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Lusted After


I'm 24, and 5' 4" tall. I have long dark straight hair and had finally achieved the body I had worked so hard in the gym to perfect. I work for my father as a secretary at his security business. During the day it's business suits and nice neat hair do's, and of course "professional professional" as Dad says.

I live with my dad and my step mum (Marie), I have an older step brother (Jake) he's 28 and works in London. Life is good, I work hard, and in my own time I have fun (with a capital 'F' for Fuck).

Tonight, my best friend Clare and I are going out to a new nightclub that has recently opened. I cant wait, I love to dance and I'm sure I can find someone to help ease that ache between my legs. Its been two days since my last cock, (Aargh that is too long).

I rushed home after work and headed straight for the shower. I washed my hair and shaved away all unwanted hair. I have always liked my pussy and legs to be baby smooth. As I stood under the hot spray I rubbed my fingers down my slit and gathered my wetness, before circling my clit. It felt so good, I plunged two fingers into my pussy and began to grind my clit against the heel of my hand. My other hand massaged one of my tits and pinched hard on my aching nipple. At the sharp burst of pain, I came hard over my fingers. I closed my eyes and began to see flashing colours behind my eyelids as I steadied myself against the shower wall. Once my breathing returned to normal, I towel dried and applied lots of my favourite body lotion and walked naked to my bedroom to get dressed.

I put on my black sequined bra with matching panties and suspender belt. Next is my favourite obsession, sheer black stockings. I admired myself in the mirror and ran my hand up my leg. Smiling to myself I stepped into my deep purple shift dress and fastened the zip making sure to leave enough of my ample cleavage on show. The dress is just tight enough that you can see the outline of my suspender belt straps, it also just hides the deep welt of my stockings. Finally a pair of 4 inch black patent stiletto heels. I tied up my hair into a ponytail and quickly applied my makeup with my sexiest red lipstick.

Finally, I grabbed my bag and my phone and headed out to the taxi waiting outside. I couldn't help but smile at the taxi driver's expression as he managed to get an eyeful of my stocking tops as I stepped into the seat beside him.

Clare was waiting in the foyer of the club, we hugged excitedly and headed to the bar for a drink. we said "Hello" to a few people we knew, as well as some of my step brother's friends. A couple of them I had fucked in the past, who knows, maybe I would go back for seconds, if nobody else took my eye. Clare and I had a couple of shots and headed for the dance floor. We were soon moving to the fast techno beat, our arms above our heads and our bodies moving erotically.

Suddenly, my tits were grabbed from behind and I was pulled backwards. I could feel a hard cock pressed against my back as we moved in time to the music. My heart was hammering in my chest with a mixture of fear and excitement as I breathed in his musky aftershave. "Ellen" the voice whispered in my ear, I could then feel tiny bites being nibbling down my neck as he continued to massage my now erect nipples. Twirling around I recognised Tom, one of Jakes best friends. He grinned at me, as I pulled his head down and sucked on his bottom lip. Our lips attacked each other, and my tongue pushed eagerly into his mouth. We were both moaning my now, he tasted amazing. My pussy felt like it was pulsing and I could feel myself becoming wet as his cock continued to press against me.

Clare winked sexily and headed back to the bar, I grabbed Toms hand and dragged him towards the exit of the club. Once outside I pulled Tom towards the side of the building. As our tongues found each other again, I was becoming more and more desperate to have his cock inside me.

Violently, Tom shoved me roughly against the wall, and began to pull the zip on my dress down exposing my tits to the cold, night air. He pinched my nipple through the bra making me cry out in delight. "Fuck me Tom, I want you right now", I gasped.

"Oh, I fully intend to fuck you, you've always been a cock-hungry slut Ellen, all the guys say so"

"Fuck me Tom", I begged, desperately, "fill my pussy with your cock ..." I pleaded.

Tom spun me around to face the wall. "Put your hands on the wall", he ordered.

After placing my hands on the wall, Tom angled my body until he was happy. He then roughly kicked my feet apart. Anticipation was building in me as I felt my breath coming out in pants. I glanced behind me as he bent down and ran his hand up the inside of my leg. Once he reached the top of my stocking I heard him moan appreciatively. He then treated my other leg to the same treatment. As he stood he pulled my dress up and over my arse. He gently smoothed his palm over my arse cheek, before slapping it hard. Causing me to shout out in pain.

"You are such a fucking tease Ellen" he said lustfully, ripping off my panties. Tom thrust two of his fingers into my pussy, hitting my G-spot. I groaned in appreciation. "More please Tom, harder" I begged.

My pussy was trying to grab onto his fingers, and I could feel my pussy juice running down onto the top of my thighs.

"Pull your tits out of your bra, and pinch your nipples hard, don't stop unless I tell you" Tom instructed.

As I rolled my nipples and pinched them, I felt Tom bend behind me as he spread my arse cheeks. "such a pretty pussy Ellen, you're all pink and swollen". Next Tom's tongue speared into my pussy. Licking and sucking my lips, and then darting up and flicking his tongue over my clit. It was all too much and I came with a scream. My hips bucking against his mouth as my orgasm rolled through me.

"Very nice Ellen, you taste so sweet" Tom rasped.

As my world came into focus, Tom suddenly thrust his hard cock into my greedy pussy. "Fuck" I screamed as he pounded me hard against the wall.

I looked over my shoulder to see Tom's face, and my heart leapt in surprise. Standing behind us rubbing his cock was Jake my step brother. A lustful look on his face. As I watched Jake, Tom continued to thrust hard into my sopping wet pussy.

Wondering what I was looking at, Tom glanced back to see Jake standing there " Hey Mate, glad you could make it, your greedy slut of a sister needed a good fucking" he grinned.

Tom's cock was making loud squelching noises as he continued fucking me hard. His cock was hitting my cervix and I began to cry out. It's true what they say "pain is so close to pleasure".

As Tom fucked me, my gaze never left Jake. By now his cock was an angry red as he pumped his hand up and down his shaft. Jakes eyes were burning into me, I was so horny as I bucked my hips wildly against Tom.

I felt Toms fingers slide across my hole where we joined and then I exploded into another orgasm as he pinched my clit hard between his fingers.

I screamed in ecstasy, my eyes squeezing shut. I felt Toms release as well as he pulsed inside my tight hole. "FUCK" shouted Tom.

Tom pulled out of my pussy, I felt our combined juices run out of me. He pulled on my pony tail, as he demanded "turn around and kneel, then you can clean my cock like the good little slut you are"

I eagerly knelt, and licked up the length of his now softening cock. I then sucked him into my mouth, enjoying our mixed flavours. "Yum" I moaned, licking my lips.

"Enough" he barked. "She's all yours mate" he laughed as he zipped his trousers and walked away.

I managed to struggle to my feet. "What are you talking about Tom" I shouted after him.

I didn't need to wait long for my answer. Jake grabbed my shoulders pushing me around and up against the wall. With one hard thrust his cock speared angrily into my pussy.

"This pussy is mine Ellen, I've wanted it for a long time. Seeing your fucking all my mates its only fair I get my fair share. He hissed in my ear

I turned to the wall with a wry smile on my face, at last I thought as I pumped back against him......

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