tagIncest/TabooLustful Mothers: The Collection

Lustful Mothers: The Collection


Dear readers,

Hope you're all doing great. Here are four of my original stories, revised for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy...

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Family Counseling

"Tell me how it all started," he asked.

The three of them were all sitting in his well-furnished office, sitting across from each other. He sat alone on his seat, while the mother and son sat together on the couch.

Linda took a deep breath, "Well, it started several months ago. I began to notice that he would try taking little peeks at me whenever I would come out of the shower or change my clothes. On a few occasions, I noticed that he would open my bedroom door slightly so that he could spy on me."

"And how did that make you feel?"

"I felt a lot of things. Betrayed would be one of them- that my own son would do such a thing to me while I'm completely undressed. He doesn't have a right to see me like that. It's a woman's choice as to who gets to see her body."

The counselor then turned his attention towards Tom. "You don't deny any of this, do you?"

Tom shook his head in embarrassment, "...No..."

"So the obvious question now becomes- why would you look at your own mother like this? Is it simply that you're attracted to her? Do you enjoy that she's your mother? Perhaps both?"

"It's just that...I've never seen a naked woman before...that's all," Tom hesitantly responded.

The counselor followed up by asking, "So it's safe to assume that you've never done anything intimate before, have you?"

"No. I haven't."

"This sounds like a fairly common situation for a curious 18 year old," the counselor said. "But I want to go back to my previous question; does the fact that she's your mother add any special significance to seeing her nude?

"In a way, it did. I mean, yeah she's my mom, but I guess that added to it. When I saw her naked for the first time, it made me see her in a different light..." Tom said, as his mother listened in shock at her son's stunning revelation.

"Go on," the counselor said. "I appreciate your honesty, and I know this can't be easy for you, but it's important for all of us to be open with each other. So please continue."

"It's hard to explain. I think it has to do with how she's taken care of me my whole life and how much I've always looked up to her as being 'perfect' in every way. But when I saw her naked, it changed everything. She became all I thought about. I never meant to come across as a pervert or anything. I just wanted to see more of her, that's all."

The counselor then turned his attention back to Tom's mother. "Linda, what are your thoughts on hearing your son say this about you? Does it change your perspective?"

She slowly nodded. "It does. I had no idea that he felt this way. I simply thought it was a case of boys being boys. But I didn't realize that it was a lot deeper than that."

The counselor nodded his head in agreement, "Family matters are never easy, especially when a delicate issue such as sex is involved. Now Linda, I want you to tell your son about some of the dreams you've been having."

"...I...I was under the impression that what we've discussed in private stays strictly between us," Linda nervously replied.

"And it will always stay private between us. But this is something that involves your son and I feel that he should be aware of it. I've been doing family counseling for a long time, with great results, and I believe that complete honesty always leads to the best outcomes."

Linda sighed, "Well, it was after I caught my son spying on me coming out of the shower. I had a dream that night where...I can't believe I'm saying this in front of him...but in the dream, we were in the kitchen and...I was on my knees servicing him orally. I woke up and I couldn't believe what had just gone through my head."

The room suddenly felt a little warmer and the counselor had to adjust his collar. Tom found himself going from feeling humiliated to becoming aroused after hearing his mother's most intimate thoughts involving him.

"It didn't end there, did it?" the counselor enquired further.

"No, it happened again about two or three weeks later. This time we were in my bedroom, I was naked and we were making out before he performed oral sex on me. That was when I knew this issue had gotten in my head and so I started to lock my bedroom door. Tom, of course, tried much harder to get his peeks at my body which was the last straw for me. And so here we are, talking to you..."

"Linda, it's my professional opinion that you're over thinking all of this," the counselor stated. "You had previously assumed that your son was being some sort of deviant when he was looking at your body, and now you're assuming that your dreams are something to be ashamed of."

"I don't understand. What exactly are you implying?" she asked.

He raised his eyebrow, "I'm not implying anything. I'm simply saying that you are making things out to be something that they are not. You are the one implying that incest is immoral. And let's be frank about what we're talking about here- incest."

Linda was strongly taken aback by the remarks she had just heard. "I don't think it's right the way he's been spying on me, and..."

"I want us to be honest with each other," he said, cutting her off mid-sentence. "When you had those explicit dreams with you and your son, you had previously admitted to me that you masturbated when you woke up- is that right?"

"I really don't think it's necessary for you to say that in front of my son," Linda said with defiance and a hint of embarrassment.

"The only reason I'm doing this is because I'm trying to break down the barriers between you and your son," the counselor stated boldly. "Obviously the way that I work isn't taught in any classroom or practiced by any of my colleagues, but there's a reason why so many of my patients have seen great progress in their relationships and are more than happy to return. That's because my process works. So are you still interested?"

"...I am," she replied after being humbled.

"Now if we can continue where we left off; have you ever thought about kissing your son?" he asked.

Linda hesitated for a moment. "Not often. But I would occasionally wonder what he would taste like."

The counselor then turned his attention towards her son, "How does this make you feel Tom? Knowing that your mother has fantasized about you and has wondered what you taste like- it must be very exciting for you."

