tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 04

Lustful Summoning Ch. 04


Jason woke on the red satin sheets as if he were slowly rising from a deep-sea dive. The first of his senses that pulled him from the deep, fathomless, dreamless sleep was the lack of noise. The last time that he had heard anything was the sucking noises of a gorgeous blonde on his groin and the purring of his succubus near by.

The smells began to make their presence known as well. There was still a lingering hint of the incense that had been burned in the room three times now. The next sense to make its presence known was the feeling on his skin.

The satin sheet under his skin was very comfortable and relaxing compared to the stinging pains all over his body. It felt like a cat had dragged its claws around his body going just deep enough to touch the nerve endings.

Jason slowly opened his eyes, planning to let them adjust to the bright lights shining in his bedroom. When they were open just a little, he thought that it must still be night, because the room was very dark.

At that moment, Jason realized where he really was. He sat straight up on the satin covered mattress and looked around the room. His mind reeled with the flashes of the enjoyment and pleasure he’d had on that mattress. His cock was rising with the erotic thoughts of the evening before.

But was it last night or has it been longer than a day, was the next thought to run through his mind. He jumped up and quickly ran out of the room, ignoring the stinging pain on his body where the scratches were and a very important fact. Jason didn’t notice his foot make a slight break in the white powder line that made up the outer circle of the pentagram around the bed.

Jason went to his own bedroom and snatched his cordless phone off the base. He called the number for the time and found that is was, unusually, the next day. It was also late in the morning, too. The last two times that Jason had called the succubus, she had kept him in her sexual circle for nearly two days.

A noise behind him caused Jason to quickly turn around. Standing on the other side of the bed was the lascivious blonde that he had offered to the succubus. She stood there, completely nude, staring at Jason, her eyes running up and down his body like he was a piece of steak.

The thought scared Jason, but it also aroused him. He watched as she walked to the foot of the bed and grabbed the post at that corner. She used it to swing around the corner a little way then leaned on the seven-foot high pole. She continued to keep her head turned toward him, her eyes half-closed, in a lustful stare connecting their eyes.

The blonde’s hands slid up and down the long cylindrical pole, caressing it lovingly, her breast pressing around it on both sides. Her right leg rose off the floor and Jason could see her inner thigh was pressing against the pole. By this time, his cock had rose to full length and was pointing at its object of affection.

The blonde licked her lips while moaning aloud. She took a few steps back from the foot of the bed and spun around, offering her ass to Jason. Being the horny bastard that he was, he took the offer and walked over and stepped directly behind her ass.

Jason reached out with his fingers and felt a touch of static electricity when they neared her ass. It seemed to pull his fingertips to her flesh and then the rest of his hands moved to her skin as well. Jason’s fingers slid along her skin, up the curve of her ass and slowly up her back, his feet moving forward slowly as his fingers continued.

Jason looked down and watched as his stiff cock neared her body. A small sense of fear ran up his spine when he saw the tips of her pussy’s lips suddenly outstretched and quivering toward his dick, as if straining to touch its head.

The fear was immediately gone when his penis touched those waiting lips. Jason felt them wrap around and pull on his cock. His body jumped forward as her pussy pulled him all the way into it, his hips coming into contact with the cushioned pressure of her ass cheeks.

Jason heard a moan escape the blonde when he sank deeply into her body. He felt her body tense under his hands, which had now reached the sides of her upper back. He let them slide around the woman’s tight body, feeling the ribs under her skin, and start to wrap around her breasts.

As his fingers began to curve around her mounds, Jason’s body lowered on top of the blonde’s back. His fingertips just barely touched her nipples when she let another moan escape her lips. Her ass pushed against his hips, too, as if trying to take in even more of his cock.

Jason pushed into her and then tried to pull back so that he could thrust into her again. To his surprise, he wasn’t able to pull out even a hair’s width. But Jason wasn’t too worried about it though, since the woman’s pussy was the sucking on his cock anyway.

