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Lustful Lyrics Ch. 09


Abby sat in an internet cafe, close to work typing in the code that gave her the allotted internet time she had paid for. The bare minimum of one hour. The knots that had formed in her stomach twisted once more, and she took her shaky hands from the keyboard and looked around furtively. Kids wagging school hammered at keyboards as they played MMORPG's and several random lost looking backpackers stared at the screens. She breathed deeply and raised her hands to the keys again.

The rabbit shaped card sat beside the computer keyboard face down, a single website was printed on the back, no name, no other distinguishing marks. It had arrived on her desk at work this morning attached to a small bunch of brightly coloured wildflowers. Abby knew who had sent it deep within her heart, and she had resisted the urge to log onto the website until now. She sat silently tears misting her eyes as she stared at the screen, the song singing quietly from the headphones she had left hanging around her neck, "Run rabbit run."

The images on the screen were lurid, and the young pet girl, leashed, bound and in varying poses looked back at the voyeur with a small teasing smile. Abby barely recognised the girl anymore and a verse of the song playing appeared on the screen as it sung through the headphones.

"I over-ride objections - I'm not listening to "no"
The only thing to ask yourself - is how far d'you want to go?
Cause you're warm and wet and willing - and your heart betrays you too
When you gonna wake up and let this dream come true?"

Abby clicked the website closed and took a deep breath. She had built a whole new life for herself over the last decade. She had moved to the opposite end of the country taking a job as a hotel clerk in an exclusive resort. She had a quick mind and an eagerness to please. Even the most demanding guest was never too much trouble for her. Her personality and work ethic saw her given management training, and she had quickly advanced to a management positions, and that allowed her to travel and move within the chain of resorts. She never stayed in one city longer than two years.

Hiding in plain sight, in crowded resort towns along the coast, she had allowed herself to believe he had let her go. She barely resembled the girl in the pictures on the website anymore, not physically nor emotionally. She had done a lot of growing up since then. She gathered her things and stood surprised at how shaky her legs felt beneath her and walked out into the sunlight.

Lifting her face to the sun Abby took a deep breath, and walked back toward work her mind working over why he had contacted her now. Just to scare her, to torment her, to reclaim his property? Surely not, it had been so long, she was not the nubile young girl from so long ago. The song stayed in her head rolling around words of love, but she knew it wasn't love, it was obsession and power that drove the man she had run from so many years ago.

One of the benefits of the management package she enjoyed the hotel chain she worked for was that he had a room to live in. It was modest by the hotels standards, but it suited her to have people around her constantly. She felt safer somehow in a crowd than she ever did alone. Walking past the maintenance manager she smiled and joked lightly about current drama's of guests and went to her room.

She figured she was being watched as the flowers had arrived here at the hotel, she could run, she had some savings but then what? She wasn't the young naive girl he had taken to his remote cattle station and imprisoned anymore. She was older, wiser and lacked the prettiness of youth. Once he saw her he would realise she was not that same girl. She looked at her computer still debating calling HR and demanding immediate relocation as she had in the past when she felt she was being watched but shook her head. It was time to stop running.

She dressed conservatively in a nondescript shift dress, with matching low heel pumps. She left her hair hanging loose and aware of her position in the hotel she left her makeup in place if slightly subdued as a small concession. Her heart raced as her mind remembered her previous life as his 'rabbit' and she packed a small case with all the things essential to her leaving it just inside her door. It didn't hurt to be prepared she counselled the part of herself who was trying to hold it all together and believe he would leave her alone once she spoke to him.

"You can do this, Abby," she spoke softly to herself, "Just say no." Grabbing her hand bag she went looking for Brian the maintenance manager to ask him to retrieve the bag she had packed and put it in the luggage storage room behind the front desk. Reminding herself that she was a grown woman now, she walked to the bar to sit and wait for whatever was coming. The flowers had arrived yesterday, but she had worked the night shift and had worried over its meaning all night. Unable to sleep the following morning as much as she tried she had finally given up and walked the streets of the city window shopping until unable to resist any longer she had entered the internet cafe.

