tagInterracial LoveLusting for Eva Ch. 02

Lusting for Eva Ch. 02


Impatiently Paul tapped his pen back and forth on the table in front of him, staring at the clock on the wall. It was 5:07. The damn meeting had run over nearly ten minutes late already. Paul sat in the board meeting at his company feeling totally distracted. There were several times that his colleagues addressed him and he had to have the question repeated because his mind was completely somewhere else. He couldn't get Eva out of his head and was more than ready to leave the office to be with her. He wondered what Eva was doing right then. Was she thinking of him as well?

The first night between them had been mind blowing. However, every time he went back to see her at Madam Kelly's, the sex seemed to get hotter and wetter. The Madam seemed surprised that he had come returned several times in the past few weeks and had requested Eva again and again. She explained to him that most men preferred to try different women. However, he only had a hunger for her. Madam Kelly had even tried to convince him to spend the night with another prostitute. She would have beautiful women of different shapes and colors parade before him. However, though they may have been tempting he only had one woman on his mind.

Paul glanced at the clock again, praying the time could pass by faster.

"Any last comments or questions?" Paul lifted his head at the Director of Finance's words. It sounded to him like a clear signal that it was close to the end of the meeting. He glanced around the room, hoping that no one would speak up. It was Friday afternoon though and he knew nearly everyone else in the room would want to get out of the office nearly as much as he did.

"O.K. then," the Director continued, "We'll have a follow up meeting next Tuesday. Have a good weekend."

Everyone nodded curtly and then stood up from their chairs, more than ready to leave. Paul stood up and then rushed to his office, ready to grab his belongings and leave. He took some papers from his desk, quickly stuffed them into his briefcase and then exited the room. Walking down the hall way he could hear a voice calling out behind him.

"Hey, man...wait up!" Paul turned around to see his co-worker and friend Jeff rushing up behind him. Paul tried his best not too look annoyed. He was more than ready to get out of the damn building and didn't need anyone holding up.

"Brutal meeting, huh?" Jeff asked slapping his friend on the back.

"You're telling me," Paul mumbled.

"Paul," Jeff continued as they approached the elevators, "I nearly thought you were going to strangle old man Johnson because he was talking so much," he said, referring to the Director of Finance. "You should have seen the look on your face."

"That bad, huh?" Paul asked, pushing the down button on the elevator.

"What do you say we run over to Murray's and grab a couple beers?"

Usually Paul was more than willing to accept an invitation to the bar with his friend, but tonight would have to be an exception.

"Naw, I really can't," he said, relieved to see the elevator doors open so quickly.

"Come on!" Jeff complained as they stepped in. "What man passes up an ice cold beer after work. You know you need one after that meeting."

"Actually...I got a date. I have to get home and get ready to go see her."

"Oh really," Jeff said, raising his eyebrows. "About time," he said laughing. "I was beginning to wonder if you were still playing for our team."

"Fuck you," Paul spat. "I just hadn't found any woman worthwhile." The elevators doors opened and both men stepped out.

"You know I'm kidding, Paul," Jeff said as they walked towards the doors leading to the parking lot. "So what does she look like? Tall, sexy, blonde, blue eyes? You always seem to get those types."

"Not quite." Leaving his friend was those final words, Paul departed to his car.


Paul pulled into Madam Kelly's, anxious to see Eva. He wondered what she would be wearing tonight. The last time he had seen her had been nearly a week and she had blown him away. She had on a pair of crotchless panties with a garter belt and stockings. She promised him that she had never worn the outfit for any of her clients and would only wear them for him.

He hadn't planned on seeing her tonight. In fact, he had actually had a date with a gorgeous brunette whom he had met at a work event days before. He had asked for her number, thinking it would be a good thing to go on a date with another woman. Plus when it came right too it, he felt that he was getting to the point where he might be frequenting the bordello too often. However, Eva was making his dick hard even when he wasn't with her. He had called the brunette during his lunch hour that afternoon, giving her a lame excuse that a good friend was coming in to town that night and that he would have to cancel their plans. He didn't bother to reschedule.

Paul got out of the car and hurried up the steps to the bordello. When he entered through the doors he was greeted by Madam Kelly at the front desk. She seemed surprised to see him. "Good Evening, Paul," she said. "Pleasure to see you. I didn't expect we'd be seeing you since you didn't make an appointment."

"Yeah, it was sort of a last minute decision to come in," he said sheepishly. "I'm looking to see Eva."

"Of course you are," the Madam said knowingly. "But she's with another client now."

Paul swallowed hard. It hadn't crossed his mind that she might be with another man. He preferred to think that he was her only client, though he knew it wasn't so. "When will she be finished?" he asked, trying to remain calm.