"It is," Tom replied. "It's the last thing I expected to hear when my mom set up this appointment. I thought she would just stay mad at me over everything that's happened."

"Now Linda, I want you to give your son a gentle kiss on the lips," the counselor casually asked. "I want you to kiss him so that neither of you will have to wonder what it's like. It would be completely innocent and much of the tension between you two will disappear."

Linda's jaw nearly dropped from hearing such a taboo request. She was about to question him again, but seeing the various plaques and awards on the wall let her know that it was useless. He was one of the most well known family counselors in the city, and he was personally recommended to her by her sister, who had a similar problem with her own son recently. And when she turned to look at Tom, she saw the eagerness in his eyes and knew that he was more than interested in doing it.

So, she leaned towards her son, and her son leaned towards her, and they proceeded to kiss each other. It was innocent like the counselor said it would be. Both of their lips pressed tightly onto one another and the curiosity that they both had was gone. Now they knew it was like to be so intimate with each other before Linda slowly backed away.

"It's obvious that your son enjoyed it, but did you enjoy it Linda?" he asked.

Linda wiped some of the saliva from the sides of her mouth and tried to regain her senses. "It was interesting. It's not something I ever expected to happen, but I don't regret it."

He smiled, "Good. Now I want to take things a step further. I want you to undress yourself right here in front of your son to show him that admiring your body is nothing for either of you to be ashamed of. I want you to show him that this is perfectly natural."

"...I...I can't," she gasped. "If anyone ever found out about this I would be ruined."

"I want you to trust me; the confidentiality I share with my patients and the work I do for them is something I take great pride in. So unless you or your son speak to anyone about this, and I don't think either of you will, no one will ever find out about what goes on in here."

Once again, Linda knew that it was pointless arguing with such a highly regarded therapist. A part of her wanted to keep making a fuss about how wrong and over the top his requests were. But another part of her was curious about what this may accomplish and how she might feel- that side won.

She nervously stood and began working to remove her top. And as each article of clothing was being undone, her shyness and modestly eventually gave way to her inner-exhibitionist. She loved the fact that the two men in the room had their eyes glued to her every movement and body part as she undressed for them. She no longer cared that one of the men was a well respected therapist, and the other was her very own son. The look in their eyes showed just how much they were lusting over her body. They felt more nervous than she did. It felt like an eternity but Linda finally placed her last piece of clothing neatly on the side of the couch and stood there in the nude.

Her body was fairly slender, but with curves around her hips and thighs. She had average sized breasts which sagged a bit, showing that she was a middle aged woman. Her nipples were fairly large and were dark pink, with her wide areolas being a shade lighter. And her dark brown pubic hairs were neatly trimmed. She sat back down as she had before, only this time her back was a little straighter and her shoulders were a little broader. She was proud of her body.

The counselor loosened his necktie before speaking, "You're a remarkable woman Linda. I can see why your son has been spying on you. And judging by the change in your demeanor, having you open yourself to him was an excellent idea."

"I do feel liberated in a sense," Linda replied confidently. "If this is what he really wants, then I suppose it doesn't hurt for him to see me bare."

"That's what I like to hear. Now Tom, what do you think about seeing your mother like this? Seeing her naked body so up close must be having its effect on you."

"It does," Tom replied; his heart rate was going through the roof. "I've only seen her like this from far away. Having her sit right next to me without any clothes on is just surreal to me."

"Tell me, if you could have your mother do one thing for you right now and not have to worry about the consequences, what would it be? And yes, I'm talking about sex."

Tom took a deep breath, "I guess I'd want to put my penis in her mouth so she could...you know...I've never felt that before."

The counselor grinned, "Good. Now I want you to stand up and show your mother how strongly you feel about her. I'm sure she would be willing to accommodate you."

The young man was hesitant, but like his mother moments earlier, he gathered the courage he needed to stand up and expose himself. He put his hands around the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled it down to free his erection, which protruded right in front of his mother's face.

Without being asked, Linda took her son's manhood in her hand and gently caressed it. Her curiosity had once again gotten the better of her as she tenderly rubbed her son's penis. She examined it for a moment, seeing how her son had grown up to become a young man, before swirling her tongue around the bulging head. She followed that by licking up and down the shaft, causing her son to moan from a pleasure he had never felt before. And that became the appeal to Linda- being the first woman to introduce her son to the joys of sex; to be the first woman to make her son feel like a man, as she took him inside her mouth and began sucking him off furiously.

Tom felt his knees buckle as his mother bobbed her head up and down on his rock hard erection. It was an incredible feeling for him. And he couldn't believe his eyes as he looked down to see his prim and proper mother with her lips wrapped tightly around him, with her cheeks looking caved in from her powerful suction. The tightness of her mouth reminded him of the grip of his own hand, only warmer with saliva and a slobbering tongue inside.

The feeling became more than Tom could bear as he shot load after load of his cum inside his mother's mouth. Linda got what she wanted- a chance to taste her own son. In fact, she got more than she bargained for as her son's ever-flowing cum nearly caused her to gag, with her barely able to keep up with swallowing it.

When it was over, Tom had collapsed back onto the couch while his mother finished eating the remainder of his cum that was still in her mouth. The therapist looked on and smiled at his good deed of bringing them closer than ever before.

