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Lusting Lonnie


For my mom, this was the last straw. I had gotten in trouble earlier this year for selling pirated DVDs; now, a week after graduation, I got caught drunk driving. "I just can't trust you, can I?" my mother fumed. It was about 3 a.m. when we left going home. My three buddies and I had been cruising around town all night partying and drinking. Five hours and fifty beers later, I was in trouble. Good thing summer was coming up soon, or so I thought.

"Mom, no way!" I yelled. My mother was packing me up and shipping me out west to my Uncle Mike's ranch in Montana for the whole summer. Not a bad place, unless you like feeding chickens and shoveling horseshit all day. He was my mom's older brother and he was a widower. My Aunt Gwen died 8 years ago. They had five kids---Mike Jr., Brian, Allison, Stacy and Lonnie. The oldest four had gone to college or settled down. Eighteen-year old Lonnie had just graduated high school and was going to college in the fall. Mom thought it would be good for me to get away from the city for the summer.

"You need to get away from Rick and those boys for a while. Some time in the country will do you good. Lonnie will be there. I remember how much fun you two had together when you were younger." Fun? He made me eat dirt when we were 9 and put my head in the pig trough when I was 11. I guess we had different definitions of "fun". I wasn't looking forward to this, but I wasn't going to let him pick on me, either.

I had a major growth spurt in 9th grade, and being a sturdy 5"10, I had a boost of confidence and a cockiness that made me more or less invincible to being picked on. I was still pretty lanky, but I could hold my own in a fist-fight any day. If I had to spend the entire summer with Lonnie, I was ready.

When my plane landed, I walked into the terminal and recognized Uncle Mike easily. He was a mountain of a man, 6"4, 250 lbs. He was also the kind of guy who'd mop the floor with you, then buy you a beer. He helped me with my bags and went outside to the truck. It was blazing hot that morning (ninety-three degrees at 10:40 a.m.). Uncle Mike and Lonnie lived on a ranch about 6 miles outside the city limits. The last I remember it was a huge, sprawling place with lots of open range. I'll admit it was a nice place, I was just angry I was being forced to be here against my will. When we pulled up, it was a sight: a huge, mini-mansion style place, two stories high, with a four-car garage and a lawn the size of a golf course.

"I remodeled it two years ago. Wait 'til you see the inside," he beamed. This place was some contrast to the three-story walkup my mom and I shared in Pittsburgh."Maybe this won't be too bad. A little retreat-like getaway," I thought. The entire house was grand. Hardwood floors, a spacious TV room, a kitchen big enough to seat 25 and a backyard that stretched out to the horizon. It was when he led me back there that I saw this guy lying on his stomach, facing away from me. He was clad only in a pair of speedos that clung to his tight ass. He had a fairly brown skintone, obviously from hours of sunbathing. Uncle Mike turned down the volume on the blaring stereo so he could hear himself.

"LONNIE! Get your ass up, boy!" he thundered. I couldn't believe this was Lonnie? 18 year-old Lonnie? He sat straight up, eyes widened in surprise. "Holy shit, dad! You scared the fuck outta me!" Lonnie looked like he could easily pass for 25. He wa about 6 feet tall, and a firm and sturdy 180, more or less. He had short, light brown hair and bangs that fell into is eyes depending on which way he cocked his head. He had an impressive physique. Not Schwarzenegger big, but with defined pecs, toned, muscular legs and a six-pack to kill for.

"Go show your cousin John to his room," Uncle Mike said. Lonnie walked towards me with a smile so big his eyes squinted.

"How's it goin' bud?" he asked as he gave me a quick hug. As we pressed together, the hard bulge in his skivvies was undeniable. "Let me get that for you," he offered as he lifted one of my bags onto his shoulder with effortless ease.

"Damn," I thought. I don't know if I was actually gay, but when we'd change over in the locker room after gym, it became hard not to stare at some of the guys walking to and from the showers, their asses bouncing and dicks swinging. I say if someone's attractive, it's okay to look, but not too long. That's why I only took fleeting glances, but it was hard not to notice Lonnie, especially the way the tight speedos clung to his taut, hard-as-a-rock ass.

Just then, Uncle Mike gave me a hard pat on the back, which startled the shit out of me. "Whoa, boy! Guess the house is a bit much for ya?" he bellowed.

"It sure is," I exclaimed, trying bravely to cover up the real reason for my glazed and hypnotic stare.

