tagSci-Fi & FantasyLusus University Ch. 03

Lusus University Ch. 03


There was an awkward pause as each person waited for the other to say something. Jasey had the good sense to mumble something about getting that shower now as Melodie looked down and suddenly seemed to notice that there was dirt on her shoes that urgently needed to be cleaned. Samuel opened his mouth to offer an apology to Shylah but before any sound could be formed he was cut off as another book bag bounced into him to land on the bleachers beside him. All four looked up to see a blonde sit down next to Sam.

"Hey Sam, you didn't wait to walk me." the blonde said, giving a smile to the others present.

"Sorry Mandy, I totally forgot about the questions," Sam replied glancing at Shy who seemed to have wiped all trace of emotion from her face.

"Mandy, this is Jasey's girlfriend, Melodie and her friend, Shylah. Girls, this is Mandy, she's in my photography class. We had the same extra lab this weekend." Sam finished the introductions and the girls exchanging hellos.

Mandy leaned her head on Sam's shoulder and poked his leg with a manicured nail. "So are we going to spend some time together now or what? You promised that you would help me." She said.

"Well actually I had already made plans-" Sam started while looking at Mel and Shy but was cut off by Shy as she rose to her feet, gathering up her bag and pulling the straps over her shoulder.

"Well, I'm off. I've got to stop by the school store and pick up a few things before they close and I've got to return a few movies before they're late. Late charges just aren't as fun as they sound and all," she shrugged, making her excuses to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow Mel. Have a wacky time!" she finished with a smile that seemed a little forced as she moved off the bleachers towards the door not giving Mel a chance to object.

With a sigh Mel turned from where Shy had been to fix a look at Sam to see Mandy still had her head on his shoulder, now picking at one of her nails. Sam was still looking in the direction that Shy had left when he felt some one glaring daggers at him, he turned back to Mel.

"How come you haven't introduced us to your girlfriend before Sam? She could have went out with us yesterday to The Gallows." Mel asked as she unzipped her purse and rummaged around in it, casting a quick glance at the blonde still planted on his shoulder.

Mandy looked up at Sam and then smiled over at Mel when Sam answered. He was suddenly thankful for the vampire complexion not being able to show blushes. "Well that would be because Mandy isn't my girlfriend."

"At lest not yet, he's very shy and hasn't asked me formally out on a date yet, but I have faith," Mandy added, no longer leaning on Sam's shoulder while still smiling at Melodie.

As Mel raised an eyebrow, Sam turned to Mandy, "We're not dating. I offered to help tutor you cause you're having problems with the class, that wasn't an offer to go out. If I had offered to take you out I'd have said "Mandy, I like you. Would you like to go out sometime?" But no, I didn't, so hence, we're not dating." Sam finished feeling a bit flustered

Mandy looked at him for a moment then smiled before kissing him on the cheek and getting to her feet with her book bag in hand.

"Don't worry about it, it'll come in time. No hurry, I wouldn't want to be rushed either," Mandy finished before winking at the unmoving, shocked Sam and departing the bleachers.

They sat there for a moment in silence, Mel none to pleased with the turn of events and Sam being just plain shocked that someone could actually be that clueless. Mel reached over and patted Sam on the knee gently before mimicking" Don't worry, it'll come in time."

Jasey walked up to the couple in the bleachers, rolling the sleeves on his long sleeve t-shirt sporting the Lusus U. wrestling team logo. He looked up noticing an absence.

"Are we waiting for Shy to get back from the can now? I'm really hungry," he started to whine before Mel snapped a displeased look on him. "What?" he asked with a shrug.

"Shy changed her mind and isn't coming to dinner with us. Seems that *Mandy* put a damper on her appetite," Mel told him casting another look at the still immobile Sam next to her.

"God, not again. That fruity loop? She's been botherin Sam the past week. Told her numerous times that she needs to go find a more willing victim but she just doesn't get it. Real Queen of the Denial really..." Jasey said as he reached over hit Sam upside the head with the back of his hand, bringing him out of his stupor.

"Can a human being be that clueless? Is it possible to be that clueless and yet still be able to breath at the same time? My god...." Sam mumbled in awe.