"Was it what you expected Linda?" the counselor asked as he leaned forward to offer a box of tissues.

She took a single tissue and used it to wipe her lips and chin. "It was more than I expected. I still can't believe I did that to my own son."

The counselor then turned his attention towards her son, "What about you Tom? You obviously look like you've enjoyed your first encounter with oral sex and your mother quite a bit."

"God...that was so amazing," Tom replied, still panting heavily. "I've never felt anything like that in my life. I had no idea what my mom could do."

"And it looks like you're ready to have another go at it," he added, looking at Tom's tenseness. "It's perfectly understandable since your hormones must be raging right now after what you've just had done to you."

"Oh I'm definitely still horny. I would love to do something again if my mom is interested."

"Well, would you be interested in losing your virginity to your mother?" the counselor said with a grin. "I know it would be very special for both of you if she was your first."

Tom looked to his mother to see a loving smile and a small nod of approval. She told him it was okay for him to climb on top of her if he wanted to, and so he did. He got in between his mother's open legs and pressed his semi-erect penis against the opening of her vagina. Feeling her warmth and wetness, along with being intimate with his mom again, was more than enough to make him fully hard again. It didn't matter that he was inexperienced at this, since his mom was using her hands to guide him in, and held onto his body to ensure that he was motioning himself correctly while they looked each other in the eyes.

They began passionately making love in the office of a family counselor. But that only lasted a few moments as Tom's carnal lust overwhelmed him and he started to FUCK his mother. He went harder and faster in order to appease his inner-most desires which had been torturing him for the past several months. And with every forceful thrust he gave, his mother responded with a loud grunt or a moan, affirming her own pleasure from this sexual encounter.

The counselor looked on at the unholy coupling which was happening before him. He took great pride and pleasure knowing that he was able to bring a mother & son closer together in such an intimate way, as they now began sloppily tongue kissing as well. Tom soon reached his second climax, treating the counselor to the sexually explicit view of a hard cock plunging in and out of a soaking wet pussy, with large amounts of cum beginning to ooze out of her insides.


Linda and her son got cleaned up and dressed while the counselor grabbed a notepad and began quickly scribbling down instructions. He then handed the note to Linda when she was ready to leave.

"What's this?" she asked him.

"It's my personal recommendations for what you and Tom should do these next few weeks," he told her.

Linda blushed as she read his orders, "Well...I look forward to following your advice."

"And I look forward to our next meeting. I wish nothing but the best for the two of you."

Linda and Tom thanked the counselor for everything he had done for them, and as they left the room, they were greeted with a big smile from a secretary who knew what they had just done.


I've always been close with my mother. But in recent years we kind of went our own way, with me going off to law school, and her eventually moving in with her fiance.

But in this past year, both of us faced an unexpected change which led to something that neither of could have ever predicted.

It started when my mother was laid off from her job as a university science professor due to California's budget cuts. Around that same time, she and her fiance agreed to mutually spit up. Some timing huh? But at least it was an amicable break-up and there weren't any hard feelings whatsoever.

Thankfully she was able to land another teaching job fairly quickly, but the dilemma she faced was that she would have to move to another state. Looking for something new in life, she took that opportunity, and that's where things developed between us.


It was early in the morning when I showed up to help my mother pack her stuff. Her ex-fiance, Dave, was off at work and he didn't mind me being there with her.

We were in the living room, and in between putting her things in boxes and carrying her books for her, I picked up a picture frame of her running past the finish line during a marathon in San Francisco. It was something she liked to do annually for both person achievement and charity awareness.

"Not bad for a 46 year old woman, eh?" she asked proudly when she saw me looking at it.

I also couldn't help but notice how pretty she looked at that moment, with her hair tied in a ponytail, her eyes shining bright, and a look of pride on her face. She was barefoot, wearing a simple outfit consisting of gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

"Not bad for any age. Seriously, I know I couldn't do it."

She smiled, "That's because you never try."

"Good point," I replied. "But even if I did, there's no way I could finish as early as you did. That's one heck of an accomplishment. You always did have a lot of heart ya know."

"Thank you. Have a seat. I want to show you some pictures."

I sat down on the couch and my mother turned around to rummage through a box, pulling out a photo album. She sat down next to me and opened it while it was on her lap.

"I managed to make the top twenty percentile of all the participants."

She pointed to a picture of her celebrating with her ex-fiance, and she was drenched in sweat with a big smile on her face.

"Jeez, I had no idea you were in such great shape," I said.

"Like you said, it takes a lot of heart, and it was worth it for charity. That was my last time running a marathon since it wears your body down, so I gave it my all. These days I mainly stick with pilates and yoga."

"Whatever works for you. But if you don't mind me asking, what happened between you and Dave? You two looked so happy together in this picture."

She sighed, "He really is a nice guy. In fact, he's a great guy. But at the end of the day we're just two different people. If I want to watch science programs at night, he wants to watch reality tv. If I want to go hiking during the weekends, he wants to stay home and relax. And I suppose the fact that he works with attractive young models all day at the fashion agency doesn't help our relationship either."

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