tagChain StoriesLustful Lyrics Ch. 01

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 01


My thanks to R. P. Weston and Fred Murray who, in 1910, wrote the song that inspired this story, and to Herman's Hermits, who released a successful recording of it in 1965.

Henry Marsh is my name. At least, that's how I've always pronounced my first name, but all my Cockney friends and neighbors know me and address me as "'Ennery" and I have started to do the same. In fact, they call me Ennery the Eighth, and I'll explain why.

I came to London a couple of years ago on a business trip and stopped in a nice little pub to have a drink and maybe a game of darts and maybe make a new friend or two. Standing at the bar by herself was one of the most desirable new friends I have ever seen. The person standing there was about forty years old, and what I would call a beautiful woman. She had an open face with strong, regular features and didn't seem to be wearing more than a minimum of makeup, if that much. Her long, dark brown hair was combed or brushed back behind her ears and allowed to spill casually over her shoulders, as if she had other, more important things to do than curl or otherwise fuss with it.

I have always been highly partial to womanly curves, and I was looking at them in abundance that evening. Her breasts, snugly encased in a green sweater, were large, and her waist was clear evidence that she didn't suffer from anorexia. Under her rather plain, gray skirt, succulent hips and a curvy ass flared out from her waist and tapered to sturdy legs. She was a woman who looked good, and knew it, and knew she didn't need to go to a lot of trouble to do so. I stepped up to the bar and sidled over until I was standing close to her.

The very appealing woman gave me a rather stern look, and I came close to backing away from her, which was probably what she intended I do, but I persevered. "Hello. My name is Henry Marsh..." and that was as far as I got.

The object of my feeble pickup attempt turned to face me and interrupted what I was trying to say. "Ah, Ennery," she greeted me. "How are you? I've never seen you in here before. What are you drinking?" She spoke with the same Cockney accent as the other patrons, but I will make no effort to duplicate it in writing, except for the way my name was pronounced by her and others I met after that first night.

"I'm Peggy, Ennery, and I'm a widow. I own the shop next door to this pub. Are you married?"

"No, I'm not." That was the truth; I'd always been too busy to try very hard to find a wife, and any woman who interested me had never had any interest in me. Consequently, I was a forty year old bachelor trying to pick up an attractive Cockney woman in a pub. And, apparently, enjoying extremely good luck in the attempt.

"Ah, good; you're not married. What say we finish our drinks and pop over to my flat above my shop for some fun and games?" Peggy held possessively onto my arm while she spoke.

I could hardly believe my luck. My new companion didn't even wait for an answer, but downed her drink and started for the exit, still holding my arm, and I had no interest in pulling free from her grip. Through the doorway she hurried, towing me along, and to a door in the corner of the next building. She unlocked it and pulled me through the entrance, hardly even slowing her determined stride until we were inside and she had stopped to secure the door behind us and turn on the light. I saw we were standing in a small, square, dimly lighted area at the foot of a narrow flight of stairs.

Peggy stood facing me and leaning against the door. "My flat is up there, Ennery, but we're away from the crowd in the pub now." I didn't know quite why she said that, until she held her arms open, obviously wanting an embrace and, almost certainly, a kiss.

When I approached Peggy in the pub, I had little hope of succeeding in picking her up, and I certainly never imagined things could work out as easily as they seemed to be doing. We hugged and, as soon as out lips met in a kiss, her tongue demanded entrance to my mouth. Never one to be rude to a lady, especially a lady as beautiful as the one I was holding in my arms, I opened wide and let her explore.

"I like the way you kiss," she told me after we stopped to breathe. "Do you like these?" she asked, while lifting my hands and covering her breasts with them.

"Very nice," I replied, and I meant it. I had noticed her breasts were large and pleasing to the eyes, but they were also firm and supple and extremely pleasing to my hands.

"I'm glad you like them. Now, what say we go upstairs to my flat, and you can get to know my girls a lot better, and they can get to know you?"

