Lust on the High Seas Day 05


"What game?"

"Do you really want to pee?"

"I think I have to."

"OK. This game is called 'How long can you hold it'."

"Ohhh..." she groaned. "I don't like to sound of that. Do I need to guess what happens?"

"No," I laughed. "I'll show you."

I sat her down on the toilet seat and said, "Now, don't pee. You have to hold it." I leaned forward and kissed her again, reaching down between her parted thighs until my fingers found her pussy, and I began to stroke the moist slit gently, saying, "Now don't you dare pee on my hand or I'll make you lick it clean."

I teased her like that for a minute or so, while wriggling my panties down with the other hand, then slipping my shoes off one by one, I dropped them into the bag hanging on the cubicle wall, followed by my panties.

I licked my fingers clean as I told her, "Now you have to do the same for me."

While she was stroking my pussy I began to unbutton her tunic and her blouse. Her bra was full to overflowing and I spent a few happy minutes just fondling her breasts as her fingers slipped slowly and carefully up inside me.

"You know you have to suck your fingers after this, don't you."

"That won't be any hardship," she giggled, pushing two fingers deep into me and making me moan.

I removed her tunic and twisted around to drop it into the large carrier hanging on the coat hook, then bent down to kiss her. As she put her tongue in my mouth I reached into her bra scooped one beautiful heavy breast out.

"What are you doing, you bad girl?" she laughed.

"Nothing," I smiled, reaching in to scoop the other out.

She looked simply adorable sitting there on the khazi with her blouse open and her boobs hanging out from the front of her bra, and I kissed her gently on the lips as the fingertips of my free hand began to caress her, all over her generously proportioned breasts, stroking and teasing all around the areola as she fingered me.

She wasn't quite as big up there as I remembered, but then my recollection 'was' from a fantasy dream, so it was easy to accept that my imagination had exaggerated her proportions somewhat.

"You're not going to pee yet, are you?" I asked, sitting astride her thighs and reaching down again.

"I will have to do it soon," she moaned.

"You can do it when you've eaten me," I told her, pressing my lips to hers and easing my tongue into her mouth again.

I kissed her for over a minute like that, my middle finger of one hand stroking the groove between her extended labia and the other tweaking her nipple as she wriggled on the seat.

"Oh God Macey, this is torture," she moaned when I finally broke from the kiss to let her speak.

"I know," I giggled, smiling as I gazed deep into her beautiful dark eyes.

I twisted over forward and sideways to take as much of one full breast in my mouth as I could manage, running my tongue around the stiffening nipple and easing two fingers up into her, making her cry out with pleasure, then I reached up to kiss her again.

She moved to put her arms around me but I stopped her. "If you don't do as you're told, I won't finish it for you."

"Ooohh, you're so cruel," she moaned.

Just then, there was a knock on the cubicle door. "¿Hay alguien ahí?" (Is there someone in there?), a man's voice called.

Seiko gasped, and I giggled. "No será largo," (Won't be long), she replied.

"You know Spanish?" I asked as we heard the footsteps moving away.

"A little," she replied. "Qualification for the job," she smiled, "but we should go," she added, looking slightly worried.

"Why?" I asked. "He can go somewhere else, can't he? We haven't had our fun yet."

I gripped her full breasts, one in each hand, and kneaded them roughly, pinching the nipples between my thumb and the base knuckles of my forefingers as I kissed her again.

"Hey. Go careful," she complained.

"Your turn," I told her, raising my arms up and clasping them behind my head. "Undo me," I told her, "but remember... you mustn't pee yet."

"I really have to do it soon," she moaned.

She opened my blouse and immediately her hands were inside, groping my body and kissing my petite breasts urgently, as she hugged me against her.

"Lick me," I whispered.

She licked and sucked and bit me gently, clearly loving every minute.

"I thought you'd never done this before?"

"Oh no. I love this, but I just have to be careful on the ship. If they knew about the things I like to get up to, I could lose my job."

"Why? Everyone's entitled to their sexuality, aren't they?"

"Not if you work with kids."

"Well, no-one can see us in here," I smiled, kissing her again.

"That's good," she purred, pressing her face into my body.

I reached down and fingered her again as she kissed me, and I felt a warm trickle of something in my hand.

"Stop it," I warned.

