tagIncest/TabooLusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 03

Lusty Red Riding Hood Ch. 03


With a contented sigh, Red sank back onto the bed and spread herself in invitation to the men to put their mouths on her; and they did. They climbed on the bed and proceeded to lick her from head to toe, each tongue making a few passes along her wet pussy, suckling on her hard nipples and even sucking on her toes. She was soooo in heaven!

Through it all, Mr. Wolf watched both mother and daughter. Yup, the old bitch would have to get punished for her failed evil plot to do away with her daughter. Except that it was a little hard to concentrate on punishment when Red was moaning and groaning in ecstasy as those barbarian woodsmen devoured her pink silken flesh like a king's feast. His dick got even harder (if that were possible!) at the thought of those men fucking the girl's brains out.

Delores was suffering from similar torturous thoughts—except that she wished it were the eight woodsmen who were licking and fucking her right now.

Red knew how she intended to punish her mother, while getting her own physical satisfaction. She got on her hands and knees atop the bed, at an angle that afforded her mother the best possible view. She looked up at the woodsmen, who were all valiantly trying to control their sexual impulses, and smiled tantalizingly at them all. "I want all your cocks inside my pussy. And I want all your cum." She spread her legs a fraction in silent invitation, and that's all the men needed.

The eight woodsmen lined up, almost panting to get their meat inside her. The first lucky bastard was on top of the bed and between her spread pussy lips before Red could even exhale. The large cock slid in with little resistance and began to pound at the clean tender pussy doggy style.

Red grunted at the pleasure of deep, hard thrusts of the stranger inside her. Still on her hands and knees and unable to even see who was having a go at her, she closed her eyes and let pleasure take over. Curiosity prompted her to look over to her mother once in a while, and sure enough the older woman seemed on the verge of exploding.

"Oh, mama, wouldn't you like this jackhammer in your pussy?" Red cried out, groaning as the man sped up his tempo. "It feels soooo good! And he's so big! Cum in me, you fucker!" And without ado, that's exactly what he did. He finally pulled out of her cum-filled pussy, and his cock was replaced with the next one. Thanks to Mr. Wolf, Red's orifices were nicely stretched to accommodate them all rather quite easily.

Red tried to control herself from cumming too soon and concentrated on getting the max amount of pleasure for as long as she could. But it wasn't easy, with another meaty cock pounding her soggy cunt and spilling his abundant white seed deep inside her to mingle with the other woodcutter's. And then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh cock pummeled her expanding, sensitive pussy, spilling all their cum into her. And then each softening prick then went into her mouth for a quick clean up.

By now she'd had multiple orgasms on the cocks inside her. She felt tired and sore, but ohhhhh so satisfied. And seeing her mother's pained expression and agitated movements, heavy breathing and trembling body made it all worth while for the young woman.

Mr. Wolf watched the lovely Red, who only a few hours ago had been a virgin and who was now a cockslut. He was hard and hot. But he had to think about the punishment first. Red, spread-eagled with globs and globs of seamen pouring out of her over-stretched cunt, gave him an idea. Untying the old woman, he had two men restrain her and bring her to the bed to lie on her stomach between Red's legs.

"What are you doing, you fuckers?!" the woman raged, seeing and smelling her daughter's musky sex only inches away.

He wanted to humiliate this crotchety woman, teach her a lesson. "Clean your daughter's pussy."

Delores was disgusted by the prospect. "Never!"

Mr. Wolf only laughed and picked up a leather belt that had landed on the floor by the bed. Her ample backside was open to him and with a mighty swing, he smacked the woman on the ass, leaving a red welt in the pale skin. She yelped in pain, tears coming to her eyes just before she let out a long string of curses and foul language directed at them all. And then Mr. Wolf brought the belt down once more, and that seemed to shut her up—temporarily, at least.

"I won't repeat myself. Eat her pussy and be thorough about it," he ordered. And so, with the threat of a belt beating looming over her, Delores closed her eyes and wrinkled her nose in disgust as she lowered her head between her daughter's legs. Her tongue darted out and she tasted seamen, soooo much of it. It was really rather disgusting! She tried to pull away but then the belt came down again, leaving her with a stinging ass.

"Eat her pussy. Suck all that cum out of her!" And then another smack, and another. Delores cried out with each stinging blow but forced herself to bury her face in her daughter's smelly pussy to lap at all the woodsmen cock juice still inside her. With each blow of the belt and with each lick and slurp of the pussy, Delores felt excited and so wet in her own pussy that her cum began spilling out from between her puffy lips and down along the inside of her legs.

Red was hot and quivery at the feel of her mother's tongue in her twat, licking, lapping and thrusting that pointed tongue to get as much of the men's cum out as she could. Never had a woman's tongue explored her—or even a man's tongue up until that very day. And now her mother was paying the price by pleasuring the very person she'd wanted to have murdered.

Wolfy noticed Delores' desperate need for sexual release and got a kick out of it. He was soooo horny that he was going to explode soon. But he wanted to do it in someone. Yanking Delores by the hair, he thrust her away so that his bouncing rod rammed into Red's cunt. With a few thrusts, he was lubricated with cum. He pulled out and flung Red over onto her stomach. She was too exhausted to do anything but spread her legs open for him. And then he shoved his cock into her again, but this time straight into her ass! He fucked her tight sphincter hard, grunting with each thrust into her. And then he was cumming deep into her bowels, yelling out his pleasure.

He finally pulled out, but he wasn't completely sated yet. And his dick was still hard enough for more action. Turning to Delores, he said, "What would you do to have my cock?"

Watching and not experiencing all this sex had Delores so horny that she was going out of her mind. "Anything," she cried out, forgetting her pride. "I need it so badly! Please, please, please fuck me with your gloriously slimy cock!"

