tagChain StoriesLustful Lyrics Ch. 12

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 12


"Little ditty about Jack and Diane
Two American kids growin' up in the heartland"
By John Cougar Mellencamp

Diane chuckled as she put the final stitches in her grandson's Halloween costume. More than thirty-five years and that damned movie was as popular as ever. A Wookiee, for Christ's sake. Oh, the memories that brought back as she caressed the rough fake fur with love.


October 31st, 1977

Diane scanned the packed fraternity house looking for her new boyfriend Jack. He had said to meet him at the Halloween party. He had even told her what to wear. She was to come as Princess Leia. Only one tiny problem, because of the popularity of that damned movie, every single one of the costume shops were sold out of the damned thing. She had been so desperate to impress him though that she had cut up one of her white bed sheets and sewn the damned costume herself by hand. Looking down at it now, she was rather satisfied with her work, even if she did say so herself.

But she was no closer to finding Jack. He had said that he would come as Chewie. At well over six foot, she could appreciate his humor in selecting that character. Jack's All-American good looks and abilities as a football player had first attracted her to him. He sat three seats over in psychology class. Although seats were no longer assigned in college, it seemed that everyone had fallen into a pattern of sitting in the same place each time. Of course, Diane had never expected Jack to notice her. Her mousy brown hair and girl next door looks never attracted much attention from the boys in high school.

Except tonight that all seemed to be different. She noticed several guys looking in her direction. She knew the popularity of the Leia character explained that more than anything else, but there were several Leia's in the room already. Blonde ones, other brunettes and even a lone red head. But she recognized that her depiction of the forthright and entitled Princess was the closest to reality. Not that any of it was real.

She was just about to slip quietly from the party, go back to her dorm and try calling Jack to find out where he was when a glass of punch appeared in front of her. "Drink this," said the familiar voice from beneath the hairy suit. "You look..."

Diane was nervous as the pause stretched out. She strained to hear his next words as if they held some great importance. The room was loud. Music. A couple hundred people all talking until it sounded like a hive of bees all buzzing in unison. But she was cued to just one sound, Jack's voice. "Hot!"

She sighed with relief at his pronouncement as his dark brown eyes scanned her from head to toe and back again. She smiled, blushed and responded, "Thanks but probably not as hot as you are in that outfit."

He chuckled, "Yeah, well, I seem to be stuck in here. The zip broke as I was pulling it up." He fidgeted from foot to foot before adding in a whisper, "I'm dying for a piss too."

Her blush deepened a bit. A small town girl she was not accustomed to such frank language although she was more than accustomed to watching animals perform the act. The words always seemed so vulgar somehow.

She bit her lip and considered the situation for a long moment. She did not want Jack to get the wrong idea about her, but he did seem desperate. "I could try to help you with the zip. I sew and maybe I can fix it. Or at worse, get you out of there and back in."

He smiled or she thought he did. It was not easy seeing much more than his brown eyes in that damned costume. "You are the best, Princess. I just need to talk to Mike, our president, about something real quick. My room is on the third floor, second door on the left. Meet you there in fifteen minutes?"

He bent and rough fake fur brushed the side of her face as he 'kissed' her cheek. "Okay," she mumbled, suddenly nervous about going to a boy's room alone. Her mouth was dry at the thought so she downed the cup of punch and looked around for someplace to get another.

She found what looked like a refreshments table across the room and made her way slowly there with dozens of 'excuse me's' and more shoving than she would have liked. But she finally made it and helped herself to more of the bubbling witch's brew from the large cauldron in the middle of the table. She knew she was stalling, second guessing herself about the promise to meet Jack in his room. She had another cup.

She was being silly. This was no place for her small town morals. She had decided when she went away to college that she was going to leave all of that behind. That 'good girl' mentality that had been drummed into her by hers parents, the church and small town America. She was a college woman now. Her own person. She could make her own decisions. Right?

She stumbled just a bit as she turned from the table towards the stairs. But rather than be embarrassed she just laughed it all off. Her head felt a bit light like the time she had accidentally picked up Uncle Joe's glass of egg nog at Christmas. On some level it registered that the punch was spiked. But Diane was past the point of caring by then. Besides this new Dutch courage felt pretty good as she clutched her fourth cup of the brew even tighter.

