tagNonHumanLuvine Lust Ch. 02

Luvine Lust Ch. 02


The three furs piled out of the car and headed towards the large white lodge that looked ridiculously out of place amongst the smaller log cabins. Amethyst prodded Harvey playfully. She figured that if her fantasy was to come true she should up the flirting. Jareth picked up on this playfulness and joined in the fun by grabbing the luvine and tickling her. This caused her to yelp and run away. Jareth winked at Harvey "Let's get her!" With that the fox and coyote ran past Amethyst, blocked her off up ahead and pounced on her. Laughing manically, Amethyst managed to squirm out of their grasp, but stumbled over her own feet and fell flat on her tail at the entrance to the reception area. Still laughing and panting from the quick sprint, Harvey reached out a paw to help her up.

Blushing, the coyote attempted some flirting of his own, "I hope you didn't hurt that cute little bum of yours."

Amethyst puffed out her cheeks, dusted herself off and sighed. "Nope never hurt it, but it's probably all dirty now," she said spinning on her hooves and wriggling her curvy rear at Harvey. "Well?" she asked with a cheeky grin.

Harvey blushed harder as he caught himself staring at Amethyst's behind longer than should have been acceptable. "It's...umm...fine."

Amethyst noticed the pink tinge on Harvey's face, but decided not to make a big deal of it. Instead she grabbed his t-shirt, pulling him along as she skipped towards the desk where Jareth was talking to the female receptionist.

Upon reaching the shiny black marble desk, Amethyst noticed how attractive the female was. The tall, athletic white tigress had the most piercing green eyes and a gorgeous head of jet black shoulder length hair. Amethyst smiled at the pretty creature but couldn't help feeling envious of her. Amethyst grabbed Jareth's waist and snuggled against his neck while still clinging to Harvey's shirt.

"What's happening, Jar?"

"Not sure yet, there are apparently a few details that need to be checked."

As Jareth said this, the shapely tiger turned and walked over to the relic of a computer at the far end of the desk. She picked up a piece of paper, reached across to a nearby telephone, dialled a number and started talking to what was presumably her manager. She gave a little nod, hung up and padded back over to the awaiting trio.

"I'm afraid the shooting event has been cancelled. We were called earlier this morning by the organiser; he apparently has urgent family matters to attend to."

Jareth, Harvey and Amethyst sighed collectively.

"Are we the last to know?" Jareth asked.

"Oh no sir, you are the first party to arrive, I suspect the others will appear later." She said cheerily, "the cabins have all been pre-booked, but if you do not wish to stay then my manager will be happy to refund you."

Jareth looked at his two companions and rolled his eyes "Well, what you want to do?"

Harvey was the first to answer, "There's no point in letting the weekend go to waste by going home. OK so we have all our gear with us but that won't stop us having fun."

Jareth looked at Amethyst expectantly.

Amethyst shrugged, "hell, I'm more than happy to stay, it will do us good."

Turning back to the white tigress Jareth explained that they would take a cabin for the weekend and enquired about the available facilities.

"There is a 24 hour café within the vicinity, a small supermarket, a DVD library where you can get any film you wish for free during your visit and there is a locally run pub about five minutes walk from here."

The tigress reached under the desk and brought out two sheets of A4 paper. One providing information and rules about the cabin they would inhabit. The other stated that the trio had been informed of the event cancellation and were happy with the service.

Once the papers were signed and handed back the tigress turned to a small wooden chest of drawers and produced three silver keys on three separate chains. Handing them to each individual she explained, "Number five is one of our best cabins. It has a set of stairs that lead directly to the loch from the spacious balcony, a stereo system, sky television with a DVD player and it is relatively secluded so you won't be bothered. It has recently been fitted with all new furniture, including mahogany table sets inside and outside. You should have a lovely weekend; the weather looks to be good."

After the keys were handed over and thanks were exchanged the three friends raced each other to the car, grabbed their belongings and went in search of their cabin.