Without waiting for an answer to what was a rhetorical question anyhow, Peggy grabbed my arm and started toward her flat. I gladly followed. In the pub, I had noticed that her ass and hips were curvaceous but, as I followed them up the stairs, I realized just how generally sexy her body was. The stairway led directly to her living quarters, which consisted of a sitting room, a small kitchen, which I didn't see until the next day, and a bedroom. The latter room was our destination, and I didn't see much else of her flat until many highly enjoyable hours later.

I didn't really see that much of the bedroom either, because my attention was all focused on the inhabitant. Peggy stood by her bed, which had already been turned down, and held her arms open for another hug, which entailed another kiss. This time, my tongue met hers halfway, and had a small wrestling match. As we kissed, Peggy removed her arms from around me, and I felt her unbuttoning my shirt and, when our mouths separated again, she pulled it from my back and shoulders. I was wearing an undershirt, but not for long, because she peeled it off over my head and tossed it aside.

It was my turn to start undressing Peggy, and I started by holding the hem of her tight sweater and lifting it up, over her breasts and off over her head. As I tossed it on top of my clothing, she shook her head to get her hair out of her eyes, which also caused her breasts to bounce and sway under the rather flimsy bra she was wearing. I could see they were truly a pair of beauties, and I wrapped my arms around her so I could reach the clasp. When I unhooked it and pulled the bra away, her luscious breasts bounced free, tempting my hands and mouth. I cupped one of the lovely mounds in either hand and bent forward to start licking one of her dark pink nipples.

"I knew you'd like my bristols, Ennery. My other husbands all did."

That gave me some pause, but only for a second. Peggy had mentioned being a widow, and I hadn't given any thought since then to her marital experience. Although I was slightly curious as to how many other husbands there had been, I wasn't concerned enough to ask. I had much more important things to do with my mouth than ask pointless questions anyhow, and it was obvious from her soft, happy murmurs that Peggy felt the same way, so I put the thought out of my mind.

While my tongue switched back and forth between them and pleasured Peggy's nipples, I saw her hands go to her waist and, seconds later, her skirt slid down to the floor. She stepped out of it and the next places her hands were busy were at my belt and the waistband and fly of my pants. Before my trousers could fall to the floor, I raised my face to smile at Peggy, and she grinned back at me.

"The girls really do like you, Ennery," she said, referring to her breasts again. "But let's sit down on the bed and get the rest of our clothes off. I've got other parts of my body that I want to introduce to you. Do you mind if we leave the lights on?"

That sounded like three splendid ideas to me, sitting down, getting undressed and leaving the lights on. I sat next to Peggy and quickly removed my boots and socks while she pulled off her flat-heeled shoes. She wasn't wearing stockings of any kind. When I started to remove my undershorts, she stopped me.

"Let me do that later, Ennery. For now, I just want you to keep doing what you started doing with your mouth."

I liked that idea as much as she did so, when Peggy scooted over to the middle of the bed, I eagerly followed, and cupped a breast in one of my hands. It was soft and vibrant, and felt just as good with its owner lying on her back, her head nestled in a pillow, as it had while she was standing up. The nipple seemed to feel even better to my tongue, because it had become almost fully erect. After a few strokes, I transferred my attentions to its beautiful twin, and that sweet, rosy nubbin quickly grew even harder, until I could actually feel the tiny, individual ridges that made up its rigidity.

Loving the feel of Peggy's breasts - or girls or bristols - against my tongue, I transferred my attentions back and forth while she started squirming under me and cooing her pleasure. Wanting even more, I drew one of the luscious globes into my mouth and started sucking on it while continuing to lick the nipple and pebbly areola. Once again, I alternated between Peggy's lovely breasts, while the motions of her sexy body and her vocalizations of joy became more emphatic. Every time I switched my mouth from one succulent orb to the other, her movements thrust that breast up into my mouth.

"Oooooo, I love that! I love that, Ennery. Keep sucking on me like that."

I did as she asked, but I knew there was another place that would feel and taste even better to my mouth. When I looked down her lush body, I saw how Peggy's pussy was squirming, and I saw and smelled how her fragrant juices were soaking through the crotch of her panties. Although it had been fun, I said "so long" to her succulent breasts and started licking and kissing my way down her sexily plump belly to where I knew even greater thrills awaited both of us.

