tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 06

Lustful Summoning Ch. 06


Jason’s mind started working again, and his sense of touch was the first sense to return to him.

A thick, heavy object covered his body; and it held him to the cushioned surface that he was lying on. His head was slightly propped up by another soft cushioned object. His ears were slightly covered by the object his head was sunken into. The area was completely warm and soothing, and Jason quickly understood he was in a bed.

His ears were barely able to pick up some muffled sounds through the pillow that he had sunk into. He couldn’t distinguish what the sound exactly was, but it sounded very familiar. His mind tried to focus on the sounds and decide what it was he was hearing.

Those were the sounds of men in the throes of complete ecstasy and pain at the same time. He could hear an occasional slight yelp of pain between the loud moans of passion. Jason noticed that some of those moans sounded feminine, as well.

His mind started working faster. Jason’s heart raced, wishing that he could feel the heat and passion that was pleasing the men he could hear. But that wish was short lived, when two blood curdling screams pierced their way through the pillow and past his eardrums.

Jason suddenly remembered his night of passion with the blonde succubus with slithering limbs and the raven-haired succubus who he drank from. At the thought, his cock jumped to life, even though his brain was screaming for Jason to jump out of the bed, and flee for his life.

Instead, Jason lay in his comfortable bed, feeling the satin sheets caress his engorged member, as it grew longer. He reveled in the sensations that the sheets gave him, as he remembered the gorgeous blonde wrapping her legs around his while riding his cock.

Jason then slowly sat up, wanting to find his blonde bombshell, see if he could get her back into the bed, or anywhere else she wanted to be, and fuck her until he passed out again. His mind had truly lost the battle with his cock’s smaller head.

He slid to the side of the bed and put his feet on the smooth carpet. Standing gingerly, Jason waited to make sure his balance was working and then began to move away from the wanton feel of the warm and embracing satin sheets. He strolled to the bathroom just off his bedroom and sat on the toilet.

Like any normal man, he thought to himself, first I need to drain my bladder before finding those two sexual demons. He didn’t want to piss them off by pissing on them.

With some effort, he was able to force his erection to point into the right direction and piss in the toilet. He knew he was being lazy by sitting on the toilet, but he wasn’t sure if his strength was going to last to long. He seemed to be a little weak from the last time that the women had played with their toy.

As the urine was striking the inside of the bowl and running down into the water, Jason listened for more sounds of the earlier sexual interlude, but could no longer hear any noise, other than the sound of his own piss hitting the porcelain.

When he had stopped urinating, Jason listened more closely and could distinguish a chanting noise coming from outside his room, somewhere down the hallway. He slowly stood up, barely noticing that his erection was now gone. He was now more focused on the chanting, and finding out what it was all about.

He walked out of the bathroom and past his bed, again taking a longing look at the warm sheets. He kept his resolve and crept to the doorway and peered into the hallway. He noticed that the door to his ritual chamber was closed and the chanting seemed to be coming from behind it.

Jason walked through the hallway, as light on his feet as possible. He didn’t want to disturb the ritual that had to be taking place inside, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. As he reached the door, Jason noticed movement in the living room and turned to face it.

His beautiful blonde, Julie, turned the corner, her body screaming sex, her movements tempting him, even when she didn’t seem to move at all. That was when Jason noticed that her hair was moving, almost slithering, on her shoulders. It caressed her shoulders as it slid around her neck, and down to her breast.

Tiny strands seemed to wrap and tighten around her nipples, while large groups of them wrapped around the entire breast. Jason became mesmerized by the moving hair and didn’t even notice her walking toward him, not until her hands reached his out and snaked around his neck.

The arms pulled him into a sensual embrace that caused his cock to spring to life, pushing just barely against her pussy’s moist lips. Julie’s mouth moved to Jason’s ear and she breathed deeply next to it, almost an orgasmic sigh of relief.

“Would you like to see the Mistress, Master?” Julie asked him.

Jason nodded, since he found it very hard to speak due to the insatiable urge to drag this woman to the ground and slide his cock inside her heat.

“Then enter her chamber, Master,” Julie said, and she released him from the embrace, and opened the door.

The first thing that Jason noticed in the room was the extreme heat that emanated from the open door. He hadn’t felt that heat coming through the door, but it was nearly overwhelming once it was opened.

The second thing Jason noticed was that there were three women in the room, the original succubus was in the middle, giving Jason a profile view of her left side, her bat-like wings out stretched in their full glory. To the original succubus left and showing Jason her backside, was a red-haired, petite beauty. The third woman was on the succubus right. She was black, and Jason could tell from her beauty that she had been changed like Julie.

This meant that there were now four succubi in Jason’s home and he didn’t know how he was going to be able to handle that many. Just two succubi were nearly more than he could handle to begin with.

The door swung open further and Jason saw that the three succubi were facing the mattress inside the pentagram. On the mattress lay two nude prone bodies of men, both of which seemed to look like they had been left in the desert sun for a couple of decades. He knew instantly that the succubi had fed off these men and that his fate would be the same, if he didn’t play his cards right.

