tagNonHumanLustful Summoning Ch. 13

Lustful Summoning Ch. 13


"Why didn't he take the only possible exit out of this room?" he thought to himself as the last of his seed was pulled from him. What was the reason for staying in a room full of traps when the only way out stared at him every time he...


...opened his eyes and saw the cursed room in front of him again. He had to act fast before he was doomed to another death at the hands of these sexual demons that he was constantly accosted by.

Jason's eyes quickly took in the room before making his move. He saw the spider's web just in front of him, the spider succubus lying in it. One hand was rubbing her breast while the other was playing with her pussy. His dick started to grow at the sight, so he turned his head.

To his right, he could just make out the two ghosts by the table and chairs. They were pressing themselves against one another. Their hands were caressing each other's nearly invisible bodies, while their mouths were exploring each other. He grew even more in length at the lesbian scene was staring at, almost wishing he could go back to it.

Jason's peripheral vision caught the movement of the vampiress behind him as she rose from the couch. He also saw a ripple begin in the mirror as the familiar began to take her form by the vampiress. The thoughts of their bodies pressing him on both sides caused his dick to jump to full erection.

Jason quickly stepped away from the couch, knowing that if he stood there long enough, the vampiress would entice him into her seductive grasp again. He kept his eyes focused on the hole, but he still saw the mermaid succubus in her tub, her fingers sliding in and out of her mouth, like she was sucking on a cock. Jason felt a drop of pre-cum weep out of him and slide down the underside of his dick.

Focusing on the hole, Jason noticed what he had tripped on when he had become trapped in the spider's web earlier. There was something coming out of the hole along the floor, about half-a-foot in width from the hole, tapering to a pointed end near the bed, nearly five feet away.

When he neared the object, Jason was able to distinguish a pattern on the object. The color of the item was greenish-brown with a double row of black oval-like shapes along the top of it. The item registered in his mind as something he had seen before; but Jason couldn't remember where he had seen it before.

Following the object toward the hole, he straddled it and got down on his hands and knees. Jason looked into the blackness of the hole, turning his back to the bed. He peered inside as best as he could, but he could see no further than just a couple of inches past the entrance before the dark interior concealed its depth.

Jason moved further a little bit forward into the hole, letting his hand caress the carpeting to make sure there wasn't a sudden drop just inside. As soon as his right hand passed the black shadow, he felt something grip his wrist.

He tried to pull back from the sudden grip, but found the hold secure and inescapable. At that time, he felt something lie across his left calf and begin to coil around it and his ankle. Jason looked over his left shoulder and saw that the object had moved over his leg and was now wrapping around his leg.

As his focus was turned away from the hole, something reached out and grabbed a hold of Jason's other wrist and pulled him toward the terrifying darkness. Snapping his head around toward the hole, Jason could make out a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness staring at him. Whatever was in there, it already had hold of him by three points.

Jason rose up off his knees, bringing his feet underneath him. Using this position for leverage, he leaned back with all of his weight as best as he could. He finally got the upper hand in the tug of war, and he fell backward onto the floor between the hole and the side of the bed. When his head hit the floor, Jason's feet went forward and reached each side of the hole.

His eyes also shut with the impact to the floor. With his eyes closed, Jason was unable to know, at first, what the sudden weight was that pressed him into the floor. He opened his eyes and found himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful blonde woman lying above him. As he looked at the rest of her facial features, he recognized the woman that now pinned his wrists by his head.

The blonde hooker that he had first offered to the succubus was now holding him down, pressing her body on top of his. She smiled at Jason as she stared at him, but her look was one of hunger. He knew instantly that she was the trap waiting for him in the hole.

Jason felt her lower body pressing between his legs as she lay on top of his. Her legs were together, as he had his legs spread. Thinking that he had a chance to escape her if he could roll her over and pin her to the carpet, Jason quickly raised his legs above her and wrapped them around her legs.

