tagIncest/TabooLusting for My Son Ch. 02

Lusting for My Son Ch. 02


Please read chapter one "Lusting for My Son" if you have not done so already.


Chapter 2

Mom attacks son in the pool. Aunt and neighbor blackmail Terry for sex

Kandy turned on the hot water to the claw tub that was handed down from her mother. It was antique white and could easily fit two people. She poured her favorite soaking gel that smelled like lilacs into the steaming water. Thoughts of her and her son Terry having sex earlier raced through her mind. Lord could the boy service a woman. One of her best friends had taught her boy how to please a woman, and she was a little bit jealous. She eased into the huge tub wondering what she would do when Terry got back home with her sister Wendy. She had let her son ravage her like a two dollar whore back in the Wild West days. Damn the sex was the best she had ever had. Her orgasms caused her toes to curl and her pussy to spasm until she had trouble breathing. She wondered how Terry would act around her. Would he act like nothing happened? She lowered herself into the hot water until only her neck and head were above the water line. She had at least an hour or so to soak before her sister arrived from the airport.

Her younger sister Wendy worked as a flight attendant for a major airline for the past six years. Her birth came as a shock to their parents when she was born since she was eight years younger at thirty-two. She had not seen her sister in two years and wondered if she had calmed down in her partying ways. The stories told by her sister over the years left nothing to the imagination on what her sister did during her spare time. Flying all over the world and never once tying the knot allowed her sister to experience many lovers from all around the world. Kandy knew she could have chosen the same lifestyle, but she had met her husband Jack while in college. Yes, she felt jealous of her sister, especially when Wendy would tell her of all the romantic places and great lovers she experienced in her travels. As a flight attendant, Wendy always had to look out for her weight. She had no problems maintaining her weight since she had always been athletic in high school. They were very similar in body type, but at least her breasts were quite larger than Wendy's.

As Kandy laid there in the hot steaming water, visions of her son's hard cock formed in her thoughts. Her hand soon found her pussy lips parting them slightly. Oooohhh they are tender and sensitive from the fucking her son had given to her earlier. Her middle finger goes deeper as small beads of sweat formed on her face. She could remember his hard shaft penetrating her pussy lips for the first time. She could feel the massive head of his rock hard cock slowly pushing past her outer pussy lips with each thrust. She could still remember each time her son bottomed out deeper than any man had ever gone sent chills up her spine. She slipped her middle finger deeper into her cunt needing that feeling once again. Her other hand pinched her rock hard nipples as Kandy inserted a second finger. Her thumb soon found the hood of her clit causing her to moan loudly. Her other hand found her clitoris as the third finger forced its way deep inside her juicy cunt. Faster baby please fuck me faster this time moaned Kandy. Ram that fucking huge cock deep into your mother's pussy. Give me all of it! Her orgasm hit like a freight train as Kandy rose out of the water working her fingers in and out of her hot cunt as fast as she could. As Kandy lowered back into the hot water, she knew she would have to have her son's beautiful cock again soon somehow come hell or high water.

Meanwhile at the airport.

Terry read the text from his Aunt. She was waiting to get off the plane, and he could spot her when she got off the aircraft wearing a yellow blouse and black linen pants. It had been two years since Terry laid eyes on his Aunt and he wondered what she looked like. He had heard the stories of her travels as he listened to his mom and dad talking about her. Then Wendy appeared on the top stairs of the aircraft. WOW! His Aunt was a knockout, to say the least. She was slightly taller than his mom and more slender in build. I guess not being married and not having kids kept the extra weight off. As she walked towards the terminal, Terry noticed her huge breast bouncing as she walked down the steps. The yellow blouse was cut tight and fit her like a glove. The top three buttons were unbuttoned showing off ample cleavage as her two magnificent breasts bounced with each step. The white bra clearly visible struggled to contain them. Wendy was wearing several gold bangle bracelets on both wrists. Her long blond hair was done up in a bun. She was a goddess, and Terry could not take his eyes off her. As Terry watched his Aunt stroll towards the terminal, he noticed other men checking his Aunt out. His Aunt was the Barbie doll version of his mom. Before Terry realized it, Wendy had walked right past him.

"Aunt Wendy, it is me, your Nephew Terry."

