tagErotic CouplingsLusty Flirt Chronicles Ch. 01

Lusty Flirt Chronicles Ch. 01


This one's for C133… you know who you are.


A year of non-innocent flirting has led me to this exact moment where I find myself alone in a dim room with the man that has so often appeared in my dreams. I don't love him. No, my feelings for him are strictly sexual. As I look into his desire filled eyes, a shiver goes through my body and straight to my core as attraction buzzes stronger than ever between us. Would the sex be as good as it was in my dreams? I wonder as he finally comes to a halt only inches away.

My eyes caress his body from his handsome brown skinned face, and across his toned chest covered in a striped button down shirt. I linger on his arms, which are thick and muscular, just how I like them. I continue on down his body to his jean clad legs, which I know are slightly bow-legged and makes his walk all the more sexy.

"I told you I always finish what I start."

His deep voice fills the space surrounding me, drawing my attention back up to his face. His eyes seem to devour me, taking in my cute face that's so intent on his own. His eyes drop down to my handful-sized breasts, past my tummy and onto my hips and thighs that curve around to a plump and juicy ass.

"What took you so long?" I ask, truly puzzled.

I've been giving him the eye ever since I met him a year ago on my first day at the job. We both work in the same department at our college, and for me it was lust at first sight. I shamelessly flirted with him every chance I got, and was delighted when my attentions were returned. It seemed as though he always found a way to touch me; even in passing he would let his hand trail lightly over my lower back, just across the top of my ass, sending shivers through me as he touched one of my most sensitive spots. Whenever I was in the same room with him, sexual attraction would sizzle between us, and at times I'd find myself rubbing my legs together to create a gentle friction on my clit while I gazed at him and imagined the things I'd do to him. At night I would dream of foreplay and the many sex positions he and I would try out. In my dreams I could see his dick in every vivid detail as if I'd already seen the real thing. After months of flirting and dreaming of him, it had become exciting and yet unbearable to be near him.

And now, he's standing right in front of me, with an unmistakable gleam in his eye. He and I were the only workers left to lock up for the night, and as we stood staring at each other in a dim classroom, my panties start to get wet. I marvel at the effect he has on me.

"Come here," he says.

I close the last few inches of space between us and look up slightly to keep my eyes locked with his. I can feel the sexual energy popping back and forth between us, drawing us together like magnets. He leans his head down and touches his lips to mine. We sizzle like grease in a frying pan, his lips soft and slim against my slightly plump ones. Coaxing my mouth open, he slides his tongue into my mouth to mate with mine. A soft moan escapes me at his sweet kiss, sweeter than I'd imagine it would be. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kiss him back deeply, all my pent up lust for him revealed in that one kiss. I feel his arms wrap around my middle, and his hands squeeze my ass, gently, and then with more pressure.

We stay locked in this passionate embrace making out, all sense of time lost to our lust filled minds, devouring each other as we'd wanted to do for so long. Finally we break apart, and we're both panting slightly for breath. I pull his head back down to nibble on his lips, as my hands come from around his neck to start unbuttoning his shirt. Running my tongue over his lips, I do the same with my hands over his chest, taking his shirt along as well. I push his shirt over and off his shoulders, running my hands down his strong arms, and back up again, watching goose bumps appear on skin I've just touched. I move my hands over his chest and tweak his small dark nipples, and I hear him groan low in his throat. Trailing my hands past his tight abs, I reach to unbutton his pants, and am pleasantly surprised when I pull out a thick and long rock-hard, pulsing brown tool. It was just as I had imagined it would be, and more juice dripped down to my panties as I thought of how it would feel inside me.

I swipe off a few drops of precum with my finger and bring it up to my mouth. His taste is salty sweet, and unconsciously licking my lips, I drop down to my knees and take the head in my mouth. I hear him let his breath out slowly as my warm, moist mouth starts to move up and down the shaft, my tongue working the head as it passes my lips. Bending a little, I take his balls into my mouth, gently caressing and massaging them with my tongue. Moving back up I suction my lips on the shaft and make my way back up to the head. Taking the head in my mouth, I take in as much of his nine inches as I can, feeling him touch the back of my mouth. Easing him back out, my pace starts to quicken, and soon I'm deep throating him, my nose pressing against his pubic hair with every thrust. More precum seeps out the tip, and I savor the taste. Unable to help himself, he grabs my head and starts to fuck my mouth, and pushing his pants all the way down to his feet, I grab his ass with one hand to push him deeper into my mouth. I wiggle my other hand into my pants and start to flick my clit back and forth, moaning around his cock deep in my throat as an orgasm starts to build within me.