He was now lying completely on the blonde’s back, planting kisses on her spine between her shoulder blades. Her skin had a delicious flavor to it, a taste that he had never had before, but he couldn’t get enough of it. With each kiss, Jason’s tongue darted between his lips and touched her skin for more taste.

His hands were now massaging the blonde’s breasts; his finger’s pinching and rolling her nipples between the tips. The woman continued to moan in pleasure, getting louder and deeper by the moment.

The pulling suction by the woman’s pussy had its final effect as Jason let out a loud moan of pleasure. His cum shot deep into her pussy, and not one drop escaped the suction. Jason’s body went limp with exhaustion and he lay on her back, his head turned to the side.

He noticed the clock on the dresser and saw that the sex had taken less than fifteen minutes, but the pleasurable end had made it seem like hours. As his cock began to wither a little, he felt the woman rise up in front of him. He was tired from the event and didn’t seem to have the energy to stand up completely.

Jason felt the woman quickly turn around and put her arms under his, holding him up by the pits. Her strength showed itself when she lifted him off the floor, his feet dangling just a few inches above the ground.

The blonde turned around and lowered Jason’s ass to the bed and straddled him as he fell onto the mattress. She continued to use her hands under his armpits to push him up to the pillows. When his head reached them, he quickly sank into sleep, but not before he felt his cock being sucked back into her pussy, even while it was as flaccid as a wet noodle.

When Jason woke up, he looked around his bedroom and wondered what had happened. He had a dream that the woman he had offered to the succubus had been raping him several hours and he had cum more times than he could remember. When he reached down and felt his sore cock, he knew it must not have been that much of a dream.

Jason looked at the clock and noticed that it was now late in the afternoon. He slowly sat up on the bed, looking over his body. There were red marks where fingers had been scratching his skin. He slowly moved to the edge of the bed and slid his legs over the side.

He slowly rose from the mattress and cautiously moved toward the dresser, planning to get some clothes to wear. He didn’t think he would be wearing them long, since he would be removing them when he called the succubus later that evening.

Jason quickly dressed and tried to figure out how he was going to spend the rest of his Saturday. He also wondered what he would need to offer the succubus, when he called her that evening.

He walked to his living room and decided to just sit back and watch some television before logging onto the Internet and checking his e-mail. Before he could even cut the TV on, there was a hard, loud knock on the front door. Jason crossed the living room with a few short steps and peered through the peephole.

Two men were standing on his porch. They were both wearing suits and very clean-shaven.

“If you’re with the Jehovah’s Witness or trying to sell something, I’m not interested,” Jason called through the door.

The man closest to the door reached into an inside pocket of his suit’s coat and pulled out a thin billfold and held a shiny object to the eyepiece as he called back to Jason.

“We’re with the police, Mr. Mitchell. Could we talk to you please?”

Jason looked at the badge for a minute and then decided to open the door. When he did, the one that was closest to the door leaned on the door jam and seemed to be looking around the house as he started to speak.

“Sir, we are investigating a missing person’s case,” he said, trying to see every corner of the living room and where ever Jason’s body wasn’t blocking. “Do you mind if my partner and I come in?”

“I don’t even know your names, let alone if you are really from the police,” Jason responded. “Can I see your badges again and what precinct you’re from? I want to make sure that I’m not letting in someone acting as police.”

“You know, that’s a smart thing to do,” said the man that was standing at the top of the steps leading to the porch. “Give him your badge, Mike. Here is mine.”

Both men pulled out a thin billfold and flipped them open for Jason to see the badge numbers. Mike, the man closest to him, handed a small notepad to Jason with a pen and let him copy the information down.

“I’ll be back as soon as this checks out. If you want, you can have a seat on the porch while I’m looking into it,” Jason said, motioning toward a couple of wooden chairs sitting on the porch.

“Thank you, sir, we’ll do that,” said James, according to the information that Jason had collected. As they both turned to the chairs on the porch, they put their badges back into their coat pockets.

After a call to information and then several transfers inside the police precinct, Jason finally confirmed the names and facial features of the badge owners, both of which were the same two men sitting on his porch. During this time, Jason put a pot of coffee on and found it ready for all of them when he was off the phone.