Peggy deduced what I had in mind, and fully approved of it. "Yeah, Ennery. There! Lick me down there." She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed, urging me to my destination.

I didn't really need the pushing or urging, because the aroma of her pussy juices was one of the most delectable of my experience. On the way down her body, I stopped and swirled my tongue into her navel, making her giggle and push more and harder against my shoulders. When my mouth reached the elastic waistband of her cotton panties, I got off the bed and went around to get back on at the foot. She saw me approaching on my knees, and prepared to help me remove her last garment by bending her knees so I could get closer.

I reached my fingers into the waistband to start to pull her panties off, and Peggy raised herself off the bed, letting me slide them around her ass and up her thighs to her knees. I held them close to my face, so I could breathe deeply of the Heavenly aroma of her juices and she could pull her legs through. With Peggy completely naked, I tossed the panties in the direction of our other clothing and started leaning forward.

She knew what I wanted to do, of course, and she raised her legs and I ducked under them and wrapped my arms around her thighs. That left my face just inches from her pussy, and I gazed, enraptured, at its beauty. When I first saw the beautiful woman in the pub, I never dreamed her pussy would be so delectable, nor had I actually expected to find out.

The surrounding skin was rather dusky, with a few cute freckles, and her fluffy pubic hair was light brown and trimmed into the shape of a heart. Peggy's pussy lips were swollen and dark pink, and had pushed their way through her slit. At their upper end, where they met to form her clit hood, I could see the little cutie peeking out. Very gently, I spread her slit open to see its shiny-wet lining and to breathe in the cloud of fragrance that arose.

From such a short distance, the aroma of Peggy's pussy was almost intoxicating, and I stayed where I was and inhaled it deeply into my lungs. A few drops of her juices had spattered on her thighs, and I leaned in and licked them off the soft, smooth skin. Their flavor was even more delicious than their scent had been, and I used my tongue to sluice the rest of her nectar into my mouth. There were more on her crotch, and I licked it clean too.

"Ooooo, Ennery, your tongue feels so good," Peggy murmured, and her pussy started to squirm in anticipation of where else my tongue would be paying a call.

The first place was one of her outer lips. The hair was sparse and soft, and felt almost as good to my tongue as her bare skin did, and I slowly licked her all the way to her mons. When I raised my head to see how Peggy was reacting, I was elated to see it must have been as good for her as it was for me. Her face was a picture of bliss, with her mouth open in a grimace of pleasure and her eyes were partly closed. They were open enough to see me looking, and she told me in words, besides what her body was saying, how much she was already enjoying what my tongue had just started doing.

"I love that, Ennery. Keep eating my pussy; you're going to make me cum."

That was my intention, but I didn't say anything, having better things to do with my mouth, such as licking up the fresh nectar that had begun trickling from her adorable pink hole. When I had gotten it all, I started licking Peggy's other outer lip. Once again, my tongue slowly meandered up the lip until I reached her mons, which I kissed again. When I raised my face, I saw that Peggy's eyes were closed and her head was tipped back and was tossing to and fro on the pillow, while her body writhed in pleasure. I brought my mouth back down to where I had started and my tongue got busy on the first of her inner lips.

As beautiful and fragrant and delicious as Peggy's pussy was, the best part of eating her was the way she felt against my mouth. Her outer lips had been soft and warm and her inner labia, being swollen with her lust, felt spongy as I caressed them with my tongue. Everything about what I was doing felt so wonderful that I wanted to take a long time in bringing her to an orgasm, and I believed she would enjoy it more too. I tilted my head slightly so I could slide my tongue between her inner and outer lips, and slowly licked my way to where the inner one ended and became part of her clit hood. By the time I got there, she was moaning in pleasure and her pussy was starting to fuck up into my face.

There was a pool of her delicious juices waiting for me when I brought my tongue back down to below the delightful pink hole that was their source, and I devoured it all before starting to lick the same way between her other pair of lips. By the time I reached her clit hood again, Peggy's whole body, as well as her head, was thrashing from side to side on the bed. I knew it was time for her climax.