"I can't help it," she whined.

"You'd better not pee on me," I told her.

"Take your hand away then."

"No. I told you. You have to hold it. You can't do it until you have your tongue inside me," I laughed.

"Well, make it quick then," she laughed.

I stood and slipped the blouse from my shoulders, leaning forward and turning to the side to stuff it into the large carrier along with the jumble of other clothes, as she reached out to curl her tongue around my nipple. It felt so good. I waited there for a minute while struggling in the awkward position to unfasten my skirt, slipping it off to quickly join the other items in the bag. It was so full it was bashing against my head, but not for long.

When I had finished I stood before her, quite naked, except for my shoes and socks.

She just stared at me, wide-eyed and looking hungry.

I sat on her lap again and we kissed, her hands now exploring everywhere, and I mean 'everywhere'. She was so dirty. I let her lean me back in her arms to kiss and lap at my body for a while, so petite and frail compared to hers, her fingers reaching deep inside me, becoming thoroughly drenched as she tried to bring me off.

"Give me a taste," I whispered.

"Why are you whispering?"

"Give me a taste," I asked, louder.

She raised her hand between our faces, extending her two dirty fingers out from the fist, laying them lengthways between our mouths, and we kissed across her fingers, sharing my juice and sucking them clean as we kissed.

Unsatisfied, I lapped the sweetness from her mouth, and she jumped back in surprise. "Don't you like that?" I asked.

I wasn't expecting it, she laughed.

"Do it again, I begged." She repeated the act several times, and each time I finished by licking her face, until she copied me and started to lick me instead. It felt so good, she reminded me of my school days with Angie.

"You're good at this," I told her.

"I learn fast," she smiled.

"Can you lift me?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

I reached out for her arms to stop me from falling as I pulled my legs up, passing my feet through the gap between us and bringing my calves to rest on her shoulders. "Like that," I giggled.

She gripped my legs from behind the knees and began to heave me up, kissing the inside of one thigh as her hair caressed the other, until the back of my shoulders were resting on her knees as my open crotch came closer and closer to her lips.

"Are you going to do it for me?" I laughed.

"What do you think?"

"I think you should."

"Baby, you have no idea," she said softly, her lips closing gently over my exposed mound.

I laughed, excitedly as I felt her tongue begin to trace up and down the length of my slit, and I let out a cry, then gasped as she began to suck greedily on my clitty.

"Mmmm... you taste delicious," she said softly, her warm breath playing on my bald pussy, exciting me.

Her left arm wrapped around my waist and her right hand reached down to grasp first one then the other firm little breast, as her tongue began to reach into me. I let out a cry of pleasure as I felt her searching around inside me, and my legs stretched out wide, my feet kicking noisily against the sides of the cubicle. I dread to think what the other customers must have thought at the noises coming from the usually quiet back-room, but at that point neither of us cared.

I quickly discovered that Seiko was very skilled in the art of cunillingus, and soon I was crying out far too loudly for our semi-public environment. This went on uninterrupted for a wonderfully long time, until eventually there was another knock on the cubicle door.

"Yes! Yes!" I cried.

"¿estás bien en allí?" (Are you alright in there?), a Spanish woman's voice called.

Seiko's eyes peered down at me, but she wasn't about to leave the job half done. She continued to plunge her tongue into me as hard and as fast as she could.

"Hola?" (Hello?), the voice came again.

"Yes! Yes! Oh my God yes!" I called in reply, making Seiko giggle.

The woman's footsteps went away, returning a few minutes later with a second set, as an English speaking Spanish voice asked, "Is everything alright?"

"Oh God yes! Yes! Couldn't be better." Seiko laughed again.

A man's voice said something in Spanish and the woman added, "I think you must come out now."

"Give me... Oh my God, yes! ... Just a minute more. Oh please... Yes! Yes!"

The footsteps went away and Seiko continued to pleasure me to the point of orgasm, making me let out such a cry as the sensation engulfed me, making me tremble and shudder.

A few seconds later I heard the familiar sound of running liquid falling into water, and Seiko let out a sigh of relief. I had to laugh.

"We must go," she said.

"What about your turn?"

"There isn't time," she said. "You can do me next time, or maybe we can find somewhere private on the ship?"

"Isn't that a bit risky for you?"

