tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 10

Lustful Summoning Ch. 10


Jason opened his eyes and saw he was standing in the same room again. Looking around, it was exactly as it was before. He stepped toward the doorway and peered in, looking at the tub full of water. Peeking over the lip of the tub was the water creature. Her eyes twinkled with knowledge of how much he liked to be handled.

Jason caught himself taking a step toward her lustful gaze. He may desire her grasp, but he didn't want to die again. He tried to think of what he should do, but he wasn't sure. All he knew, actually felt, was that the bed was certain death and there would be no coming back from that end.

He turned around and surveyed the room again. There was still the hole in the wall, which may be a way out of the room. Just beyond the hole was the white wicker chair. On the other side of the bed was the table with two chairs; and to the right was the couch with the large mirror on the wall behind it.

Jason knew this had to be a dream, since he had not really died in the tub. Since this was a dream, he thought maybe it was like Alice Through the Looking Glass. So he walked over to the couch until his legs touched the front of it. He reached out his right arm and touched the mirror tentatively, to see if he could move through it and into the reflection.

When his fingers touched his own fingers reflections, he found the surface hard but warm to the touch. He spread his fingers and let his palm press against the mirror. He reached up with his other hand as well, letting his left hand press against the mirror. Jason spread his fingers wide apart and looked into the reflected room. He could just make out the woman in the tub and her lustful stare toward him.

Jason suddenly felt something between each of his fingers and focused his sight on them. It appeared the surface of the mirror was forming fingers between his and bending them around his knuckles to hold his hands in place. Jason tried to pull his hands away; but they were already holding him tight.

He looked at his own reflection and asked allowed...

"Well, how are you going to get out of this mess?"

"Why would you want to get out of it?" a sultry feminine voice asked from behind him.

Jason looked over his shoulder as best as he could and saw a woman standing close to him. Her hair was the fiery red color you could see during the setting sun. Her green eyes were close together and stared with a hungry desire. The woman's cheeks started just under the outer edges of her eyes and gave a sharp plane to her face. Her lips were red and pursed together as if she were waiting for someone to kiss her; but they were slightly parted, in hopes that the kiss would be a passionate one.

Her skin was extremely pale and her features made it appear as if her face with its sharp planes and angles may have been carved out of marble and then smoothed to near perfection. The skin never changed its color as Jason followed her features down the slim neck and to her bare shoulders.

This beautiful woman's arms crossed under her breast, which were pushed up by a black-as-night leather bodice. A high polished shine gleamed from the leather that her arms weren't covering up. As she pulled her arms apart a little, her hands slid along the leather, then glided up her slim tight stomach, coming to her bare breasts. Her fingers manipulated the nipples and caused them to point to the man trapped before her, moans escaping her partially open mouth.

At the sight and sound of her teasing, Jason began to stir with arousal. Forcing his eyes away from her hands and breasts, he followed her body further down. After the last incident, he wanted to make sure that there was at least a possibility of actual sex with this woman who seemed to have a need for it.

The bodice stopped just above her navel and after a small bit of pale luscious flesh that showed was a thin leather strap wrapped above her hipbones. Garter belt clips stretched below it. Following the clips, Jason saw they were holding up stockings that reached from the very spot where her legs reached their apex all the way to her toes. He could barely see her toes thru the sheer black material, but his eyes didn't care as he thought about those stiletto heels locking behind him as he was driving deep into this woman's body.

"You know that if you give yourself to me, I just may kill you, don't you?" she asked him between her moans. Her left hand now slid to the small patch of hair between her legs and slipped underneath it. Jason could tell she had buried her middle fingers inside herself and wondered how tight it may be inside there.

"Mmm...I need your body," she moaned. "Will you give yourself to me? Will you let me dine on you?"

Her tongue slid out from between her teeth and Jason noticed she had a pair of sharp fangs. The woman licked her lips, causing them to shine with moisture that he wanted to feel pressed against his mouth; even though he feared the puncture she could or would give him. Jason's dick was now at full erection and he was almost ready to give himself to her, if only he could release his fingers from this mirror's grasp.

Looking back at his trapped hands, he saw that the surface of the mirror was moving. The surface was taking shape as a head as it pulled itself from the mirror surface between his trapped hands. The shape of the face was a perfect replica of the woman behind him. What could have passed as skin reflected everything in the room like the mirror did, as if it was forming a protection around this creature.

As more of it removed itself from the mirror, Jason was pushed a little backward. He felt his back press against the front of the woman behind him, her cool pointed nipples stabbing him in the back.

The woman behind him caressed her hands around his hips; sliding her left hand down to his crotch and her right hand up to his chest. Her fingers found his engorged dick and wrapped they're cool embrace around him, causing Jason to shiver against the sudden feeling of cold down there. Her right hand pulled him further back into her, reaching his neck and chin and turning his head toward his right.

"I feel you are willing to give yourself to me and my familiar," she whispered, almost moaned, into his ear. "You will enjoy our assault on your body, and pay willingly for it?"

