tagNonHumanLuvine Lust Ch. 01

Luvine Lust Ch. 01


Standing in the middle of her room, staring at herself in the mirror, Amethyst let out a deep sigh and dropped down onto the edge of her bed. She looked down at her hooves, then back to her reflection shaking her head. She was mentally going over what she believed to be a dilemma. What are you thinking, girl? He won't react kindly to your dirty little secret, so why bother?

The curvy luvine sighed again, she had to tell Jareth what she was feeling, it would be unfair not to. She gave her reflection a hard gaze "Right...now where is my phone?" she said, quickly standing up and scanning her bedroom. Scouting through the piles of paper and clothes, Amethyst found her phone and dialled the number she had dialled so many times before.

After a few rings, she heard a click.

"Hey, Am-bam!" said the cheery voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hey...What you up to just now?" Amethyst tried to hide the nervousness in her voice but she knew he would see right through her.

"Nothing really, you OK? You sound a bit...umm...twitchy! Do you want me to come down?"

Dammit! That clever fox of mine, I've not said anything yet and he knows. Quick think of something.

"...yeah, I really want to see you, I'm lonely." Yeah, sure you are, you deceitful little minx.

"OK, I'll be down in ten minutes."

Watching the clock, Amethyst fiddled about anxiously. She attempted to tidy up the piles of writing she was pretending to work on and threw some of the clothes, lying all over the floor, into her wicker washing basket, normally she didn't care what state her room was in, but she was fidgety and nervous she had to do something for ten minutes or risk blurting.

Just as she was about to put away the collection of Airsoft rifles she had been cleaning, there was a knock on the front door then the familiar scratching of her bedroom door. Amethyst turned and half heartedly smiled at the tall, slender grey fox, who was obviously just out of bed as his triple Mohawk hadn't been gelled. Jareth looked at his mate, padded over and gave her a huge hug before sticking his tongue down her throat. He noticed that she wasn't responding and pulled away.

"What's up babe, have I done something wrong?"

NO! It's me, I'm a fool...Amethyst looked up at the fox with sadness in her purple eyes "No of course you haven't, it's...just...I want to tell you something!"

The fox tilted his head, and flattened his ears giving the luvine a quizzical look.

"Promise you won't hate me, before I tell you."

"Hell, Am-bam, you know you can tell me anything, come on what's up?"

Taking a deep breath, which inflated the luvine's already large bust, she began "Well you know we have been hanging out with Harvey a lot recently...umm...I've developed a bit of a crush on him! There I said it!"

Jareth's ears perked up and he looked at Amethyst, there was a twinkle in his clear blue eyes. He licked his teeth, making his mate more than a little uncomfortable and started to laugh hysterically.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh...nothing" he said between giggles "It's just that...I like him too."

She couldn't speak. There she was silently berating herself and her partner felt the same way. The fox managed to stop laughing long enough to tell Amethyst that he also had a crush and actually found the idea of her and Harvey together a major turn on. The luvine felt a huge weight being lifted and laughed along with her mate.

The laughter stopped and Amethyst shifted on her hooves and flicked her cow like tail eagerly, she was now rather horny, the thought of Harvey and Jareth together with her made her mouth water. She grabbed Jareth and returned his kiss with urgency and passion! Running her wolf claws through the neck fur of her mate, she felt his cock emerge all the way out of his sheath and rub against her thigh. Slowly she took her paw and started to lightly rub the bulge. Grabbing one of Jareth's paws she forced him to feel the growing damp patch on her jeans. The slender fox pulled away from the kiss to let out a gasp, he loved it when his luvine took control. He wanted to speak, but she placed a finger to his lips and pushed him backwards. Jareth landed on the unmade bed with a yelp.

She stood at the foot and slowly undid the buttons of her jeans, turning to face her mirrored wardrobe she wriggled seductively out of the constricting clothing. She deliberately bent over so that Jareth could get a full view of her hot, wet sex. Climbing onto the bed, straddling her mate, she leaned forward giving him a harsh kiss, before removing the t-shirt and bra that she was wearing and throwing it hastily onto the floor. There she was, sprawled across this gorgeous creature with nothing on except her silver St Christopher pendant and her red framed glasses. Jareth groaned with pleasure at the sight. Leaning slightly back, she undid the buttons of his trousers, giving his cock a few teasing strokes. For a fox as slim as he was, Jareth was well hung.

The luvine crawled forwards towards the fervently awaiting fox muzzle. Jareth let out a low, almost silent growl and licked his lips. Amethyst hovered above his muzzle feeling his warm, teasing breath so close to her. She slid a wolf paw down to her sex holding it slightly open for her mate and settled on his eager tongue. Letting out a high pitched little squeal Amethyst leaned backwards, balancing herself by gripping the bed covers, in order to give her mate easier access to her inner depths. Jareth lapped lovingly, making the luvine squirm and growl with pleasure. Suddenly, despite the enjoyment, she flipped around, climbing off the lapping tongue. Jareth licked around his muzzle savouring the taste of his mate's sexual essence. Amethyst quickly removed the fox's jeans and boxers. She licked her lips and grinned, the vulpine cock was glistening with pre-cum, she bent forward, still making sure that her pussy was clearly visible and started to suck and lick the organ in front of her.

Jareth started to growl loudly, grabbing the round ass in front of him, making that mouth work harder and faster. He was close, very close, already his knot had started to swell and this did not go unnoticed by Amethyst. She stopped sucking, shifted her body forward and eased herself slowly onto his slick dick. Once positioned, she grabbed his legs and brought them towards her body, causing him to buck so hard that he ended up tying with the luvine. Grinding hard against the knot, Amethyst reached a paw down to Jareth's balls and started to caress them. The fox underneath her shifted his front paws to her hips, digging his claws in hard. Giving two more hard thrusts both furs howled as they came together, covering each other in their sex juices.

While the two furs remained locked together, basking in the afterglow of their quick but rampant session, there was a simultaneous beep from both mobile phones causing the luvine to suddenly jump off of the cock inside her. She stood up and the mixed fluids started to trickle down her leg, matting her short, white fur. As Amethyst picked up her phone, she looked around at the fox on her bed, blowing her hair out of her eyes, and scolded herself for being so apprehensive about telling him the truth. Turning back to look at the gadget in her hand she read the message. When Amethyst saw the name she blushed brightly, the pink showing through the one black spot on her face. It was Harvey. The message read:


Amethyst turned to Jareth to relay the message just as he began to repeat it to her. The pair looked at each other and started to giggle.

"Hey, this could be your - or rather our - chance." Jareth said in a cocky way.

"What do you want me to do - randomly pounce him when he isn't expecting it?"

Jareth didn't answer Amethyst's question he simply grinned at her with a wink.

"So, we are going then, despite the short notice?" Amethyst said with a smile. The grey fox nodded enthusiastically but left it up to his mate to reply. The luvine fiddled with the device, keying a quick message of acceptance. A few moments later she got a response:


Amethyst chuckled slightly to herself.

"Better get to it then, eh?" she muttered to Jareth.

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