“You can come in, detectives,” Jason said, when he stuck his head outside his house. “I hope you understand me doing this, since I do live way out here in the boonies. I’ve had my house broken into once before while I was at work and the police said it was because I live in a secluded place and it made me an easy target.”

“That’s understandable,” said James. “I would be nervous too, if I lived out here all alone. Why do you live so far out from people, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I used to be in the Marines and deployed to sea several times,” Jason replied, heading for the kitchen as the two detectives sat down on the couch. “I got tired of living in such tight quarters with hundreds of people. So when I left the service, I searched for a house that was far from too many people, but somewhat close to a city.”

Jason picked up the pot of coffee and three cups, placed them on a tray and returned to the living room. He set the tray on the coffee table before the two men and began to head toward the kitchen again.

“I’m used to very strong coffee since I was in the Marines, but I’ll get some cream and sugar for you two, if you want, or even some water so you can weaken it to your liking,” he explained.

“Sure, if you don’t mind,” said James. “I would appreciate some sugar, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Yeah,” agreed Mike. “I always enjoy coffee with my cream.”

Everyone chuckled at this small joke as Jason left for the kitchen. While getting a small container for the cream and sugar, Jason listened to the two men in his living room talking to each other.

“Do you think he did something to her?” asked Mike.

“I don’t know, but he has all the possibilities of hiding the body if he did,” said James. “Plus, no one would hear her scream if he wanted to torture her for a while.”

“What a dirty bastard this guy is,” commented Mike. “I’ll bet he has her body hidden in one of these rooms right under our noses.”

“If he doesn’t allow us to search his house, then we can just wait outside in our car while someone else gets a search warrant to look the place over,” returned James’ voice. “He was the last one to be seen with her, and they were seen on the road heading this way.”

Jason started to worry about what these two men would say when they saw his altar in that succubus’ chamber.

He started heading back to the living room when there was a sudden lack of a background noise that never registered in his mind. The bathroom shower had just been shut off. Jason worried that the two men were already looking around his home, since he could no longer hear their voices.

Jason walked back into the living room and saw the two detectives standing, looking toward the hallway. There, standing in the middle of the hallway, was the one person Jason was hoping to see again, but not with these two men there.

The blonde’s beautiful face was looking back at the detectives. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, the end of it hanging over one shoulder. Another towel was wrapped around her body under her armpits and the upper corner of the towel was tucked into the under layer just behind the right armpit.

The bottom of the towel reached about four or five inches past her crotch. The area where the two ends of the towel should come together remained partially open; showing a very shapely upper thigh, still a little wet from the shower.

“Hello, gentlemen,” she said, a smile on her face that brought pleasurable thoughts to Jason’s mind. He quickly looked away from her as the erection was rising in his pants. He looked at the two detectives and noticed that she had the same effect on them as well.

Mike seemed to be hiding his left hand, which was sporting a wedding band, from the towel-clad woman standing before them. Jason cleared his throat and gained the men’s attention again as he placed the cream and sugar on the table.

“So, about this missing person that you two are looking for,” said Jason, sitting down in a recliner across from Mike and James, trying to keep their attention on him and away from the blonde’s body.

“Uh, um…Well, we…we’re looking for a Ms. Greene,” said James, glancing toward the glistening skin of the hooker as she moved further into the living room and stood behind Jason. Both men slowly took their seats with a little difficulty, thanks to the woman’s effect on them.

“That wouldn’t happen to be you, would it, dear?” Jason asked the woman that was now leaning over his shoulder.

The blonde reached her slender arms around Jason’s neck and sensually kissed his ear before she replied.

“Yes, it is. I’m pretty sure these men would like to know the story about why I was reported missing, though.”

“Yeah, I would love to hear how you got here,” Mike quickly said, a little too enthusiastically from the look his partner gave him.