Climbing the stairs was not as easy as she had thought. She had to push past large groups of people who were congregating there. And putting one foot in front of another seemed to require more concentration than she had ever noticed before. She gripped the bannister and focused as she climbed that final flight. "Third floor, second door," she pronounced as she made the landing.

Damn, there were two second doors. One of the left and another on the right. She vaguely remembered Jack mentioning one, but could not remember which. Left or right? Right or left? She chuckled and in her inebriated state decided that a game of 'iny, meeny, miny, mo' would be the best way of solving her problem. The right it was then.

She tapped lightly on the door and it opened on its own. She gasped as she took in the sight there. Another Leia was kneeling on the floor before a handsome Hans Solo. It could have been one of the promo pics on the posters. Except for his cock going in and out of her mouth. Diane clutched the door to steady herself. She knew that the polite thing would be to say yet another 'excuse me' and close the door as she left. Except that she seemed frozen there, unable to move, unable to even look away.

The guy's eyes were closed. He had not even noticed her presence. But the girl was looking right at her as she continued to lick and suck the man's penis. She even winked at Diane as her tongue swirled the fat purple head, then she smiled as she swallowed the thing. Diane shook her head as she watched the whole thing disappear down the girl's throat. Was that even possible? She heard the guy moan, long and low like one of her daddy's bulls in heat. He clutched the girl's blonde hair as his hips pounded against her face. Diane feared that he would suffocate the girl. Was she watching a murder take place? She clutched the door helplessly.

Then the guy smiled and opened his eyes. "Damn, Pat, you are the best cock sucker."

The girl released his still hard penis from her mouth. Diane could see clear fluid glistening on her lips and chin as she spoke, "Learn anything new, sweet cheeks?" she pronounced looking right at her.

Diane's eyes flew open as the man's head turned towards her too. She could feel her face burning as the blood rushed to it. Her knees felt like they would buckle under the weight of her embarrassment. She tried to say 'excuse me' but it just came out a mumbo jumbo of nothingness.

The guy smiled as he looked from Diane to his partner on the floor, "Next time you want to join in? Two Princess Leia's sucking a guy off would get anybody going," he chuckled casually as if being watched while engaging in an intimate act happened to him every day.

Diane had seen more than her fair share of animals 'doing it' on her family farm. Dogs, cats, horses, even the old bull covering a heifer or two. But that was different. That was reproduction. About making babies. The birds and the bees. This was anything but.

She knew that she should be mortified. Should be disgusted at the casual way that these two were treating her intrusion upon such an intimate act. But the truth was that she was anything but. Not only was she curious about what it had felt like for the girl: her mouthed stuffed to overflowing with cock, unable to even breathe, but Diane had to admit she was turned on by it. Turned on by watching these two go at it like rutting animals back on the farm.

Then she heard the soft chuckle behind her, felt a firm hand about her waist. "My friend asked you a question, Diane. Do you want to join in next time?"

With the alcohol addling her brain, Diane did not filter her response as she stared up into those deep brown eyes. She simply nodded her head and whispered, "But I don't know how."

Jack had taken his head off the costume so she saw the play of shock across his face. "Don't know how to what? Give a blowjob?"

"Don't know any of it," she admitted on the verge of tears. Her eyes dropped to the floor afraid of what she might see in his eyes.

"Any of it? Are you virgin, Diane?" he asked as he used his fingers beneath her chin to lift her face to his.

She blushed even deeper and nodded head, closing her eyes in shame. The room erupted in laughter and she wanted desperately to run away. To leave this place, these people and run as far as she could. Run back to the safety of her small town and the farm. She could feel her eyes brimming over with unspilled tears. Shame ate at her soul. She pulled away from him, was about to start that run for freedom. But she stumbled.

