tagFirst TimeLusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 01

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 01


Once upon a time there lived in a tiny village a pretty young woman whom everyone adored—well, everyone except the girl's mother. Delores harbored great resentment towards Red, blaming the girl for the way her life had turned out. After all, she'd had a great relationship with her boyfriend until he found out she was pregnant. And then on the day the little red-haired bundle popped out of her belly, that no-good-bum (and Red's father) left her for her younger sister.

For eighteen years Delores watched her daughter grow from a sweet little freckled redhead girl into a stunning siren. She hated the male attention her daughter received and hated even more her daughter's beauty. Jealousy burned within her just at the mere thought of her, and on more than one occasion she'd thought about ways of getting the girl out of her life.

One day, Red's mother had sent the girl away to pick berries in the woods and then she'd lured a local stable hand into her bed to enjoy an extremely rare fuck session (the men all wanted Red, not her). For the first time in almost a year, she was getting a rough fuck and thoroughly enjoying it—that is until the younger man cried out Red's name as he cummed inside her. Boiling livid at the little fucker and at her daughter, she kicked the man out of her bed and conspired to get rid of her competition—daughter, rather—once and for all.

She contacted the one solution to her problem; the village pervert and black sheep, or Mr. Wolf as he preferred to be called.

The smelly beast was a village outcast due to tales of his sexual and homicidal appetite. The older woman knew he lusted after her daughter—most of the men in the village did, in fact. So she made him a deal; she'd hand Red to him to do with as he pleased, but after he was done with her he'd have to eat her. The wolfman was more than amenable to the plan and began to conspire with the woman to set a trap for that delectable morsel of tender virgin flesh.

Red's mother wanted the young woman to visit grandma's house since the poor old lady wasn't feeling well. Or at least, that was the excuse. Then she told her daughter to take a new route (one that was wild and unprotected) as there was, she lied, a wild dog roaming the popular paths around the local woods.

After loading her daughter with a basket of goodies, an innocent and trusting Red waved goodbye and made her way out of the village, completely unaware of what lay in store for her.

Red flicked back her flaming red hair and breathed in the warm, fresh air as she entered the thick woods. Little sunlight was coming through and Red felt as if she were the only person in the world. A strange sense of naughtiness overcame her at the thought, and when she was far enough away from her house she decided to slip out of her clothes and make her way through the deserted forest completely naked except for her little red hooded cape to cover her birthday suit. She giggled at her audacity, loving the temporary freedom she felt at thwarting her mama's strict upbringing. With a smile on her ruby lips, Red enjoyed the warm breeze on her smooth, pale skin, which tightened her nipples into pebbles and tickled her clit. Ahh, such lovely freedom!

She was walking through the dark forest, carrying her hamper laden with goodies on her way to grandma's house, whistling a happy tune as she went, completely oblivious to any impending danger.

It was on a particularly dark wooded trail that she got the fight of her life when a strange character, the biggest and hairiest man she'd ever seen, jumped out at her from behind a tree.

"Where are you off to, little lady?" he asked, licking his lips hungrily as his eyes traveled along the whole length of Red's naked body.

This big hairy animal frightened her, but she played it cool and said to the big bad wolf, "I'm going to my grandma's house. She's not well."

The wolf was salivating as he watched her nubile naked body barely concealed by the short red cape. He snickered when he saw her attempt to cover up her nakedness unsuccessfully with the basket she carried. "I'm not well either. Can you make me feel better?" His furry paw snuck into the folds of her cape and massaged her ample tit, making Red shiver unexpectedly with forbidden pleasure.

She didn't dare move as the wolfman's sharp nails nicked at her flesh. "Where does it hurt?" asked innocently the kind-hearted Red, feeling the craziest stirrings deep within her body as the wolfman continued to massage her heavy titties.

He pulled the drawstring on his old pants and they fell to the ground around his ankles. Suddenly a thick fleshy vein-covered shaft popped up, protruding from Mr. Wolf's hairy belly. "My cock has an ache that only your sweet little mouth can make go away."

"Oh, no," she cried out with fright as the wolf's claws bit into her skin. "You can't mean that, Mr. Wolf. That's disgusting!"

The wolfman growled, bringing his face close to hers so that she could feel his anger and smell his bad breath. "Make me feel better, little girl, or I'll eat you up!" he growled the threat.

She had no choice. The wolfman stood before her, his gigantic cock waving obscenely back and forth, solid and thick and throbbing in anticipation of her lips around it. Slowly, Red knelt down in front of him, unaware that they had an audience. The woodcutters who had been busy chopping down trees in the distance had heard the commotion and come to investigate. But now they watched from behind some bushes, torn between helping her and watching what was about to happen.

