tagIncest/TabooLusting for My Son

Lusting for My Son


Once again the editor who helped me for this story is Kitist02. He works tirelessly to make this a readable story.


I wanted my son Terry in the worst way possible ever since I saw him masturbating in his bed two nights ago. It was by accident that I found my son stroking his penis that night. I was watching a late night movie, and Terry had gone to bed about thirty minutes earlier. I was on the way to the bathroom when I noticed a light in his room was still on. I assumed Terry had fallen asleep once again and forgot to turn off his bedside light. As I approached the door to his room, I heard a mumbling coming from within. Terry's door was partially open as I approached and I thought he might be in the middle of a dream. Once I got to the door, I slowly peered in and what I saw shocked the hell out of me. My son was holding his hard dick while his head was tilted back with his eyes closed. My God was his cock huge. It looked to be at least eight inches or more. My son's fingers barely encircled his massive cock. The head of his cock looked like a large ripe plum. At first, I could not understand what my son was saying. Then, I distinctly heard him moan, "Mom that feels so good please suck my cock until I cum."

I was caught by total surprise by the sight of my son pleasing himself and, even more, shocked that my son was talking about me sucking his cock. I knew I should just back away and leave my son to his privacy, but I was stuck there in the hallway spying on my son jacking his huge cock. I needed to know what he was going to say next. I stared at his hard cock not taking my eyes off it while Terry slowly stroked his penis up and down. Questions formed in my mind as I leaned against the door frame. Where did my son get such a huge cock? His dad was only six inches long on a good night. My son's cock had to be at least eight inches or more. Why was my son talking dirty about me and wanting me to suck his cock? I guess over the last few months Terry had made more physical contact with me, and he had made more comments about my looks than normal, but I'm sure I had done nothing to warrant the special attention.

"That's it mom use your tongue just like that. God, you're mouth is so hot it feels like a furnace. Please don't stop," moaned Terry as he squeezed his cock causing a huge drop of pre-cum to form on the head of his prick.

I watched Terry spread the pre-cum all over his shaft as he increased the speed of his strokes. I could hear a wet slapping noise with each stroke of his monster cock. I noticed with guilt that I was becoming aroused. I could feel my breasts swelling as I watched Terry jack his hard cock. My pussy was tingling deep inside in anticipation of maybe things to come. My pussy was becoming wetter as I listened to my son moan about me sucking his cock. As if my body had a mind of it's own, one of my hands found its' way to my breast, cupping it while the thumb made small circles around the nipple. I could not move away if I wanted to and my other hand found my pussy was soaked as my middle finger entered easily. I watched my son spread more pre-cum all over his slick shaft once again.

"Oh, mom I am going to cum any second now. See if you can take all of my cock. That's it mom just like that, and I will cum soon for you. I know you will love the taste of my load. I want to fill your mouth with my hot cum."

My thumb found my clit on these words causing me to buckle at my knees. Terry started to shoot his cum all over his chest and stomach as I began to cum standing in the hallway. His first volley of cum landed under his chin forming a small puddle on his chest. The second spurt of cum landed on his stomach as Terry arched his back groaning out load, "that's it take all of it, mom."

Several more spurts covered his belly as my orgasm shook me to my toes. It had been almost a week since I last masturbated and this orgasm by far was the best one in a long time. Terry opened his eyes as I backed away from the door slowly. I retreated to my room and fell onto the bed. I grabbed my trusty six-inch dildo from under my pillow and plunged it as far as I could deep into my pussy. A few long strokes and I blasted off into another powerful orgasm. I fell asleep wondering how I could find answers to all the questions dancing in my head.

Being a divorced mom of forty did have a few drawbacks. At forty, dates were hard to find and often not that good. I was in great shape once again since my divorce last year for I knew I had to make a few changes to attract men again. I caught my sorry husband cheating with one of my friends. Well, actually it was my son Terry who found them in his office when he stopped by work to get some spending money for his school trip. The divorce left me with enough money that I do not have to work for now. I love to swim and do so daily in our pool. I am five feet nine inches tall and weigh 125 pounds with sandy blond hair and green eyes. Since the divorce, I have dropped about twenty pounds. My breasts are only 34b, but my breasts form a cone shape, and my nipples protrude up at an angle. My ex-husband loved the way my breasts pointed up and seemed perky all the time.