"Well, the client only requested her for an hour. It looks like he has about 30 minutes remaining," she said, looking down at her watch. "Eva could see you shortly after he leaves."

Paul nodded his head, trying to block out all visions of what could be occurring in her room at that moment. He surprised both himself and Madam Kelly with the next words that came out of his mouth. "Do you have any other women available?"

"Why of course," the Madam smiled. "What are you looking for? Blonde, brunette, redhead---"

"No," he interrupted. "I need a black woman. I'd like to try someone a little different. Maybe a woman with darker skin?"

"Yes, I do have someone available right now. Her name is Tamika. How long should I schedule you for?" She opened her planner and began to scribble notes.

"Fifteen minutes," he answered. "And I plan to see Eva directly after. Schedule her with me for the rest of the night."

Madam Kelly looked up at Paul, appearing a bit surprised but quickly nodded due to the firmness in his voice. "Well, I usually don't schedule for such short time periods. However, I will make an exception as you are becoming a loyal customer." She stepped from behind the desk and then led her down the hall to Tamika's room. "Enjoy," she said, and then quickly left.

Paul turned the handle of the door and opened it to find a beautiful naked dark skinned black woman with long flowing hair laying on a white bed spread, pleasuring herself with a pink dildo. She was quite curvy and not quite as in shape as Eva. Still, she did have some sexy curves worth grabbing onto. She was propped up against some pillows, watching T.V..

She looked over at Paul and smiled. "Wanna see a video?" she asked. He walked over to the bed where she was laying and sat beside her. Looking at the T.V. he felt his mouth go dry.

"Are these all women prostitutes at the bordello?" he asked her.

"Yes," said Tamika, pointing to the screen. "That girl in the middle is the newest girl here. We were 'initiating' her on her first day. She was way too innocent when she first came in. We actually had to hold her down at first to make her go through with it," she giggled.

Paul stared at the scene mesmerized. Before him on the screen was his lovely Eva, naked, legs spread, while a large group of woman surrounded her, touching her and encouraging her to cum. Two black women stood at different sides of her, alternating between licking her nipples and tweaking them with their fingers. A third prostitute, with light brown skin, sat on her knees between Eva's legs, slowly licking her caramel pussy. The camera person zoomed in, showing a close up of woman's tongue circling Eva's budded clit. Her tongue then traveled down to the opening between her luscious pussy lips that were oozing with creamy cum.

"My turn!" called out a girl in the video. The camera zoomed back out and showed the brown skinned woman get up and a blonde woman take her place. "I love black pussy!" she squealed. She stuck two of her manicured nails into Eva's slit and then began to lick on her clit. The entire video so far had been quite appealing to Paul, however, the site of a white woman serving his black beauty seemed even more erotic.

Remembering why he had originally come to the room though, Paul quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his hardened cock from his boxer briefs. "Suck it," he ordered Tamika. She immediately obeyed, getting on hands and knees to take his cock within her mouth. However, she didn't bother to remove the dildo and continued to fuck herself while she sucked Paul's large white cock. Paul listened to Eva's cries and moans as the woman around her chanted for her to cum. Before she had a chance to, more women took the place of the blonde woman, excited for the taste of the new girl's cum.

Paul ran his hands through the hair of the dark skinned woman before her. Her ass was raised up high as she shoved the buzzing dildo in and out of her snatch. He couldn't help but take pleasure in the sight of his cock disappearing between her dark lips. He reached down and took one of her melon sized breasts in his hand and then turned back towards the screen to see Eva's eyes rolling back as her hips began to rock steadily back and forth.

"We have a cummer!" one of the girls in the background of the video called out. It seemed to be perfect timing because as Eva began crying out in ectasy, Paul felt himself reach his own climax. He squeezed Tamika's tit hard as he felt his cum shoot into the back of her throat. He had been waiting for this feeling all day. Although the release of his cum and the sound of Eva's orgasm had been satisfactory, it still wasn't as exquisite as cumming in Eva's tight pussy or wet mouth. Slowly he pulled out and then buttoned his pants back into place.

The black woman sat back with her pussy still spread and the dildo within in. "Make me cum?" she asked. Paul glanced at his watch, realizing he had five minutes remaining. Why not? he thought. He certainly wasn't in a relationship with Eva and at that moment she didn't really seem to care whom the hell she gave pleasure to, so why should he?

Paul sat back on the bed and unlatched Tamika's fingers from her vibrator. He then took it in his left hand and began to move it in and out of her chocolate box. Paul realized that he should be immensely excited as he was truly getting to live out his fantasies and try out different flavors of black women. However, there was only one woman he really wanted to fuck at that moment. After several minutes, Tamika finally came. Paul then put down the vibrator and silently left the room.