Jason watched the two bodies on the bed as the succubus continued her chant. Slowly, form began to take shape in the skin again, their faces filled out, along with their chests and arms. The red-haired woman blocked the rest of their bodies.

He continued watching as their heads moved a little as life was brought back into the bodies of the two men and Jason noticed that their skin was also black. One of them was a tall young man, very lean and very much in shape. The other man was large, but his body fat was very well placed, making him look like a football player in the pros.

Jason watched as the men sat up and could no longer see them, until they stood up. Both men stared at the head succubus, who had stopped her chanting.

“You two will start bringing me more women to add to the collection,” she stated. “I will let you live as long as you can provide me more souls.”

“Yes, Mistress,” both men droned.

“Then go, and acknowledge your Master as you leave,” the succubus said to them.

Both men turned toward the doorway and started walking, the redhead moving to the side, but not turning around. As the men neared Jason, he noticed that the two men were brought back in full, except for one vital part to any man’s livelihood. Their cocks were completely missing. The skin seemed to be completely void of any opening where the cocks should have been, even if they had been ripped or cut out of the body. The men looked like walking mannequins.

As they passed Jason, the two men stopped in front of him and bowed their heads toward him. Jason was flabbergasted by the act and didn’t know what to do, but after a few seconds of the men standing that way, he knew he had to say something.

“Go, and do as your mistress commands,” Jason ordered, feeling powerful, but not sure why these men should listen to him.

The men raised their heads as they turned, again not looking Jason in the eyes, and left the room. Jason wondered for a moment if these two zombie-like men were going to just walk out of his house like that, but he was suddenly distracted.

Julie’s hand and arm had slid around his waist, and helped Jason enter the overpowering heat of the room. The lead succubus watched Jason enter and went to her knees as he came closer. Julie left Jason’s side and joined the other three succubi, who stood behind the succubus on her knees. They, in recognition, bowed their heads.

“My plan is coming together, Master, all with your help,” she said, before raising her head to look him the eyes.

Jason noticed that her mouth was at cock level and tried his best not to think of it being buried inside her moist lips and wrapped by her tongue. It still came to life, however, and rose before the creature.

“Is Master pleased?” asked the succubus, her tongue sliding out between her lips and wetting them. “Or does my Master wanting to be pleased?”

At the second question, Jason’s cock jumped a little and bounced up and down with its stiffness. The succubus took this movement as if Jason had nodded his other head, and leaned forward, taking his cock insider her mouth.

The heat of the room suddenly felt like a walk-in freezer compared to the heat that had enveloped Jason’s dick. Jason saw the other three succubi raise their heads, as the succubus pulled on his cock with her sucking mouth. This was his first time to see the redhead’s body from the front and it astounded him.

Her body seemed to be devoid of any hair, except for what was sliding past her shoulders off her head, not event he smallest of hairs you could usually find on a woman’s arms. Her neck was very slender and feminine, which led straight to her shoulders. From there, her body angled sharply to her waist. The only mar to the design was her large breast, and Jason wasn’t complaining about that. There was also a red hourglass tattoo on her stomach, just above her navel.

Jason tried to focus on the woman’s bellybutton, though the succubus’ ministrations below were hard to ignore. The open region was a little larger than normal and seemed to have a strange quality about it.

As Jason’s eyes wondered down the red headed woman’s body, they were diverted to the bobbing head at his cock. Again, his dick controlled his actions, and Jason found himself moving with the motion to push his cock’s head deeper into her throat. He knew she could handle the thrust without any trouble, but he was still surprised at her deft ability to continue the suction, no matter how hard he tried pulling back before pushing again.

Jason’s head threw back, eyes slammed shut and a deep guttural moan left his body as he exploded into the creature’s gullet. Nothing was wasted as she continued sucking him, pulling out every drop between the spurts. His knees failed him and Jason fell backward.

With his eyes closed, he never noticed the other three women move behind him and catch him before he hit the ground.

The succubus never let Jason’s cock go and continued sucking the cum out of him as the other women gently lay him on the floor. He saw multiple light burst inside his eyelids with the force of his orgasm and thought he was going to pass out when the demoness’ lips released him.

“Are you pleased, now, Master?” the succubus asked Jason again.

Jason moaned his approval, not even understanding her words completely, but knowing that there wasn’t anything in this world or any other that he could ever deny her.

She rose before her master’s nude body, looking at her two new creations.

“I have two new ‘recruits,’ and all three of my ladies need to feed properly, Master. I believe a night out on the town is necessary,” said the succubus.

Jason slowly opened his eyes and looked at the four women standing over his prone nude body. All of them were the epitome of lust, and they were his, as long as he didn’t mind sharing. At this point in time, he didn’t mind anything, as long as they were his.

The base from inside the building was louder than should be allowed for human hearing in such an enclosed area. Anyone inside must have his or her hearts beating to the same beat with the way the music could be heard outside.

It was late at night and the bouncer outside was nothing more than a decoration. He looked bored as the car pulled into the parking lot. Jason stepped out of the driver side and the succubus climbed out from the passenger seat. The other three women slid out of the back of the car with a grace befitting queens.

When they neared the door, the bouncer finally looked up and was astonished at the delicious women walking around the man that was with them.