His Aunt spun around and looked at Terry like she did not know who he was.

"Is that you? Terry?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Aunt Wendy placed her purse on the floor and reached out to hug Terry.

"My, you sure have grown since the last time I saw you. You're at least two inches taller, and you have lost all of your baby fat."

The first thing to hit Terry was how blue her eyes were. She had to be wearing contacts. Then the fabulous smell of her as he leaned in for the hug. The scent reminded him of the lilacs shower jell his mom used. Terry then felt her large breasts as they mashed against his chest and Wendy's hands as they caressed his shoulders and arms.

"My, you have filled out nicely. The swimming has paid off for sure," replied Wendy as her hands fell to the small of his back pulling him closer.

Two or three seconds had passed before Aunt Wendy released Terry. She bent over to retrieve her purse, and Terry's eyes were fixed on her two large breasts. The nipple on the left breast came into view as Wendy picked up the bag. Wow! Terry noticed no tan lines and the areola was as big as a silver dollar in size. Wendy stood up only to see Terry's eyes fixed on her tits.

"They are great, aren't they? I dated a plastic surgeon last year, and they were free! Now close your mouth and let's go get my bags."

"Aunt Wendy I was just..."

"Terry, please call me Wendy since I don't like the term, Aunt. It makes me sound old. Okay."

"Yes Ma'am"

As Terry followed Wendy down to the baggage claim area, he could not keep his eyes off her ass. It had to be one of the best-looking asses he had seen. The shape of each globe bounced slightly from side to side. Her pants fit so tightly that there was a gap between her thighs and he could see two small straps lines above each ass to indicate she was wearing a thong. She had what guys would call a bubble ass. Both of her cheeks would fit nicely in your hands as you bounced her off of your cock. This type of woman was the kind boys always dreamed of but knew they were out of their league. Her boldness in her response to him about her breasts told Terry that she was confident in her looks and attitude. His cock tingled as he walked behind his sexy Aunt. They reached the claims area, and the bags were nowhere in sight.

"Your mom tells me that you received a full ride for swimming."

"Yes Ma'am, to South Carolina, which is only thirty minutes away. They have a great swim team. My best friend Chip is also attending on a full ride."

I can tell by the muscles in your arms and chest that you have been training hard. No wonder you lost all of that baby fat since the last time I saw you."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The bags started to come out the shoot. I watched my Aunt as she focused on finding her bags. Every slight curve in her appearance highlighted a sexy line to her body. The curve of her ass as she bent over to pick up her bag. The firmness of her breasts as they tried to spill out from her blouse. Heck, even her arms were sexy as she looked thru her purse to find her claim ticket for her luggage. Each time she looked into her purse I looked at her huge tits. I could feel my cock moving down my leg.

"Terry! Did you hear me? My black bags have a red silk ribbon tied to the handles. There are two of them."

Terry snapped back to reality, mumbled yes Ma'am and turned towards the conveyor belt. His dick was working its way down his shorts. Please, not here, not right now. I do not need a hard-on in front of my Aunt and all of these people. Terry walked away for his Aunt looking for the bags to get away from her before she noticed.

"Terry! There is one coming out now. Come back here and grab it."

Terry walked back towards her thinking he had a fence post stuck down his shorts. Or at least it felt like one. This time, Wendy looked right at his crotch as Terry picked up the bag. The second bag was nowhere in sight.

"Terry, wait right here for the second bag while I go freshen up," replied Wendy as she stared at his erection.

Wendy raced to the restroom and mumbled under her breath as she entered the stall. Lord, where did that boy get that huge cock from? She knew from the last time she saw Terry at his swim meet he did not have a cock anywhere near that size. To hell with that co-pilot Jack on his offer to have dinner tonight. She had screwed him several times, and he was just average in size and ability in bed. Things were looking up for her visit to her sister. I will not have to give some lame excuse to get away from her. Maybe this visit will turn out better than she thought as she exited the stall.

Wendy found Terry standing next to her two bags as she exited the restroom. Her first glance at his groin told her that his erection has gone down some. This will be exciting and fun to see just how big of a cock her nephew has between his legs.

"Great, you found the other one. I can't tell you how many times I have lost one of my bags when flying. Which way to your car?"

