tagMatureLusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 06

Lusty Lord Millhaven Ch. 06


Lord Anthony Millhaven of Beechwood leaned indolently against the door jamb of the rear saloon at Lacy Eliza's mansion watching as the Lady 'M' nervously sipped at a clear alcoholic beverage – gin he guessed, her agitation obvious as she squirmed on the over stuffed printed fabric sofa. She stared straight ahead completely lost in her thoughts and Tony took advantage to peruse her closely. Unlike the austerely beautiful Duchess 'D' and the strangely attractive Mrs. Phillips, Lady 'M' – Matilda was everybody's picture of a favourite aunt and a country one at that. She had close cropped curly silver hair, pinkish cheeks and was dressed in a floral dress more suited to gardening than a social evening. Nonetheless, she filled it out quite well. While her age was indeterminate – somewhere in her fifties he guessed, she had retained quite a curvaceous figure being broad of hip, narrow of waist and expansive of breast. From his ninety degree angle from her, her titties stuck out from her chest a good six to eight inches in some sort of holder that was well packed.

He recalled that she had confided to her good friend Eliza that she was desperate to suck a man's cock having not had the pleasure for many years. She had blushingly confessed to having become addicted as a young girl at the instruction of her music teacher. Later, as a young bride, her new husband had been absolutely horrified when she raised his night shirt on their wedding night and the ensuing lecture on the proprieties of married life had ensured the next eight years and four children quenched any such desire to gaze upon his privates, let alone suck the spunk from him. Monthly visits in the dark, over and done with rapidly, left her with nothing more than the joy of parenthood. The children had flown the nest and the husband had died with little sorrow from her. Now it was her turn. She had hired several young good looking men with bulging breeches as footmen but had not yet confronted them with her need, that of sucking cock.

What Lady Eliza had told her about the Lord of Beechwood had stunned her.

He was such a roué.

He had a penchant for older women.

He adored large breasts.

He had sired a number of children both in town and at Beechwood.

He had impregnated Eliza's daughter.

He was devilishly handsome and he had that look; I have a cock and I know how to use it.

He had devastated her this afternoon – so debonair, so tall dark and strong, such a huge bulge in breeches clearly cut to show his attributes – a big cock and plenty of balls laden with sperm. She licked the gin off her full rosy lips and imagined what it would be like to worship at the mount of priapus.

Suddenly she noticed a pair of elegant feet in front of her. She gasped and slowly raised her eyes, noting the bathrobe parted at the muscular chest, to the handsome visage of the Lord of Beechwood. His eyes sparkled with amusement as he saw her trembling hands.

"My Lord, I did not hear you enter." Matilda rose to curtsey but was stayed by a hand on her shoulder.

"Perhaps you were day dreaming about this!" Tony pronounced pulling his bathrobe aside.

Rapidly her eyes darted down the length of his body and fastened on his noble cock. It dangled from a dark curly nest some six inches or so to an inch below his hairy cum laden balls. She took no notice of the dried evidence of his previous encounter but stared fascinated at the perfect specimen in front of her. The trunk was broad and the foreskin had been removed unlike her music teacher of old, the only other penis she had ever seen. The great purple head hung low and had a collar of dried whitish substance.

Matilda, awed, whispered without looking up. "May I my Lord?"

"Suck, my dear, suck and enjoy."

The glass of gin had dropped to the floor the minute she had noticed him and now she reached out for his magnificent prick, the sheer beauty of which had left her strangely dry mouthed. One hand cupped his heavy balls while the other gently lifted his prick towards her mouth. Tentatively her tongue gathered saliva and slithered out to lave the inverted V below the helmet and was rewarded with an indrawn breath and an almost imperceptible lengthening of his prodigious shaft. Her music teacher had been right about that being the sensitive part of a cock. She knew that the hours of practice with him would now pay off and, with the use of instinct and training she would tame this beast before her.

With infinite care, she began using her tongue to clean his cock of the exudation of he and the others he had been with and she found their leavings quite tasty. She left no part of his staff untouched and then lifted it to suck the stiffened juice from his hairy ballocks right round to his perineum until, having sucked and licked him clean, she plunged her hot mouth over his spit shiny cock head. Matilda let it rest upon her tongue as she savoured the unique feel of a cock in her mouth once more. Slowly, the head began to expand and the staff to lengthen in her hand. Her other hand lovingly cupped his balls and felt the stones within get hotter and hotter. She began to suck, and lave, and suck and squeeze and the lessons of youth returned unbidden. She had not lost her touch. She now had a rigid throbbing prick projecting from her mouth and she dropped her hand to assist the other in delicately massaging his nuts.

Suddenly, she felt his hands upon the side of her head and looked up in alarm. Had she done something wrong, missed a step of the process, clutched his stones too harshly, what?

