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Lustful Mom


To start off with, everything in this story is completely fictional.

My name is Bob; I'm 18 years old and very athletic. I've had my share of girlfriends and they will tell you that I have a giant Cock (10 inches long and very thick). My cock just seems to stay hard all the time, especially when my Mom is around. If she has noticed it she never let on until I brought home my last girlfriend.

Mom was at work and left a voice mail that she would be late and I should make my own plans for dinner. Carol (my girlfriend) and I had the place to ourselves for several hours. So we took advantage of our new hot tub.

Carol stripped off her clothes and then removed mine as well. I was so horny that when Carol removed my pants, my cock slapped her in the face, this drove her mad and she sucked my prick like a porn star, her lips were stretched over my cock head and her eyes bugged out as she tried to deep throat me. Carols tits were flopping around as I face fucked her. I was just about ready to blow a huge load of cum all over her face when we heard the front door open. We both jumped to put our clothes on. I was not thrilled to be cock blocked by my own mother.

As it turned out, their was a computer problem at Moms work and they sent everybody home. When she arrived we had just enough time to get our clothes on and get on the couch in front of the TV. My mom gave us a strange look before busying herself cleaning the house.

I would like to describe my mom now. Her name is Deborah; she had me when she was 17. She raised me herself for the most part because my father (who I never knew) left her before I was born. Mom has jet black hair which she wears short. She stands 5' 6", 105 pounds and has very large tits 36DD.

24 waist and 34 hips. When she walks with me I can't help but stare at her ass. She has grey/green eyes that seem to melt the hearts of any man she meets.

My girlfriend quickly left the house; I guess she was too embarrassed by what almost happened to face my mom.

My mom cleaned for about the next hour, and then she said she needed to take a shower. This gave me a chance too jacks off because I was too horny and needed to cum.

In my room I was stroking my cock thinking about my naked mother in the shower, I knew I would cum soon and it would be a huge load. Creamy whiteness shot out of my dick all over the bed and me as I screamed out her name. If only my mother was here right now because if would be all over her as well, my mother was just on the other side of the door which I left cracked open by mistake. I wondered how much she had witnessed. A few minutes later I heard her door close and I thought I heard a buzz and a moan. I started to get hard again as I realized that my mother was as horny as I was. Things were going to change around here. Unfortunately not right away.

I spent the next week searching my mother's room for evidence that she was a sexual person; I found the usual thongs and lingerie, but nothing else. I thought I was just imagining things. Then my mother told me she wanted help in cleaning out the basement. I spent the next two days breaking my back rearranging the basement. Late that night I noticed that my mom sneaked into the basement, so I spied on her. She moved two large boxes from the basement to her room. Jackpot, I thought to myself, this had to be what I was looking for.

I was not disappointed by what I found. Inside the first box was a collection of toys. Vibrators of all sorts, dildos of all sizes including a huge black dildo with two heads on it. I could only imagine her with another woman thrusting their cants at one another creaming the sex toy with their girl cum.

The other box was even better, inside were a collection of porn magazines with explicit pictures of people having sex(no soft porn for my mother) she even had magazines that were once mine, which I assumed she threw away after finding them in my room. I was so turned on that she was masturbating to my magazines that I tore off my shorts and jerked off right on my moms bed. I got too carried away and shot load after load all over the bedspread, the sheets and even her pillow. I heard the garage door open, so I quickly put the boxes away where I found them and went to greet her in the kitchen.

The next day she acted really strange around me, she avoided eye contact and seemed nervous when I tried to talk to her. She also went to her room shortly after dinner, which she only does when she is sick. After about an hour I went to check on her. What I saw will be etched in my memory forever

She had the toys and magazines all over the bed, the black cock was impaled up her Pussy and anal beads were shoved up were ass, but what was most shocking was the fact that she was sucking on the pillow that I had saturated with my cum hours earlier. She then screamed out my name and to fuck her harder. I knew that this was my chance to fuck my Mom. I quickly made my way to her bed and grabbed hold of the dildo and rammed it even deeper into her womb. Her eyes opened wide as I fucked her with the rubber toy. I then removed the dildo and covered her cant with my mouth. She started to push me off of her and to protest loudly about me being here( I guess fantasy and reality were two different things.) however I didn't stop sucking her Dripping Pussy until she grabbed the back of my head and forced it tight against her mound. I pulled away to look into her eyes, there was a look of wonderment and lust, they then glazed over and she squirted her juices all over my face. I was amazed; I thought women squirting when they came were only a myth. I was in love. I didn't have much time to regain my senses when she went after my cock like wild women. She slobbered and gagged all over my dick which was harder and throbbed more than ever before. I didn't last long before filling her mouth overflowing with my sperm. She then did something I never seen before, she drooled the cum into her palms and smeared it all over her face and even her eyes which instantly became bloodshot with my cum. She saved some to finger fuck into her pussy. She was screaming "I LOVE YOUR INCESTOUS CUM. I WANT TO BE YOUR MOTHER WHORE CUM SLUT. I WANT TO GARGLE WITH YOUR SPERM. She then coughed; her throat still thick with my cum. We spent the next few minutes in total love bliss.

We didn't do anything more after that, I think we were both a little shocked at what just happened. I wanted to talk about what we did but my mother made me leave her room and said she would talk tomorrow. I was a little bummed out but figured she needed some time to process her feelings as I did.

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