tagGroup SexLust on the High Seas Day 06

Lust on the High Seas Day 06


Please consider the Preamble for Day 1 as an integral part of this episode.

Also, at just over 20,000 words, this is another fairly long episode, but much of this is a lengthy transcript of recorded conversations. This sets the background for subsequent episodes, but 'could' be skipped if it holds little interest for the reader.

Words: 20,115


Title: Lust on the High Seas: Day 6 – Malaga.

I was up early the following morning, and in the bathroom long before my mam and dad were even awake.

"Good morning dear," my mam greeted me as I was getting dressed. "You're up early. Are you going to watch the ship dock?"

I hadn't really thought about having a reason for being up, but that seemed as good as any. I didn't really want to lie to her so I just said, "I thought it might be interesting."

"Well, we'll probably see you at breakfast then," she told me, rolling over and putting an arm around my dad.

"Bye," I whispered as I slipped out of the door. "Sorry I woke you." It was still only 8:30, but I didn't want to waste a second more than I had to.

I grabbed a quick bite of breakfast, snatching up anything and everything as I went along the buffet. I didn't really care much what it was, just as long as it looked appetising. I was more interested in getting down to see Georgia, so we could find out about how we could help poor Seiko.

I ended up with a weird mixture of sliced processed meat, cheeses, dried fruit, bread, preserves, and a miscellany of assorted bits of cooked foods like sausages and bacon, scrambled egg, etc. and a glass of fruit juice.

People were giving me the strangest looks, but I just smiled. "Protein diet," I told them, and they all seemed to think that was OK.

I hurried my breakfast and arrived outside Georgia's suite by ten minutes to nine.

"Good morning," she greeted me with her endearing Spanish accent. "You're a bit early, but come in," she said, opening the door.

Clarita was still in bed with her arms wrapped around the sleeping Anna, spooning her, and I looked across to the other bed where the Asian sisters slept. Preeti was pretending to be asleep, or just waking, and Dina must have been in the bathroom.

Clarita looked up as I entered. "You come too?" she asked, smiling and inviting me into her bed. I was about to reply when Georgia answered her for me.

"We have to go to the Purser's office! I told you!"

She looked disappointed, but snuggled up to the sleeping blonde, kissing her ear and the nape of her neck as I noticed her arm move down under the covers, and Anna let out a moan of pleasure, raising one knee slightly, to allow Clarita's hand to wake her in the most beautiful way.

"That woman iss insatiable," Georgia laughed softly. "I always have to find new friends for her, or she would wear me out."

"Is that why you love her?"

Georgia turned to look at me with an expression of surprise, but she smiled. "Partly," she said softly.

"I wonder if I might stay with you one night," I said quietly to Georgia as I jealousy watched Clarita and Anna together.

"I should think we could arrange something," she told me, sliding her arm around me and gathering me close to kiss my temple, then my cheek, then my neck.

She pulled me in close and planted a deep-tongued kiss on my mouth, but I pulled away. "Let's not forget what we are here for," I reminded her, laughing.

She smiled. "You had better keep reminding me," she laughed. "Si. OK. We go now. Let us see what we can do," she smiled.

We queued for ten minutes at the reception desk to see someone. The ship was in port and it seemed that half of the 2,000 people aboard had some irritatingly pointless question to ask about the town, or their passports, or some other insignificant rubbish, and of course they all had to wait until they were about to go ashore. I know that wasn't really true of course, but I was impatient and I couldn't stop thinking about poor Seiko being worried, locked away and not knowing what the future might hold for her. I just wanted to get her freed as soon as possible.

When we finally did get to see someone, it was an attractive Asian looking woman. I had spoken with her when we first came aboard and I'd asked about a soft drinks package (you can buy drinks at all the bars, but they are ridiculous prices, or you can buy a 'package' and they charge you a fixed price 'per day' up front, and mark your Cruise Card, so you can get as many drinks as you want at the bars without paying again). But I digress.

"Hello," she greeted us with a smile. "I hope you're enjoying your cruise," she added, leaning forward and smiling 'especially nicely' to me, then she looked at Georgia curiously. I'm sure she must have recognised Georgia and probably wondered why we were together. Thinking about it, I should imagine most of the crew would have known Georgia and Clarita by then.

"I need to speak with one of your crew... A lady called Seiko?" Georgia began.