"You are doing exceedingly well my dear. However, I find the stimulus of dandling a pair of bosoms while being sucked to be especially pleasant."

Her mouth fell of his prick in shock. "But, but nobody has ever, er, ever....."

"Played with your titties? Caressed and pinched your sensitive nipples? Never been sucked, even by your babes? Never been seen by a man, not even your music teacher who was only interested in your mouth? Well? No need to answer madam, your shocked response says it all. Allow me to ease this awful dress from your shoulders. Ah, and what is this, pray tell. One of those dreadful French bustieres I suspect. Off with that.....ah yes, a magnificent set of tits and barely used. Just how I like 'em, madam, heavy and fleshy, and marbled with the blue veins of motherhood." Matilda was looking down as if she had never seen her own breasts before and absently rubbing Lord Anthony's cock over her downy cheek. "And what's this, my dear? "A pair of splendid nipples of the rosiest hue. Indeed madam you are blessed with a fine set of prick huggers and in just a few moments after you have sufficiently anointed our fine friend, I will show you the joys of tittie fucking. Suck, dear Matilda, suck, and make sure you put plenty of juice upon my boy, he still has some way to travel tonight and I can ill afford to have him misused."

Stunned, Matilda bent to her task, ensuring that she drooled saliva all over his throbbing shaft. Lord Anthony had taken up the weight of her extremely ample breasts and was weighing them while caressing them from chest to nipple where he paused to pinch and twist before repeating the process. Her nipples became engorged like never before. As well, her cunny seemed to be leaking into her under clothes, and for a horrified moment she thought that she had piddled herself. Then she remembered what Eliza had told her. She was juicing up in preparation for the age old entry of penis largis. Strange that it had never happened to her before. Somewhat distracted, Matilda replaced the gorgeous prick in her mouth and began to worship. Somehow the increased cadence of his hands upon her breasts encouraged her to speed up the rhythm of her sucking. She became determined to draw his man juice from him.

"Kneel upon the sofa, Tilda, and offer your titties to me. I told you I would tittie fuck you and you will obey." Grudgingly Matilda worked her way to her knees without her hand leaving his prick. Gently she placed it upright between the snowy globes now mottled with desire and with his hands guiding her, gripped the outsides of her heaving bosoms and sandwiched his incredibly hot prick within. "Work those lovelies up and down, and as the knob comes free, give him a lovely suck, there's a good girl. My gosh Tilda, you're doing that exceedingly well.....takes some of my girls ages to learn to do that properly but you are an absolute natural at it."

Matilda was becoming hot and flustered as she massaged the throbbing hot prick with her magnificent mammaries, the nipples of which were being aroused by rasping upon the hair of his sculpted belly. Her viscous juices were running freely down the insides of her legs and a sizeable puddle had pooled on the sofa.

She was astounded! Lord Tony had not cum! Her music teacher had rarely lasted a couple of minutes after he had finally achieved full erection and then had pulled aside and dribbled into a ready handkerchief. Her husband had barely achieved erection at all before depositing his scant offering barely within the opening of her cunny. It had been amazing to her that she had conceived at all and not the four times that had borne children.

She looked up and was amazed to discover that Lord Anthony was smiling at her extremely indulgently. "I know madam; you are wondering when I will loose my seed. Sucking and tittie fucking are all very well but I thoroughly enjoy the main event, especially in a pussy new to my stalwart prince. However, I do promise to unload in your lovely mouth so that you may taste the results of your efforts! Now stand up on the sofa and allow me to divest you of this unnecessary and quite awful dress. Good grief madam, you have on pantaloons if I am not mistaken. That is better, is it not? Now then what have we here? I do believe this is a true hour glass figure – magnificent pair of thrusters, trim waist, lovely child bearing hips and under this wisp of silvery hair, a pair of pouting pussey lips as well as unmarked thighs and quite the loveliest calves I have yet had the pleasure of viewing. You are quite remarkable, my dear, and I envy those three young studs you have waiting at your residence. Don't gasp, my dear, I know all about them. In fact, I sent my housekeeper, Mrs. Forsythe over to instruct them on the finer points of pleasing older, more discerning ladies, and I am pleased to say, gave them all glowing references. You are about to become a very happy and satisfied lady. What do you say, hmmmn?"

Matilda, quite stunned sunk to her knees on the sofa, and came face to face with his lordship's sceptre. She gripped it firmly and planting a kiss upon its rosy cheek, looked up at the amused Lord of Beechwood. "My gratitude is without bounds, Tony and I have no idea how I can ever repay you. Ask anything of me and it is yours without question."

"I will think upon it Lady 'M' but in the mean time, on your back, ankles over my shoulders, that's it, now..."

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