Lusting for My Son Ch. 02


"No problem guys," be right back replied Wendy.

Wendy tripped over the chair as she eyed her nephew's semi-hard cock in his tight speedo. She left and as soon as she was in the house Kandy reached over to her son's arm and said, "Terry, I'm so sorry for attacking you like I did earlier. I don't know what came over me. When my hand circled your hard cock, I lost all rational thought."

"Mom, as I said earlier I want to take care of you from now on. What happened earlier was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope you feel the same way," replied Terry as he placed his hand on his mom's thigh.

"Baby, nobody must find out. What we did earlier others will frown on or they might even report us to the authorities."

"I would never tell a soul mom! I promise!" replied Terry as his fingertips traced up and down his mom's thighs.

Terry turned and sat facing his mom taking in her beauty. The light coat of oil allowed his fingers to leave marks as they traced lines up and down her leg. He noticed his mom's breathing had increased as he ran his fingers from her knee up to her bikini. Each time he grew closer to her inner thigh. With each pass, his mom parted her lips with her tongue as Terry massaged her thigh ever so gently. Her leg bent at the knee as her son found the inner part of her leg. This allowed Terry to brush his fingertips against her cunt lips on the next pass causing his mom to moan slightly. Terry looked down to see his cock poking out the top of his speedo. He was hard as a rock as he grabbed his mom's hand and placed it on the head of his cock. As soon as his mom felt his cock she moaned loudly and squeezed the tip firmly. A huge drop of pre-cum spilled onto her fingers.

"Damn baby you feel harder now than last time," replied Kandy as her hand grasped her son's dick.

Terry watched his mom stroke his cock ever so slowly without her actually looking at it. She kept her eyes closed while she lowered her hand down to the base of his cock. Terry noticed a good five inches was sticking out from her small hand. Terry eased his fingers underneath his mom's swimsuit in search of her cunt.

"Baby, stop that! Your aunt is just inside the house. She might see what you're doing. Let me play a little with this huge cock of yours since she can't see what I'm doing because of the furniture."

Terry's mom stroked his massive hard-on between his legs as Terry groaned out loudly, "Mom, please don't stop. God this feels unbelievable," replied Terry as he eased back onto his elbows.

Kandy felt the pre-cum leaking out from her son's huge cock. She coated his dick with the slippery stuff and stroked faster. Damn, he feels hard as granite right now. Kandy eased up from her chair to take a look at her son's engorged cock.

With a whisper, Kandy moaned, "Baby, I need this cock back in me or I might pass out. Where is your aunt Wendy?"

"Terry??? Where is your aunt Wendy?"

"Sorry, mom I was having a hard time listening to what you were asking. I'm not sure. Do you want me to go check to see?"

Up in the bedroom over the garage, Wendy could see everything her sister was doing to her son. The high advantage point allowed her to see it all. She could see her sister playing with her son's massive cock. Lord the boy had to be at least eight inches and thick as her wrist. Wendy took off her top and bra allowing her massive tits to spill out. Wendy pinched each nipple as she watched her big sister fondle Terry's hard-on. She wondered what they would do next when Terry looked up at the house. Startled, she stepped back from the window out of view.

"No baby please don't go looking for her," moaned Kandy as she squeezed harder on her son's cock to keep him in place.

Wendy peered back into the window to see them both talking again. She wondered what they would do next. Her nipples were rock hard and demanding attention. She could feel her cunt secreting juices as her sister eased up and placed both hands on Terry's cock. She was now stroking his cock with both hands as Terry placed his hand near his mom's cunt. Wendy quickly took off her pants and thong while she watched her sister masturbate her grown son's penis. Wendy's hand found her cunt lips and her middle finger plunged in with ease. This taboo scene was new to her but the excitement was out of this world. As her finger explored her cunt, Wendy knew she was close to having a mind-blowing orgasm. A few more strokes of Terry's cock by his mom sent her over the edge. The orgasm caused her to fall onto her bed as waves of contractions rippled thru her body.

"Mom, you have to stop or I will cum soon. I'm not sure where Aunt Wendy is right now. She might be looking right now."

"Honey, I don't care about that. I need this cock again or I might die. I need to feel this cock deep in my pussy right now!"

"At least let me go check on Aunt Wendy. I'll be right back I promise."

"Noooo Terry please come back here, please! We can do it in the pool and that way she can't see."

"Mom, give me just a second to check."