"Are you sure you're alright? Yes I know you're a big girl but I still care about you because oh lets see...because you're just my best friend and all. Okay, fine. We're still on for tomorrow right? That's right, I'd beat you and you'd like it too much. Okay, okay. I'll see ya later then hon. Bye" Mel finished her conversation with Shy and clicked the off button on the phone, she turned around and looked over to where Jasey was looking through his CDs.

"She okay?" He asked with out looking up as he flipped through the collection before "Ah-Ha-ing" and putting the CD he found in the player.

"Yeah. I told her and she still claims it doesn't bother her because he's not her type anyways, but I know that Shy does like him," Mel told him as she flopped back on to his bed. "As if, they're both quiet and moody and basically perfect for each other."

Jasey clicked a button on the remote, the tray slid back into the player as Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones started to play. "Damnit, wrong CD, hang on a sec," he said before stabbing at another button on the remote. The changer clicked and whirled the tray till Enigma started to play. Jasey walked back over towards his bed and flopped down on it beside Melodie, causing her to bounce a bit and giggle.

She reached over and ran a finger down his cheek, looking into his blue eyes.

"I just worry about her, ya know?" she told him while turning on her side to face the blonde haired boy.

Jasey turned to face her and propped his head up on his hand. "I know you do, but as you agreed on the phone, she is an adult. And, by the way...what was the whole beating part about?" He asked with a slight smirk.

"Wouldn't you like to know eh?" Mel grinned, poking him playfully in the chest.

Jasey caught her offending finger and held it for a moment before bringing it up to his lips, mischievous eyes dancing over her as he lightly kissed her finger, nipping lightly. Mel watched as he played with her finger and darted her tongue out to wet her lips.

Letting go of her finger Jasey reached out with his hand and gently caressed her face with the back of his knuckles before gently pulling her head towards his for a tender kiss. She eagerly pressed her lips against his warm ones, opening her mouth for him letting their tongues meet and dance. She laid her hand gently on his cheek, eyes closed as she lost her self in bliss.

Jasey let go of the back of her neck and let his fingers dance down over the sensitive skin with a feather light touch, he could feel her shiver slightly at his teasing. Mel let her hands drift down his chest before slipping under the hem of his shirt, letting her fingers dance over his flat stomach, fingernails teasing the skin. Jasey let his kisses drift down over her cheek to her chin; Mel tilted her head to accommodate the path of his kisses that were slowly making their way down his throat.

Mel let out a soft moan as she pulled at Jasey's shirt, parting from the kisses to pull the shirt up over Jasey's head. A grin spread across her lips as she held the shirt in place, partially off and trapping his arms up with his head covered by the shirt. Rolling them a bit she moved to straddle his hips, holding the shirt in place, listening to Jasey's laugh and feeling the half hearted attempts at struggle.

"Mel, what are you doing?" Jasey asked between laughs.

"What does it look like? You are now my prisoner!" She replied giggling before leaning down to nip at his exposed neck and chest, effectively silencing any further protests.

Mel leaned forward and ran her tongue lightly over one of Jasey's nipples, pulling a soft moan from his shirt-covered head that told her that he approved of her actions. She ran the tip of her tongue around his nipple and then across his chest to the other nipple, circling it before grinning again to herself and lightly biting it, giggling again as he moaned louder, moving under her.

Mel let go of the shirt and ran her fingers down his chest, enjoying the feel of his skin and admiring the muscles that rippled along his chest and abdomen. Jasey took the opportunity to rid himself of his shirt and to work on Mel's. She scooted back to perch on his thighs, out of his reach as she worked on the button and zipper of his jeans. Freeing him she pulled his pants down to his knees, looking him over and feeling her skin warm at the sight of him. She reached down and took hold of her shirt and slowly began to pull it up and off, tossing it off to the side.

Mel kept her eyes on his face as she slowly ran her hands up from her stomach, touching and teasing as her fingers traced along her skin. She cupped her own breasts, thumbs brushing over her bra-clad nipples, teasing herself while she licked her dry lips, panting softly. Mel glanced down to see Jasey watching her avidly, eyes almost caressing her body as he hungrily watched. Mel reached between her breasts and pinched at the clasp of her bra, releasing it and pulling it back, showing herself to him.