The cabin wasn't difficult to find. It stood alone on what appeared to be large wooden stilts with the stairs that the receptionist mentioned plainly obvious. Before the trio even entered the building Amethyst was taken aback by how large it looked. She was curious as to why they got allocated this particular cabin, perhaps it was because they arrived first or maybe the cute tigress was attracted to the three of them. Hmm now there's an idea, she was pretty cute. Amethyst shivered at the thought. As they wandered over to the front door, Amethyst remembered the tiger saying that they would have a lovely weekend and laughed quietly, what she didn't know. Jareth fiddled with his small silver key trying to get it in the lock. Hearing the lock come undone Jareth reached for the bronze handle and pushed the large, wooden door open. The heavy door creaked loudly and slammed closed as the three friends walked into the cabin. With a collective gasp, bags were thrown heavily onto the freshly polished wooden floor. The luvine, fox and coyote went exploring around what was their home for the next three nights. Amethyst wandered around, brushing her paw over table tops and kitchen surfaces and was astounded at how beautifully smooth the dark mahogany wood felt under her paw pads. The living area was spacious and well decorated. In the corner of the room was a small electric fire and a rather large television mounted on the main wall with an average sized DVD cabinet placed directly under it. The room although spacious was taken up by two classic looking black leather sofas, flanking a hand carved coffee table, with cups, saucers, tea and coffee already laid out in a simple yet effective centre display.

As Amethyst wandered in awe, nodding in approval at the amount of effort that had been put into this cabin, she heard Harvey announce that the master bedroom was his. She laughed to herself and padded through to see what the fuss was about. As it turned out the room that Harvey had chosen was the biggest but that didn't mean that Jareth and her would be left with a tiny box room. The room directly across from the master bedroom was just as big, the only difference was it wasn't an en suite. Thinking about Jareth she couldn't help but notice that he wasn't indoors, she looked across at Harvey who was currently laying spread out on the bed and wandered back into the main living area and through the double doors which lead to the balcony. There he was, her fox, standing with his camera taking photos of the scenery. She strolled over and hugged him from behind, growling slightly and gently licking his cheek.

"It's lovely here isn't it?"

Jareth stopped playing with his camera, turned and smiled at his mate "It sure is, in fact I am almost not bothered that the Airsoft weekender was cancelled."

Amethyst chuckled and shouted for the coyote "Hey Harvey! You should come out and see this."

At 11am on Friday morning Amethyst was rudely awakened by the ringing of a telephone. She groaned wearily, it was her mobile, but where the hell was it? Her room was a mess; there were gun bits and ammunition all over the floor, along with three pairs of camouflage trousers, one olive green army jumper and two camouflage shirts. She mumbled to herself, she was right in the middle of a really good dream; where was that noise coming from? She clambered out of her bed, lost her footing and fell next to a pile of washing, and realised that the noise was coming from the pocket of her jeans. She fumbled in the pile and grabbed the device.

"What?!" she snapped into the phone, not caring who it was.

"Well fine! That's no way to greet the one you love, now is it?"

"Oh hey Jar, I was sleeping..."

Jareth sighed at the other end of the phone.

"Well you better get yourself ready; I'm going to pick up Harvey in ten minutes. We will be at yours in about an hour and a half, so get your lazy behind into the shower. By the way have you finished packing?"

No of course I haven't that would mean I was organised. "Yeah, of course, I just need to put in my toiletries" was the response.

"Hmm, OK," he said suspiciously "just be ready, I'll see you soon."

"OK, love you."

With that Amethyst hung up the phone and fell back on her heels, enjoying the morning breeze coming from her open window on her naked body. She sighed, stood up and stretched. She turned her head to the pile of army looking equipment rolling her eyes before padding into the bathroom and locking the door. She ran her paw through her deep blue hair, causing the light blue streak to fall into her eyes and pulled the shower chord.

She stepped into the cubicle and tested the water with one paw; luke-warm just the way she liked it. The luvine rested her head against the wall and let the mildly warm water wash over her for a few moments, then she tilted her head back soaking her jaw length hair. Standing there with her eyes closed Amethyst got a rather graphic image in her head involving Harvey and Jareth yiffing her stupid, she shivered at the thought, opened her eyes and grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the shelf. While she lathered up, her mind kept returning to all the things she would love her two favourite furs to do to her. She shook her head and rinsed the soap out of her hair before reaching for the shower gel.