My son Terry is the center of my life right now, and has been since my divorce. He will be starting college in the fall and attending on a full ride for swimming. His nineteenth birthday is next week. He is six foot tall with broad shoulders and a fantastic six pack stomach. My girlfriend Marcie, who lives down the street, can't keep her lecherous eyes off my son lately. I can't blame her for looking at my son for since the divorce I too have noticed him in a different way. Not in a motherly way but a woman with sexual needs way. Maybe this is why Terry has paid me more attention lately. I might have been a little flirty with him since the divorce? It all makes sense now, but I was not actually aware of it until last night while watching him masturbate and talk dirty about me. I had to come up with a plan to learn more about his desires towards me. Lord his cock would split me in half for sure. I know or assume he is not a virgin based on the sounds coming from his bedroom one day when I came home from work early. I did not interrupt him since I stayed by the door and listened for a few minutes until I heard Terry moan that he was cumming. I eased out the house undetected. I know that girl in there with him was one happy girl based on all the moans and grunting she was making.

I found myself standing in the kitchen the next morning dressed in my nightgown cooking breakfast. I have never worn this nightgown outside the bedroom since the material is rather thin and the length is short. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter as I thought about the many ways I was going to tease my son while preparing breakfast. I heard Terry coming down the stairs and put my plan into action.

"Good morning sleepyhead. I hope you are hungry," I asked my son while I cooked the bacon as he entered the kitchen wearing his PJ's.

"Mom, I am starved and..."

I could feel Terry's eyes on my ass as he stopped talking. I swayed back and forth cooking the grits and bacon. I had turned on the oven light on purpose even though there was nothing in the oven. The light made my gown even more transparent. I spread my legs further apart as I finished up the food. I am sure Terry had a great view of my ass and the gap between my legs.

"What did you say, honey?"

"Uh just wondering if we had any OJ?"

I went over to the fridge and opened the door and purposely bent over at the waist to grab the OJ. I could feel the bottom of my gown ride up my legs and expose my panties to my son.

"I know we have some OJ in here somewhere," I responded as I pretended to look for the OJ even though it was right in the side door.

I now had my head almost in the fridge and could feel my gown barely covering my ass as I looked for the OJ in the back of the refrigerator. I knew I was teasing my son and giving him a great view of my ass. I could feel my panties clinging to my pussy lips as my cunt became wetter by the second. I knew the view was driving my son crazy for when I asked him his plans for the day he could only stutter in his response.

"Oh, here is the OJ in the side door."

I walked towards Terry sitting at the table and poured him a glass of OJ. My nipples were now fully erect and standing out quite proudly. My son's eyes were still looking directly at my breasts as I sat the OJ on the table next to him.

"Honey could you be a dear and grab a glass for me from the cabinet behind you."

As Terry stood up, my eyes went straight to his crotch in hopes of seeing just how big his erection was. Terry stood up and his cock pitched a tent down his leg. The sight of his huge prick took my breath away as Terry turned quickly to conceal his hard-on. I waited for Terry to turn back around as I stepped closer to take the glass out of his hand. Terry gave me the glass and sat down in a rush. As I lifted my eyes up from his cock, I turned back away and poured some OJ in my glass. My plan was working, and I could feel my juices soaking my panties. I needed a hard cock to pound my pussy soon, or my plan might drive me crazy instead. I could only think about my son's cock and how huge it must feel.

"Terry, what are you going to do today? Marcy and I are going to work on our tans again."

"Marcie is coming over?"

"Yes, and my sister Wendy is visiting since she's on vacation this week. Her plane arrives at 1 pm, and I was hoping you would be able to pick her up from the airport."

"No problem mom since I was going to hang around the house until this afternoon. I don't have plans until tonight with Chip. We are going to that new bar located in the Vista downtown."

Terry was now looking right at my tits as he talked to me. His other hand was under the table and was moving slightly. I'll bet he is playing with his huge cock as he spoke to me. It was as if he wanted me to know he was checking out my boobs. I loved the attention and could feel my soaked panties pressing on the cold kitchen chair.