"No," he says, plopping himself out of my mouth, and reaching down to grab my hand from out of my pants. "I want you to cum on my dick."

Gasping, I watch with eyes glazed over with desire as he pulls me to my feet, and stepping out of his pants and shoes, leads me over to a long, wide desk. I shove my shoes off my feet as I look at him. His body is magnificent in his naked splendor, his pole standing at attention with arousal. Laying me down, he kneels between my legs and unbuttons and removes my blouse. He then unbuttons my pants, and lifting my legs up to his shoulders, slides my pants and panties off and throws them on the floor. Laying over me, I feel his cool skin press against my hot skin, the feeing similar to having a fever.

He kisses me deeply again, our tongues playing together. He moves down my neck, trailing kisses to my breasts. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he manipulates the other with his hand, squeezing and pulling until it's hard and begging to be sucked. He then moves his mouth to it, biting it, while the other nipple dries quickly through his fingers. Trailing his hand down my side, he puts it to my pussy, and groans when he feels how wet I am for him. He rotates his finger around and around my clit, making me squirm and moan underneath him, while he continues sucking my nipples. Slipping a finger inside me, he presses the heel of his hand against my clit, and begins to grind my clit while fucking me with one, and then two fingers. His fingers splash as they're moving in and out, and my hips are thrusting up to meet his fingers. Just as I start purring low in my throat and begin thrusting faster, he snatches his hand away.

"No! Don't stop…" I start to plead for his magic hand.

"Nope! I told you, on my dick."

"Then fuck me please! I want to cum all over your dick, I need to cum!"

"You will, don't worry," he reassures me.

Lowering his head back to my breasts, he starts to lick and suck them again, molding them with his hands. The orgasm that had been building was subsiding slowly, replaced by a pleasant throb as he lathered my breasts with his tongue. Making his way down my body again, he trails kisses all the way to my pussy. Spreading it with his fingers, his tongue snakes in for a quick taste.

"Mmm, I should have known you'd be sweet," his warm breath breezes against my clit.

Sucking my clit into his mouth, he pushes the hood back with his lips and his tongue slowly rubs the most sensitive part.

"Aaahhhh!!!" I half scream, the exquisite pleasure making my hips buck wildly off the table.

He starts sucking my clit in and out of his mouth, the pleasure making it grow to twice its size. Circling around my clit, he starts to tease me, and unable to stand it, I grab his head and push my pussy into his face. Taking my clit back in his mouth he sucks on it gently, raising my ecstasy with each suck. When I start to tense, my thighs starting to tremble around his head, he stops and sneaks his tongue down and into my sopping wet slit, tongue fucking me. Groaning with frustration, I beg him to fuck me.

"Please, I can't take it anymore! Fuck me!"

Before I could realize his intention, he sits up, and grabbing my hips, thrusts his whole length into me swiftly. I start to cum, the pleasure of that first entry combining with his earlier attentions on my pussy.

"Yessss…" I squeal, as pleasure explodes through me, making my whole body quake.

As my orgasm begins to subside, he starts to move in me slowly, fanning the flames of my desire again. Moaning, I start to move with him as he fucks me steadily, with long, hard strokes in and out my wet snatch. Leaning down, he kisses me passionately, his tongue moving in and out of my mouth the same way his cock is moving in and out of me. His hands are gripping my hips harder, his fingers digging into my soft flesh as he pounds into me.

He lifts my hips a little higher onto his thighs, and his cock moves inside me, hitting my spot. My legs start to tremble around his waist, as his long, hard thrusts draw me closer to another orgasm. Looking up into his eyes, he stares back at me intently, flicking a finger over my clit once. Gasping, I wait for his finger to swoop down again, but it doesn't. Drawing my hand down, I reach for my clit, only to have him push my hand away. He flicks my clit again, just one hard flick. Sucking in my breath at the intensity of pleasure his continued thrusting and tortuous finger are creating within me, I continue to stare at him, waiting for the next flick.