"Well, I gotta go back into town for some feed and things," my uncle said. "You go on and get settled in and make yourself at home. Some brews and some whiskey in the fridge. Don't drink too much now. Don't wanna ship ya back in worse shape than you came," he laughed. I laughed too. Uncle Mike was my favorite, even if I didn't get along with Lonnie. Somehow, I had a feeling that was going to change.

"C'mon up, Johnny," Lonnie said rather friendly. We went upstairs, where he led me down a long hallway. He walked ahead of me at a steady pace, while I quietly admired the view from the rear. "Checkin' it out, huh?" Lonnie quipped.

"What?" I asked, knowing I gave myself away.

"Checkin' out the house? It's pretty big for just dad and me, but it was his idea to add on to it." I breathed a sigh of relief. This was the second time I almost let my eyes get me in trouble. He opened the door to a nice, motel-sized room.

"Set your stuff up and chill if ya want. I'll be in my room if you need anything," he said, smiling enigmatically. It creeped me out somehow. Not a Jack Nicholson "The Shining" creepy but a sexy, bad boy creepy. I got my things unpacked and put away my stuff, then I familiarized myself with this resort they call home. I went back upstairs and heard music coming from down the hall. I walked to the doorway and saw Lonnie sitting on the edge of the bed, talking on the phone. He was still wearing his skimpy swimwear. He motioned for me to come in and sit by him. I felt a slight twitch in my pants and prayed I wouldn't catch a noticeable boner in front of him. What would he think? I sat down and put my hands in my lap. He was on the phone with one of his boys, then he reached in a pair of jeans and pulled out a sandwich bag that had, like 40 joints in it. He took one out and sparked it up. Lonnie too his ear from the phone and asked me, "You smoke?"

"Hell, yeah!" I exclaimed. He just grinned and nodded, took a few puffs, and passed it to me. For like the next two hours we sat up in his room getting stoned and catching up on the last few years.

"Wow man, you really grew up," Lonnie said like a proud great-aunt or something.

"And, uh, so have you," I groaned. Lonnie took one more drag of like, our 20th joint and passed it to me. He then went for the door. Where are you going?" I asked in a pot-induced haze.

"Just down to the sun porch. Coming?"

"Maybe later. Mind if I smoke some more?"

"Nah, man. Knock yourself out."

"Does Uncle Mike know you smoke pot?" I asked curiously.

"Don't know. Don't care. He said he'll be back soon, but he's gonna wind up getting trashed with Loretta and crash at her place tonight."

"Loretta? Who's that?

"His barmaid slut of a girlfriend. Well, see ya downstairs," he said matter of factly. I smoked a couple more joints and cranked the stereo, I then went downstairs to get something to eat. I looked out on the sun porch and was Lonnie was in hi same spot, same position---minus the speedos. My jaw dropped in awe. As I took a couple of beers and walked towards the sliding doors, I stood transfixed. There he was, same beautiful bronze glow, same defined muscles and a firm, dimpled white bubble butt contrasting with the rest of his remarkably tan body. I sat the beers on the counter, and throwing caution out the window, stuffed my hand down my jeans and grabbed my stiff bone, rolling it back and forth in my tight fist. Lonnie just laid there, unaware of the massive erection he was giving me. As I stood there, thumbing my hardening nuts, I looked out and saw Lonnie rocking himself on the deck chair, his arm shaking, his hand working vigorously underneath him. He then rolled over on his back, and it was a sight to behold. Lonnie had his hand at the base of his dick, stroking heatedly. He was about my length, but a lot thicker, a cocksucker's dream. As he kept jacking furiously, he began to moan and a geyser of jizz shot up in the air and landed right on his smooth, sleek torso. He languidly rubbed it in. Just then, I felt my nuts tighten as jet after jet of spunk erupted in my underwear. It was an awesome, amazing experience. I looked back outside and saw Lonnie getting up to come inside. I quickly grabbed the beers (not leaving a sign I was down there) and ran back up to my room. He came back upstairs, oblivious to the fantastic orgasm he just brought me to.

"Still up here, man? Why don't ya come kick back outside?"

"I don't have a swimsuit, I blurted, wanting to slap myself for sounding so ignorant.

"So you borrow one, douchebag," he laughed as he pulled one from his drawer and threw it at me. "I'm going back out there for an hour or so. Just come to check on ya."