Innocent little Red took the fleshy cock in her hand, feeling its heat throbbing wildly. As frightened as she was, Red couldn't deny a strange fascination for what she was grasping. And to make matters worse, she felt her secret womanly treasure begin to water and throb until she ached for something she couldn't even begin to understand.

"What are you waiting for, you little bitch? Lick it! Make me feel better."

She gulped, horrified at what she was about to do. It smelled funny and it was so huge. She wasn't thrilled about obeying this monster, but her life depended on it. With a grimace of distaste, Red closed her eyes and lowered her head to the pulsating cock and began tentatively to take the wolfman's huge cockhead into her tiny mouth. She flicked her tongue against it, pretending that it was a huge strawberry flavored lollipop that she was licking.

Strange guttural grunts and moans were coming from the wolfman. Innocent Red could only assume that he was enjoying what she was doing to him.

"Hmmmmm, that's nice. Now suck on it like a good girl or I'll eat you," he threatened her again for effect.

What choice did little Red have? She began sucking on the fleshy knob as if her life depended on it—and it did! Except that now those strange, unwanted sensation were beginning to whirl inside Red's body with much more force than before.

As for the woodcutters, lust won over and eight veiny peckers came out of dirty pants. They began jacking off, lasciviously watching the scene unfold.

Red was doing her damndest to get as much of the wolf's cock into her mouth as she could, but he was soooo big. At first she sucked and sucked on the tip, her small hands playing with the shaft. But then Mr. Wolf got impatient and forced his meat down her throat, growling in pain, she assumed. Then he began pumping her young throat, over and over as she kept her hands around his cock for leverage, struggling to breathe. "Let my cock into your throat, little girl. Ahhhhhh, that's it, open up for me..."

And then when she thought she'd suffocate, her mouth stuffed with slimy cock meat, he exploded into her mouth, tons of milky goo spewing its way down her throat and into her belly. And still he kept pumping her mouth until he had emptied his seed completely into her.

"Thank you, Red. That did the trick!" the wolfman said, pulling himself out of her mouth, satisfied...for the time being. "Now lick it clean with your tongue."

Leaving her little option, Red took the slimy cum smeared cock and ran her tongue along the whole length over and over, swallowing up all the excess cream...and there was lots of it!

"How is that?" Red finally asked, still a little frightened of the wolf.

"You're a good girl." His paw went to her pussy and he felt just how ready her tight little cunt was for his thick meat. 'Let me fuck you, little Red Riding Hood,' the wolf said, surprising her by the request.

"No, oh no, Mr. Wolf," she whimpered, knocking his hairy paw from her shaved pussy. "Mama would kill me!"

He laughed without an ounce of humor. "But you know you want it, Little Red Riding Hood. Your pussy's wet and hot for me. Don't deny it.'

"No, Mr. Wolf. I'm a good girl. I'm saving myself for someone special."

"Don't you think I'm special? You'll never come across someone like me!"

Red shook her head and remained adamant.

The wolf didn't pursue the topic. In the distance, the woodsmen were quite disappointed that the wolfman didn't just throw the girl down on the ground and pound the shit out of her. Nonetheless, they just carried on jacking off with lust in their eyes and sinful thoughts in their minds as they watched Red.

"What's in there?" the wolfman suddenly asked, nodding to the basket.

"Goodies. It'll make grandma feel better."

The wolf eyed her with lust, salivating heavily at the mouth, his enormous cock standing at attention. He was ready for her, he had to have her.

It was hard for Red to concentrate on their conversation with such a...deliciously monstrous cock straining towards her, almost beckoning her back for more. That thing had been in her mouth and it tasted...wonderful. But did he actually want to put that monster into her tiny, virgin pussy hole? Oh, my! Red had to fight the impulse to bend down again and take it into her mouth—and she had to fight the even greater impulse to lie down and spread her legs apart so that juicy cockmeat could slide into her tight, resisting, juicy pussy. She knew what it was for—she'd watched her mama being pleasured by a couple of men before. Would it be so bad to experience that same pleasure with this beastly man?

She gasped with shock at her filthy thoughts—

"Run along, then. But we'll meet again, little girl," the wolf purred his threat, ready to bide his time for now.

The naked Little Red Riding Hood, horrified at her close call, ran away from him as if the hounds of hell were after her. But even as frightened as she was, she felt her tender young pussy gushing at the encounter as she thought of the huge size of his...thingy. Some of her mysterious warm juice slid down along the inside of her legs as that image remained ingrained in her mind.

And so she continued to grandma's house with the taste of that beast still in her mouth and the image of him still in her mind.

To be continued...

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