Jasey leaned up and lifted his fingers to her soft breasts. Gently he ran his fingertips along the sides of them and then under, thumbs brushing over the erect nipples much like she had done earlier. Mel leaned her head back, eyes closed as she concentrated on Jasey's touch, sighing happily. The sigh became a moan when his tongue flicked back and forth over her nipple. Rolling her shoulders, she shed her bra and hugged Jasey's head to her chest, almost purring in his ear.

Quickly they shed the rest of their clothes before falling in a heap back onto the bed, frantic kisses a blur and fingers feeling every available inch of flesh. Mel arched her back as Jasey kissed his way down between her breasts while his fingers rolled and tweaked her nipples. He let his tongue glide over her stomach and circle around her belly button, drawing forth another moan from her lips. She spread her legs as Jasey nestled his body between them, kissing her hips and trailing down to her thighs causing her squirm under him. Her breathy sighs were music to his ears.

She cried out softly and arched her body up as his tongue danced over her clit, her hands griping his blankets. Jasey let his tongue drift down over her slit in a slow leisurely pace. Teasing the moans from her lips with great relish. He let his tongue slowly circle her clit while lifting a finger to tease her opening, gently pushing inside and pulling out, causing her cries to become louder.

For one split second Jasey was thankful that Sam's room was down in the basement area of the house they shared. Pulling his fingers free of her and giving a generous long lick before lifting his face to take in Mel's flushed visage. Her eyes were staring at him with an expectant look but immediately groaned as he moved up over her body, covering it with his own. He pressed his lips to hers, darting his tongue between her lips and tasting her as she tasted herself.

Mel wriggled her hips and wrapped her legs around his trying to find release for her humming body. She moaned loudly as he pressed the tip of his cock against her opening. Slowly he pushed inside causing her to gasp before withdrawing and pushing in again a bit harder. With every thrust she lifted her hips, pressing them against him, wanting to feel him deeper with in her.

Mel pulled her legs up higher, settling them around his waist as he thrust into her faster and faster. Her breath came in pants as he buried his face in her neck, nibbling and kissing her sweaty skin. She ran her fingernails down over his back, raising pink welts in their wake. She could feel his sac bump against her with each desperate thrust, his breath ragged against her neck. She tightened around him, milking him and causing him to moan as well.

Mel cried out again as his fingers reached down between their bodies and rubbed over her sensitive clit, the friction causing her to buck against him as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm take hold. Her cries grew louder as the waves of pleasure came on stronger with each of his thrusts. He could feel her trembling, her body giving way to her orgasm, cumming himself with a shout, the thrusts almost fierce before subsiding to lay still, both breathing heavy. Mel was still trembling as he slowly pulled out of her with a gentle kiss and moved off to the side, arms wrapped protectively about her as he laid soft kisses on her forehead.

"Mmmm, I love it when you do that," Mel softly murmured into Jasey's chest.

"I love it when you're here with me," Jasey replied while letting his fingers drift over her arm, "So you're staying here tonight with me then?"

"You know I can't, I told Shy I'd be home later," Mel said, snuggling against his chest, rubbing her cheek across it. "She won't admit it but she's bummed over Sam." Mel could feel the motion of Jasey nodding.

"I told you that it's nothing, the girls a bit wacky in the head," he told her, brushing her damp hair away from her face. "Shy's a big girl, she can take care of herself you know..."

"I know but she's my best friend, you know this. 'Sides, Sam didn't look like he was protesting when she was practically all laying on him," Mel argued, lifting her head to look at him.

"Babe, I don't wanna argue about this now, please?" Jasey asked while stroking her hair and fixing his gaze on her.

Mel looked up and him and sighed softly. Perhaps Shy would be okay just for tonight and she'd be able to see her first thing in the morning. Mel snuggled closer as Jasey pulled blankets over them, holding her close.


Shy sat in the chair by the desk that jutted out from the wall. Tipping her seat back to lean against the wall while thumbing through one of her very worn and old books. The lamp on her desk cast a soft glow in the otherwise dark room as she looked over a page that looked promising.

"Adolescence, Animal Transfiguration, Astral Projection, Atrophy... Ah! Attraction. This one should do it. A little tailoring and instant results. Viola!" Shylah smiled as she placed a bookmark at the page she needed and closed the book, hugging it to her chest with a small smile.

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