"I can't wear this," I thought, eyeing the piece (and I use the term strongly) of material he gave me to put on. My boner will sick straight up like a supersonic missile. I looked in his drawer for more modest swimwear, but found nothing. "Fucking exhibitionist," I chuckled to myself. Swallowing my anxiety, I put on the tiny suit, got a towel, and went outside. I went out there with the same two beers I had the first time. I sat one by Lonnie and he opened his eyes.

"Thanks," he said, very relaxed. "Could you rub some lotion on my back? Can't reach it too good." Yeah, that's just what I needed. My quivering hands on Lonnie's glistening flesh. I tried to be nonchalant about it. I took some suntan lotion in my hands and started gliding my hands across his wide back. His whole body was gorgeous! I started kneading his back, pulling his skin tight as I indulged in the privilege of having my hands only inches from his most private parts. I decided to try some massage techniques on him I learned in physical therapy. I put more lotion in my hands and starting from his neck, pressed deep into his back muscles and his obliques. His soothing groans were the perfect sign that I was doing ok.

"Are you licensed for this shit or something?" he asked lazily.

"No, why?"

"Well, because I've never had a massage this fucking relaxing before. I'm dead serious, dude. Maybe it's the bud, but this is awesome." That was it. I had Lonnie right there. As we sipped our beers and talked, I just reveled in the joy of touching his body, waiting in anticipation to rub his tight bubble. As I went lower, I pulled the towel off his behind and sat it down. Now, I had full access to Lonnie's delicious derrière. I kept pulling and pinching his flawless skin between my hands and he just sighed. I made my way to his thighs, the backs of his knees, his calves and his feet, which unlike most guys, were smooth and well-pedicured. There wasn't an imperfection anywhere on his body. How this once pint-sized shit starter became this well-built hunk of a man, was amazing. Then, almost as if he was reading my mind, Lonnie turned over on his back and I got a close-up view of his manhood. It just kind of hung between his thighs. I didn't even care by now if I had a hard-on, but Lonnie had his eyes closed anyway. I started pulling and stretching and pressing his skin together again. He just sighed and smiled. I made my way to his midsection, running my hands across his inflexible six-pack. It really was impressive, like those guys on the cover of the fitness magazines. I worried about Uncle Mike possibly walking in on us. What would any man think walking in on his teenage nephew giving his teenage son a nude, full-body massage? I worked my way around his crotch, trying to be careful not to rub against it, as much as I wanted to. I made my way down to his toes and back up again, and that's when he raised his hips to my touch and his flaccid penis began to stiffen.

"Shit happens, you know. He's gotta mind of his own," Lonnie said casually as we both stared at his growing member, which was now pointing up towards his navel. Lonnie took my hand and placed it on his hard meat. "I seen how you've been eyein'me up and down since you walked in that door," he said consciously. "It didn't freak me out or nothing. It was kinda like a compliment.." I froze like a statue. I was embarrassed that he knew all along I was looking at him, but relieved that all this tension was off my back. I felt like I was the one in need of a massage.

"Don't freak out, dude. I said it's cool. You gonna finish my rubdown or what?" I snapped out of it a little and began to laugh out loud. Lonnie started laughing too. I was more at ease and then playfully I pulled on his dick and let it go, his swollen phallus slapping against his stomach. Then we just looked at each other. It was a quiet, intense staring match. I just knew I wanted to touch him sexually. It was the weirdest thing. Gay incest? Then I took the plunge. After years of wondering what sex with another guy would be like, I was about to find out. I wrapped my hand around his rock-hard dick. I bent down over it, and with no more hesitation, I licked the head. It was warm and had a soft texture. I looked up at Lonnie. He just looked back at me and nodded his approval. I started slow, taking the head in my mouth and twirling my tongue around. I had no other experience (outside of watching porn) so I was trying to be slow and concentrate on not scratching him with my teeth. I started going further, sucking a little more and slowly pulling my jaws in. I did this for about 2 minutes then Lonnie raised me up, obviously aggravated.

"What the fuck, dude? You never sucked dick before, have you?" I felt a little hurt. I was pretty embarrassed anyway, then to have him get mad at me wasn't helping. But then I got clever and decided I could use his little remark to my advantage.

"Nope. Never have. Why don't YOU show me how it's done?" I said shrewdly. Lonnie gave me another devilish grin as he propped me up on the deck chair and knelt between my legs. He took my hardened shaft and laid the tip of it on his tongue and then moved his head forward, taking it in, and sliding his head backward. "This is incredible," I gasped. He released my dick from his mouth, smacking his lips.