Damn, Terry is walking towards the house groaned Wendy as she looked back out the window. Wendy formulated a quick plan as she heard Terry yell out for her.

"Aunt Wendy? Where are you?"

"Terry I'm upstairs and getting ready to take a hot bath since my trip was more tiring than I thought. I'll be down in about thirty minutes, okay?"

"No problem Aunt Wendy. See you outside."

Terry raced back out to the pool area but his mom was not there as he reached the deck.

"Psssst," whispered his mom from the pool.

Terry turned to see his naked mom with her elbows hanging on the side of the pool and her bare ass sticking up out of the water behind her.

"Do you like what you see? Get in the pool now!" replied Kandy as she spread her legs wider.

"Damn mom! You're so sexy looking right now. Aunt Wendy is getting ready to take a hot bath and will be in there for about thirty minutes." Replied Terry as he dove into the pool popping up between his mom's legs.

Wendy looked out the window to see her plan working perfectly. They both think I'm in the tub and they will hopefully get in a quick screw so I can watch. This watching is all new to me but damn my cunt is on fire moaned Wendy to herself as she watched Terry pop up between his mom's legs.

"Mom, turn over and hold onto the edge."

Kandy flipped over and Terry placed both her legs over his shoulders as he walked his face towards her cunt. His hands grabbed both ass cheeks to bring his mom's cunt eye level. Her breasts pointed towards the sky as his tongue found the opening of her hot cunt.

"Ohhhhh shit baby, right there. God that feels fucking great. Deeeeeper son! Yeah, that's it!" Cried Kandy as Terry sucked on her cunt lips and pulled on them until they both slipped out of his hot mouth.

Kandy reached out with one hand and grabbed her son's hair to hold him in place as he ate her hot cunt. She could feel the orgasm building and was just a few seconds from exploding on her son's face.

"Harder son, harder, I'm almost there!"

Over the garage, Wendy was going crazy with lust. Her fingers were working her cunt at a rapid pace as she watched her nephew eat his mom's cunt. She knew she needed more than her fingers and would need it soon.

"Cuuuummmiiinnnggg! Honey, oh god does this feel fantassssssstic!"

Terry sucked as hard as he could on his mother's clitoris as she screams out that she was cumming. Terry then guided his mom to the shallow end of the pool. He splashed water on the deck to cool it off as he bent his mother over the edge of the pool deck. Her perky cone shaped tits spread out onto the deck as he spread her legs. His mom reached back to guide his enormous prick into her hot cunt. The tip of his cock forced open her cunt lips with ease and the initial plunge took her breath away.

"Ummmppphhhh! Oh God, you feel larger now! Baby go slow until I get used to the thickness again. Lord your cock feels hard as steel."

Terry grabs his mother by the waist as he plunges his cock back in slowly. He then pulls almost all the way out and goes back in slowly in a teasing kind of way. Terry looks down to see his cock disappear into his mom's cunt.

"Okay, baby you can go faster. Oh lord, I'm in heaven!"

Over the garage, Wendy cums again as she watches her nephew pound his mother's cunt. Damn, the boy can fuck for sure.

"Mom, move near the steps with me."

Terry guides his mom to the steps where her cunt is now out of the water. He then places their left legs on the middle step. Terry pulls out and licks his mom's cunt from behind several times. His tongue forces her cunt lips apart exposing her clit. A Hitler mustache patch of fur is right above her cunt.

"Baby, please put your cock back in hurry!"

Terry now slams his cock to the hilt as his mom screams in pleasure. From this new angle, Terry slams his mom's cunt more forcefully with each powerful thrust.

"Cuuummmiiinnnggg again baby!"

Terry grabs his mom's tits and brings her to his chest as she orgasms on his cock. His mom collapses on Terry as her orgasm subsides. Terry withdrawals from his mom's pussy and takes a seat of the top step of the pool.

"Mom turn around and sit on my cock so I can fuck you deeper. This is my favorite position."

They are facing the garage as Terry places both of his mom's legs over his and brings her back to his chest as she lowers her cunt towards his huge cock. Her ass settles onto his lap. Terry's mom reaches down and helps his cock find its home. Five inches slide in as his mom moans how well this feels. Terry reaches around and grabs both breasts firmly and pushed in another inch.

"Baby, your cock is tearing me into but I love it. I want to feel all of your eight inches deep in my cunt. I'm ready to take it all."

"Okay, mom here it goes."