Maybe he wouldn't come or be here. The thought flared hopefully. Maybe he had wanted to scare her into running again as she had twice before when she thought he might have located her. The words of the song sang in her head, "Run rabbit run." Stealing herself Abby walked into the bar of the hotel and pulled up a stool, it was time to stop running.

Smiling at Roxanne as she approached from behind the counter she ordered a well needed drink and some nuts to nibble at realising she hadn't eaten all day. Brian came to find her some time later as he finished work for the day and sat on a stool beside her. "Why the bag?" He asked.

Looking up at her friend she smiled, "Earning my Boy Scout badges this week, always be prepared, dib-dib dob-dob and all that."

"Come have dinner with me," he smiled at her, "You probably haven't eaten much as usual and that's what, your third drink?"

"I'm sort of waiting for someone," Abby hedged.

"More reason to eat. You don't want to be falling over drunk when they arrive," he laughed and helped her from the stool encouraging her to go with him.

"Why do people think they can make me do whatever they want. Haven't I proved I can look after myself," she shot back angrily taking Brian by surprise.

"I don't know what is going on with you tonight, but something is stressing you out," he looked at her trying to read her face, "It might help to talk to a friend rather than drown your sorrows."

Abby shook her head, how could she tell this kind man that beneath this conservative appearance that she had been branded like an animal as belonging to the owner and master of Blue Ridge Station. She pulled at the high collar of the conservative dress almost feeling the leather of the shock collar around her neck once more as her thoughts became darker and the fear of returning to that time in her life wrapped its icy hand around her heart.

Brian was looking at her closely his eyes full of concern. "I'm sorry," she said, "Food would be good. Thanks."

Brian also apologised, "Meet you halfway," he smiled picking up two menu's from the bar and smiling. "Let's grab a table in here though, it's uncomfortable eating up at the bar."

Abby was grateful for the company, and with no sign of David in the bar, she began to relax with Brian. Several work colleagues and residents of the corporate hotel joined them as the night wore on and the entertainment, a solo guitarist and singer began his first set. Once again Abby felt safe within the crowd. She allowed herself to forget for a while why she had come alone to the bar

Close to midnight as the bar was winding down the musician thanked the crowd for a fantastic night and began his final song a request from the tall man in the back corner. Abby froze as she heard the first chords. Her head came up and looked around to the back corner of the bar and stared into the piercing blue eyes as the song sang around her, "Run Rabbit Run."

Feeling brave with her friends around her and the false courage of alcohol coursing through her veins she excused herself and stood up shakily. Brian stood with her putting a hand on her arm, "You look pale are you okay?"

"Yeah going to the bathroom, I won't be long," she reassured the gruff man.

Abby turned toward David and straightened her back, finally facing a man she had run from for over a decade. She felt her resolve crumble with each step she took, she knew here in this place he had no power over her, but she felt it none the less and by the time she stood close enough to talk to him her throat had constricted, barely letting out a squeak as she said, "Hello, David."

If he was shocked that she had not called him Master, she could not see it as he looked down on her with a slight curl on his lips, "It's been a long time Rabbit. Are you ready to come home?" His voice was soft gentle even, and she was stunned by his question.

"Surely you are joking," Abby gasped, "It's been ten years you don't want me anymore."

"You all I ever think about, all I dream of too. You're always on my mind, always and for all time. I would travel anywhere to retrieve you. You are mine, Rabbit," he spoke calmly, he wasn't mad, he wasn't sad, he didn't even seem happy to see her. He spoke as if it was well known fact and as if he was picking her up after a day at work. He asked again, "Are you ready to come home, Rabbit?"

"No," she said, "No, don't you get it? I don't want to go home with you, ever!"

David didn't react as if he had heard her at all, "I love you, Rabbit, and you love me too. You could not find someone to replace me or the way it is when we are together. We belong to each other, Rabbit, when are you going to realise that and accept what you have to do." He spoke as if to a recalcitrant child. "I will be in town for a few more days. I am staying at the Park Royal when you are ready to come to me."

