tagChain StoriesLustful Leaves Ch. 03

Lustful Leaves Ch. 03


"I don't care, Admiral, I love him!" The whole crowd, humans and Forestivians alike became quite. The only sound was the beating of her heart and the ratcheting breath of Russell.

She loved him. All this time he had wanted her, and she loved him. Before he knew what he was doing, he felt his arms encircle her lovely trunk. He planted a deep, soul-shattering kiss on her lovely mouth, which he had only just discovered when she had spoken. His tongue traced her roughly circled mouth. "She must be young," he thought, "there are not that many rings."

Ashley reacted with shock at his touch. He kissed her! Right in front of the Admiral and his people. He must indeed return her love. She returned his kiss with all of the passion she had kept pent up inside her. Her green tongue snaked into his mouth and tasted him: sweet, human and finally all hers.

He ground his hips against her willowy form. God, he'd wanted this for so long. All his fellow humans had mocked him. Sure they'd said nothing in his presence but he could feel their mockery every time he walked into a room. Now they were all watching in shock. He was right. He was vindicated and his passion for the trees, had been returned by the tree he'd loved most of all, his Ash.

He returned her kiss with a longing brought on my months of loving her and making love to her, yet not knowing of her love for him. His cock was getting so hard, and her lithe branches stroking it were just making it harder. He wanted to please her, as she had given him his release unquestioningly when he had taken her before.

He pulled away from her entangling twigs and rolled her gently onto her back, for the first time noticing all the spectators viewing their debauchery. He couldn't care less. All that mattered now was his Ash. Locating her pussy under her retractable bark, he slowly inserted one finger while slowly circling her clit with his tongue. She tasted so good. Better than he had ever imagined while bringing himself to orgasm thinking of her.

"Oh my Soil," Ashley moaned, "this feels so good." Russell was slipping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her sap was running freely and had coated his hands and face. When he looked up at her to watch her pleasure, she could see herself glistening on his cheeks. What a beautiful man.

The Admiral didn't know why, but the scene unfolding before him was slightly arousing. He knew it was an abomination of Sweet Soil's plan, but Ash looked so enticing thrashing her slender branches in her passion. He felt his log growing and looked around in embarrassment. If anyone knew he liked unnatural sex, he would lose his command. The Forestivians had a severe penalty for fornication.

The tree nearest the admiral was Olivia Oak. She had started this whole debacle by not keeping her roots in the ground. Watching Ash writhe in pleasure, she felt the slightest twinge of jealousy. Ash always got whomever she wanted. Even the freaky little oxy-breather. It wasn't fair. Ash was graceful and delicate. Olive had a more solid trunk, and she was hard wood. Nowhere near as soft and sensual as Ash.

Deciding that she had had enough, Olivia stormed into the clearing. "STOP!" she yelled. "This is disgusting. You are both disgusting. Admiral, as second in command I demand you do something about this before I send a signal to Forestivia demanding that we destroy this planet and search for one less . . .inhabited."

At the mention of the destruction of Earth, the humans once again began closing in on the trees. They were hesitant, as they had seen the ferocity with which they had attempted to rid the world of Russell, but they were also determined.

Three humans: The town Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick maker surrounded a young elm and began lashing her to the ground. They threw up lassoes to encircle her branches and then staked them to the ground. One at a time, they proceeded to plunge their stiff members into her now exposed pussy. She at first screamed in terror and pain, but the rough ministrations of the humans (who were simply trying the wares available, as their wives were always tired or had a headache) started turning her on.

"Yeah, that's right, pull my leaves! Mmm, Soil, you are good at this!" She cried.

The other trees, meanwhile, were fending off the advancing humans in any way they could. Good thing they had seen Harry Potter on the satellite before coming here, because that whomping willow had taught them a thing or two about self preservation. They were completely oblivious to Elma and Ash's situations.

The Candlestick maker decided to take it a step up with Elma, and lit up a candle. He slid his cock into her sappy, cum-filled crevasse and while he fucked her he held the lit wick to her wooden skin.