Terry grabs his mom's shoulders and pushes down forcefully driving in the last two inches. His mom screams out, "Oh My God! Please don't move I'm Cuuummmiiinnnggg again baby!

Terry reaches around and rubs his mom's clit as he starts his orgasm.

"Cumming Mom! I'm cumming so deep in your pussy! Can you feel me squirting deep in your pussy? Mom! I love you so much!'

"Yes, baby I can feel your cum ejaculating deep in my womb. Hold very still I can still feel each powerful spurt."

Over the garage, Wendy has witnessed the most erotic sight of her life. Every sexual nerve in her body is on fire. She needs a cock and quick!

Terry's penis slips from his mom's cunt with a wet pop and they both slide into the water gasping for breath. Terry kisses his mom's neck as he holds her tight. Gobs of sperm float suspended in the water below as his seed leaks from his mom's cunt.

"Honey let's get out and back in the house before your Aunt Wendy sees us."

"Mom, sleep with me tonight in my room, Okay?"

"We'll see baby. We have to be careful and the last thing I need is your Aunt Wendy catching us."

Little did they know, while they put on their clothes back on, Julie their neighbor stared in disbelief at the sexual romp she just witnessed for the last thirty minutes. She had traveled back from the beach to retrieve one of their suitcases she had forgotten to pack. Her husband and her son Chip stayed at the beach to play golf all day while she made the trip back.

"Hey honey made the trip back for the suitcase no problem. I'm more tired than I thought so I want to spend the night here and come back the next day. Is that okay Steve? Thanks, dear, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Make sure you feed Kevin only good food and not junk while I'm gone. Okay?" Cindy hung up the phone as her hand found her wet cunt. God was she excited and needed a hard dick soon. First, a very stiff drink was in order.

Back at the pool.

"Baby, I'll check on Wendy while you go up and shower."

"Okay, mom."

Terry knew what he was going to do. He was going to run up to his room and see what his hidden camera had recorded. He wanted to see just how big his Aunt Wendy's tits were. Terry fired up the laptop and clicked on the camera icon. Load dammit; load faster groaned Terry as he lay on his bed waiting for the video to load.

Wendy ran ideas for her plan on how she was going to fuck her nephew Terry. She could of course just confront her sister and blackmail her if she did not get a chance at Terry's huge cock. She thought to herself, what fun would that be? Maybe the right way is to confront Terry first to see what he might do to avoid his mom knowing. Yeah, that is the plan Wendy thought as she finished her bath.

Terry watched the video as it started. Wendy entered the room and walked across the room to the window overlooking the pool area. Several minutes later she is still at the window. Dammit, why has she not taken off her clothes and changed into her swimsuit wondered Terry? The next thing Terry sees is Wendy pinching her nipples through her blouse. Why would she be doing that wondered Terry? Then on the video, Terry sees Wendy jump back from the window and in the background, Terry can barely make out his mom holding his dick in full color! OH SHIT! What has happened? Terry looks at the video only to see Wendy take off her top and bra to fondle her massive tits. The sheer size of her tits did not register on Terry's brain. The one thing he wanted to find out. He was so worried that his Aunt knew everything that knowing the size of her tits no longer mattered. Terry watched the video until it ended and his cock was rock hard from seeing his Aunt masturbate and from watching him fuck his mother on tape.

"Terry? Where are you? Can you help me with this heavy suitcase?" Wendy yelled from down the hall.

Oh crap, what am I going to do now thought Terry as he made his way to the other end of the house? No way she knows that I know that she now knows about mom and me. Terry knocked on his Aunt's door and was told to come in. As he entered, Wendy was only wearing a towel around her body. The towel strained at covering her tits and just barely came down to cover her pussy. Terry stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at his Aunt's ass when she bent over to place the luggage rack at the foot of the bed. Beaver shot and not just any view. Her pussy lips were fiery red and moist looking.

"Be a dear and lift this heavy thing up here so I can unpack it." Replied Wendy as she turned around and noticed Terry's boner.

"No problem Aunt Wendy."

From down the hallway, Terry's mom yells out, "Wendy, I'm taking a hot shower and be out in thirty minutes."

"Okay sis," replied Wendy.

"Terry please call me just Wendy. You and I are going to have a little talk and I want to ask you some questions about your mom. Have a seat right here on the bed," replied Wendy as she patted the spot next to her.

"Sure Wendy, what kind of questions?"

"First of all when was the last time your mom went out on a date?"

