tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 09

Lustful Summoning Ch. 09


The breeze felt good blowing across his face. Jason slowly climbed out of the dark hole of unconsciousness. A strong wind was blowing across his face and over his head. When he knew that he was thinking more clearly and his eyes were still closed, he figured it must be nighttime.

No light was blinding him through his eyelids, which was a good thing. Jason didn't believe his pupils would be able to handle any bright lights right now. He slowly lifted his eyelids, the wind quickly drying his eyes.

Jason blinked a few times to moisten them and allowed his eyes to focus as best as they could in the dark.

The first thing he saw was a broken white line flashing through a windshield. Looking around the interior of the car, Jason couldn't recognize the type of vehicle. It wasn't until he stared at the leaping cat-like hood ornament ahead of him that he knew it was a Jaguar.

Jason looked over at the driver side of the Jag, still feeling disoriented from the long sleep. Jeanne Chealsea was behind the steering wheel, driving as confidently as she was gorgeous.

"Where am I," Jason asked?

"You're in a Jag," the young succubus said. An infectious smile spread across her lips, showing the whitest teeth. Jason smiled back at her, not meaning too with the reply she gave him.

"I mean, why am I here and not still in the hospital bed," Jason asked, still smiling at her.

"Because we need you, Master," a sexy sultry voice said from behind him.

Jason looked over his shoulder for the first time and let his eyes adjust to the darkness in the back seat. He was able to make out the original succubus sitting in the middle seat. Her wings were wrapped around her like a cape. Sitting on each side were two familiar faces.

The two men Jason saw the succubus bring back to life were sitting on each side of her. He could barely see their faces, but they looked like they could be killers. Even with that thought, Jason felt safe, as long as the demon sat next to the both of them. The next words he heard really took all of his fear away.

"Welcome back, Master," both men said in unison. Their faces did not share the smiles from either one of the two succubi sitting in the car.

"Who are these two men, and where are we going, and what is going on, all around?" Jason shot off the questions in a rapid succession.

"They are here for protection," the original succubus started. "We are going to Nevada and the following is a plan I have come up with after seeing my offspring go wild over one man in their midst."

Jason turned around, feeling very tired again from moving around so much.

This is getting out of hand, he thought to himself.

"Why Nevada," Jason asked without turning around.

"I've studied your countries laws over the past few days, Master, and I've found that..."

"Past few days," Jason interrupted. "How long have I been out of it this time?"

"You've been resting for two days since Jeanne joined our ranks," the succubus replied. "You will no longer be touched until you are ready to play again. You must build your strength before even I will allow that to happen again."

A million questions and more flew threw Jason's mind, but his head hurt too much to start an interrogation of his demon. He reclined his head against the back of the passenger seat and noticed how comfortable the smooth leather felt under him.

"Where did this car come from," he asked before he could stop his mouth from working.

"No more questions, Master," she replied. "Just rest and relax. You will need your strength when we arrive. There is much work to be done before my work can begin."

Jason closed his eyes and let sleep take him again. This time, he was able to dream.

Jason stood in a small room. It looked very much like a nice hotel room. The bed was made with the linen tucked tight around the many pillows and mattress. A thick blanket covered the bed to about two-thirds of the way from the foot toward the head.

Jason, standing at the foot of the bed, turns his head to get a good look at his surroundings. Looking over his bare shoulder, he noticed that there was a couch behind him, facing the bed. Behind the couch, covering most of the wall was a mirror. Looking at his reflection, he noticed he was stark naked.

Turning back to the room, Jason saw the usual round table over in the right corner with two empty straight-backed chairs. On the other side of the bed, he saw a wicker chair or something like it, painted silvery white. The back of the chair seemed to be right up against the wall the head of the bed was closest to.

Between himself and the wicker chair he was looking at, Jason saw a large hole. It was at the bottom of the wall on the left side of the room. Jason figured he would investigate it when he noticed another opening closer to him on the same wall.

It was a doorway and the only one leading out of the room. Walking to that opening, and away from the mirror, Jason could see that it was a bathroom. There was steam coming from the large tub, which was filled with water.

Feeling very stressed, Jason decided he could use a long relaxing soak in the tub. He reached the tub and put his fingers in the water. The temperature was hot to the touch but it was too tempting not to climb in. Jason stepped over the high edge and slowly put his foot in the water, giving it time to grow used to the temperature change.

After a few seconds, the water felt perfect on his skin. As soon as his legs were in and he started to lower himself, his muscles instantly relaxed. When his groin reached the water, there seemed to be an opposite effect.

The lower he sank into the water, the harder his dick became. Finally, his ass reached the bottom of the tub and he leaned against the back of it. In some strange way, the water had not flowed over the top as he was climbing in. It seemed he didn't displace any of the water.

Jason was now sitting in the tub, slipping deeper into the water, until he was nearly lying in the soothing water. The smooth surface of the fluid sat just under his chin and his arms were completely under. His hands wandered though it to his growing erection and started massaging.

Jason closed his eyes and relaxed as he continued to masturbate. His fingers worked the long meat and he moaned with the pleasure. He felt as if he was near eruption and decided he would stop before he ended up in the same water as his own semen.