"Great, I'll text Wendy and let her know you will be picking her up. It's been two years since we saw her. Her job as an airline stewardess keeps her flying all over the world."

Terry looked right at my breasts as he said, "Mom, breakfast was excellent, and I will be in my room if you need...anything."

I watched Terry as he stood up and his PJ's had an enormous wet spot right where the head of his cock pressed against his pajamas. This time, Terry took his time as he drank the last sip of OJ. I could not take my eyes off of his bulge as Terry said, "Mom, did you hear me?"

I snapped back to reality upon hearing my son's voice. I realized, I was staring at my son's erection and muttered, "Ok, I will be up later to change into my swimsuit since Marcie will be here in thirty minutes."

Terry turned and headed upstairs as I sat down since I felt lightheaded. I placed my hand inside my soaked panties and quickly found my clitoris. A few strokes and I rocketed off into a mini orgasm sitting there at the table. I needed more, and before I knew it, I was walking up the stairs in a fog towards my room. I had to pass my son's room first, and his door was open even more this time than last night. I had to look to see what he was doing and to my delight, Terry was on his bed stroking his massive cock. His cock was beautiful as my son jerked faster and faster. With a small moan, Terry grimaced as his cock started to shoot rope after rope of cum all over his stomach and chest. Then, I heard my son moan my name again, "Mom take all of my cum. The next time I want to shoot this cum all over your tits."

I rushed down to my room and found my trusty love tool. I ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet as I plunged all six inches in and out of my cunt. The orgasm shook my body down to my toes as I held the vibrator in place. Damn, what am I going to do about my son? I want his cock so bad, but I know it is so wrong for me to think of these things much less act on them. I changed into my swimsuit and headed back down the stairs. As I passed Terry's room, his bathroom door was closed. A towel was on his bed, and his shower was running. Could this be the same towel he used to wipe up his cum? I picked up the towel noticing several globs of cum. I brought it to my nose and smelled my son's cum for the first time. Should I dare taste it? I placed my finger on a glob of cum and immediately notice the cum was still warm and fresh. I put my finger in my mouth, and the taste was salty and sweet at the same time. Damn, I wondered what feels like to have him shoot a load of cum in my mouth. The cum smelled just like my son after one of his sweaty workouts. The shower turned off, and I froze in place thinking I was going to make a play to seduce my son right now, right here on his bed. The front doorbell rang, bringing me back from my thoughts of my son. I nervously rushed out of the room before Terry exited his bathroom and I headed downstairs to greet Marcie. I could hardly walk down the stairs from feeling light headed.

I open the door and Marcie stepped in, asking several questions before I had a chance to say hello.

"Hey Kandy, has your sister arrived yet? Why are you so red in the face? Have you been exercising? You didn't start drinking without me did you?" asked Marcie as she set her pool bag on the wet bar.

I knew exactly why I was so red in the face, and it had nothing to do with drinking or exercising. I became startled when the doorbell rang, and my son's shower turned off as I was savoring my son's fresh load of cum.

Marcie has been a dear friend throughout my divorce and a friend I could always call up to bend her ear about my sorry husband. We were similar in body types, but her breasts were at least a cup size larger than mine. I often caught my son looking at her tits since Marcie wore a two piece bikini while swimming. Her hair was sandy blond and shoulder length with a slight curl at the shoulders. She ran without fail ten plus miles each week. I often wondered why she married her husband who was overweight the day I met them when they moved in the house down the street.

"Wendy will be here shortly. Terry will pick her up from the airport around 1 this afternoon. Marcie where in the world did you get the new yellow bikini swimsuit?" I asked as Marcie took off her cover up.

"I rewarded myself with it when I completed my first 10K last week. Do you like it?"

"God yes it fits you like a glove. You must have lost some weight to get into it. I bet Bill can't keep his hands off of you."

"You would think so, right? All Bill does is work all the time. It seems he has to work at home and the office more now than ever. I could be naked, and he wouldn't notice me. Pour me a stiff cocktail would you? Speaking of stiff cock...tails."

"Hi, Marcie is that a new swim suit? It looks fantastic on you. Have you lost weight again?" Terry asked as he headed out the door to the pool.

"Marcie stop it...and I do not want you ogling my son today like you did last week."