A pair of strong hands gripped her upper arms, kept her from falling. They pulled her backwards until she felt the hard ridge of Jack's erection pressed against her bum. His tongue ran around the ridge of her ear as he began to rub against her. She moaned softly as she felt hands message and knead her pert young tits through the white cotton sheet. She turned her head and sought out Jack's kiss. She really liked the way that he kissed.

They kissed in the door way for several long moments. Tongues dueled, parrying and thrusting against one another, even as their hips mimicked the same motion lower down. His hands on her hips guided her, leading this erotic dance.

Wait a moment, she thought through the haze of alcohol. If Jack's strong hands were on her hips then whose were on her breasts? She forced herself to break the hypnotic kiss and open her eyes. She gasped as she saw Pat in front of her. Her own Princess Leia costume pushed aside to reveal breasts much larger than Diane's perky thirty-four Bs. The other girl's hands stilled as she stared up at her.

Diane noticed that the other man still lay across the room, half on, half off the bed. But his cock that had begun to go flaccid once it popped from this woman's mouth was now back to raging attention as he stroked it and watched them.

Jack kissed the side of her neck. "Diane, I think you have already met my friend Mike and this is his girlfriend Pat."

In the fog of her inebriation Diane giggled at the formality of his introduction. She had watched this couple have sex. This woman had touched her breasts, something that she had not allowed anyone except Jack and her high school sweetheart to do. This man had his cock out in front of her. Oh my god, she had not even seen Jack's cock. She blushed as she realized how awkward this whole situation was.

Jack nudged the girls forward slowly just a foot or so. Then he closed the door behind him. "Diane, Mike and Pat asked if you wanted to join them. Are you serious? Do you want to? Want to learn how to suck cock as well as Patty?" He smiled at the other woman, "She has the reputation of the best cock sucker on campus."

The other woman blushed and shoved at him, "Go on with you. Flattery will get you everywhere." She stepped forward and brushed a soft kiss against Diane's lips. A feather light tease of sensation as she whispered, "I'm better at eating pussy."

Diane sucked in great lungs full of air. The idea should have disgusted her. But so too should she have walked out of the room when she saw what these people were doing. The truth was that as naughty as this proposition was it had her hot. Hotter than she had ever been. Even when she and her high school boyfriend had fooled around in the back seat of his car. He had never gotten her anywhere near as excited as she was now.

What kind of a girl was she, she wondered. How could she even be considering this? Of course, the times were changing. Of course, the sexual revolution was upon them. But that still did not mean good girls watched other people having sex. Let other women touch their breasts. And certainly did not consider having sex with three people. For the first time. Diane's mind was fractured between a lifetime of shoulds and must nots and the heat that was building like the fires of hell between her legs.

Then Jack made the decision for her, "Mike, move over. I think the Princess deserves the bed now, don't you Pat?"

Pat smiled as she took Diane's hand and led her slowly across the room to the bed where Mike had been. "I promise we'll be gentle," she said. Then slowly she lowered her face towards Diane's. Her lips were firmer this time, more demanding. But they were softer than a man's. It was an interesting sensation, kissing without the stubbly roughness.

Diane opened her mouth a bit and Pat's tongue plunged deeper. She registered hands on her shoulders, pushing the material down. Then she felt cool, crisp air on her nipples, they hardened. Then they were being cupped and squeezed once more. Harder this time. The hands were larger, rougher, and male. But Diane was too caught up in the erotic dance of tongues to worry whose hands they were.

Especially when another set began to push the costume down over her hips. She should have panicked. Should have stopped them before this game went any further, went too far. But she was enjoying the feeling. The attention of hands all over her body, tongue in her mouth.

Then she was falling. She was lost. Totally and completely disoriented until the softness of the mattress embraced her. A weight landed on top of her, but it was not overpowering. Diane's muddled mind recognized that it was Pat on top of her and not Jack or the other man. That was oddly comforting. If she was going to be a drunk and naked virgin in a bed at least another girl would understand. Right?

It was as if the other girl could read her mind as she smiled down at her, "Just relax. We won't do anything that you don't want." Her face filled Diane's vision as she towered over her, "But that doesn't mean we won't make you want things you never thought you would," she chuckled briefly before her lips re-captured Diane's. This kiss was as domineering and demanding as its male counterparts. It was about taking charge, showing Diane who was in charge. She was breathless when it ended some long moments later.