Red watched the interplay with satisfaction, watching her mother being humbled like this. She watched as Wolfy came up to her mother, but instead of fucking her, he thrust his ass-fucked cock into the woman's mouth, almost gagging her at the unexpectedness of the action.

Delores nearly wretched when her mouth closed over the ass-slimed cock, but Mr. Wolf was forcing it down her throat and she couldn't do anything but relax her throat muscles and let him enter. "Clean it, bitch! Make it shiny and clean with your tongue."

So when he finally pulled out, she was forced to lick along the whole dirty shaft, going down to his ultra hairy balls (he wasn't called Mr. Wolf for nothin'!) and licked at them. "Suck on them, slut, put them in your mouth and make me cum!" And that's exactly what she did. As big and as hairy as they were, she worked her mouth on them, hoping and praying that if she satisfied him like this, he'd take pity on her and shove that thick cock in her cunt, and maybe the rest of those woodsmen could also have a piece of her! She caught a glance of them, watching and jacking off to the sight of her pleasuring the wolfman's large member with her mouth and hands.

Mr. Wolf was on the verge of cumming again, but he had no intention of giving this slut any pleasure at the moment. Instead, he shoved his cock back into her mouth and fucked her throat roughly, his only intent being to cum.

Resting yet getting hornier by the minute, young Red watched, only inches away from her mother and Wolfy, to see the older woman gulping down a huge load of the wolfman's cum. He wouldn't let up until he'd emptied his full load into her belly. Red saw white seamen spill out of the corners of her mama's cock-stuffed mouth.

Finally, the wolf was temporarily sated. He pulled out of Delores' mouth and flung her back on the bed in disgust. "What do you say for that, bitch?"

Delores felt disoriented and still quite unsatisfied, but she had to play along for the greater reward, because there surely must be a greater reward. "Thank you for the gift of your cock's seaman. It was delicious," she said, smacking her lips together and her tongue darting out to the corner of her mouth to catch some extra cum. Then she lay back on the bed and spread her legs for him. A waft of her musky odor flew out at Red and Wolfy, who were both on the other end of the bed. "Please honor my pussy with the same gift. I need to feel your huge cock stretching my little pussy, Mr. Wolf. Please," she begged.

The wolfman and Red only laughed. "You don't deserve my gift. But your sweet daughter does!" He still had life in his rod and to prove it, he climbed between Red's legs and thrust back into her pussy, laughing when he heard Delores' cry of outrage. She was about to lunge for the fornicating couple in her rage, but three of the woodsmen stopped her, forcing her to watch her hated daughter getting fucked by the cock she wanted.

"Oh, mama, he feels so good inside me! Oh, my pussy's milking him! Ohhhh, fuck me hard, Wolfy, that's it! Make me cum hard! Fuck me, fuck me!!!"

But the wolfman wanted to try something different. He motioned one of the woodcutters to climb up on the bed. Then he lifted Red up so that she was riding him. And then from behind came the woodcutter's cock, which thrust up her stretched ass, filling her up completely. She cried out in complete ecstasy with two cocks going inside her.

And Delores was livid and jealous! But what was worse was that the fucking didn't stop after a few minutes. When the woodcutter cummed into Red's ass with a cry of joy, the next woodcutter took his place while Wolf's insatiable cock continued its leisurely thrusts into Red's pussy canal. And then once he'd cummed, the next guy replaced him in Red's ass, and so on and so on. But Delores' humiliation continued when each woodcutter, after being satisfied by the girl's ass, would come up to Delores and expect her to clean their cum-slimed peckers with her mouth. And she did, because she had no choice, performing the chore to her daughter's high pitched squeals of pleasure and abandonment.

When it was all over, Red lay slumped on the bed, cum pouring out of both widely stretched holes. She was tired and sore all over, but ohhh so happy and satisfied. And by the look of frustration on her mama's face, their revenge had worked. But as she was soon to find out, it wasn't over just yet.

Mr. Wolf ordered the woodcutters to taking the naked kicking and screaming Delores outside into the woods. Wolfman picked Red up in his arms, cradling her soft body against the rough hairiness of his body and followed the men outside.

The woodcutters threw Delores down on the ground and all eight cocks went for her. Any hole and crevice they could find, they invaded it, stuffing her so full of man meat that she was on top of the world. Cock after cock fucked her mouth, ass and pussy, over and over until she was vibrating with orgasm after orgasm, her own clear cum mingling with the globs and globs of the woodsmen. And then when she lay on the grass, covered with cum and sated like never before, the wolfman gave his final order.

Suddenly, hot yellow jets of liquid flew at her writhing body, hitting her face, tits and expanded pussy. She opened her cum-encrusted eye lids to see all eight men and the wolfman standing over her, pissing all over her. She should have said something, protested, but she was too weak. Besides, the hot piss felt nice against her body. She even opened her mouth, inviting someone to piss inside. And then she felt and tasted a huge piss gusher, almost gagging her at the amount that hit her throat. Opening her eyes, she saw her daughter squatting over her mouth and pissing into her mouth.

When everyone was empty of bodily liquids, they all went back into grandma's cottage, locking the door behind them. Delores lay in the woods, naked and filthy, the southerly wind reminding her that she was covered with cum and piss. She'd have to make her way home somehow through the forest, naked and alone. But she knew she'd get no sympathy from the people inside the cottage. She was actually surprised that they'd given her the pleasure they had. Looking longingly at the brightly lit windows of the tiny cottage, she heard laughing and then moans and grunts. The orgy would continue...without her. Feeling desolate, sore and alone, she slowly made her way back home.

Inside, as Red took insatiable cock after insatiable cock in her mouth, she thought drowsily that she'd have to later thank Mr. Wolf for making this visit to grandma's one she'd never forget!


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