"We'll see," she smiled.

We both dressed and tried in vain to compose ourselves as we prepared to face the audience in the cafe, who we felt sure must have all been listening.

We kissed one more time, long and slow, before emerging, taking the four or five steps into the cafe, which we were surprised to find was now crowded. The proprietor took little or no notice of us. He was busy serving an unexpected rush of customers, but almost every other face in the place was turned toward us. It seems word had got around.

There was one old guy who was sitting close to the door, who caught my eye. He was sitting next to the guy who had been smiling at us so intently while we were outside. I guessed the first guy had called him in or something - but it was clear they all knew what had been going on.

He was still smiling broadly, as were many of the other customers who were sat nursing their coffees or beers. I thought he was about to say something, but instead he raised his hands from the table and began to slowly clap his hands together. Another guy joined in, then another and another, slowly gathering speed until the whole room, with very few exceptions, were applauding us. I looked up at Seiko who was blushing, and I felt myself colour up too, but I smiled at them all, looking around the room.

I took Seiko's hand and we took a bow, laughing as we stepped through the array of tables and out into the street beyond.

We were about to pay for our coffees and leave when the proprietor stopped the waiter from taking out money, addressing us in his broken English.

"Please. There is no charge. You can come tomorrow?" he asked. "We are being so busy today," he told us, looking around with a pleased smile.

We smiled at him and Seiko began to tell him, "Oh, I'm sorry..." but I stopped her.

"We will try our best," I told him, and he smiled happily as we left, fully expecting to be treated to another impromptu cabaret in the ladies room, which had clearly created so much new business for him.

"Do you have any free time tomorrow? I asked Seiko, as we walked hand-in-hand back toward the port, only breaking our coupling as we neared the port perimeter.

"No, she replied, sadly." My next leave time will be in two days when we dock at Gibraltar. That will be from 7am to 9am, but the gangplank won't be down until 8am so I would get less than an hour ashore."

"Oh," I said, feeling disappointed. "I'll see you at dinner though, won't I?"

"Oh yes. I'll be on duty tonight."

We parted company at the port entrance, taking care to only kiss each others' cheeks, in a typically theatrical farewell, parting to ascend separate gangplanks onto the ship.

I called in to my cabin to drop off my shopping, but Mam and Dad weren't back yet, so I and went up to the top deck to watch the sail-away. The black soul band Synergy were playing on the deck and this time when I danced in front of them, both the girl singer and the bass player were giving me smiles a lot of the time. That made me feel good. I'd had fun being fucked by Seiko, and it also looked like the girl singer was at last interested in me.

Before very long, my mam and dad had turned up too, and came over to greet me.

"Did you have a nice time with your friend dear?" my mam asked.

"Yes thanks Mam. It was lovely just exploring new places," I told her, obviously not wanting to share the innuendo.

"Where did you go then?"

"We found a quaint little cafe in a walkway near the port," I told her. "It was lovely in there. We stayed the whole while... until it was time to come back. Where were you?" I asked. "I began to wonder if you'd be back in time to watch the sail-away from the ship. I thought you might have decided to watch it from the shore," I joked.

"Oh no dear," she said, quite seriously, "I'd much rather see it from up here."

I had to turn away to stifle my laugh.

"Where were you then?" I asked again?

She faltered for a moment. I hadn't realised that she might have been evading the question. "We... We went back to the cabin for a rest dear," she replied.

I instantly knew that wasn't true. "Oh but..." I began, then changed my mind, thinking better of it.

"What is it dear?" she asked.

"Oh... Nothing," I told her. Wherever they had been, I knew it wasn't our cabin. The bed was tidy and I'd left my shopping on it almost an hour ago.

I wondered if they might have hooked up with that couple they were talking to in the cafe where I had left them. I wouldn't have put Mam and Dad down as a couple of old swingers, but you never can tell what people will get up to on holiday, can you. I was certainly in no place to criticise, after what I'd been up to in the cafe, was I?

We watched the port and then the shore fade away into the distance, then set off back to our cabin. The first thing my mam spotted was my shopping bag on their bed.

"Oh..." she said, looking highly embarrassed. "You've been back already."