The vampires tongue reached out and touched Jason's cheek, just at the edge of his mouth. Instinctively, he opened it a little and let his tongue reach out and touch hers. Her hand stroked him a little as he leaned back into her embrace. Then the pleasure stopped as her hand left his tool.

"Please, don't stop," he moaned toward her.

"I'm just letting my familiar have a chance at you, lover," she breathed, her mouth just a hair away from his ear. The vampiress hands glided across his flesh until they were both on his hips. "Let his hands go, he is giving himself willingly to us."

The reflection familiar let his fingers go, and before Jason could react, the vampiress had pulled his arms behind him and held them there. She pressed herself against his back again, pinning his arms between him and her. Jason could feel his hands touching the hair above her pussy and let his fingers slide down the curve and slip across the nub poking thru her lower lips.

"Oh, you are very willing, aren't you?" she asked as she rose up a little and gave him easier access to her moist pussy. "I think we may play with you for awhile, lover."

The familiar pressed her hands on Jason's chest and he could feel she was much warmer than the woman behind him. The hands slide up his chest and over his chest as the womanly figure moved closer to him. The arms slid around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers for a passionate kiss. Jason's mouth was quickly violated by the familiar's tongue and he responded in kind, slipping his tongue into her mouth as well.

He felt the sharp fangs in her mouth graze his tongue as he tasted her mouth. There was a metallic sweetness to her that he couldn't recognize. Her breasts were pressed between their bodies as she ground her smooth flesh against his manhood. Her skin felt like it was some kind of oiled latex, letting him slide against her.

Jason felt himself being pushed and pulled forward at the same time as the moved closer to the couch, but he couldn't see anything now because of his own eye's reflecting back at him from the familiar's flesh.

She rose above him as she stepped up on the couch and then her right leg reached around his side pulling him closer to her. Jason's shins touched the front of the couch when he reached it, and the familiar started to lower herself down his body. He could feel her leg sliding down his side, but he couldn't feel her leg on his back because of the vampiress behind him.

Jason's fingers worked deep into her pussy, sliding around the inner walls, feeling the smooth muscles in it tightening and loosening around the invading protrusions. Jason felt the vampiress grinding on his hand, the ball of his palm pressing hard against her clitoris. Her breathing was becoming more ragged against the back of his head and her moans were getting louder by the second.

A sudden heat engulfed Jason's dick as the familiar's pussy was impaled on him. The familiar's other leg now wrapped around him and the vampiress, pulling all of them into a tighter embrace. Her mouth found his again and began sucking his tongue back into her mouth.

Jason was near orgasm when the familiar had first started kissing him, but as soon as he was buried deep inside her, he was barely able to control the explosion that was imminent. After a couple of seconds of sitting on his cock, she began to use her own control and started to rise and lower on his erect member. The familiar's mouth left his and pressed against his neck as her pussy was now doing the sucking.

His body tried to respond to her movements, but he didn't have that much room to move with these two women pressed against him. Jason tired to give one push into her downward movement, and lost his balance, falling forward.

The familiar shifted her body weight during the fall and all three of them landed on the couch. Jason was now lying atop the familiar, her legs still holding him trapped between them, her arms holding his head pressed against her neck. The vampiress had followed the two of them onto the couch, and was lying atop Jason, her hips now riding his fingers with wanton abandon.

He now felt he had the leverage he wanted and began pushing into the familiar below him; her mouth now kissing and nibbling on his neck. The fear that she was going to bite him drove his rational thoughts away and he was trilled and excited by the danger. He started to drive harder into her and she started to press against his pushes to take him deeper.

Jason was lost in his lust that he didn't notice how close he was to orgasm until he lost control of it. He drove deep into her body and was cumming before he knew what had happened. He pressed himself as hard as he could to stay deep inside the woman's body, but her hips continued to move under him, driving his orgasm to new heights. When he figured he was thru giving his load inside her, he waited for the piercing pain of her bite, but it never came.

Her body continued to undulate underneath him. His manhood still trapped inside her remained hard and didn't seem to be in any pain from the smoothness from her ministrations.

"Let's try a new position, shall we?" asked the vampiress behind him.

Jason could feel the pool of the vampiress juices in the palms of his hands and was surprised by the warmth of it. She rose off of his hands and pulled him by his arms off of the familiar. He was pushed against the couch and wound up sitting on it like a normal person.

The vampiress quickly straddled his legs and sat on them. Her eyes drilled into his eyes as Jason felt the cushions beside him moving. He knew the familiar was getting up, but he couldn't move his head to see. His eyes were trapped by this beautiful creatures stare and he didn't want to look away.

"Now it's my turn to have your seed, lover," she said, her voice still filled with lust. "And if you please me, I may let you become one with me."

The vampiress walked on her knees closer to Jason's body, her hands pushing his head to lie on the back of the couch. Her body was not pressed against his, and he leaned forward, letter her lips finally kiss his. He willingly opened his mouth and let her tongue in. He could taste blood in her mouth and knew now that she was truly a vampiress and he was at her mercy; but as she kissed him, she sank slowly onto his dick and he didn't care what the outcome would be.

