.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Giving him a show," I whispered.

I stroked her thigh up and down close to her knee, and he was so busy watching us that he didn't notice the waiter come up to take his order. I smiled directly at him, enjoying the way he stammered his order while his eyes remained fixed on my hand under the table, making the waiter turn to see what the distraction was.

"Shall we give him a proper show?" I asked.

"You already are doing."

"You're not afraid are you?"

"I've never done anything like this before," she confessed.

"Neither have I."

As I stroked her thigh, she closed her eyes and moaned softly. "Do you like this?" I asked, in a low, guarded voice.

"It's exciting."

"That's the idea," I giggled.

The waiter was about to come over, and I felt sure he would say something, but just then two more guys sat down at a table a little way from him. He said something in Spanish to them and they acknowledged him. He gave us a look, not quite a frown but not very welcoming; more quizzical.

He went inside to get the first guy's order for him, as I continued to stroke Seiko's thigh, reaching up for her hand and placing it on my leg, just as another guy sat down. Now there were four of them watching us.

The waiter returned with the first guy's order, and looked around in some surprise at the sudden crowd of customers waiting to be served. He glanced across at us, smiling to himself and shaking his head as he went over to take the orders from the three new customers, and had no sooner finished writing in his little book when a family of three, including a young girl, stopped outside. They had a quick discussion and the man pointed to a free table close to where Seiko and I were sitting.

By now I had pulled Seiko's skirt right up and she had parted her thighs just enough for me to reach deep down between them, and she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, moaning very softly, enhancing the enjoyment for our spontaneous audience.

The mother and her daughter sat with their backs to the cafe (and us), facing the public thoroughfare, leaving the father to sit opposite them, increasing our audience yet again. I could just make out his face. I thought I recognised him from the ship but I wasn't sure until I heard them order in English. We British are so poor at multi-lingual skills aren't we.

The father sat leaning sideways and sitting slightly hunched to try to see what Seiko and I were doing under the table. Clearly he had picked a table slightly too close, and was now regretting the choice because his viewing angle was too acute. Then he hit on the idea of moving his seat sideways slightly, and slouching down, which worked fine, except he was now displaying to the rest of the clientele, an embarrassing lump in his pants.

Realising this, the poor guy quickly sat forward and leaned on the table, now intently watching my hand groping the top of Seiko's thigh, along with her responses as yet another guy came and sat down.

I turned and smiled at Seiko. "I wonder what they would do if we kissed?" I asked her.

"I don't want to do that here."

"Don't you like me?" I asked.

"Of course I do."

"Don't you want to kiss me?"

"Don't ask me questions like that. Of course I do... but not in public."

"Why not?" I asked. "You did it in the shop."

"That was different. There weren't half a dozen guys watching us then."

"It's not illegal here is it?"

"No... but..."

"Kiss me then," I whispered, staring into her eyes.

My hand began to press up against her crotch as yet another guy sat down, taking the last free table with a clear view of what we were doing.

The guy sitting with his family had been staring so intently that his wife stopped reading the visitor's map she was studying, and turned to look at us, then glanced under the table to see my hand pressed up tight against Seiko's crotch. Her sudden interest made the young girl turn around to look too, and she gasped, staring in wide-eyed shock.

My sweet Asian partner had her eyes closed and was smiling slightly. I smiled at the woman, licking my lips and leaving her in no doubt about what I was doing. She gave me a filthy glare, grabbed her surprised daughter by the arm and dragged the girl off, saying, "Come on Henry! We're leaving!"

"Oh... Pity," I said softly. "She was a pretty little thing. I was just thinking how sweet she might be."

I turned to face Seiko and studied the pleasure on her face as the remaining 5 guys watched us, some intently, others discreetly. The waiter came out again to take another order. He wasn't too concerned with what we were doing by now. His cafe had never been so busy at that time of day.

I looked around at the expectant faces watching us. A couple of them looked back at us, two nonchalantly diverted their gaze, but one, a dark wavy haired guy with greying temples, smiled straight at me. I smiled back at him and licked my lips, then turned toward Seiko. I turned her face to me and moved close.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I told you. I'm going to give them a show."

I pulled her face down to me and pressed my lips against hers, watching out of the corner of my eye as yet another guy sat down. It was like performing in a tiny outdoor theatre, with Seiko and I actresses on an impromptu stage, and an audience of half a dozen guys watching me molesting and kissing her. I turned to look at the one guy who was bold enough to return my gaze, and I licked my lips erotically. He smiled serenely, and nodded.

I pressed my hand down between her thighs and moved it less discreetly, raising the other to grip her breast through the material of her tunic. "What are you doing?" she objected.

"I want to make you cum in front of them," I told her.

"No," she squealed, I'm not doing that.

I turned to face the bold guy and shrugged.

"I need a wee," she told me.

"OK," I replied. "Let's both go. We can do it in there."

I removed my hand from her crotch and raised it to my face, inhaling as I smiled at the bold guy, and he gave me a broad smile, just as the waiter came out to deliver a coffee to the latest member of our audience, so I asked him, "¿Tienes un lavabo?" (Do you have a lavatory?) - one of the few Spanish phrases that I had taken the trouble to learn properly.

He indicated toward the cafe, saying, "La puerta azul en la parte posterior" (The blue door at the back).

We got up together and were about to follow his direction when he added, "Solo hay un cubículo." (There's only one cubicle).

"It's OK," I told him (in English - my Spanish didn't stretch quite that far), "We both need to use it," and I giggled. Seiko looked quite embarrassed.

The waiter pulled a face and shrugged. He didn't really care anymore. His cafe was busy.

We headed to the back of the cafe past all the empty tables and the two couples who looked about ready to leave, and we both squeezed into the cubicle, to the obvious surprise of the few patrons in the cafe.

"What are we doing in here Macey?" Seiko asked.

"We're going to play a little game," I told her. "You said you like games, didn't you?"

"I used to, but I'm not so sure now," she smiled, nervously.

"Do you want to pee or don't you?" I asked. She nodded. "Well, take your pants down and sit." She gave me a curious look. "Come on. We don't have all day," I teased. I turned to the side to hang my large carrier bag on the hook on the cubicle wall, and when I turned back, she was still standing, but with her panties around her ankles.

"I've never kissed a woman in a toilet cubicle before," I told her. "At least, not when she had her pants around her knees," I laughed.

"Those aren't my knees," she replied, and I could have sworn I heard someone laughing, out in the cafe.

We weren't even trying to be quiet. I reached up to slide my arms around her neck, and we kissed, a long slow kiss; only my second proper kiss with her, and my first ever in a toilet cubicle; not very luxurious, but quite exciting all the same.

"What are we doing here?" she asked.

"Didn't I just tell you? We're going to have some naughty sexy fun. That was the plan, wasn't it?"

I folded my arms around behind her neck and slipped my tongue into her mouth as she leaned down to kiss me, her arms gathering me up and lifting me from the floor. We kissed like that for a good minute before she let me down again.

I smiled. "Now. You want to play this game?" I asked.

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