I gently spread her pink slit, relishing the delectable aroma loosed, pressed my face even more snugly against Peggy's pussy, and started licking upward, starting at the lower end. Her movements, as I tantalized this most sensitive place, became even wilder, and I clung tightly to her thighs and continued. I was actually able to dip my tongue into the pink hole that was the source of her delicious juices, and taste them at their very freshest. Still taking my time, not feeling as much urgency as Peggy apparently was, I licked up until I reached her clit and raised my head to take another look at the succulent little morsel.

When I saw it earlier, it was small and peeking out from under Peggy's clit hood. It had become engorged since then, resembling a lovely pink pearl, and had pushed its way entirely out from under its protection. Her movements were so strenuous, that I had trouble getting my mouth around the little darling, but it was worth it. After engulfing Peggy's clit in my mouth, I started sucking, letting my lips form a seal at the base, and caressing the swollen sides with my tongue.

"Yes! Suck my clit!" Peggy cried out joyously.

Her urging wasn't necessary, because the little darling was one of the most wonderful things I ever had in my mouth, and I also reveled in the effect my actions were having on Peggy. Her movements became even wilder, with her pussy seeming to try to wrap itself around my face, whole her body continued churning up the bed. Abruptly, she yelled of her bliss and started cumming.

Peggy's thighs squeezed my head, clamping over my ears so tightly that I couldn't hear any more expressions of her joy, but I later learned there were many of them, and that they were loud. Her hands also found my head, pressing on the back of it to shove my face into her pussy, where it very much wanted to be. Holding me a willing prisoner, Peggy's legs swung wildly from side to side, while her ass bounced up and down on the mattress. I clung to her thighs and kept my mouth clamped onto her clit, and continued licking and sucking and enjoying the wild ride.

I saw and felt Peggy's back arching and all her muscles clenching, and she drove her pussy into my face for an ultimate time when she climaxed. After her orgasm she relaxed, and I wanted to lick all the fresh juice from her pussy and everywhere it had spattered, but I couldn't. Her hands were removed from the back of my head, but her thighs were clamped onto me just as tightly as they had been. Finally, she loosened her grip slightly, and I heard her voice and knew what she had in mind for us to do.

"If I release your head, will you eat my pussy again?" She must have realized that I was unable to answer because my face was pressed so tightly against her body, so she offered an alternative to speaking. "Raise your right hand if you will."

Without hesitation, my arm shot into the air, and I waved it about like a teacher's pet who knew the correct answer. Peggy's legs released me, and I licked all the fresh nectar from her thighs, her crotch and from all over her pussy. I knew how delicious it would be, and I didn't want to waste any of it. After I had rewarded myself by swallowing every drop I could find, I started licking one of her outer lips again.

It felt just as good the second time to me, and maybe even better to Peggy. Almost immediately, my ears were delighted by her happy cooing and her pussy was squirming under my face. Taking even longer than I had the first time, I licked to her mons and kissed her there. When I raised my head, she smiled happily at what I was doing; I smiled back, just as happy as she, and brought my mouth down to where I started. After devouring the fresh juices, I treated her other outer lip the same way, even kissing her mons again. This time, Peggy didn't see my face, because her eyes were blissfully closed; her head was slowly tossing back and forth on the pillow and her sexy body was writhing in front of me.

Bringing my face even closer to her pussy, and relishing the superb aroma even more, I started licking the small, ultra smooth area between the origins of a pair of her inner and outer lips. When I reached where the labia were close together, I probed my tongue into the seam, licking both of them at the same time. By the time I reached her clit hood again, I could see the precious morsel it should have been protecting had pushed its way out and once again resembled a lustrous pearl. Very delicately, I caressed it with the tip of my tongue. Peggy's body quivered in delight, and her pussy started fucking up against my face.

There was another pool of fresh juice waiting when my tongue returned to below the source of the juices. I devoured every drop, before doing what I wanted with her other inner and outer pussy lips, just as I had the first, until my mouth reached her clit hood again. I was taking more time to eat Peggy's pussy than I had the first time, and I could tell she was in an even higher state of arousal. Her hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders, and she was moaning and whimpering from the exquisite pleasure.

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