As Jason shifted his weight so he could roll her over, he noticed that he didn't feel the groove that should have been between her legs. The solid mass undulated between the grip of his thighs and seemed to help him roll her over onto her back. Jason now straddled the beautiful woman below him.

Looking into her face, he could see a triumphant smile on her face.

"Do you think you're winning while I've got you pinned?" Jason asked her.

She continued to stare at him with the smile and held his hands in a tight grip. Jason felt a sudden pain in his left foot. He felt the coiled muscle tightening around his ankle and knew that he was still in the grasp of the creature that had hold of him there. He then felt the body between his legs bend up off the floor and the smooth caress of something cool along his buttocks.

Jason looked over his shoulder and saw what looked like a giant snake's body rising between his legs and laid the underside along his lower back. He could feel the curve of the long sinuous muscle curve around and down his side, then cross his back again to do the same up his back. The caress of the smooth scales along his back pressed him harder onto the woman's body underneath him.

He looked into the naga's eyes and knew that he was losing the fight. Her eyes gleamed back at him with a lustful and hungry stare. The look was mesmerizing and Jason couldn't stop staring.

As he fell under her hypnotic gaze, his hands released their grip on her and just lay pressed to her body. Her tail continued to wind its way up his back, pressing more of him onto her, his chest now pressing against her breast. As the tail reached his shoulders, his head lowered toward hers and their lips pressed together.

Jason opened his mouth willing, as they kissed, letting his tongue probe into her hungry mouth. A slender forked tongue caressed his, tasting it and whatever part of his oral cavity that it could reach; and it did reach far into his mouth, touching the back of his throat before receding back into her mouth.

Jason tried to entice the tongue back into his willing mouth by following it with his tongue. His wet muscle followed it until he hit the underside of her mouth as the tongue reached its hiding spot, protecting it from his probing. It was then that Jason came out of his trance.

Her tail had slithered a coil completely around his throat and began to constrict painfully, cutting off is airway and blood flow to his brain. Jason reached up quickly with his hands, to try and pry the serpent from his neck, but the muscle was too strong.

It pulled backward, lifting Jason off the woman part of the body of the naga. The tail along his back slid off his skin as if in a gentle caress of a lover, but the coil around his neck reminded that this was a life and death struggle. He clawed at the scaly skin, trying his best to give pain to it in hopes of prying it loose enough to take a full breath.

Jason's feet were now planted firmly on the floor and he was still straddling the naga lying there. She slowly rose before him in a fluid motion, staring at him, as if he were a new toy. The glee in her eyes of her catch was unmistaken to him.

She rose higher than Jason stood and looked down on him from about one to one and a half foot higher than he stood. Looking straight ahead, he saw both of her breasts before his face; her nipples poking out toward him, as if pleading for his attention.

She's aroused, he thought to himself as his lungs burned in his chest. He could feel his fingers and toes going numb with the lack of oxygen in his blood stream. Suddenly there was something caressing along his shaft, still hard from being pressed to the woman that now rose above him.

The very edge of the tail was coiling along his dick, constricting and releasing in an erotic manner, arousing Jason to new heights. He had never tried erotic asphyxiation before and never wanted to, but he figured this was what it felt like. He knew the ministration of the tail on his dick was going to make him cum soon, but the coil around his neck was going to kill him in the process. Once again, he was going to go as he came.

With that thought on his mind, he tried as best as possible to fight off the reaction of this creature's strokes. The more he fought his human nature, the closer he become to letting his seed go; and as the world exploded in bright flashes of light, just before it started to fade to black, he felt another explosion between his legs. He was in ecstasy and horror at the same time as his body went completely limp and he lost the battle to remain conscious.


Jason opened his eyes, and was shocked at what he saw. He was not standing in his usual spot, with the couch and mirror behind him, and all the other traps laid out before him. He was lying down on a smooth surface that seemed to undulate under him, covered by a very heavy blanket.

Jason's eyes stared at the ceiling above him, grateful that he was no longer in the hotel room of Hell. Then he noticed that the heavy blanket tucked tightly around him was moving. Raising his head up, he looked down his body and saw that he was still wrapped in the coils of the naga.