"Ahhh... Yes. I'm sorry but Miss Seiko Wan is unavailable at present," the woman replied, giving us a sympathetic look. I supposed that the rumour had got around by then.

"I know this," Georgia replied, "and I know why. I believe she has had some... 'problem' and I would like to help."

"Oh. I see. Well, would you mind waiting a moment? I'll go and enquire for you." She went away for a few minutes, and on her return she invited us into the interview room where the kind man had taken me the previous evening.

"If you wouldn't mind waiting here for a few minutes, I've put a call out for the Second Officer. He should be able to explain the situation for you."

We waited there for ten minutes or more, during which time the lady came in and asked us if we wanted some drinks. Georgia had a coffee and I just had water.

Eventually the second officer arrived, looking resplendent in his smart Summer Whites with two gold flashes on his epaulette.

"Good morning," he greeted us. I couldn't help thinking how dishy he looked in his crisp white uniform.

"I understand you are concerned about Miss Seiko Wan?" he asked.

"Si. I wan to pay her fine," Georgia told him. She was smiling at him in that unmistakable way. Clearly she found him attractive too. That surprised me. I thought she was completely gay, but evidently not.

"There is no fine madam," he explained. "I'm told that Miss Wan has breached the terms of her employment, and as a result her position with the company has been terminated with immediate effect. As part of the terms of her agreement, she will be required to leave the ship when we next reach port. Until then..." he didn't finish.

"OK. I will pay her fare," Georgia interrupted, "so she can stay aboard as a passenger." I turned to look at Georgia in amazement, as did he, thrown off his guard by her sudden intervention.

He paused before asking, "Would you mind waiting for a moment?"

"Huh. Wait for this. Wait for that." Georgia was clearly becoming as agitated as I had been.

I reached for her hand. "Georgia. Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"Do you know another way?" she countered, almost curtly. I withdrew and shrugged.

"Oh, I am sorry little one..." she apologised for snapping at me. "I just feel so annoyed when these... 'people'..." she paused to choose a sufficiently inert word, "they just mess about with their red tapes."

"Do you need some money?" I offered. "I promise I will pay you back."

"Don worry for that little one," she smiled kindly. "I have all the moneys I need."

I was thinking, I had rarely met anyone as kind and generous. The dishy officer came back after less than a minute and announced, "I've had a word with the First Officer and explained the situation. He said he would like to come down to meet with you personally, to discuss what, if anything, can be done."

Georgia sighed. "That's good isn't it?" I asked.

She shrugged, with a reserved. "We will see."

"Is there anything I can do for you whilst you are waiting?" he asked.

"Would you be kind enough to tell Miss Wan that we are here, and we'll try our best to help her," I asked him.

"She knows you are here Miss," he replied, with a kindly smile. At least there was some comfort in that.

Ten minutes later and the First Officer arrived; a tall, stern looking man. I didn't expect we would get much help from him, but he dispelled that fear the very moment he spoke.

"Good morning ladies," he greeted us, kindly. He didn't give us a chance to reply, but launched straight into his address, almost certainly more accustomed to giving instructions than listening to the other party. "I've been briefed about the situation and I understand you would like to help. Perhaps you wouldn't mind repeating your suggestion to me, so I can be absolutely clear."

"Our friend, Miss Seiko Wan," Georgia began, "iss being held for what you call a breach of the terms of her employment." She paused for his response but he simply waited for her to finish. "If there iss a fine to pay, I am prepared to pay this. If this iss not so, I am prepared to pay her fare so she can remain aboard as a passenger."

"I see," was all he replied.

"May we see her?" I asked.

I'm afraid that won't be possible at the moment, he replied.

"Why not?" Georgia retorted. "Surely you have spoken with her by now? We were told that we could see her after you had had time to interview her."

"I'm afraid arrangements are in place to collect her belongings together to prepare for her disembarkation tomorrow."

I almost screamed at him. "You can't do that. It wasn't her fault. She..."

Georgia stopped me. "Don say anything more little one," she warned, raising her hand in front of my face. "May I speak with my friend alone for a minute?" she asked of him.

"Of course," he replied, getting up to leave, "and... I didn't hear that," he smiled back at us as he left the room.

"That was kind," Georgia said to me, smiling reassuringly.


