tagNonHumanLuvine Lust Ch. 04

Luvine Lust Ch. 04


The reception area was bustling with various bodies and activity but it wasn't at all difficult to spot the Airsoft crew. All that could be seen milling about the open space of the grey building was a sea of forest camouflage and replica weapons. In the centre of the crowd was Galya. Galya stood with her back to the entrance, her long, waist length hair jet black hair tied neatly in a pleat, her slim, athletic, feline build, her firm ass, the way her white tiger tail twitched it was all too much for Amethyst, who felt her cheeks colour. Galya instinctively turned to face the door and beamed when she realised Amethyst and friends were walking towards her.

She glanced at Amethyst with her piercing emerald green eyes and said in her cute Russian accent "Ah! My favourite trio of trouble has finally arrived."

She grabbed Amethyst in a tight suffocating hug and air kissed both of her cheeks before she stood to attention giving the troupe orders. This meant that the game could get under way and that the group was on the move. The pile of furs that had been lounging about on the floor grabbed their belongings and followed closely behind the white tigress. There was a ripple of excited chatter and the boys were bouncing between folk catching up with all the gossip. Harvey made sure to stay as close as possible to Jareth especially while Amethyst was too busy catching up with her own clique of Airsoft buddies. The group crested a large and steep hill and were greeted by an abandoned army barracks, buried deep in the heart of the forest. There were a few gasps of astonishment throughout the crowd, they had not been told that the games would be mostly close quarters but there were certainly no complaints. Galya stopped, turned to face her friends and started to explain where the safe zone was, what time they would be stopping for a bite to eat and the rules for the first part of the game. The tigress divided the group into one red team and one blue team. She handed Amethyst a blue arm band and gave her a wink. Amethyst shrugged, she was a bit disappointed at having to be on the opposite team to Harvey and Jareth. However, felt that it was only appropriate considering their display on the balcony earlier and at that moment she really wanted to inflict some small amount of pain on them both.

The game was in full swing. All around the two teams were sounds of glass breaking, the stomp of booted and hoofed feet, yelps of pain, 'medic' cries and Beeb fire resounding through the derelict buildings that time had forgotten. For a change the game was evenly matched, unlike previous games where the reds beat the blues with ease. Perhaps it was the fresh air or just simply the excitement. Amethyst was crouched underneath a window ledge covering Galya who was just ahead pressed closely against a wall at the bottom of a rickety flight of stairs. Amethyst watched the feline with all her quiet gracefulness and wished that she was less of a klutz. Amethyst heard the ground crack outside the window, so she cautiously peered over the ledge. The enemy were no where to be seen but she did spot two familiar shapes walking towards the safe zone. She wanted to shout after them, point and laugh that they couldn't handle the pressure but it would have given away her position, something she wasn't about to do when her team were so close to winning this round. She assumed they had used their medic lifelines - which was odd for them - and that they were dead men walking. It just meant they would sit this round out and that while they were walking no one could fire at them. Galya signalled for Amethyst to follow, they were about to take the red flag. Shuffling quickly to where Galya had been standing Amethyst watched intently as the gorgeous white tigress climbed carefully up the shabby, broken stairs. A sudden burst of Beeb fire and a chorus of 'Hit!' signified that the blue team had just shot the red defence and as a result captured the flag winning the round. A joyful cheer echoed through the empty rooms. Galya blew her whistle to let the group know the game was over and to make their way back to the safe zone.

Amethyst wanted to get back to the safe zone so she could gloat, just a little, to Harvey and Jareth about how the blue team had finally conquered the reds and how it was in fact a gloriously sweet victory. At least that was her plan until she noticed that they weren't there. Amethyst sighed quietly to herself and waited for Galya to do a head count. She would no doubt ask where Harvey and Jareth were and it was question that the luvine wouldn't be able to answer without admitting what her paranoid mind was thinking over and over again.

Jareth and Harvey were completely unaware that anyone had seen them leave and it didn't bother them because they were too distracted. The sexual tension between the two of them was mounting rapidly. They chased each other through the forest, ducking and diving behind trees and were just having a laugh with each other. Jareth who wasn't paying full attention to where he was running, tripped over a tree stump and landed flat on his tail. He pouted and started to chuckle.

"You stupid bugger!" Harvey exclaimed sitting down next to Jareth.

"That's what I get for running too fast, stupid tree stump came out of nowhere! Bloody hurt though."

Harvey leaned closer and said quietly, almost whispering "I'll make it feel better."

Before Jareth had to the chance to respond, Harvey was leaning his body weight against the smaller canine and licking his cheek. Jareth gasped at the sudden passion and turned his head slightly to look Harvey in the eye. He tried to form words but his voice got stuck in his throat. He coughed and tried again but this time all he got was a squeak which caused Harvey to growl seductively. Their muzzles were a hairs width apart and this time there was no chance they would be interrupted. Harvey grabbed the fox's neck and pulled him into a deep and urgent kiss.

Jareth was a little surprised but did nothing to stop what was going on. He just kissed Harvey back with the same sense of urgency. He could feel all the fur on his body standing on end. It felt like the first time he had kissed Amethyst. That feeling of pure euphoria had been missing between the couple recently. He didn't doubt that he was still very much in love with and turned on by the luvine but this was different, dangerous perhaps. He might tell her, he might not. At that moment in time, however, Amethyst's feelings were the last thing on his mind. The electricity of the kiss between him and his friend was pulsing through him, exciting him.