As she stood there cleaning herself, the feeling of the high pressure water pouring all over her body made her sex tingle and flex. You really are a dirty girl she thought. Amethyst decided not to berate herself and instead leaned back slightly and closed her eyes. She reached a paw towards her pussy and started to masturbate. She let out a small sigh of pleasure as she flicked and rubbed her clitoris. She had to make it quick, she still had to pack. Balancing herself against the wall, she rubbed faster and harder, feeling her body twitch. Panting as the water rushed over her, Amethyst inserted two fingers deep inside her hot, sticky sex, while keeping her thumb on her clit. Growling quietly, enjoying the moment, Amethyst pawed herself to orgasm. She yelped as her juices spilled onto her paw and reluctantly she pulled away. That will do until we get to the Loch. She gave herself another wash then stepped out, turned the shower off and grabbed the nearest towel to wrap around her body.

Amethyst threw open her wardrobe, grabbed a pair of extra baggy black cargo pants and pulled them on over her slightly damp legs. Wandering over to the large chest of drawers in the corner of her room, she opened the top drawer, picked out a black bra, put it on then pulled the rest of the drawers out to find a top to wear. The first top she grabbed was a black sleeveless work shirt, slipping it on Amethyst buttoned the few remaining buttons and adjusted her breasts. The luvine was busty, nearly every shirt she owned gaped or clung to her heaving bosom, but she didn't care, she looked good. She glanced at herself in the mirror before turning to pack her bags.

Packing the guns was a priority; she kicked the mess of camouflage off her weaponry and started to pick up the pieces. Glancing at her watch she cursed herself for being so un-organised. The boys would be arriving in about 30 minutes. Reaching under her bed, she pulled out two decent sized black holdalls, one for her guns and one for her clothes. Placing her assault rifle, her sub-machine gun, two pistols, some grenades, all of her ammunition, batteries and battery charger into the first bag, Amethyst grinned. She had only taken part in four games and already had a nice collection of weapons. Satisfied that she had all the equipment she needed she hastily zipped the bag shut, throwing it with a thump onto the floor next to her.

Next were her clothes, why didn't I do this last night? She sighed, picked up the pile of camouflage gear and placed it messily into the second bag. Stepping over the bag of guns, Amethyst padded over to her chest of drawers, picked out a handful of halter neck tops, jumpers, shirts and some underwear before wandering back to her bed. Throwing the pile in, it was obvious that this girl did not care about creases and folding. Heading over to her wardrobe she grabbed two mini-skirts and another pair of jeans, she figured that at night the whole group would go out drinking so why not put a little bit of effort in. Content in the amount of clothes she had chosen, the luvine was about to shut the bag, when she realised that she hadn't put her toiletries in yet. Grumbling under her breath at her own disorganisation she stalked out of her room and back into the bathroom, she gathered all the necessities; toothbrush, hairbrush, extra hair bands, deodorant and of course her contact lenses. Just as Amethyst stepped back into her bedroom, her ears perked at the sound of a car horn. That can't be them already she cried silently. Panicked she threw the stuff in her arms into the bag and sealed it shut. Barely even looking at her computer desk, Amethyst picked up her glasses and her house keys, before scooping up the two black bags and rushing upstairs.

Sitting in the car Harvey and Jareth were chatting excitedly.

"I guarantee she is still packing!" Jareth moaned.

"Yeah, no doubt, but then she has to make sure she has all her beauty products," Harvey said shyly "you know what girls are like."

Just as Jareth was about to honk the car horn again, he heard a dull thump, as Amethyst opened the boot of the black Honda Accord and placed her stuff on top of everything else. Closing the boot, she skipped around to the rear door and slid in, clicking her seat beat in place before either of the boys could say anything.

"Hey Jareth, what was all the noise for, I've been ready for ages." OK so it was a tiny white lie, but he didn't need to know that she had literally just finished packing, she would never hear the end of it. Throwing her arms around the back of the passenger seat where Harvey was sitting, she grabbed his muscular shoulders.

"Harvey! How are you feeling today, babe?"

The coyote flicked his neck length purple hair out of his eyes and squirmed a little.

"Umm...yeah I'm good, really looking forward to a weekend of shooting."

"Right! Now that we are all here," Jareth said giving Amethyst a strange look "we can get going."

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