Open mouthed, she stared unbelievably up at him, Abby said nothing. As always he was as immovable as a rock. He bent low and kissed her cheek murmuring in her ear, "Don't take too long." He walked out of the bar leaving her staring speechless after him.

Returning to her friends she stayed for one last drink with them before returning to her room. She lay awake trying to make sense of his appearance and his calmness. She had expected anger and punishment when he finally found her, or disgust at how she had aged over the last ten years. Not the profession of love and the request to return home. Home she thought, Blue Ridge, his cattle station, had never been her home. It had been her prison.

As Abby drifted off to sleep the image of him a decade earlier, sprang into her mind, tall and muscular with a weather worn face. He was the epitome of the rustic cowboy in his akubra and chambray shirt the first day she had met him. She had gone to the Ekka, the state fair in her part of the world, and being a city girl she had always liked visiting the animals that were entered in various 'best of breed' competitions.

Bright and bubbly she wandered past stalls with her friends astonished at the sizes of some of the beasts on show. They had made their way to the animal nursery set up for children with pregnant mothers and baby animals. It was meant as a teaching part of the exhibition for school groups and those interested in animal husbandry.

Abby had been rubbing noses with a baby rabbit when he strode into the building leading a red kelpie with a bulging belly to a stall close to where they stood. Abby had watched as the tall rugged man squatted next to the dog and stroked her softly, murmuring to her in a deep rumble. As if trained to deliver on command, the dog produced a litter of six pups to the astonished squeals of the watchers, all the while the man stroked the dogs head and murmured.

Abby had held the bunny close stroking its soft fur as she watched on, the man looked up, and she met his eyes. The piercing blue gaze seemed to bore into her, and she looked away turning her eyes down the rabbit she held. When she looked up again he was again tending the dog, she was lapping at the wet pups as they struggled to reach her belly to suckle their first breakfast.

Turning from the scene, Abby returned the rabbit to its pen and went with her friends to side show alley eager to see the new thrill seeking rides that had arrived at this year's fair. As the sky grew dark, the friends all trooped over to the stockman's bar where they could drink in the beer garden and still see the high fireworks of the display going on in the main arena. The bar was full of farmers and ranchers most still wearing hats even though the sun had long gone down.

The girls had been flirting outrageously with the country boys who were happily plying them with drinks. Abby was enjoying the attention and fun of the rowdy bar and the people crammed into the small space. She was on her way to the toilets when she noticed the cowboy from the animal nursery leaning against a wall. His eyes flickered to her and he nodded in her direction before returning to his conversation, and she hurried on.

Emerging from the bathroom Abby glanced over to where she had seen the cowboy, but he had disappeared from his spot against the wall. Returning to her friends she was surprised to find him nearby to their table talking with a group involving two of her friends. She was introduced to him and as she smiled and extended her hand he took it and within the noisy din had said, "Hello Rabbit." Believing he had just misheard her name she let it go and smiled, "Hello, David," before joining in the conversations going on around her.

Through flirtations and contacts made that night, the girls had managed to secure passes to enter the Ekka for the whole ten day duration free of charge. They had visited their new friends in the animal pens and watched the judging ceremonies of various breeds of farm animals. Abby visited the new mother kelpie and her pups each day always picking up a bunny to cuddle and hold while she was in the nursery, lamenting that it was such a shame rabbits were not able to be kept as domestic animals any longer in Australia.

David seemed to be everywhere over the next few days as Abby and her friends visited the Ekka to see the country boys and their stock. Sitting in the small arena to watch the wood chopping he had appeared beside her, walking around the amazing mural like displays of fruit she had seen him watching her from the corner as he spoke to another man. Each time he greeted her he called her Rabbit despite her correction and repetition of her name.

He seemed to enjoy her frustration at having to correct him as his mouth quirked into a half smile each time. In the end, she gave up and just accepted that he was teasing her. Particularly after a trip to the animal nursery to see the red kelpie and her cute pups when David had been there, the laconic man approached her, "You're missing your friend."