Lonnie said in a soothing tone, "That's how you do it, man. Just suck it gently." He put his finger in my mouth, and it melted as I lightly sucked on it. "Yeah, like that. Just like that. C'mon, we'll go at it together." We were like two little kids playing; all of a sudden, we were in a 69 position---Lonnie on top, me on bottom, and I didn't go real slow this time. I just rocked my head back and forth, letting him pump his dick in my mouth. I did the same with his mouth, but since he was better at it than me, he was able to pretty much get my dick down his throat with only a slight gag. This was insane, but it was just like I thought my first time would be: slow, gentle and with someone I care about. Lonnie started driving his silky smooth dick down my parched throat harder, practically thrusting himself in my mouth. I obliged and widened my mouth to receive his thick sausage.

Like I thought before, the thicker, the harder to swallow, but Lonnie didn't seem to care. He kept pounding my mouth viciously until I had about ¾ of his tool down my throat. Not bad for a first timer, but I still would've like to have come up for air. Eventually my mouth stretched to the point where my jaws didn't ache, but my lips were gaping wide enough to accept the rest of his tool to the base with little pain. He literally stretched the corners of my mouth. This is a far cry from the person who used to attack me with water balloons in the middle of the night. He was a brawny, testosterone-charged sex-devil who was giving my body sensations that it lustfully craved. I decided to take him by surprise. I let his dick slip out of my mouth, and before he had a chance to bitch about what I'd done, I shoved my tongue deep into his moist ass crack. He began to whimper, which was muffled by the stiff dick lodged in his mouth. I ran my tongue up and down and around his musky and arousing asshole. He started wriggling his hips, letting me know how good it felt. He responded by tonguing my balls and running a long, thin finger around my anus. We got up on our knees and began caressing each other. It felt so real, so genuine. We just ran our hands all over each other's chest, back, arms and asses.

"It's good to see you again, John. I was hoping you wouldn't hate me forever for roughhousing with you before. You and me were always alike, rebellious little hell-raisers. I'm glad you're staying for the summer."

"Me, too," I replied as I leaned in to kiss him. His lips were smooth and soft, and he started sucking on my tongue as I fondled him like some Roman god. If only he really knew how much this was turning me on. Lonnie broke our kiss, spit a huge wad of saliva in his palm, and slowly began to open my waiting asshole with his agile fingers.

"Ever did it in a pool before?" he asked pointedly. I shook my head no, although I had always wanted to. We walked to the shallow end and slid in. Lonnie pulled my swimsuit off and his, throwing them both on the deck. He resumed playing with my dick, which still hadn't lost its erection. He turned around and leaned against the pool, his back towards me. He raised his leg up on the side of the pool and told me to fuck him. Whether it was his command or the cool water, chills ran through me as I waded towards him and grasped my hard-on in one hand and spread his butt cheeks with the other. It was kind of difficult pushing the head in, but his ass was still slick from the lotion I rubbed on him and after a minute or so I slid in with little resistance. He groaned quietly, slowly grinding his ass against my pelvis. I pumped my dick a little harder, holding his waist and steadying my legs. We ultimately made our way to the edge of the pool, where we climbed out and we continued our carnal pleasures, climaxing with a spastic orgasm. Shooting my hot seed in his clinching bowels, we both screamed out in blissful ecstasy.

"Oh, Johnny, that was great," Lonnie panted as my sperm began to ooze from his fleshy buns. Lonnie kneeled in front of me and licked the last few droplets of cum from my semi-hard cock. "Get on your back, cuz," he ordered. I laid on the deck, the Montana sun blazing in my face. Lonnie leaned over me, shielding the bright glare. He ran his tongue up and down my face, down my chest and around my nipples, until he reached my virgin ass. He nestled my buttocks in his hands as he spat a couple of large wads onto my tiny asshole. He rubbed his finger around my sphincter, and then invaded me with his index finger.

"Ow!" I cried out in pain.

Lonnie pulled it back. "The pain will go away easy. It just takes getting used to." I tried to relax the best I could. He stuck his finger in me again, and this time my ass muscles gripped it for all it was worth. "Yeah. That's how I want you to take this dick. Think ya can handle it?" He didn't let me answer. Lonnie immediately pulled his finger out and replaced it with his warm cockhead. He pressed against me gently, slipping each inch in until his furry balls were firm against my ass. Even more thrilling than the thought that my own cousin had his thick dick in my asshole was the thought that at any minute, his dad could walk in on us in the midst of our forbidden gratification. He began to slide in and out slowly.

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