At first the pain was intense. Flame was especially frightening to her people, but Elma knew a good thing when she felt it. The Earthling would fuck her extremely hard and in the middle of his rhythm, he would touch her with his hot candle, the wax dripping off on her tough bark, burning trails of pleasure through her. She liked the pain and the pleasure so much that she began to feel her sap rising and knew she was about to blow her knotholes. He fucked her hard and reached around and rested his flame under her tender new buds. The pain sent a shiver of pleasure that sent her over the edge. She came and it was good. He slapped her trunk and cried out, "This bitch likes it rough! Are you liking my cum in your green snatch?"

"Yes, Earth man, I love your big woody in my tight sappy knot hole! Slap my trunk, Master!" Her words sent him into an orgasm like he'd never had before, he felt her warm organic flesh absorb his cum as he shot spurt after wet hot spurt into her tight notch. He reached down to the stakes that had her bound and pulled them out of the ground, allowing her to move more freely.

"Get down there and lick yourself off of me!" He told her. She bent at the middle and took his softening woody into her deep green throat. She purred her content at how good he felt in her mouth. She was considered young, but her latent talents were showing through her new bark.

She was good at sucking man-log. It tasted better than the Admiral's too, not that anyone knew he had been sneaking into her roots for about six years. He had fucked her good, but had never fulfilled her baser needs. She needed to be owned and commanded. She swallowed heartily as the Candlestick maker came again in her scratchy mouth. He pulled his cock out and slapped her in the bark with it.

"Next time, I am going to cum in your ass-knot! You'd better be ready." He ordered.

"Yes, master, I will be." She followed him meekly with her head hanging down, as he headed out of the group.

Olivia's words had riled up the battle between Forestavian trees and Earth natives. She stood back, satisfied at her work. Russell had been hauled away from the panting, writhing form of the "oh so special" Ashley Shorttree, just before she had started sapping up his face while she came. She lay there gasping for CO2 and searching with lust filled eyes for the object of desire. "Stupid bitch is just getting what she deserves."

"Olivia Oak, I hope you are satisfied, I hope you get wood rot and termites eat out your cold heart! " Ashley cried. "He's a good man. He loves me. . . please, let him go." She begged, as two of the Majors dragged him towards the dark house.

"Lt. Ashley Shorttree, you are hereby sentenced to three weeks swamp duty for disregard for Forestavian laws regarding extra-racial sexual conduct," the Admiral, commanded, "Furthermore, you will be demoted to the lowest ranking crew member until we arrive back on our home planet." After finishing his decree, he dropped the three humans he had entrapped in his branches and stomped away. Ashley fell to her stumps and shed leaves of pain. Why couldn't she be true to her heart?

Russell wasn't aware of what was happening until he found himself kneeling before a house that was starting to transform into an aquarium tank, a really, really large one. A front panel of what appeared to be glass slowly lowered itself to the ground like a ramp and he was shoved up the ramp and into the belly of . . well, he didn't know quite what it was. All he knew was that it used to be a house, and Ashley wasn't with him.

He started to struggle, but the majors holding him were evergreens in their prime. He didn't have a chance and the more he struggled, the more their needled arms pierced his soft skin.

After they had boarded and entered a large open space in the aquarium, the Admiral boarded. He entered the room and quickly decided Russell's fate. "The Earth native will be tied and gagged in your quarters Major Pine and Major Fir. After our escape off this planet, we will drop him into space and then continue on to Forestavia." The Majors saluted and dragged their captive to their quarters.

The room assigned to the Majors wasn't as much a room as it was a terrarium. It was a large enclosed space covered in mosses and flowers and beautiful forestry items. The item of most interest to Russell however, was a large saw. Why a bunch of trees had a saw he didn't know, but he hoped to be close enough to it that he would be able to cut his ties and escape before they left Earth.

The Majors (Lodgepole and Douglas) bound him with Ivy vines and gagged him with a mushroom. They then proceeded to prepare for an evening Russell would never forget.

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