"Jack, you get up here. Kiss her and play with these cute little tits," she pinched the nipples and Diane jumped a bit from the pain. "Have you let him play with your tits yet, Diane?"

Diane nodded and mumbled, "Sort of."

The other girl pinched harder, "What do you mean sort of?"

Jack laughed as he wrapped his arm behind Diane's head and stared into her eyes. "She means only through her top, isn't that right Princess?"

Diane nodded and smiled up at the familiar face, seeking reassurance. The answering smile and kiss on her nose gave it to her. She was drunk, naked and in bed with her boyfriend that she had known only a few weeks. That should have been bad enough, but his two friends were with them. And to make it worse, Diane was turned on. How could she be turned on by this?

Jack's lips took hers in a long and soulful kiss. She tasted beer and man. She felt the stubble that had been missing when the other woman kissed her and it gave her the reassurance she sought.

"Mike, hold open her sweet thighs. I have never tasted virgin pussy before," she heard the feminine voice say. She mumbled into Jack's mouth. He brushed the hair back from her face softly and whispered against her lips, "It'll be fine. I promise." Then he was kissing her again.

But Diane found it hard to concentrate upon his familiar kisses when a tongue was lathing the inside of her thighs. It was a completely new sensation. Then the tongue was replaced with sharp teeth pinching her soft flesh. Back to the tongue, then feather soft kisses. Diane was lifting and undulating her pelvis as that mouth moved higher and higher up her thighs.

Then she felt hands of her thighs, pulling her legs apart, opening her up. Cold. Hot. Air was blown across her mound and she arched completely off the bed. Then she screamed into Jack's mouth as another one covered her secret button. No one had ever touched her there except herself.

Now it was being sucked and nibbled at. By a woman. A stranger. Diane tossed her head and moaned. In shame at the intense pleasure shooting through her body. Jack broke the kiss. His handsome face filled her view as it smiled down at her. "It's okay, Diane. Doesn't it feel good? Her mouth on your pussy."

Diane knew that his nasty words should have disgusted her, but instead they caused her nipples to harden like granite. All she could do was moan as Jack took her lips in a searing kiss and another mouth found those nipples, sucking and biting. And still that tongue, teeth and mouth went on torturing and pleasing her clitoris. Her senses were overloaded.

She cried out as a slim finger found her virgin hole. It was too much as she arched and screamed into Jack's mouth. Her whole body tightened into muscle spasms. It was not the first orgasm of her life. She had been masturbating for years. But it was unlike any other. Stronger. More intense. And she blushed as she realized...shared.

Even when she had fooled around with her old boyfriend or Jack she had made certain it never went this far, that she never lost control. But this night she had most definitely lost control as that mouth kept stroking her clit, kept pushing her higher and higher until the pleasure swamped her mind like the banks of river overflowing and flooding her daddy's fields, washing the crops away in a heartbeat. So too was a lifetime of should haves and should nots erased from her mind.

Her body was on fire, every nerve ending sang in unison, a cantata of rapture as the orgasm stretched on and on. She was just starting to float back to reality when Jack broke the kiss. Soft fingers on her face turned her head in the other direction. "Beautiful," the other woman whispered as she lowered her head slowly.

Her soft lips covered Diane's once more. Diane's eyes flew open as she tasted herself on those lips. She frowned for moment as she savored the flavor. It was like the first time she had tasted beer. Uncertain whether she liked it or not. Then she closed her eyes again and gave into the kiss, taking more of the strange essence inside her. Swirling it around her tongue.

It was not bad. Just unlike anything she had tasted before. She did not know what she had expected. But it was not even like the couple of times that she had given in and sucked her boyfriend's cock. No, the taste was completely different. Was that because she was a girl? Did girls taste different from boys? Or did everyone have their own unique flavor? It was a question she considered for the first time then.

"Mike, hand Jack a condom. I think our friend is ready to dispense with her virginity," said the other woman with a smile as she broke the kiss.

"No," Diane shook her head.

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