Terry escorted his aunt towards the parking lot and loaded the two bags. Terry raced around and opened the door for Wendy.

"My, such a gentleman and good looks to match."

As Wendy stepped up into my mom's SUV, her blouse rose up to expose her butt crack and a purple strap to her thong. A beautiful butterfly tattoo covered her lower back to her ass checks. I closed the door as I focused on the ample cleavage spilling out from her tits. Wendy pulled the seat belt over her breasts and buckled it. This caused her blouse to pull apart exposing more cleavage. Terry walked around the front of the SUV keeping his eyes on her huge tits. Mom was going to be surprised for sure at Wendy's new enhancements. Terry quickly adjusted his cock as he climbed in and off they went back to the lake house.

"So tell me, Terry, are you ready to get away from home? I know your mom can be a little strict at times from what I know about her."

"She's not that bad lately. I will not miss all of the yard work that's for sure," replied Terry as he said to himself, Terry stop looking at her huge tits. Eyes up stupid!

Wendy knows her nephew is blatantly staring at her breasts. She likes the attention. She turns towards Terry tucking one leg under her and giving him a better view and says, "How is your mother doing? Does she still swim in the pool daily?"

"Mom swims and looks great but..."

"So, you think your mom looks great?

"Well, I was just saying..."

"She must work out often for her boy to notice and say she looks great. Have you told her she looks great?"

Wendy looked at Terry's cheeks as they turned bright red. She notices a slight bulge in his shorts as he fidgeted in his seat.

"Do you mind if I take off this blessed seat belt. Since I got these, seat belts are very uncomfortable," asked Wendy as she hefted up both breasts while looking at Terry.

"Sure, no problem since we are off the interstate and headed down country roads the rest of the way," replied Terry as he watched Wendy adjust her two huge tits.

Terry stared in disbelief as Wendy fixed her firm breasts several times before saying, "There all good, and that feels much better. Now where were we about you saying your mom was good looking?"

"I just meant since the divorce, mom has lost weight and looks great."

"So, you're into older women? How do I measure up then Nephew? How do I compare to my sister?"

"What do you mean Wendy?"

"You know what I'm saying. If you think your mom is good looking, how do I compare to her?"

"I better not answer that. Besides, I said mom looked great."

"Looks great or good looking are all the same especially when it comes from her own son. So answer the question, silly boy."

"Well, you're younger, more athletic, and more outgoing for sure."

"Is that all Terry?" Wendy smiled as she ran her fingertip down her cleavage slowly.

Terry looked over at his smiling Aunt as she playfully teased her finger between the massive cleavages. His cock once again started to grow down his leg. Damn was she one hot woman, and he was having a very hard time keeping his eyes on the road.

"Uh...well you do have larger breasts, Aunt Wendy."

Wendy reached over and placed her hand on Terry's thigh inches away from his rock hard cock and said, "You have gotten bigger since the last time I saw you."

"We're here," replied Terry as they pulled into the long dirt driveway. The twenty-minute ride seemed like five.

"We'll talk later about this," replied Wendy as she squeezed Terry's leg.

Terry got out and opened the door for Wendy. As she stepped out, Terry took in the view of her massive tits spilling out from her blouse. Man, her bra was having a hard time containing her breasts.

"I'll get the bags, Wendy. You go on up and find mom. She should be out by the pool working on her tan as usual.

"Thanks, hon; just place them in the room that I'm staying in. I can't wait to see sis."

Out by the pool

Kandy had to do a double-take as Wendy walked towards her. Damn, where did she get those huge melon tits from wonder Kandy as she watched Wendy?

"Heeeeey sis!"

Kandy got up from her chair and walked towards Wendy.

"I would give you a hug but I have oil all over me," replied Kandy as she bent forward to place a kiss on Wendy's cheek.

"WOW! Sis, Terry was right that you have lost some weight and looked great since the divorce."

"True, doing what I can to get back in the dating scene. I see you too have changed. Now tell me about your two new friends," replied Kandy pointing directly at Wendy's breast.

"Aren't they fabulous! My last fling was with a plastic surgeon and they were a gift from him."

"Girl, you never are going to settle down are you?"

As Wendy told her story about her two new friends, Kandy wondered why her son would tell her sister that she had lost some weight and looked great. How did that ever come up in the conversation on the way back from the airport?