"Because, little one, until we hear what they know of what happened, they may not have any case against her. You say the waiter did not see you with her, and we don know if the woman in the cafe was even a passenger."

"Oh..." I sighed. I thought for a moment. "I've ruined our chances then," I almost sobbed.

"Not necissa... Not necassar... This does not have to be."

I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. It seemed as if she had done that on purpose to cheer me. Georgia was such a kind woman at heart.

"If he iss good to his word, then no harm iss done. Why don you leave this with me?" she asked. "I can talk more freely if we are just one to one. You can go visit with your friend. I will see what I can do here."

"What friend?"

She smiled, knowingly. "You can see your boyfriend today."

"Boyfriend?" I asked, cautiously.

"The one you are in the Champagne Bar with a few days ago."

"How do you know about him?"

"I have friends too," she smiled. "One of them, she ask me, 'Who iss the cute little girl I see you talking with at the Jacuzzi?' and I say 'She iss my little sex toy for a few days,' and she say, 'Do you know she has a boyfriend?' and I say, 'How do you know this?' and she say, 'I see them together in the Champagne Bar,' and I say, 'Does he fuck her?' and she say, 'Well, they don fuck in the Champagne Bar, but they do go away together'," she smiled.

"Oh," I said, feeling somewhat compromised, even though she didn't seem to be annoyed at all.

"I think you did not fuck him that day, because you came to..." she paused, "to 'visit' with me and our friends... and the day before you were with us too," she added with a broad smile, remembering the amazing times we had all had. "Yesterday you and your Seiko friend were getting... acquainted... so I don know when you can have time to be fucking with the boy," she laughed.

"You're not jealous?" I asked.

She smiled. "Of 'course' not," she laughed softly, raising her voice in pitch and shaking her head. "You come to us so easy. I am not so simple to think I am the only one you waan to play with."

I sat quietly, pondering over what to tell her.

"Well, little one?" she asked softly, placing a finger under my chin and raising my eyes to hers. "Do you fuck him?"

I stalled for an answer. I could hardly tell her that I wanted to fuck him. "I only saw him the once, and we didn't have anywhere to go," I told her at last.

"You could bring him with you to visit with me?" she suggested.

I have to say, at first I was shocked, but she smiled serenely, wistfully looking into the distance. For all the sex she probably enjoyed, I wondered if maybe, deep down she was still lonely? "If he has a good cock, maybe he like an older lady too? It is such a long... long time since I feel a strong, young man inside me."

She looked at me, and smiled kindly. "Would you share him little one? Hmmm? Could you?"

"I suppose..." I smiled, thinking to myself, 'How weird that would be?' "but it's up to him, isn't it," I told her. "Anyway, I'd like to stay for this if I may," I added. "I feel responsible for her."

"OK. But get this thing clear. You are not responsible for any decision that another adult is making. Seiko must know the conditions of her job when she joined, Si? She know the rules."

"I suppose," I sighed.

"If this thing that you two do is against her job rules, it is she who broke the rules, not you. OK?"

"OK," I replied, yet still reluctant to accept that this was not my doing.

"But, still we don know if she did break any rule. Let me talk with these people before we accept what they say. Hmmm?"

There was a knock at the door and the First Officer returned. "Shall we continue?" he asked.

"Si. Please to do," Georgia agreed.

"Well, I've been looking through the pricing structure and I made a few enquiries with our headquarters. I have to say this is all highly irregular, but it's just possible... we may be able to do something." We all smiled, "But," he went on, "I can't promise anything... and even if we can find a solution, we can't do anything about it without Miss Wan's agreement. I will need to ask the Purser to speak with her first."

"May we see her then?" I asked again.

"I'm afraid I can only allow one visitor at a time," he told us. "I'm sorry, but this is strict company policy."

"Huh. Red tapes again," Georgia muttered. "Look," she said to me, "why don you leave this with me. If we can do somethings then I will do it."

"But... how will I know what happened?"

The First Officer interrupted. "If I may suggest?" he offered, "we have to record our conversations with the defendant in any situation like this." I was horrified. He was calling Seiko 'The defendant', like she was some sort of criminal. "If I were to leave the recorder in the room," he went on, "with a few spare tapes, perhaps you could record your conversations and play those back to the young lady afterwards?"