"I'm not sure, maybe two months ago. Why?"

"Just wondering that's all. Like you said, your mom has lost some weight and looks to be in great shape. I'm sure she has some men interested in her since her divorce. She is quite a catch. Don't you agree?"

"I guess so, but I don't keep up with her dating life."

"Well answer me this, would you want someone who has all of this?" Replied Wendy as she stood up and dropped her towel.

WOW! Right there in front of Terry stood a woman with all the goods that a teenage boy could ever want. Her tits were so firm that they stood straight out and the nipples were erect. Terry's eyes dropped towards her pussy to see that she was cleanly shaven with pussy lips protruding like wings of a butterfly. Wendy walked over to Terry and grabbed his cock firmly and said, "I want this just like your mom had in the pool. If not, I'm telling her that I know about you two."

"Aunt Wendy you can't say anything. Mom would die if she found out that you know about us. Please don't tell her."

"No problem then it will be our secret if you do as I say from this point forward. Deal?"

"Yes, ma'am as long as you don't say anything to my mom."

"I'm glad we have an understanding and I want to see this hard cock up close," replied Wendy as she dropped to her knees pulling out Terry's rock hard eight inches.

Wendy's hand tried to circle Terry's hard shaft but her fingers did not reach all the way around. Terry watched his Aunt inspect his cock like she was inspecting a dildo that she might purchase. She lifted his cock up and grasped the shaft firmly as she cupped his balls. She then used both hands to hold his shaft while the head of his cock leaked out a nice size drop of pre-cum.

"Damn Terry this is one hell of a cock you have here. No wonder your mom could not stop herself once she saw this monster. Lord this thing must be three or four inches thick too. I've got to have this in me right now. Hurry baby lay on the bed. I want to ride this monster before sis gets out of the shower."

Wendy walks Terry over to her bed holding his dick as she leads him there.

"Lay down but first I want you to get my cunt nice and juicy so I can get this hunk of meat in me."

Wendy brings her cunt up to Terry's face and lowers her pussy right onto his lips. Terry sticks out his tongue just like Chip's mom taught him and plunges his tongue as deep as he can get it. He reaches up and grabs both tits squeezing them together. Her pussy is already soaking wet and tastes like honey as he withdraws his tongue several times in a rapid fire motion.

"Hell yeah, that feels fantastic. Keep fucking my cunt with your tongue just like that. Lord, where did you learn how to do that? Did your mom teach you this?"

Wendy rises up as Terry mumbles, "No ma'am, learned it from one of my friend's mom. She taught me what she liked."

"A mother of one of your friends taught you this? Shit, this feels great. Don't stop for I'm close to cumming. I bet you're fucking a lot of older women with this big ole cock," replied Wendy as she grabbed his hard dick as she started to cum.

"Cuuuummmmiiinnnggg, oh lord suck on my clit now!"

Terry found her hard clit and sucked as hard as he could. He pinched both nipples as Wendy started to shake all over. Wendy finally fell off his face gasping for air.

"Terry, put that hard cock in me now!"

Wendy lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide as Terry moved into place. Wendy grabbed the shaft of Terry's cock and guided the head into her cunt lips. Wendy kept her hand on his shaft to limit how much of this monster she could take. Terry had the head in and Wendy moaned out, "Lord, shit you're huge baby, take it slow until I'm ready for more. Fuck you're big!"

Terry stopped pushing and waited until his Aunt to relaxed a little. He pulled the head of his monster almost out and then eased it back in taking new territory with each push. A few strokes later Terry had in a good four inches.

"Oh my god you're thick and hard as granite," groaned Wendy as she felt the shaft of Terry's cock work its way deeper.

Terry started sucking on each nipple as he pushed deeper. As he looked down to see the view of his hard cock going into his Aunt's sloppy cunt thrilled him since her cunt lips clung to his shaft like a second skin. With each stroke, her juices coated his shaft with a gleaming sticky milky fluid.

"Nephew, I'm ready for you to go all the way in. Slide that huge cock all the way in on the next stroke. I'm close to cumming again."

Terry raised himself up by his arms as he arched his back withdrawing his cock almost out. He hesitated as he steadied himself for the plunge. His Aunt's eyes were closed as he slammed home all eight inches. Her eyes flew open as his cock tore into her cunt. She grabbed his ass holding him in place as she yelled out, "Oh dear God! Don't move one muscle! I'm cumming again! Oh God, this is fucking unbelievable!"

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