Lust on the High Seas Day 06


"Are you OK with this?" she asked of Danny, tentatively. He nodded silently as she reached down to grip his shaft through the underpants.

"Does that feel nice?" she asked. He just lay there making 'Mmmm' noises.

"Are you just here for the show?" she asked, turning to me. "I thought I was just helping with this?" she asked.

"You are helping," I giggled, watching them both and reaching down under my skirt.

"Come on," she urged. "Danny is supposed to be your boyfriend after all."

I smiled and climbed up onto the bed the other side of him, and between us, both bare breasted, we peeled his underpants away, swiftly sending them off to make friends with her discarded bra, and I watched, fascinated as Shreeya's hand curled around it. It was certainly not the biggest I've ever seen - not by a long stretch, if you'll excuse use the pun, but it was quite impressive for a new young stud, and Shreeya seemed in awe of it.

Considering the fact that, only minutes earlier she had told him that she had never been with a man before, she didn't seem to have much trouble in figuring out what to do with it.

"It feels so warm, so silky soft yet hard, all at the same time," she enthused. Her hand gripped it firmly and she slowly moved it up and down on the shaft, twisting slightly as she did so, bringing moans of delight from our guest, but each time she pulled the foreskin back, his lack of experience became clearer. Not only was there the undeniable evidence of his virginity, but the fact that he didn't seem to have been taught about keeping it clean.

"I think a shower might be a good idea," I suggested.

"We won't all get in my tiny little shower," Shreeya pointed out. "It's not like Georgia's suite," she added.

"I've never seen Georgia's shower."

"Ooohh... I'll take you in there sometime," she giggled.

"Well, I'm only little," I smiled. "I'll do it for him," I offered.

"You're not taking him in there without me," she complained, laughing, but I'm sure she was only half joking.

"What do you suggest then?"

"Excuse ME!" he interrupted. "I'm right here," he complained.

I hadn't thought, but we were openly discussing dealing with his personal hygiene as if he wasn't even present.

"Let's use the sink," she suggested.

"You OK with that?" I asked him.

"Why bother asking me?" he laughed, half indignantly.

The three of us all squeezed into the bathroom, and with one on either side of him, Danny put his arms around our shoulders. Shreeya ran some warm water into the sink, and I soaped my hands as we guided him up tight against the edge of the basin, placing his 'equipment' carefully over the water.

Shreeya splashed the warm water over his erect member as I began to smooth the lather over him. "I'm sorry Danny. We can't do it like this," I told him. "You'll have to relax a little."

"I can't relax!" he complained. "How do you think I can possibly relax with two beautiful women half naked beside me, holding my... thing... and washing it?"

"Well, just try," Shreeya told him. "Think of something bland," she giggled, "like painting a fence."

"Think of your granny in the bath," I added, making us both laugh, and with that she pulled the foreskin right back to expose a bulging purple head, and we both smoothed the lather all over it, probably cleaning the beast more thoroughly than it had ever known before.

"What's this?" I asked, using the tip of my finger to stroke a small membrane of skin on the underside of the head.

"He's a virgin," she replied.

"Ooohh... I've never seen one like that before."

"Hey!" he complained. "I am right here!"

"Sorry," we chorused.

We continued washing him, getting right into the folds of the skin. "This really needs to be done every day Danny," I told him.

"Well, I'll be OK to come here for the rest of this week, but what should I do after we dock at Southampton?" he asked.

We both collapsed in fits. It was the first time I'd heard him come out with anything really funny, and thinking back now, I'm not even sure he meant it.

Almost as soon as it was 'fresh and clean', Shreeya began to masturbate him, sliding her arm around his waist as she moved her beautiful buxom body against his, rubbing him with her breasts. He responded predictably, moaning with pleasure.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Just checking it works properly," she giggled.

It did.

Danny let out an excited groan, and as he did so Shreeya's head went down over the sink to take the end in her mouth, yanking the thing hard and fast, gobbling and swallowing as quickly as she could.

"Why did you do that?" I complained, partly from genuine puzzlement more than jealously, at the behaviour of this supposedly 'virgin' friend of mine.

"We don't want him getting... 'overcome with emotion', when it's time to do it for real," she smiled, licking her lips.

Danny looked slightly drained, but definitely happy, and rather more relaxed than he had been all morning, up to that point.