Jason chuckled at the thought about how semen and seamen (like sailors) sounded the same. He took a few more strokes on his dick, bringing him just to the brink of shooting his load.

He pulled his hands away, not wanting to stop, but able to control his desires. Jason let his arms float to the surface. To his shock, surprise and pleasure, a strong grip took hold of his dick.

He opened his eyes and looked at his groin. A light green webbed hand had its grip on his cock, pulling on it with gentle movement. Another hand, similar to one working his cock, touched the inside of his thigh, pulling on it. Jason became afraid, but his mind was torn between staying and running. The hand on his dick was a master at what it is doing to him.

The hand that he thought was trying to pull him down was actually pulling its owner up. He could barely make out the feminine face that was rising between his legs. As her mouth passed his crotch, it leaned forward and her tongue reached out and licked him from his balls to the tip of his dick.

Jason was no longer afraid; his lust was growing with each stroke. The woman leaned her head back and looked up at Jason as she rose closer to the surface. Her face broke the water first and her skin looked very gray. As she rose further past the surface, her hand on his thigh slid up his stomach and chest. The lovely creatures face leaned toward Jason's chest and started kissing it.

He laid his head back again, closing his eyes with the pleasure of the succulent kisses on his skin. She continued to rise out of the water, her black wet hair plastered to her head and down her back. When her lips reached his chest, she angled her head some, making sure that her lips came into contact with his nipple.

Jason arched his back, his eruption from the stroking hand coming closer and faster now. The hand gripped him tightly, stopping its movements. A low moan escaped the trapped mans lips. The sweet lips moved further up his chest, as did the hand. It slid behind his neck as her mouth reached the side of it. Her kisses made their way along the jugular vein before it reached his jaw.

Her mouth continued down his jaw to his chin where she gave it a little nip. Her fingers took another tight grip on his cock then, causing a little bit of pain. He groaned with the slight pain on both his chin and dick, opening his mouth to do so. Her mouth covered his, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

Jason's moan is cut short with the kiss, and the continuation of her hands movements. He let his body feel everything around him and noticed that her breasts were pressing to his chest. His hands reached toward them, and began massaging her breasts, squeezing her nipples between his thumb and fingers.

The creature moaned with his advances and pressed her chest into his hands. They slid around the sides to her back, where they slid to her upper back, pressing her erect nipples into his hairy chest. He could feel them grow harder with his chest hair tickling them.

Her mouth continued its kisses his open maw. Jason slid his hands further down her back, along her spine, feeling the smooth skin covering the ridges of her spine. He felt his hands run across a smooth feature in the middle of her back. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers ran across this feature.

The end of it came to a point and he sensed it rose up from her back after his fingers slid off of it. He brought his hand slowly back up the spine and it came into contact with something he remembered from when he was a young man. He recognized the feeling of touching the top fin of a fish.

Jason opened his eyes, and tried to break the kiss to look at her back, but the hand on the back of his neck kept him pressed to her lips. The hand on his cock continued to stroke him, keeping his mind on the creature's seduction.

He closed his eyes again with the sensations he was feeling and began to rock his hips into her delicious ministrations. His hands began their slide toward her ass. He wanted to grab her buttocks and raise her up onto his waiting shaft. He needed to be buried inside this creature. He desired it more than anything now.

His hands reached her hips and he felt another strange imperfection with her skin, if you could call it skin at this point. He felt the flesh at her hips instantly change to scales.

The ministrations on his cock became a more feverish pace as his hips continued to pump into feelings they were giving him. Just as he neared his orgasm, the creature pressing into his body broke her kiss and finally spoke.

"I need you to fertilize my eggs," she moaned, her eyes trapping his with her stare. "Your cum will give them life, and your flesh will continue that life for them."

With her last words, the creature's mouth covered his again and her body went into the water. Her tongue dove into his mouth, curving around, like a funnel. Jason felt water flowing out of the funneled tongue and into his throat. He was unable to breath, with his nose now going underwater.

Jason slipped into unconsciousness with the loss of oxygen. As his mind slipped away, he let out a sigh of great pleasure, his orgasm exploding into the water. He was dying with a great explosive orgasm, and he didn't want the pleasure to stop.

Jason tried to hold his breath, but the water rushing in didn't give him a chance. He finally lost consciousness, knowing he was dying and he would be fish food, but what a wonderful way to go out. That was his last thought before he left this world and ...

Jason opened his eyes and saw he was standing in the same room again. Looking around, it was exactly as it was before. He stepped toward the doorway and peered in, looking at the tub full of water. Peering over the lip of the tub was the water creature. Her eyes twinkled with knowledge of how much he liked to be handled.

Jason caught himself taking a step toward her lustful gaze. He may desire her grasp, but he didn't want to die again. He tried to think of what he should do, but he wasn't sure. All he knew, actually felt, was that the bed was certain death, and there would be no coming back from that end.

To be continued...

* * * * *

Dear Readers,

I am in need of your help. Each area is a trap, but I want to know which one you want him to land in next. But remember, the bed is off limits. That will come last. Your choices are the wicker chair, hole in the wall, table with two chairs, or the couch with the mirror behind it. You're decision. I will decide which direction has the most suggestions 90 days after this story is posted.

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