tagChain StoriesLustful Lyrics Ch. 07

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 07


A tribute to 'I Kissed a Girl' by Katy Perry released 2008.


Dear Diary, I'm sorry I've taken so long to write in you but it's been such a busy fun filled weekend I just didn't have time. With both my bbf Kimberly and me turning eighteen this weekend, it all just turned into one big party. When Kimmy's parents had to leave town on her birthday they felt so badly they allowed me to spend the weekend with her. As soon as we heard their car door slam we called our boyfriends and invited them over and Diary right then I just knew it would be a weekend of firsts for yours truly.

Diary you know my boyfriend Chase, well, he brought booze with him, I think he stole it from his mom's house. I thought it would be soo hot, I was ready to give up my cherry to Chase anyway and this would be a perfect time to do it (it would be like me giving a present to Chase for my birthday) plus I'd get to try booze for the first time.

Then just like that, everything turned to shit. First Kimmy and Jason had a big fight cause he didn't bring her a present and then he stormed out. I told Chase he wasn't gonna get any (so no present for him) because I couldn't leave my BFF alone on her birthday. We played a drinking game but both Kim and I hated the taste of the booze so we quit playing. Diary, how do people drink that stuff, anyway Chase said he liked it but I think he was just trying to be 'The man,' (you know what I mean). What happened is Chase got drunk and then he got sick and ended up throwing up in the toilet and sleeping in the bathroom all night. Yeah I know Dairy, how romantic; sometimes I think men are just not worth it.

That left just me and Kim, which is OK because I have more fun with her than I ever do with Chase. We got into our nighties, I wore that sexy one, you know the one I hid from my mom, cause I, well you know, I was gonna do it with Chase so I wanted to look good. Kim just wore her old baby doll that she's had since she was like 16 but she still looked cute in it. Kimmy teased me saying she could see my nipples right through my nighty but I just said 'Duh I was trying to turn on my boyfriend, of course now he's drunk and passed out' (note to you Dear Diary I will never drink).

We turned on the tube to E and you'll never guess who was on, OK I'll tell you it was Paris. You know I hate her but Kimmy thinks she so hot. I asked her why and she said that Paris gets to do anything she wants and she doesn't care what anybody says. I asked her what if she just walked up to you and kissed you on the mouth and Kim said that would be hot so I said what if I kissed you on the mouth. I'm telling you Diary it was like my words just hung there in the air, everything stopped and Kim had this funny look on her and then I just did it I leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. Honest Diary, it was supposed to be a joke but it was like magic, her lips were so soft and I could taste the cherry Chapstick she always likes to wear.

Diary I don't know what happened I guess she was just too hard to resist and we kissed again. I know it's wrong but it felt so good, I remember I kept hoping that Chase stayed passed out in the bathroom. It all started out as no big deal but Diary I learned that Kim is a bitchen makeout and once I started, there was no way I could stop. We forgot about the TV, we forgot about Chase and we forgot about how wrong it is for two girls to kiss. It was when I felt Kimmy's cute little nipples rubbing against my big ol' nasty ones that I realized we were headed down a dangerous road. When our nipples touched, it was like an electric shock and I just pushed away, then I stood up real fast.

We were both embarrassed casuse we knew we'd gone too far. We turned off the TV and went to bed spending the night sleeping in each other's arms (it was innocent I swear). In the morning, I got up to pee and there was Chase still sleeping with his arms around the toilet (disgusting) so I used the other loo. When I came back, Kim was still asleep on top of the covers. I sat beside her, just looking at my BFF, you know Dairy she is just so cute. Her nighty had pulled up exposing those precious little boobies of hers. Gosh, Diary I guess I'm glad I got big ones because the boys like them so much but Kim's are so damned adorable it makes me wish I could go without a bra sometimes. I looked at Kimmy's tiny little nipples all hard from being exposed to the cold morning air and it made me think about the night before when they were rubbing against mine. I swear I was getting wet down there and believe me Dairy I was getting ideas and kinda wishing that maybe we shouldn't have stopped when we did. Just when I was thinking about climbing back in bed with Kim I heard Chase calling my name. Don't worry Dairy he didn't 'get' any and right now I'm thinking he might never get any, but Kim, well I don't know but I sure am tempted. That's all for now, dear Diary but I promise to fill you in on the details about Kim's sleepover here tomorrow night.

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