"But now he won't be able to do it," I complained.

"Yes he will. Give him half an hour and he'll be good to go again," she smiled.

"Err... Ladies? I'm still just here," he pointed out.

She smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her half naked body against him.

"So, what do we do for half an hour?" I asked, pointedly.

"You can fuck me," she calmly suggested, "while Danny watches. Give him something to inspire him," she purred, kissing his upper body through the shirt close to his nipple. Without a doubt, Shreeya was a slut. Well, I suppose we both were really, but she seemed to be far better at it than I was, and I have to say I loved her for it.

We returned to the bed, one side of Shreeya's hair still dripping wet from where it had been dangling in the sink. "C'mere," I told her, grabbing a nearby towel and rubbing her hair dry as best I could, before they climbed back onto the bed together.

The pair of them lay there side by side, his arm around her shoulders and his other hand playing with her tantalising decorations. Shreeya doggedly hung on to his flaccid member while I peeled her panties away, then nestling down between her parted thighs I proceeded to have myself a feast.

"I hope you're still paying attention," I told him. "There will be a practical test on this too," I teased. He raised his head up on a couple of pillows, as if genuinely keen to learn.

I spent some time kissing and caressing, all around her clean shaven lower tummy and the tops of her thighs, my tongue reaching right into the groove of the joint where the flesh was softest and tasted so sweet and salty, then up over the mound where the puffy, shaven lips of her delicious pussy glistened with the juices, already seeping from her sweet 'virgin' pussy.

Shreeya tasted so good, and I lapped and lapped at her, pushing her legs high and wide, her thigh resting across Danny's tummy and Shreeya's arm, as my eager tongue burrowed its way into her. It wasn't long before she was moaning and lurching as my tongue probed as deep as I could manage. She in turn was unwittingly gripping his cock so tightly that eventually he had to ask her to let go.

Somewhere between the removal of her panties and the first involuntary twitches of her orgasm he became hard again, although it can't have been much more than about fifteen minutes since Shreeya had emptied his reserves. He made a grab for me; I suppose being the lightest object to hand with a suitable receptacle for his equipment, and he tried to pull me on top of him. He probably would have managed it too, were it not for the way I responded.

"Not me Danny," I said quickly. "You should do it with Shreeya first."

"Why?" he asked.

"Losing your virginity should be a special experience," I told them. "You two should do it together."

Shreeya gave me a wicked little smile. She knew that I knew, she was no virgin - but Danny didn't realise that. I wanted her to drain him of as much semen as possible so there wouldn't be much left for me. If he was going to fuck me I wanted there to be as little chance of getting pregnant as possible, and with no condom available that seemed like the next best idea.

"Wait - let me get some towels?" I called out, stopping them as they were about to unite.

"Why?" they both asked.

"It's what my babysitter used when we did it for the first time," I told them.

"Your babysitter banged you?" Shreeya exclaimed. "What did she use on you?"

"He!" I corrected.

"Oh... well in that case," I already know, she laughed.

I returned with a couple of towels and made them both get up as I doubled them over and spread them out over the bed, guiding Shreeya to lie on her back on them.

"Can I put it in for you?" I asked. Danny seemed reserved, but not entirely unhappy with the idea, but Shreeya wasn't convinced. "You did say, he is supposed to be my boyfriend," I reasoned. "Please?"

"Oh... OK," she finally relented.

I made her raise her knees and part them, resting her heels on the sides of the bed, while Danny removed his shirt. I think we were both equally impressed at how muscular he was, considering he spent so much time in the amusement arcade.

I guided him to kneel in front of her, sliding his knees beneath her parted thighs, as I shuffled up behind him. With one arm around his waist, I ducked my head under his arm and kissed the side of his body as, like a single entity we shuffled in closer. She looked so beautiful just lying there, and I couldn't help thinking, 'If only I had a cock of my own to fuck her with. My God I would give her such a fucking - she would never forget it.'

"Are you OK with this?" I asked, reaching around him and pressing my near naked body against his back as I took the stiffening rod in my tiny hand. Shreeya was right. It did feel beautiful; so warm and silky, and I marvelled at the way the warm, soft skin moved so smoothly over the rock hardness of the shaft.