His throat throbbed with pain and he tried to reach up to rub it, but his arms were trapped at his sides by the three coils around his chest and abdomen. It felt like there were maybe two or three more coils around his legs, also, but he couldn't look over the thick coils around his upper body to tell.

The blonde's face was suddenly looking down on his. Her smile still held its place on her beautiful, angelic face. Her hair seemed to glow with the lights of the room passing thru it.

Her body moved down to the floor, toward Jason's face. Her hands slid along his face toward the back of his head as her face closed in on his. Both hands pulled him toward her mouth, and it met his again, her tongue tasting his mouth again. Jason didn't try to fight back, but he didn't engage in the kiss this time, as he had before.

The demon noticed his hesitancy and one of her hands let go of his head. Jason suddenly felt the fingers cup his shrunken dick, squeezing it between his two balls and causing the head to face between his legs. Her long finger nails tickled his scrotum as her hand slid around the area and wrapped around him.

Finally, he was fully wrapped by her hand, the heel of the palm at the topside base of his dick, the head at the base of her fingers, being pressed between his two balls. Her fingers continued their tickling, at the perineum, causing a delicious heat to swell into his groin.

Jason felt his dick start to grow a little, then it felt painful as it grew to the point that it need to go straight instead being curved downward and between his legs. Still her hand held him firm in its place, and her nails kept teasing the area of lust.

He tried to make his pain known by groaning, but her mouth was still pressed against his. As he did let out the sound of pain, her tongue licked the inside of his mouth as if it were sweet as honey. Her mouth pressed harder against his, causing some pain being since his lips were being crushed against his teeth. He suddenly tasted blood on his tongue and figured the pain on his lips was from cutting it on his teeth.

Her tongue went wild in his mouth. It kept darting in and out, constantly caressing the areas that were bleeding, pulling back into her mouth, returning for another taste. When Jason would groan at the pain, her tongue would go straight to the back of his throat, as if it was licking up his suffering, just like it did with his blood.

He tried to move his hips so that he could get his cock out of her grasp, and give it the room to straighten up, but the coils around his chest and legs began to tighten when he attempted to move. The pressure became greater still, even when he had decided to just suffer the pain and pleasure of her hand.

She continued to caress him with her fingers, occasionally the long nail reaching as far back as his ass and raking across the opening there. Jason did all he could not to move, in hopes of not making her angry and killing him; so he quit squirming completely and lie still in her coils. He even stopped groaning in hopes that she may lose interest in this torture.

She was not to be denied, as it seemed. Her coils began to tighten further around his chest. When Jason took a breath thru his nose, since her mouth was completely covering his, he could only take a much more shallow breath than he had before. She was suffocating him again, and he was trapped and unable to escape her grip.

Her tongue kept sweeping his mouth for every bit of his agony, sucking it from him, allowing the pleasure of her teasing fingers to grip his body as well. He couldn't help but moan his pleasure and groan his pain in an exhale of breath, feeling the coils grip tighter on his body.

Jason quickly sucked in air thru his nose, but there was far less than before, and he was becoming light headed from the lack of oxygen. Her hand gripped his groin painfully, and Jason nearly screamed the pain into her mouth, quickly emptying his lungs of the life giving air that was in it.

He tried to pull in another breath immediately, but it was too late; he could only take a sip of air before he his lungs were as full as they could get. Her hand un-cupped his balls and gripped his immediately hard shaft. She stroked it rapidly, bringing him to the very edge of ejaculation. Then her fingers gripped him tightly again, holding him from releasing his sperm.

The sudden need to cum was too much, and Jason let loose with a guttural moan of pleasure and groan of anguish over the cruelty of not being able to reach his peek. The sound was more like a rattle thru his throat and into her waiting mouth, as the last bit of air he had escaped him. The coil tightened again, making impossible to breathe any life giving oxygen in.