Georgia smiled at him and nodded. "Does this sound good to you?" she asked of me.

I smiled, "Yes. Thank you so much."

"OK. So, you go and have your day with your friends. Come to see me later... say... 4pm. If we can do this thing I will know by then," she smiled.

"Are you sure it will be alright?" I asked. "I feel guilty about leaving you to sort out my mess alone."

"Si," she replied. "It iss interesting for me. Somethings new... different. Anyways, iss better that I see them alone. I am..." she hesitated, thinking, "unconcerned."

"You don't care?" I exclaimed, sounding horrified.

"No. No little one. Not that. It iss bad word to use. I mean, I can be... err... how do you say... not passionate."

"Impartial?" I suggested.

"Si. Impartial." She took my face in her hands and moved in close to smile. "Don worry little one, she told me, reassuringly. If there iss anything we can do to help, I will do this."

I flung my arms around her neck and thanked her, kissing her ear, and using a tiny bit of tongue, just to let her know I really meant it.

"Go now," she laughed. "Quick now... before I forget where we are."

I bade her farewell and went off to find Shreeya. The Queens Room was just two flights up so I looked there first. There was a classical guitar concert in progress, and as sophisticated as I imagined Shreeya might be, I hardly expected that she would be in there, but I looked for her anyway.

It was about 10:30am and the Karaoke was just about to start in the Pub, so I looked in there next. I didn't see Shreeya, but I did spot my mam and dad. Unfortunately they also spotted me. My mam waved, inviting me over to join them, but I tried my best to signal to them that I was looking for someone. Mam obviously couldn't understand what I meant and threw up her hands with a shrug, as if to say, 'I don't have any idea what the fuck you're talking about,' except of course that my mam would never use such a word ('notion' would be more like her - I jest).

I made some ridiculous signs like thumbing a lift over my shoulder, then 'walking' with my fingers, to tell her I was going, not realising that simply giving her a wave and then actually going would have conveyed the message much more lucidly.

My next stop was across the aisle in the Casino. I was so thankful that I found Shreeya in there, sitting at one of the Roulette tables, because the only other place that she said she might be was the Champagne Bar, and I dreaded the idea of having to go in there again, after having been mildly attacked by the waiter Carlos the day before in the Las Angles store.

I stood behind her for a few minutes, watching her lose $5 a spin, until I hit on the idea that for the most part, the numbers came up alternately black then red or odd then even. So, the next time the croupier called "Place your bets," I leaned over her and took two of her chips, making her look up to see who was stealing her stake money. She smiled broadly and stroked my arm, hugging it in to her body quite erotically and pulling my hand down into her lap for a moment, before inviting me to sit with her.

I placed her chips, one on red and one on even, as the last number to come up was black 19. The spin landed on red 30, which won her the stake money back, plus $10.

"If you can keep that up," she smiled, "you can stay here all day."

"I can think of a much better game we can play," I told her.

"Does it involve being horizontal?" she asked, smiling pointedly.

It can do, most of the time," I grinned, "but it doesn't have to."

"Hmmm... now you've got me puzzled."

"Don't worry. It's probably what you're thinking of, but with a slight variation."

"Ooohh, I can hardly wait," she giggled.

"I do have to ask a favour though."

"Of course."

"Can we use your cabin?"

"I had assumed we would," she agreed. "Come on," she said, taking my hand and pulling me away.

"Don't you want your chips?" I asked.

"Not as much as I want what you have in mind," she laughed, but she gathered them anyway.

"Not cashing them in?" I asked, as she scraped them into her bag.

No point. I'd only be getting more tomorrow," she laughed.

"We might be busy again tomorrow," I told her.

She stopped to stare at me, looking perplexed. "What?" I asked.

"I'm just wondering," if I use your strategy, would I have time to win back everything I lost, by this evening?"

"No, of course not."


"Because..." I moved close to her ear to whisper, "I'm going to fuck you all through lunch and into the afternoon."

She just grinned.

"Anyway," I added, "it can't always work," I told her. "It's all just luck. We could just as easily have lost it."

"Then you'd have owed me $10."

"I'll sell you my body."

"Done!" She took my hand and pulled me toward the lift lobby (elevators), pressed the 'Call' button and stood there, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring. We got in and she went to press 7 for our deck, but I stopped her, pressing 10 instead.

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