"Oh they're around," she pointed as two walked through the door following some several minutes after her arrival.

"No," he said abruptly and turned walking to the rabbit pen, picking up a baby bunny by the scruff of its neck and placing it in her hand with a knowing smile. "He misses you when you're not around," he said cryptically and turned his piercing blue gaze on her face again and smiled lopsidedly.

The man confused her. He had a quiet foreboding presence. He was tall good looking but seemed to be more reserved than the other men who had arrived for the fair. She and her friends, on the other hand, were bright and bubbly enjoying the attention of men away from home and playing up in the big city. She found herself looking around for him more often as the fair began to draw to an end.

She couldn't quite put her finger on what drew her to the tall silent man, he was handsome that was for sure, but there was something enigmatic about him, and her curiosity about him made her mind wander about him all the time. On the final day of the fair, she entered the animal nursery alone to say goodbye to the mother kelpie and her bunny friend, she was disappointed not to see him there. Perhaps it was best she told herself, to leave him as the enigmatic fantasy man she would be able to day dream about during her boring University lectures.

Two months later, a friend who had been dating one of the cowboys they had met during that week had invited her to the Warwick Rodeo to watch him ride. She, in turn, had invited Abby and another friend to go with her on the long drive to the country town. It was there that David found her the day they arrived. He had stood back watching her several minutes before she felt the prickle of being watched against her neck and turned to find the source. She smiled as her eyes found him lounging against the fence near the stall she had been at buying ice cream.

"Hello Rabbit," he had said as she got closer and she shook her head at him.

"Abby, my name is Abby," she laughed, "Hello David."

"Of course it is," he grinned at her then, "It's nice to see you again, Rabbit. Come I have something to show you." He held out his hand and she took it following him to a trailer parked off to the rear of the rodeo slightly apart from the many others. In a small pen, there was a red Kelpie pup jumping up and barking at the sight of her owner. Picking her up and handing her to Abby he smiled, "You were there the day she was born."

Abby giggled as the dog licked her face in greeting and wriggled excitedly in her arms. "She reminds me of you," David murmured, "An excitable bitch, but I believe she can be trained to my liking." Abby's head came up, and she blinked her eyes, the words 'excitable bitch' and 'trained' making her back stiffen in indignation, but the pup licked her excitedly and wriggled so much her attention was quickly taken away again.

David just watched her as she petted and spoke to the pup, "Such a pretty girl aren't you?" Abby cooed at the puppy, "You're so cute I wish I could take you home. Yes, I do." She eventually put the squirming puppy back in her pen and smiled, "What did you call her?"

"Abby," he smirked, "She reminded me of you as I said, excitable but she can be trained." He watched her carefully and saw her stiffen at his words making his smirk bigger. He walked her back to the bustle of the rodeo in silence.

"Not much of a talker, are you?" She laughed.

"Seems a waste if I don't have anything to say," he shot back.

They spent a great deal of the three day rodeo together after that, getting to know each other as dating couple might. Abby was entranced by him. Always in control and quiet to the point of almost seeming moody. If one was to look up laconic in the dictionary, Abby thought, his picture would be there. It made her feel special though, that the rare smiles he gave seemed to be saved for her.

She found he lived on a cattle station called Blue Ridge, it was his family's station, but he had built his own house and lived quite independently from them. It was an extremely large ranch, and he and his brother had both built houses there but were still a good half hours drive from each other and their parents. Abby couldn't even imagine how immense the station the truly was. At the grand old age of twenty-seven David's parents had been forcing him to attend as many of these social events as possible in the hopes he would find a girl to settle down with as his brother had done.

For her part, she told him of being just about to graduate with a business degree and how she wanted to work in tourism somehow. She was a city girl and honestly didn't know much about farming or cattle stations aside of that's where the food came from. He had laughed at her on more than one occasion over the few days they had spent together. She exclaimed over the bulls and horses and stepped in the soft, round pads that littered the ground, in her less than sensible shoes making him chuckle.

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