"Do I have a choice?" he asked, laughing nervously.

"Not now," I told him, biting his body gently as I carefully worked it to full hardness for him. "Now," I whispered, "I want you to lean forward... Slowly."

Shreeya gripped her knees and pulled them wider as I guided the tip down to the sweet, pink opening of her vulva, stroking it gently for him as he leaned into her. She gasped and her eyes widened with excitement as the thick, throbbing end began to ease the soft, puffy labia aside, pushing the foreskin back into wrinkled folds, and she let out a slight whimper as the swollen end popped into the opening.

"It hurts," Danny said softly. It wasn't a wimpy, whining complaint - not in the least; more a matter-of-fact comment, and I felt pleased for him that he was at last handling his first sexual encounter with such calm and maturity.

"It won't hurt for long," I explained, softly. "I just want to play with it until it's all inside her. OK?"

"Yeah. Sure," he agreed, sounding more macho than I suspect he really felt comfortable with.

I gripped it between my thumb and two fingers, working the excess skin back and forth while coaching him to work it into her a little at a time.

It wasn't long before my thumb was in danger of being trapped between his lower tummy and her clitoris, but as I moved my hand away, Shreeya cried out, "Oh no! Don't stop."

Not wanting to disappoint my beautiful friend, I moved up to lie beside her, hooking my leg over hers and pulling her wider, and as the two of us watched him enjoying her sweet, wet warmth, I leaned over her and kissed her body and her breasts while my free hand reached down for the stiff little nub of her clitoris once more, this time pressing it down against the fine ribbed shaft that moved steadily back and forth inside her. Danny was smiling all over his face, looking perfectly at home with it all.

During the next fifteen to twenty minutes, I quickly came to understand the importance of 'The First Coming', when Danny managed to fuck her relentlessly without a rest, while between us we gave her no less than three more shuddering orgasms, much to my amazement and Danny's personal pride.

After the first one, I had vacated the bed to dispense with the remainder of my unwanted apparel, quickly resuming my position beside the buxom Asian Babe, this time completely naked. This had inspired our stud to grip Shreeya by the thighs and heave her up against him, thus enabling the unyielding shaft to penetrate her more effectively, if that were even possible.

But seeing her so frantic with lust and feeling somewhat 'left-out', I decided to invite our hostess to afford me some small pleasure too. I knew she could help me - she had done it before, so I stood above her, my feet astride her head in much the same way that she had done with me just two days prior. I faced our surprisingly capable guest, and lowered myself to crouch over her, bringing my open pussy to rest across her lips. Danny had clearly never seen, nor likely even imagined anything quite like it and, while still fucking her in earnest, watched in amazement as I felt Shreeya's tongue reach up into me.

Her hands slid up the sides of my body, coming to rest on my breasts as I raised my arms up high, clasping the bunches of my hair and arching my back, exposing my waif-like nakedness before him. The pleasure on my face seemed to inspire him further, and while rocking my hips to enhance my stimulation, he began ramming it into her like there was no tomorrow, giving her a second shuddering orgasm. She in turn, by way of a 'thank you' afforded me my first, courtesy of those eager lips and her skilled tongue, while reaching up with her hands to squeeze my breasts and tweak the nipples.

I let out a cry of ecstasy as the orgasm flooded through me, but Danny wasn't finished with her. Not even close. He fucked her and fucked her for another five minutes or more, while I looked on, happy for her; well, both of them really, but feeling slightly envious. So when she came to her third, I was beginning to think 'It must be my turn soon.' My crotch was still spread over her face, and her tongue was still inside me, but the earlier enthusiasm had ebbed away somewhat, so it wasn't surprising when she eventually pushed me away, crying out, "No! Enough! Stop! Let me rest!"

The odd thing was, Danny didn't want to rest. Deprived of his previously willing Asian pussy to pound away at, he took the next best thing. He reached forward for me, grabbing me under the arms. I hadn't realised until then, just how strong he really was. He lifted me, hoisting me over her and turning me toward him, as if I weighed nothing.

Even had I wanted to evade him, I would have found it almost impossible at that moment. As he sat back, his still erect member must have slipped from his first lover, and I felt the warm, wetness slap up against my waiting vulva. His arms wrapped around me and his lips found mine as I felt the inexperienced probing object fumbling around unguided beneath me. Fortunately for us both, Shreeya was at hand to afford me the same luxury that I had given to her, some twenty minutes before, and I felt her hand guide it in for us.