Paul turned the key to Eva's room and stepped in, closing the door behind him. The lights were on low and soft music played in the background. Eva was sitting on top of her covers wearing only a pair of white laced panties with a matching garter belt and stockings. She immediately stood up and walked over to great him.

"I just found out that you were coming," she gushed. "I missed you."

Paul took off his jacket, letting it fall to the floor and then held out his arms. "Come here, baby." She stepped into them and he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close. "Did you really miss me?" he asked, rubbing his face into dark tresses.

"Of course. When Madam Kelly called me and told me you would be seeing me tonight, I got all hot and excited."

"Hot and exicted, huh?" he asked, sounding doubtful. He moved to nibble her ear lobe and then whispered in her ear harshly, "Did you get hot and excited, fucking the man you were just with? Did you tell him you loved it as much as you tell me whenever I come in and see you?"

Eva leaned back to separate herself slightly and looked up at him confused from the tone in his voice. "I told him what he wanted to hear....he's a customer," she explained. "Paul, when I tell you something I mean it. I've even told you personal things that I haven't told anyone else. You know that."

Paul could tell that she was slightly irritated but he couldn't help but push her further. "When you sucked his cock, did you swallow it?"

Eva shoved away at his chest and then stepped away. "No!!! If you really need hard evidence you can find a condom in the garbage. It's full of cum. I didn't swallow it." She walked over to the bed with her hands crossed over her chest, covering herself. She sat on the comforter and looked at him with pleading eyes. "You're usually so happy to see me. Why are you acting like this?"

"Because," he said walking towards her, "I've been thinking about you off and on all damn week. Today I couldn't get my mind off you though for a fucking minute." He sat down on the bed beside her and put his hand on top of her right thigh. "I rush over here after work to see you but I find out that you're fucking another man."

"What do you expect, Paul!" She continued, lowering her voice. "I'm working in a whore house. I'd love to have you be my only client, but unfortunately that can't happen. I..."

"Maybe it can," he interrupted her.

"Can what?" she asked confused.

He squeezed her leg, running his fingers up to her panties. He stroked his finger on the right seam and began, "Maybe...maybe I can be your only client."

"I wish, Paul. But the Madam would be very unhappy."

"Who cares," he said, slipping his finger beneath the cloth. "Forget this place. Come work for me at my home."

She stared at him in disbelief. "Really? You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm serious, Eva." He allowed his fingers to run between her lips, gently stroking the slit.

"You work for me, on my property. You won't have to worry about a middle man like the Madam. And more importantly, you won't need to fuck a bunch of men you don't want. It would be just you and me, baby."

Eva spread her legs wider, enjoying the feeling of Paul's fingers that were rubbing between her cunt lips, brushing lightly back and forth from her budded clit to her wet hole. She was beginning to get quite distracted from the conversation. She brought her hands down from her breasts and settled them down on the bed at her sides.

"What do you think, Eva? I could make you feel like this all the time." With that, Paul shoved his fingers deep within her, fucking her hard. Paul listened to the sounds of Eva's gasp in the back of her throat and her wet cum squishing against his big fingers. He bent his head down and took one of her nipples deep into his mouth.

"Paul," she moaned, arching her back. He quickly maneuvered himself, standing up and then kneeling between her legs. He pulled her panties down her legs and then lifted her right leg over his left shoulder followed by her left leg over his other shoulder. Paul kissed his way from her breast, down her stomach, taking the time to lick her delicate belly button. He then licked his way down her soft wisp of hair that led to her shaved pussy.

"I need this, baby," he pleaded as he gently began to lick her bud. "I've wanted this black pussy everyday since I met you and I can't stop thinking of you." Eva squeezed his head with her legs in excitement. He sucked on her clit gently and the continued, "I don't want you to be anyone else's slut. Tell me you'll stay with me."

"I don't know," she moaned, moving her hips back and forth. Paul knew she was coming close to an orgasm.

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy. "Tell me," he said firmly, lightly breathing on her clit.

"Paul...keep going...please."

"No, baby. I need an answer." He stood up and began unbuttoning his pants slowly, pulling them down his legs and kicking off his shoes. He watched Eva's face, knowing she was torn as to how to answer. He pulled his hard cock from his briefs and then placed a knee on the bed, leaning over her and pushing her down.

"Tell me." He rubbed his cock against her wet slit, knowing she needed him as much as he needed her.

Finally, she relented. "Yes...I'll stay with you. Now fuck me...please."

"With pleasure." He stroked his cock in and out of the caramel beauty who was naked and exposed beneath him. He roughly pulled her leg onto his hip, opening her wider. She would only be his plaything from then on and no one else's.

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