The blonde moved around to Jason’s left side, sat on the arm of the chair and slid down it, into Jason’s lap and arms. She sat up a little from her position and planted a passionate kiss on Jason, her tongue showing itself quite well as it snaked around his mouth, pushing his lips apart. She then turned to face the two detectives. The whole time, her upper thigh remained in view for the detectives imagine what heavenly area it led to.

“Mr. Mitchell picked me up last night on the street corner that I was working,” she started to explain. “He brought me here and we had a very passionate evening together. After finishing our business, Jason explained to me the way things should be for such a beautiful woman like myself and promised to help me get back to a normal life.

“I’ve decided to take him up on that offer. He is going to let me stay here until I can get a real job and get back on my feet,” Ms. Greene continued. “I’m pretty sure that it was my pimp that called in the missing person report on me. He must really want to get me back, since I was bringing in so much money for him. But I don’t care. I’m through with him.”

“If you want, ma’am, we can help you get away from your pimp, possibly even send him to prison,” James said, moving back into his role as a policeman. He pulled his note pad out of a pocket and added a pen to his other hand. “If you give us a statement now, we can go, pick him up and get him off the street this evening.”

“Call me Julie,” she said, sitting up further on Jason’s lap using a hand on his crotch to help her. “And as for my former boss, I don’t want to deal with him right now. I’m just going to stay here and change my life and keep away from him.”

“If that’s what you want,” James said, letting his eyes wander back to the thigh he was facing. “But you know that he will probably be coming after you, when he finds out where you’re at.”

“I know, but I feel pretty safe here,” she said, keeping the charm turned on.

Jason noticed that Mike, who had been pretty quiet for some time now, was actually staring at Julie, where the towel had opened a little bit on the side that it came together. More than her thigh was showing now.

The towel had exposed clearly up to the tucked in portion. The outer edge of her right breast was a little exposed, even though the towel mostly covered it. Julie’s hand was busy caressing her right thigh while talking to James, but it was now moving over the rest of her skin that was exposed for viewing.

Jason could tell that it was having an effect on both men, because they were both leaning forward and sitting on the very edge of his couch. Jason decided that it was time to conclude the interview before the two men fell off the couch and hit their open jaws on his coffee table. The last thing he needed was to be charged with assaulting a couple of officers.

“Do you two have any more questions?” Jason asked. “Or would you still like to look over my house and see if I,” here Jason held up his first and middle fingers and motioned the quotation sign at them, “have her body hidden in one of the rooms right under your nose?”

Jason said that last part with a snide attitude because of how quickly the detectives had convicted him before the interview had begun. The comment wasn’t lost on either one of them as they looked apologetically at Jason and rose from their seats.

He watched them get to their feet with a little discomfort and small tents forming in their pants.

“We’re sorry about saying that, Mr. Mitchell,” said James. “We’ve seen some things in our line of business that have made us feel that way about everyone we meet. We truly do apologize for offending you.”

“Ye…Yeah, I’m sorry, too,” Mike stammered, still looking at the lithe form lying in Jason’s lap. He didn’t sound too sincere.

“I hope you don’t mind if I don’t get up, but I’m very comfortable here and you know your way out,” Jason said, now turning his attention to the same figure that Mike was admiring.

As Jason’s left hand reached up and started to caress Julie’s lower left leg, he barely paid attention to the front door closing behind the two detectives. He watched his hand slide up the smooth, moist skin and over her kneecap, pushing the towel ahead of it. It was then he noticed that the moisture on her skin was more like oil than water.

Julie’s fingers reached under Jason’s chin and turned his face toward hers, making their eyes lock together. He was quickly shocked back to normalcy when he saw her eyes were slit, similar to a snake.

“I’d say that we only have a little bit of time before my pimp shows up to take me out of here,” she said in a sultry tone. “I think we should make some preparations before he shows up so my mistress and I can ‘entertain’ him.”

With those words said, Julie raised up out of his lap, letting both towels fall off her, her hair completely dry. She reached down with her hand and offered it to Jason to help him up. He took her hand in his, letting her pull him up with little effort, his other hand adjusting the hard on pressing against his the crotch of his pants.

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