tagChain StoriesLustful Lyrics Ch. 06

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 06

bySean Renaud©

There aren't enough words in the world to describe the woman standing over Jake. Starting with the obvious she's gorgeous, magnificent, stunning nearly a goddess in her own right. From her long legs flowing down from a blood red dress into open toed stiletto heels one of which was currently digging painfully into Jake's sternum to her full ripe chest barely contained behind the neckline that plunged nearly to her naval. Her lips and nails were painted the same bright offensive shade of devil red and her lips were curled back in a smile that was beautiful even from Jake's rather unfortunate vantage point.

It suddenly occurred to him that he didn't know her name. He knew a lot about her. He knew she had a black cat named Jinx who first crossed her path on Friday the thirteenth. He knew that she carried around a voodoo doll of her ex boyfriend and whenever she was frustrated she'd jab a new needle into its tweed and cotton body. She only wore two colors; black and red. The supposed reason was that those two colors could be mixed without any significant conflict and the reality may not have been far off. The two colors both flattered her mocha hued flesh and made up for any imperfections she may have had. There weren't any that Jake could or had noticed. She might have been perfect except for a single unavoidable detail.

She had a gun pointed directly at his skull. A long barrel six shot revolver focused between his eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous but Jake's full attention was focused on a black hole. The hole was the barrel of the gun being aimed at him. It was actually his entire world. To the point of blocking out just how lovely she was and how far into ecstasy she'd been able to take him. She was going to put a bullet through his brain just because she was bored and thought it might make a pretty pattern when she splattered his skull. Jake clenched his eyes shut hoping that somehow if he couldn't see her then she'd go away. Instead it just allowed him to focus on the heel digging into his chest and for a single insane second he thought that at least when she shot him the pain would go away. Then she pulled the trigger. Jake heard it happen in two distinct steps. First there was a click and it was followed by an earth shattering boom.

Jake snapped upright in throwing the sheets away as he did. A cold sweat coated his entire body. He didn't have a clue where he was or how he'd gotten there. The whole day and night before were just a blur of that woman. She was stunning, mocha hued flesh, full pouty lips and emerald green eyes. Her jet black hair nearly came down to her ass. Jake could remember the way she'd moved almost like she was always dancing keeping her hips swaying constantly.

A sudden pain all along his back reminded him of something else. She'd dug her nails into his back when the two of them had fucked. They'd started standing up with her literally leaping into his arms and driving him till his back was against the wall. They eventually slid down the wall to the floor before he'd decided to pin her down just to keep her from clawing at him any longer. He'd dragged her half across the room then and had the rug burns on his knees to remind him. Jake smiled slightly at the memory.

"Where the fuck am I?" Jake muttered blinking the sleep from his eyes and looking around. He was lying in a single bed in a room barely big enough for the bed. The wallpaper was peeling away to reveal the yellow walls beneath. Sitting up was actually painful. His head was splitting from a night of drinking, his back ached from hours of sport fucking straight from Kama Sutra itself. He could remember that much but still his current location was a mystery.

His legs didn't want to support his weight forcing him to wobble slightly as he rose and walked to the window hoping that it would give him a clue to his whereabouts. It did. Though he'd never seen the city in person the New York skyline is unique. "What the fuck?" Jake whispered. It wasn't possible. Just last night he'd been in Florida.

Miami Florida to be exact. He'd gone to a club with his friends when the most stunning woman he'd ever seen had walked. Walked wasn't the right word, she sauntered, she danced, she swayed like a cobra and slithered into his lap. As soon as she sat down she ordered a shot of Bacardi One Fifty One took it in a single gulp and then kissed him sharing what was left. From there it was like being caught in a hurricane, something Jake had personal experience with. Whatever her name was she could drink and drink until most soldiers would have been passed out in a puddle of their own puke.

Jake half stumbled half dragged himself to the bathroom letting the wall do all the heavy lifting. Normally he would have felt guilty about tearing the wall paper but it was already shot beyond repair. He wasn't once he was in it that the room could accurately be called a bathroom. The sink was actually built into the top of the toilet somehow. There was no curtain around the tiny show that didn't even have a cover on the drain. Which was at the moment was both good and bad. Good because Jake had been in here at some point the night before when he'd puked before getting back to the bed. It was bad because he was almost certain he'd seen something disappear back into the hole. He was completely certain that he wasn't going to be touching anything in that room though. "Just get my wallet and my phone and get out of here."

"Where's my wallet?" Jake started to flip the bed over just because a little bit of violence would probably make him feel better but there wasn't enough room to flip the bed. After several minutes he found his wallet in the front pocket of his jacket empty of cash. It was hard to be upset though, he didn't know if she'd robbed him or if he'd spent it all on her. Either way she was worth it.

She did this thing with her hips when she was riding him. Only her hips would move while the rest of her was almost perfectly still. Then she'd ride, bucking until Jake was forced to grab her hips and slow her pace just a bit. When Jake closed his eyes now he could see her on top of him body glowing from their sex. He could hear her voice like warmed honey promising him every fantasy every man's held and then going on to fulfill her promises. A silly smile crossed Jake's face as he remembered what happened after the first. . .group of shots.

That woman had reached into his pants, right there at the bar and walked him out to the parking lot after shouting to the entire bar that she was going to give him the most amazing blowjob ever. The woman then dropped his pants in the parking lot squatted down and started sucking and slurping. A moment later it was pouring rain but wasn't enough to stop her. It barely phased her and for Jake it was incredible to feel the rain on his back. She told him to take off his shirt just as she finished. Her hand slipped into her purse and the parking lot was suddenly filled with music.

It was getting harder to put the memories in order. Jake had expected that the fog would rise and he'd be able to remember it all in order. That somehow he'd know why he was in New York hundreds of miles from home. He knew she'd been riding him while he was driving, she was a killer on the ole stick shift but they weren't getting clearer.

There was one thing that was getting clearer by second. He had to find her. He didn't even remember her name but he remembered how she felt. How she tasted and smelled and he needed more of her. She'd spent a day running him ragged and it wasn't enough. It wasn't nearly enough.

It wouldn't be enough until she took away his pain.

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