The vampiress' pussy was tighter than the familiar's was and the muscles seemed to be more defined, as well. As she sank down, taking his full length into her body, Jason could feel little contractions throughout the pussy on his member. It was like the muscles were the same muscles in a throat and it was swallowing him.

She pulled his head up, keeping their kiss going. Her tongue was probing his mouth constantly and his tongue was doing the same to her mouth. When the vampiress had him completely engulfed, she sat there, letting her muscles massage him.

Jason jumped when he felt something hot and wet touch his balls, and slide across it. When he jumped, his tongue ran across one of the pointed fangs in the vampiress mouth and cut it. He could taste the blood for just a second before she started sucking on his mouth with a vengeance.

The heated moisture at his scrotum continued to move across his balls and tease them, and the vampiress started to move up and down his cock. She finally pulled away from his mouth, letting his tongue slide back into his own mouth.

"I wasn't expecting you to give me a taste so soon," she moaned while slowly descending on his dick again. "I guess my familiar's tongue on your balls was a complete shock for you; but a pleasant one, from the way you're getting harder inside me. Oh, such sweet delights you will suffer this evening, lover."

Jason could now feel his balls being engulfed by the mouth of the familiar as the vampiress slid up his shaft; but when she sank back down, the familiar would release his balls and her tongue would reach up the underside of his dick and slide down it just in front of the pussy's engulfing folds.

Jason was nearing his second orgasm and pushed his hips up to the vampiress. Her body slammed down on his cock and she sat there, letting her muscles suck the orgasm out of him. Her hands pulled his head to her chest, offering him her breast. The suction of her pussy brought him to orgasm and pulled it from him again, just as the familiar had done earlier.

Jason sucked on a nipple the whole time he was giving his seed to the vampiress, wondering why he wasn't dead yet, but not caring because of the pleasure he was getting from their sex. When he felt he had no more cum inside him, Jason stopped sucking the nipple and looked into the eyes of the vampiress again.

"I guess this is when you kill me?" he asked her.

"Oh no, lover, this is when I fuck you again."

Her body began to grind against him again, but there was a little pit of pain because he was growing sore from the exertion. He didn't think he would still be so hard after two orgasms, but her vaginal muscles had kept him in a tight hold as he was cumming and didn't let him wither inside her. Now she was riding his hard dick with full abandon, and the pleasure was growing; but so was the pain, too.

Jason laid his head back on the couch again and he closed his eyes, letting the vampiress do all the work. He was growing tired but he knew he couldn't stop this wanton assault on his body. He opened his eyes when he suddenly felt he couldn't breathe. He saw his reflection as the familiar's legs were straddling his head and her pussy was pressed against his mouth and nose.

He tried to sit up, but all he could do was slide his hips forward just a little. The vampiress took advantage of his and quickly wrapped her stocking covered legs around Jason's hips, locking him in her embrace. Jason was now stretched out with his head on the back of the couch and his ass not far from the edge of the couch.

While struggling, he moved his arms to reach up and pry the legs off his face so he could breathe but the movement was quickly stopped as the vampiress wrapped her arms around his body, holding his arms to his sides. He felt her mouth start kissing his neck and her tongue caressing it gently, as well.

Jason tried opening his mouth and see if he could lift his nose just a little bit higher so he could take a breath through it. As he did so, he suddenly tasted the juices of the familiar slip into his mouth. Her taste here was sweeter and more delicious than he ever had before. He started lapping at her lower lips, probing for more of the sweet taste. In response, she lowered herself a little, letting him breathe through his nose again.

The taste of a pussy on his mouth and the sucking pussy on his cock were assaulting his mind more and more with lust and he started to ignore the pain he was feeling from the friction of the pussy on his dick. Jason felt he could go another round with these women after all and gave in to his passion.

The pussy covering his mouth was starting to pour its juices into his mouth, almost drowning him with. He wondered about the suddenly metallic taste it seemed to have and opened his eyes again and noticed the familiar was beginning to melt around him. Her reflective skin was encasing his head and covering every part it was touching and it was spreading.

The vampiress stopped her kissing and moaned with her mouth just at the edge of his throat.

"She's trying to take you completely inside her and keep you to herself. I can't let her have all of you, lover; so I'm going to take some of you, too."

With that, Jason felt the vampiress' fangs pierce his skin and her mouth clamp down around the punctures. His body jerked in orgasm at the sudden shock and pain of the situation and stroking of her pussy's muscles. He continued to taste the familiar's body and not just her juices, as she melted into his mouth, and now covered his nose completely. Jason couldn't tell which was going to kill him, suffocation or the draining of all of his blood. Either way, he could easily tell he was going to die; but the orgasm was going to let him die with a smile on his face.

Jason knew where he was as soon as he opened his eyes. He had died again in the hands of a demonic creature and once again was brought back to this hotel room in Hell. He wondered now if there was any way of escape.

To be continued...

I don't think it would be fair to ask my readers again for suggestions and have something come up and keep me from writing the next story in time as I had promised before. Events in my life have kept me from writing as often as I would like to and I don't know if or when it may happen again. So, I will not ask for another contest as to which trap will be sprung next. You will just have to wait and see.

Copyright 2006 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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