In the back row was a woman with short red hair. Not the bouncer’s type, but she seemed to ooze lust from that sultry stare. What he could see of her, she definitely wore a feminine leather jacket over her upper frame. She walked as if she could walk on anything delicate and not cause any damage, even a spider’s web.

The other woman in the back row was a black woman with her hair in cornrows. Her face had the structure of a near perfect breading, holding high cheekbones and wide eyes. Her eyebrows were thin and seemed to curve down toward the bridge of her nose, making her eyes look like she might have a bit of oriental descent in her. Her mouth was gleaming as if she had just applied gloss to them, but the bouncer couldn’t see any chance of make-up on these women.

To the man’s immediate left, wrapped by his arm around her very thin waist, was a hot, very hot, blonde. She wore an outfit of full leather that hugged her body from the ankles to the wrist, but seemed to have a ripped out portion that gave a wonderful view of her cleavage. Her hair swung behind her just around the middle of her back.

The bouncer’s dick was already rising to the occasion as the group neared. But what nearly stopped his heart was the gorgeous black hair beauty to the man’s right.

She was wearing the shortest dress that he had ever seen. If she bent over, everyone in the club would see her ass, and even her cunt, if she weren’t wearing anything underneath that outfit. Her long shapely legs were beyond desirable, and the bouncer could already imagine them wrapped around his waist as he found out if she was wearing any panties.

The group came to a stop in front of the six foot four inch, 238-pound bouncer.

“How much to get in?” the man asked.

The bouncer noticed that his mouth had been open when he had to close it to start speaking.

“For you, it’ll cost five dollars, but the ladies here ride…I mean, get in for free,” the bouncer stammered, trying his best to be intimidating. The man looked like he might be shook up by his size, but there was no fear in his eyes. He commanded an air of respect, but it seemed to come from the women around him.

The woman with red hair walked around the group and stood before the bouncer, giving him a full view of her body.

“I’ll be glad to pay my Master’s fee, if you will take pleasure instead,” she said, raising her silken shirt, showing off the very small waist and hourglass tattoo on her tight stomach.

It was then that the bouncer noticed her bellybutton was odd. It looked like it had tiny fingers reaching inside it. That was when he was attacked.

Jason now noticed what the red headed woman’s navel really concealed. It began shooting out a lot of fine thread that immediate coated the bouncer’s body, the force of the initial blow throwing him against the wall. The webbing quickly covered his body, and the red head walked up to his moaning form.

She reached through the webbing, not sticking to the webbing herself, and pulled the bouncer’s flaccid cock out. She looked over her shoulder at Jason, smiled at him, and quickly lowered her lips to it. The other three women moved around the now kneeling woman and her prey, pulling Jason into the semi-circle.

Jason watched, entranced as the cock quickly grew to full length and the man’s moans of pain changed to pleasure. He looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happened and noticed a stool nearby with a stamp and inkpad nearby.

Jason stepped up to the form stuck to the wall and leaned down to the spider-succubus’ ear.

“Don’t let him spend yet,” he told her. “We need some information from him first.”

He then rose and watched through the webbing and saw the prey’s face contort with excruciating pleasure as he was brought to the point of release, but wasn’t allowed to cum.

“I’ll tell her to let you cum in her mouth, but first I need to know which hand we need to be stamped on?” he asked the bouncers. “If you don’t tell me, you will find that being on the verge of release can the worst suffering that a man can live through.”

The bouncer knew Jason was telling the truth from the pain of being so close to blowing his wad, but his mind was telling him that he could suffer thru any pain that these people could inflict upon him.

The spider-succubus gave a few more tugs on his cock with her mouth and the man then knew what true pain was.

“Oh, God, please, the right hand, the right hand, just let me cum,” he moaned aloud.

“Thank you,” Jason said. “Enjoy Hell.”

With that, the woman inserted her hidden fangs into the man’s cock and injected her digesting venom. As he tried to scream, he found he was immediately paralyzed and unable to make a sound as his cum was sucked forcibly out of this cock.

He went from great pain of the bite to pure heavenly pleasure, feeling his seed pulled from his balls, but pain became mingled with the pleasure as his balls began to disintegrate inside his scrotum. As the woman sucked the liquid balls out of his body, he felt the mixture of pain and pleasure bring him to new heights of euphoria.

His mind became blissfully aware of the pleasure and could just barely make out the pain mixed with it. He tried to moan his acceptance, but he could tell that his lungs and insides were already changing into a mush that this demonic creature was sucking out of him through his cock.

The webbing began to slacken around the outer husk of the bouncer’s empty shell, as the woman sucked the final remains from it. Jason felt no pity for the man because of the way he had tried to act as a bully toward him.

Jason reached the stool, took up the stamp, rubbed it into the pad and stamped all four of the women’s hands, getting a delicious kiss from each of them as he did so. After all their tongues mingled with each other, and Jason had readjusted his growing dick, he walked to the door and opened it for the women. Let the feeding frenzy begin, he thought to himself.

Yes, my fans, it is…

To Be Continued…

Copyright 2003 All rights reserved.

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