"Yes," I told her. "I dropped it off as I came on board, a couple of minutes before you met me," I lied. I had to. I couldn't catch her out and embarrass her. "You must have left already," I smiled, letting her off. She looked relieved. "Did you go for a drink or something first?" I asked.

"We stopped to have a look in the restaurant on the way," she told me; and that's where we both decided to let the matter drop, before one of us accidentally said something that couldn't be easily explained away.

When we went to the restaurant for dinner, later that evening, I looked around for Seiko but she was nowhere to be seen. All through dinner I was watching for her, but she didn't show. I started to become quite worried. I knew she had said she was on duty, and I had watched her board the ship, so I couldn't understand why she wasn't in the restaurant as she had said she would be.

"What's wrong dear?" my mam asked.

"Oh, nothing. I was just looking for someone," I told her.

"Not a certain boy I suppose?" she asked discreetly, fishing for information and giving me a sly wink.

"No Mammy. Someone else," I said absently.

"Oh well... I'm sure they will turn up. Are you coming to see the show dear? It's a magician tonight. I've heard he's supposed to be quite good."

"I may come along later Mammy," I told her. "There's something I need to do first."

I let them go on ahead, then I snuck off to the Purser's desk to ask about Seiko.

"Do you know the lady's surname?" the guy on the desk asked.

"No, sorry. I only know her as Seiko."

"Do you know her cabin number?"

"No, I'm sorry. I know she's in charge of the Children's Club."

"Oh... You mean she's a member of the crew?"

"Sorry. Did I not say that?" I knew I had done. He hadn't been listening, but I didn't want to make a big deal about it.

He smiled. "Let me check for you. May I ask what the enquiry is about?"

"Only that I expected to see her in the dining room. She's also a wine waiter."

He gave me a quizzical look. "This isn't a personal enquiry is it miss?"

I decided it best not to annoy him by saying I don't like to be called 'Miss'. "Not really," I lied. "I had expected her to be on duty but she wasn't there this evening."

"Well... it is irregular, but let me see what I can find out for you," he smiled before walking away.

He returned a few minutes later, looking quite serious. "I regret to have to inform you that Miss Seiko Wan is indisposed."

"You mean she's ill?" I asked.

"No miss. She is indisposed."

"Oh, I said, feeling disappointed. Well... will she be on duty tomorrow?" I asked.

"I'm sorry miss. I'm told that Miss Wan is permanently indisposed."

"What?" I cried. "What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry miss. I'm not at liberty to discuss the situation any further."

"But... But, you must. You can't just tell me something like that and expect me to go away happy."

"I'm sorry miss. Perhaps if you would like to bring your parents to the desk we could discuss it further?"

"Why do you want to speak with my parents?"

"I'm sorry miss. I'm told this is quite a delicate matter. I'm not permitted to discuss it with anyone who has not been authorised by Miss Wan herself, and in any event I'm not permitted to discuss the matter with a minor."

"A... minor?"

"Yes miss. I'm very sorry miss."

I calmly passed him my card, forgiving his assumption. "Would you please be kind enough to ask Miss Wan if she would mind giving her permission for you to discuss the problem with me?"

He gave me another quizzical look, and checked my card on his machine. "Would you mind waiting for a moment miss? I'll ask if we are able to permit you to see Miss Wan."

He went away for almost ten minutes while I waited patiently. When he came back he told me, "I'm afraid it won't be possible for you to see Miss Wan at the moment, but I have spoken with her and she had agreed for me to tell you about her... 'situation'. It appears she has broken the terms of her employment, and as a result she will be required to leave the ship.

"What?" I cried, quite loudly. I must have sounded distraught. "What has she done?"

"Perhaps you would like to discuss this somewhere a little more private?" he suggested, looking aside.

I looked around at the other people queuing to be seen, and they were all staring at us. "Oh... Yes, OK. Thank you."

He showed me into a small office with a desk and three chairs, and invited me to sit down. I could feel myself trembling slightly as he took the seat behind the desk and asked how he could help.

"You could start by letting me see her," I began. I could hear the tremble in my voice.

He could see I was extremely upset. "I'm really sorry miss," he said, sounding very sympathetic. "I did ask for you, but I'm afraid I'm not permitted to allow Miss Wan to see anyone until after the First Officer has spoken with her, and that won't be until 9am tomorrow."

"What is she supposed to have done?" I asked again.

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