"Kandy, I am sorry, but Terry has become a hunk of prime beef in the last year, and his package is larger than last year too."

"I wouldn't know since I do not go around checking out my son's package."

"Well I noticed, and he is certified grade A in all departments if you catch my drift," replied Marcie as she took a long sip of her drink looking out the window towards the pool where Terry was taking off his shorts.

"I really do not know what I would do if that hunk lived with me 24/7. Oh my god, Kandy, your son, has on a speedo! I know he didn't wear that last year."

I looked out the window to see for myself since Terry had never worn one before at home, just at swim meets. I did notice the nice bulge in his speedo and what caught me off guard was that he was very well tanned as if he had been wearing the speedo for quite some time. His cock was semi-erect with a slight curve pointing towards his thigh. Holly shit, the speedo did little on covering up his tool, to say the least. I watched Terry stretch out and lay down on the lounge chair.

"Well I do check him out, and I call dibs on the seat next to him. Let's make a $5.00 bet on who can make Terry have a hard-on first," giggled Marcie.

"Marcie I am not going to flirt with my own son much less cause him to have an erection."

"Kandy, it will be fun, and besides, it's not like we are going to attack him or anything," replied Marcie as she finished her first drink.

"Count me out, but if you must, please do not embarrass him too much. He is really shy around girls."

"Let the fun begin," replied Marcie as she fixed herself another drink and headed out to the pool.

I watched Marcie sit next to my son, and they were chatting, but I could not hear what was being said. Then, Marcie stretched out on the lounge chair as Terry took a seat next to her. Marcie handed Terry a bottle of sun tanning oil and unsnapped her top as she laid on her stomach. Terry poured oil on her back and proceeded to rub the oil in with one hand. A few minutes later, Terry poured oil from Marcie's foot all the way up to the cheek of her ass. He then used both hands to massage the oil in slowly. I could tell Marcie was enjoying the massage since her legs spread further apart as Terry's hands moved closer to her ass.

To my surprise, Terry took his other hand and adjusted his cock as if his cock was stuck. Marcie had her eyes closed and could not see my son or what he was doing. Terry applied oil to the other leg, and Marcie spread her legs even further apart. Her feet were not on the lounge chair. Terry then worked his hand between Marcie's legs all the way up to her ass cheeks. I grabbed my phone and sent the following text: "Marcie stop teasing my son. He is becoming aroused! What are you saying to him?"

"Kandy, his fingers feel like magic and are so strong. You have to come out and let Terry put oil on you. I think I am going to faint if he gets any closer to my pussy. Does he have a hard-on?"

"Girl, you need to calm down and stop messing with my son," I texted as I headed out the door.

I spread my towel on the other chair next to Terry and saw that he had a full blown hard-on. The head of his cock was almost sticking out of his speedo near his belly button. The funny thing is that Terry was not trying to hide his erection at all. I think he was proud of it and wanted us to look at it. I wanted so badly to reach over and grab his cock with my two hands just to see how hard his cock was. Good thing I was wearing sunglasses to hide my blatant stare.

"Thank you, Terry, for putting the oil on me, and your fingers felt like one thousand tiny fingers massaging me. Make sure you put oil on your mom since I know she doesn't want to get sunburned," replied Marcie as she saw Terry's hard cock for the first time.

Marcie took in the sight of my son's massive hard-on. I couldn't take my eyes off of it either as Terry laid down on his back on the lounge chair. His erection was clearly well defined in his tight speedo. God, he was at least two inches longer than his dad. I just knew that he would break me in half with that monster. Terry stretched and rested his hands on his stomach just inches from the huge head of his cock as he closed his eyes soaking in the sun. Marcie pointed to his cock as soon as Terry closed his eyes and signaled that I owed her five dollars. I motioned for her to stop before she got caught and that I would pay her the money.

"Kandy, let's go in and fix ourselves another cold drink," replied Marcie as she got up from her chair.

"Ok. Terry, do you need anything cold to drink?"

"No, mom I'm good."

I followed Marcie into the house, and as soon as we both got into the house Marcie spun around and said, "Kandy! I can't take this much longer. I am having a hard time keeping my eyes off his huge cock much less keeping my hands off that monster. Holy shit when did he grow that cock so big? Last year he was not that big, and I did not even notice him."

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