Jason felt his body's muscles trying to convulse as her hand stroked him again. He felt his cum explode out of his body again. He saw the first shot fly high into the air over the naga's head and toward the bed that was there. He watched it fall onto the edge of the bedspread that was tucked. There was a movement out of the corner of his eye from underneath the bed; but he passed out before he could make out clearly what it was.


Jason woke up, standing with a coil around his upper chest and under his arms. His legs were held spread open by a couple of coils around the ankles, keeping his feet firm on the floor. Something was caressing his manhood and giving him pleasure in the nether regions.

One of the strokes down below caught him off guard, teasing just the right way, and caused Jason to take a deep breath in. That was when he noticed the pain in his chest. His lungs burned from the constant lack of oxygen and heavy pressure, and large breaths were not possible without pain now.

He tried to take shallow breaths, but to gather the much needed air, he was quickly hyperventilating. He slowed down his breathing and slowly worked thru the pain in his chest to be able to take deeper breaths. The stroking on his dick wasn't helping with this attempt to breathe.

Jason raised his free hands up to the coil around his chest and tried to push it down his body, but it would not budge. He craned his neck as far as he could to see over the thick coil around his chest to see what was gracing his dick to such loving attention. All he could see was the top of a non-moving blonde head.

"Why?" he asked.

She looked up at him again, and Jason saw her arms moving. With each movement, Jason felt the strokes on his dick.

"Why haven't you killed me?"

The blonde just stared at him with a hungry look on her face as she continued stroking. Then she turned her head back to his dick and leaned forward. Looking down, Jason could see her back, and the place just above where the ass would be. Her skin first changed colors then seemed to fade into scales of an iridescent color. He now recognized it as the markings of an anaconda.

The heat of her mouth engulfing his dick brought him back to reality (if that is what you could call this hotel room from hell) and caused him to take a very sharp breath in again. The pain of the breath and her pleasing blow job gave him just cause to grow harder in her mouth.

Jason felt his hips moving back and forth against the movements of the bobbing head he was looking down upon. He couldn't believe he was giving in so easily to her, knowing that she was either going to squeeze him unconscious again or to death. That was when he felt her hands were pressing his ass cheeks back toward her head as she bobbed forward.

He did all he could to keep his breathing normal, but a rush of cum was beginning to boil in his balls. Jason moaned when he felt one of her hands slide (or could he better describe it as slither) further around his thighs. Her fingers caressed the edge of his ass as they passed it.

Her arm now seemed to be coiled around his right leg and her sharp nails were gently tickling his balls, just barely scratching them. The first touch shocked Jason and his hips pushed forward on their own, without the help of her other hand. He leaned his head back and pressed his hands on the top of the coil that was wrapped around his chest.

Feeling the smooth surface under his palms, Jason tried again to push it off of his chest before it would begin squeezing again, but it still wouldn't budge.

"Oh, that's so good," he cried, closing his eyes when her fingers started to take their task into a new art form. "Please, don't kill me...but please don't stop what you're doing."

Jason's hips thrust forward and his legs shook with the nearing orgasm. The hot walls of her mouth were sliding back and forth around his cock's sensitive skin. He pushed and pulled with his hips as much as he possibly could. He wanted to cum so badly; even though he knew that she would crush him again when he did.

Jason no longer cared, he just needed to cum. He wanted to cum. Deep in the very back of his mind, a small voice was screaming at him to fight and don't give up hope. He tried to focus on that voice, but a new sensation struck him below his hips.

The naga's other hand had slithered around his left thigh, the soft skin against his teasing its way around. But what pulled him away from listening to the voice of sanity was when her fingers pressed against the perineum. Her thumb added pressure of its own at his asshole.

Jason knew that she was going to penetrate him soon, but he didn't care about that either. All the sensations were screaming at his body to cum, now. Every muscle under his skin was straining for that reprieve that comes from ejaculation.

He felt her tongue slide all along his shaft before retreating to her mouth and returning to its loving caresses. Her mouth was sucking him harder than she was at first. He could feel his cock twitching at the strokes of her tongue and lips.

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