For an inexperienced lad, he was surprisingly gentle, and I felt completely at ease as it began to stretch me. I must have looked surprised though, because he asked, "Are you OK?" I smiled and nodded, and immediately began to feel that may have been a mistake. I hadn't felt a cock inside me for almost six months, and this one seemed easily as big as any other I had known before - all three of them (not all at once you understand).

Anyway, he took a grip on one of the bunches of my hair and pulled my head back, not roughly, but firmly enough to expose my throat and the side of my neck, as his lips closed on it and the shaft drove up into me. Shreeya sat up behind me and began kissing my neck and shoulder on the other side as he began reaming me with the beast.

I must have been crying, I hadn't realised, because Shreeya whispered, "Don't worry baby," into my ear, and she took my ear in her mouth, probing it with her tongue and tweaking my nipples as he worked me gradually harder and faster.

Shreeya pulled me back and tried to lay me down, her lips reaching for my breasts as Danny leaned forward, unwilling to relinquish his hold on me, and the pair of them collapsed on top of me, pinning me to the bed as he continued to fuck my frail little body with a relentless energy that I would never have expected from one so new to the experience.

Unable now, to pursue her quest from behind me, she moved behind Danny and I felt her arm slide around his waist between us. I couldn't see her at all, and I don't know what she was doing, but suddenly he began to thrust into me with a vengeance. I cried out in surprise as he fucked me so hard, his voice also adding to the general hubbub of pleasure and excitement, mixed with Shreeya's laughter as she spurred him on to one of the most intensely satisfying sexual encounters one could imagine.

It wasn't long before I came again, this time pinned on my back with the pair of them holding me down, sweating profusely as I cried out and shuddered, legs twitching and shaking for a good minute after (a wonderful minute after, in fact).

Poor Danny was drained (unsurprisingly), and after Shreeya had licked the sweat from my panting body, the three of us lay together on the bed for a few minutes, Danny hugging us both lovingly as we snuggled up to him.

"Anyone hungry?" Shreeya asked, after a few minutes of calm.

"What time is it?" Danny asked.

"Does it matter?" I replied.

"Is it lunch time?" he asked, by way of explanation.

"It is if you're hungry," Shreeya told him. "It can be lunchtime all day long if you like."

"It's just after one," I told them, just to mute his concerns.

"OK. Then I'm hungry," he laughed, "but I don't fancy getting dressed to go up for food just now," he told us.

"We don't have to," I told him. "We can order from room service."

"I can't afford that," Shreeya objected.

"You don't have to pay," I told her. "It's free... until about 2am" I think.

"You sure?" Danny asked.

"Certain! Ask them when you make the order."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Shreeya declared. "I'm starving."

We had a look through the menu in the cruise guide book, and sure enough, there it said. 'There is an additional charge of $5 per order, placed between 2am and 6am. There is no additional charge at any other time.'

I ordered a club sandwich (the last time I had one it was so good), Danny had scampi and chips, and Shreeya had a vegetarian lasagne.

"Are you a veggie?" I asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

"That wasn't vegetable you swallowed earlier though, was it?"

"Well it wasn't meat, was it!"

"The thing I saw in your mouth looked like meat," I laughed.

"Hey? Stop it," she complained. "This is a religious thing."

"Do you both mind?" Danny interrupted.

"Oh... Sorry," we both said, struggling to keep a straight face, then bursting into laughter.

We lay together and cuddled while we waited for the food to arrive, and after about twenty minutes there was a knock at the door. Shreeya and I had prepared for the delivery by donning the customary beach robes, but as there were only two, we decided that Danny ought to stay in the bed - after all, that's where we thought he would be most useful, (although we didn't tell him that).

It was peculiar that the smart young lady who brought the tray was the same little cutie who had delivered my club sandwich a couple of nights earlier, and she looked just as surprised to see me, as I was to see her. She was a little taller than me, but only a couple of inches, and she had the most beautiful dark chestnut hair that was shaped around her face and stopped just below her chin, The back was shaped higher, leaving her deliciously slender neck completely bare, and I could feel myself tingling with the desire to kiss it.

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