He wanted to feel how excited Harvey was getting. He grabbed Harvey's back pulling him closer, he wanted to be wrapped entirely against Harvey's body. He ran his claws through Harvey's fur underneath his shirt and passionately grabbed his ass before moving his right paw between their two bodies. He stroked Harvey's thigh teasingly before making a grab for his groin, feeling how hard his friend had gotten only thrilled Jareth more causing his own member to twitch. Jareth pulled away from the kiss and gasped a throaty gasp. Harvey looked startled at the sudden break of energy, but as soon as he spotted Jareth's paws desperately trying to undo the buttons on his camouflage trousers, he understood.

"I want to feel your cock in my mouth!" Jareth panted.

On hearing this Harvey started to help Jareth with the trousers. He stood up, slipped them down around his ankles, stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. There he stood half naked, wearing only a pair of combat boots and a camouflage shirt, with his penis ready and waiting for that sweet fox muzzle to wrap itself around him. He had been waiting for this since the beginning of the trip. Jareth shuffled himself onto his knees and licked his lips obediently. He grabbed Harvey's muscular legs and dug his claws in a little aggressively, which caused Harvey to buck forward just as Jareth wanted. Jareth groaned as Harvey thrust rhythmically into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down Harvey's shaft, giving a light nibble here and there. Jareth could taste and smell the musk of pre-cum and started to dribble.

Harvey growled with pleasure as he stood watching how hard the fox was working at his coyote cock. He was getting closer to climax and wanted to give the fox something in return beforehand so he tugged on the fox's white tipped ears to get his attention. The grey fox looked up, muzzle still stuffed with dick.

Harvey groaned through clenched teeth, "Stop...I want to give you some loving as well."

Harvey leaned down, picked Jareth up onto his feet and started to undress him. He started with the shirt, biting, scratching and licking Jareth's chest as he went along. His paws slowly, tortuously worked their way down to the trousers. He unbuttoned and slid them down with ease and with a gentle shove he forced Jareth to sit on the tree stump, trousers around his ankles. Harvey grinned a toothy grin before kneeling to face the vulpine cock that was glistening with pre-cum. He licked hungrily at the tip of Jareth's hard member causing the fox to yelp with glee. The noise only amused Harvey and spurred him on. He wrapped his paw around Jareth and gave a few slow, strong strokes, before placing his muzzle lightly around the full length of Jareth's cock. Harvey sucked hard making sure Jareth's dick was slippery wet.

Jareth was so excited that he let out a deep bark and grabbed the neck fur of the coyote, making him suck harder and faster. Harvey stopped what he was doing for a second, leaned up, brushing his penis against Jareth's and kissed Jareth hard on the mouth again. The pair didn't need to speak they both knew what they wanted. Harvey turned away from Jareth, flicking him with his tail in a very seductive manner. Jareth took this hint eagerly. He grabbed Harvey's tail with one paw, spat a large amount of saliva onto the other and started to massage Harvey's tail hole, gently inserting a clawed finger to prepare Harvey for what was about to happen. Jareth was already slick from the oral that Harvey had given him. Harvey shuddered slightly as Jareth's paw caressed his tail hole. Jareth let go of Harvey's tail and moved his paws to Harvey's hips inviting him to sit on the awaiting cock.

Harvey was trembling, this was after all his first time with another boy but he leaned back as instructed and felt the tip of Jareth's cock against his rear. Jareth took his time entering Harvey making sure he felt every inch. Jareth's knot had already swollen so he gave one vigorous thrust and tied with Harvey. Jareth gave a few slow thrusts before reaching his paw around to the front of Harvey's body and wrapping it around the other canines member. He had every intention of pawing Harvey to climax while he fucked him.

That was something that Jareth really enjoyed, the messier the sex the better, he loved nothing better than being covered in sex juices of any kind. With one paw gripping tightly onto Harvey's hip and the other firmly stroking his cock, Jareth started to thrust harder causing Harvey to pant with pleasure. The two furs were dangerously close to climax. With a final stroke of Jareth's paw, Harvey came hard and with a yelp. His thick, white semen spilled over Jareth's paw. Jareth let out a low growl and bit Harvey's shoulder, he was almost there. He moved his paw from Harvey's wet, sticky, twitching cock up to the coyote's muzzle.

As Harvey licked every last drop of his own cum off Jareth's paw, Jareth kept his teeth clamped to Harvey's shoulder and gave a few more fast thrusts. With a deep body shudder Jareth couldn't resist any longer. As he felt Harvey's tongue lapping at his fingers and felt how tight Harvey's ass was, Jareth climaxed with a loud groan.

The pair were soaked with sweat, saliva and cum. Harvey turned his head to face Jareth an licked him lightly on the nose, before standing up slowly. He padded forward a couple of steps and picked up his trousers, fighting to get them back over his combat boots. He watched as Jareth pulled his trousers up from around his ankles and buttoned them up. Now to get Amethyst. Let's see how good this weekend can really be he thought as Jareth reached down to pick up his shirt.

"We should get back. Should just say that we went for a drink...So to the bar, they are probably all still playing anyway." Jareth explained with no attempt whatsoever to even acknowledge what had just happened. They didn't need to talk about it.

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