Minutes tick past, and not another flick. I try a couple times to reach my clit, but he continues to push my hand away. His thrusting is making me wild, and I'm bucking my hips at him hard, moaning, taking his whole length in me. I can feel the head push against my cervix with every thrust. I am so primed for the next flick across my clit, that when it finally comes I immediately start to cum again.

"Oh my God!" I pant.

His cock makes loud slurping sounds as my juices flood it, and run down my swollen lips and to my ass, and I could feel it dripping off onto the table. His gaze is still locked with mine, his steady thrusting in my clutching puss now becoming a torture-pleasure.

As the intensity of my orgasm finally subsides, he tells me to turn around and get on my knees in front of him, placing us both on our knees with his chest to my back. With his hand on my back, he gently pushes me forward a little, and then spreading my ass cheeks, guides his slick cock back into me. When he's fully imbedded within my hole, he grabs my shoulders, and pumps me back onto his dick, making me squirm with pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes… fuck me!" I yell, each word punctuated by a thrust.

Taking a firm hold of my breasts, he pulls me back against his hard chest, and begins to whisper softly in my ear.

"You love this dick, don't you? Tell me how you want me to fuck you. Tell me!"

"I want you to fuck me harder," I pant back. "I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum again."

He immediately picks up his pace, ramming his engorged dick into me hard, over and over.

"Cum for me baby." He whispers softly.

My body begins to tense again at his words, and his thrusts become hard, quick jabs in and out, in and out. I can feel his dick swell a bit more within me, and it pushes me over the edge. I don't think my pussy could get any wetter, but it does. Shivering, I moan out my pleasure as he thrusts hard into me one last time, erupting within me. My pussy muscles grab at him, draining the cum from his dick as it twitches within me.

After both our orgasms subside, he thrusts in me one last time before pulling out his quickly deflating rod. Turning, I bend over and take him in my mouth, cleaning our juices from him slowly. I run my tongue around the head slowly, lapping up the last few drops of juice leaking out. Putting my lips directly on the shaft, I run my mouth up and down, and then all around, cleaning him thoroughly. The taste of his essence mixed with my own arouses my taste buds, and it makes me want him to fuck me one more time. I start to suck more eagerly now, and am rewarded when he starts getting hard again.

"You want some more?" he asks, with a smirk on his face.

"Yes!! I love the way you fuck my pussy. It was better than my wildest dreams!" I respond.

He turns on the desk, so that his legs are over the side of the desk, almost touching the floor. Without him having to tell me to, I get on top of him, sliding onto his dick while he guides himself into me. With my arms wrapped around his neck, and my legs crossed around his back, I settle in for the ride. He grabs my hips, and begins to move me back and forth, up and down, this way and that on top of him. I lean back a little to let him suck on my breasts, getting excited by the erotic picture we present: me wrapped around one of my wildest fantasies, and we're fucking each others brains out.

Guiding me up and down with more urgency, I feel myself approaching orgasm again. Leaving me to continue fucking him, he starts to play with my clit, rubbing it hard against me, flicking it back and forth, pinching it.

"I'm gonna cum again!!" I whisper.

"Cum on then! Cum on me one last time sweetness," he says.

Throwing my head back, I give up to the release that's ripping through me, savoring the feel of him fucking me with increasing ardor. Grunting, he starts spilling his seed within me again, and I grind my hips onto him while he cums, making him suck his breath in sharply at the near-pain orgasmic pleasure.

Climbing off of him, I clean his cock off again with my lips, not surprised when I feel it stir again. When I'm done, I stand up and kiss him deeply. Pulling my clothes on, I look over at him.

"Thank you for making my dream cum true," I tell him. "You were well worth the wait, sexy."

With that I walk out the door, both his pleasure and mine running down my thighs, remembering the smirk on his face and knowing that the same was pasted on mine.


Stay tuned for the next installment of the Lusty Flirt Chronicles.

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