"Kandy do you think I might have made them too big? Here you feel for yourself," replied Wendy as she stepped closer to her sister parting the blouse as they both spilled out.

Since Kandy had never felt fake tits, she placed both hands on them and cupped each breast.

What in the hell is going on at the pool? Why is mom holding my Aunts massive tits wondered Terry as he looked out the glass door? Both women laughed and sat down. Terry opened the door and walked out to the pool.

"Can I get anybody a cold drink? Terry asked, once he reached the pool.

"I would love a screwdriver hon and go light on the OJ," replied Wendy.

"Baby, I'm good right now," replied Terry's mom.

Terry turned and almost tripped over the chair since he could not take his eyes of Wendy's tits.

"I will be right back with your drink Wendy."

"Sis, when did the hell Terry turn into a stud muffin? Lord has he filled out in all the right places," replied Wendy as she lowered her sunglasses while looking at Terry's firm ass.

"Damn it, Wendy, my son is not a play toy for you to have your fun. Can you please mind your manners just this one time? He has a steady girlfriend and you will keep your claws off him the whole time you're here."

"Sis, calm down. I was just letting you know that Terry has turned into a handsome young man, that's all! Surely you have noticed this too?"

Kandy knew her sister was right. Her son was built like a gigolo and could fuck like one as well. No way in hell was her slutty sister going to get her hands on her son. She knew she would have to keep a watch on her sister 24/7.

"Don't you agree? Even as his mother, you had to have noticed the changes in his body," replied Wendy as Terry walked out with her drink.

"Here you go Aunt Wendy, easy on the OJ as ordered."

"Now Terry, on the way over I told you to just say, Wendy."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Mom, I put Wendy's bags in the bedroom over the garage like you wanted. She can change into her swimsuit now if she wants to."

"Over the garage?" Replied Wendy as she took a sip from her drink.

"Sis I thought you would like a little more privacy in case you entertain like you did the last time you were here."

Like I was going to put you in the bedroom next to my son Kandy said to herself.

"I will be right back once I put on my swim trunks," replied Terry.

Terry turned away and walked to the house. He knew he had to make one final check on his plan to watch his Aunt in her bedroom over the garage. He had to see those massive tits somehow before she left. He raced up into his room and fired up his laptop. He clicked on the app for his remote camera and he could see the entire room easy. Great, the micro camera was worth the money! Now his Aunt will be up shortly to change and he would be able to see just how big her tits really were. He bought the camera last week and was going to install it in his mom's room but now this would be a perfect time to test it out.

Back at the pool

"Wendy, I don't go around checking out my son's body like that. I'm his mother for God's sake."

"All I'm saying is since your divorce; your sex life has not been that good has it?"

"Are you implying I should fuck my son?"

"Well sis, Terry looks to have a nice package and is one good looking young man if I do so say myself."

"How do you know about his package sis? Tell me you did not attack him on the way home!"

Calm down Kandy, the boy sported a boner in the car on the ride back. I might have flirted with him a little."

Wendy, how did that happen? I know it did not happen all by itself."

"Okay, Okay, Terry was staring at my two breasts and all I did was told him how I got them from the last boyfriend. That's all I did promise. Next thing I see is his penis pointing down his leg."

Terry looked out to the pool and his mom and Wendy were still talking. He ran into his bedroom and put back on his speedo. Terry raced down to the kitchen to fix Wendy another drink. He went heavy on the vodka and light on the OJ. He took a sip and the strength of the vodka caused him to choke. Damn, this was a stiff drink for sure Terry thought as he caught his breath.

"Wendy here is a refresher," replied Terry as he placed the glass on the table beside his aunt.

Terry watched his aunt take a sip and the strength of the vodka didn't bother her one bit. Man, this woman must be able to drink like a fish.

Wendy knew her nephew was watching her sip her drink and the amount of alcohol almost took her breath away. The little squirt must be trying to get her drunk in a hurry thought Wendy as she placed the glass back on the table.

"I'm going up to my room and put on my swimsuit. Does anybody need a cold drink when I return? Wendy asked.

"I'll take a cold beer and get mom another screwdriver if you don't mind," replied Terry as he lay next to his mom.

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